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How to Learn DIGITAL MARKETING for LESS THAN $100 [read THESE]

In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you, these six books that I think are most reached for any digital marketer or for anyone trying to get into the digital marking space, whether you’re, trying to build an agency, whether you already have one, whether you even Go into the freelancing way or really, whatever you’re doing in the digital marketing space, even if you’re doing copywriting, for example.

These are six books that I personally think are incredible, and these are six books that have had a really profound impact on my life and my skill set as well as my craft in the digital marketing space. Now, for those of you who don’t know me and are new to the blog first of all, welcome a bit about me. I’ve been in the space for around two years. I decided to go down the agency route, so I built my social media marketing agency and I scaled.

That agency passes six figures in nine months. Really my passion is building brands online and that’s really what my agency mode will see it. Does it hopes ecommerce brands? Go to a 7 and 8-figure online, but that’s a bit about myself. Now, let’s get right into the books before I do. I just want to give a little note on reading. I personally think that brilliance just one of those habits that if I don’t have in place in my life, everything just sorts of crumble, there’s it’s just funny how it happens.

But when I make we didn’t happen, everything just falls into place. All my personal development habits, even my wavelength of thoughts, are, is just much better. It’s just more calm, I’m able to think much more clearly and so to say that wind has had a profound effect on my life. It would be probably an understatement, but without further ado, let’s get right into it. Now. The first book that I personally recommend is growth hacker marketing by Ryan holiday.

This book will give you a little insight into how virality works and really Ryan holiday goes on to really explain what good hacking even means and the just insane power of online advertising that the fact that you can track everything and really just reveal some really cool Hacks that you can use to grow a business online so especially if you’re new to the space. I really recommend this book. It’s really just a great entry point into cool fact in an online advertising, and it makes it very clear why online advertising is just so much more powerful than billboards or magazines or just the traditional marketing mediums.

So we recommend this book, not the next books or classics. If you haven’t read them, obviously you know it’s an absolute must and I personally love this guy. His name is Russell Brunson and the book is calm secrets, and so I recommend that you pick up. First, Stockholm sequence, then the second one is expert secrets and the third book which self actually order. Just today, it’s actually traffic secrets and so ya.

Wan na see this list books are great. It talks to you about how to drive traffic to offerings. It talks to you about how to actually get people excited about something right: how to build a tribe online and how to get people to buy your products and not just buy a product but buy into a brand right. And so I really like the 360 approach that this book’s give you and honestly, if you’re, really confused about this digital marketing thing, you want to get started.

These two books are amazing right, I’m actually down below in the description. I will leave a link to this two books, so you can actually claim a free copy. All you have to do spaceship and honestly, it’s just an incredible book, and I personally really really recommend it. Russell Branson is, is a really really cool. Guy and honestly, I’ve got so much respect for word from what is built and really what what is doing for the digital marketing community so really like this books definitely must read now the next book, I would say it’s more for agency owners, and that is the Emf we visited okay, so this is a great book for agency owners and the reason why I say that is because this book is really what popularized the concept of working on the business instead of working in the business, and so this book, really, you know, gives You an insight into what it actually takes to work on the business and not in the business right how to actually think in systems how to remove yourself from the equation and how to actually duplicate yourself and not be enslaved to plants.

Okay, and so, though. It’s not for agencies specifically gives you a bunch of examples like, for example, bakery, etc, etc. It’s really a great book for entrepreneurs and, if you’re, not in the agency space, it’s still an amazing book. But if you build an agency, this book will give you an insight into what we don’t want to do everything ourselves and what we want to delegate certain tasks. Do we have that you know time location, freedom to an extent, but not only that but actually be able to scale our agency much faster.

So this is a pretty old book. But honestly, I it’s really just one of those books that have they’re they’re, very powerful, and it’s also a book that not many people know about. It says here that if only I sold 150,000 copies, which isn’t too great – and I guess I think this book sold like 300,000 copies just give me an idea, and this book is relatively new and so yeah. I wan na see an amazing book and I could not recommend it more and so yeah if you really struggling because you don’t have enough time, you feel like you are.

You know slaving away for your clients, maybe you’re doing a kind of like a freelancing game with article marketing. This book is certainly for you and I will really you know, teach you how to think in systems and how to build a scalable model. So that is that the next book is will go beyond advertising now, for those of you who don’t know who or goofy is here’s a picture of the guy unarguably, he is one of the best marketers and advertisers and agencies owners in the past decade or two, Even he has built one of the most successful agencies in the world named after him, okay, we and in this book – and we can sleep into the best advertising practices andrey, has a very data-centric approach and that this book is particularly good for learning.

How to write very good coffee, okay, so this book, if you are looking to write better coffee, if you’re, looking to just pick the brain of someone who’s built an incredibly successful agency like go giveaway. If I’m not mistaken the revenues around 300 million a year, which is quite a lot and so he’s built, an incredibly successful you can see – has worked with some of the biggest clients in the space, and yet this work I mean it, gives you even illustrations about The as that he is wrong and that he is very data-driven and that’s really one of things.

I’r really makes me passionate about the online marketing space and the fact that it can be so data-driven and okay.We. I definitely am one of the one of those advertisers that will teach you a ton, and so definitely I go ahead and pick this up, and the final book is scientific advertising by Claude Hopkins. You could say that Claude Hopkins is in the same class, as will Gilby they’re, both incredibly good advertisers and I’m pretty sure, they’re from the same era, and so these two books are not related to the remark.

The great thing with this books is that it will teach you a lot of marketing principles that are incredibly powerful. Okay, and the thing about that is that Diller marketing is not this new hacks or this new principles. It’s just marketing principles that have been around for a very long time. The only difference is just that the medium is different and also the fact that we can actually track much more, and so it will be much more data driven, and so that is why reading old-school books like these will teach you a ton about telemarketing, simply because You can transfer the marketing principles that have been around for the longest time and that the top marketers in the space have used, and you can put them in practice into digital marketing.

In fact, I would say that a lot of the more the old marketing principles work tremendously well in digital marketing, for example, long from coffee, for example, advertorials right. A lot of people in the digital marketing sphere think that, just because you’re running facebook, that people don’t want to read long term copy or they don’t want to see like a very raw organic picture. I will just tell you to ask yourself: what do people want to do when they jump on Facebook or they log into Instagram? They are there to check out their friends right, their pets, their grandparents, whatever it is, and to read stories.

So that is why long-term copy, which tells the story which addresses pain, points which trigger emotions and has a very opinion, call to action to an advertorial looking landing page, and that is why that performs so much better than something that really looks like an app right. Why? Because people have put up massive walls around anything that looks like an app right, and so whenever they see an ad, they will just you know, automatically scroll right past it because they’ve put up massive walls, so we need to penetrate those walls unintended and the way You do that is by writing long term copy by making an advertorial type ads, and these these books are amazing on on those topics, and so yeah highlight recommend these two books, and that is pretty much it for this article guys hope you guys enjoyed this article.

Every day, job thumbs up YouTube, just loves it when that thing turns blue, so I’d really appreciate it also leave them alone. Any comments, any questions you may have on this article also leave them below any book recommendations you may have for digital marketers. If I’ve missed a book for example, that you think is absolutely vital leave it down below in the comments, so others can benefit from that, and the final thing is: if you haven’t checked out my free private mentorship community on Facebook, the client closures, it’s an incredible Community full of like-minded people look into skelter agency and level up in life.

We are talking marketing on an advertising media, buying, copywriting outreach sales, ecommerce, etc, etc. And so, if you want to join that, go ahead and check out the link in the description and, as always guys hope, everything’s gone well in your agency journey and I’ll speak to you in national peace.


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8 Essential Tools I Use Daily to Run my $250,000+ SMMA

You guys are going to get a behind-the-scenes in-depth look into what it takes to build a social media, marketing agency and scale it past that six figure mark, and I feel, like a lot of you – are going to be pleasantly surprised because, as you’ll see in just A bit my setup is pretty minimalist when building my setup, I wanted two things number one stuff that could get the job done very well and number two not having much stuff.

So that’s really the two principles that I followed and i’m not only going to be giving you guys a look into what I use but telling you why I use it. What I use it for as well as giving you various options for yourself that you don’t just take the entertainment value away from this article, but you can actually take practical recommendations from this article and apply it for your agency. So i’m super excited for this article and without further ado.

Let’s get right into it, so i’m going to start off with, what’s, in my opinion, the most important piece of equipment for any online entrepreneur for any digital marketer, which is your main tool, which is your laptop right here. I’ve got this 16 inch, 2020 macbook pro fully specced out now. Obviously I know that this is not a cheap macbook and when I started my agency, I really remember that I worked on a macbook pro a 13 inch.

I believe a 2015 model which was very very wrecked, and I managed to score my agency to six figures with that and pass the six figure mark. So it’s definitely not an excuse to not have a good laptop. But what I will say is that, as soon as you make some money with your agency definitely invest into a quality laptop honestly, it’s going to save you so much freaking headaches, because, honestly, if I add up all the wasted time with my old laptop all the Lagging and all the time that I had to wait for applications to load and sometimes it crashed and all you know it’s just so much wasted time and not only that.

It really angered me, and so it really took away some pleasure from the actual work in, and so that is why, when I started making money with my agency, I definitely just upgraded all the pieces of equipment that, in my opinion, were just not up to date And that I could improve, and so my recommendation to you guys is that as soon as you start, making some money with your online business with your agency go ahead and upgrade your laptop is such a great investment in my opinion – and it is the one thing That we use every single day right.

Our whole job revolves around this machine, and so it really pays a lot of dividends to have the best machine. It is one of those things that can give you an edge, so that is that 4d laptop and now on to the second tool. Now. The next thing is the youtube algorithm and you might be asking: how does the youtube algorithm help? You run your agency and grow your agency, and the answer is not what you might expect now, every time you like a article every time you comment on a article.

It basically tells a youtube algorithm that this article is pretty decent, and so it pushes out to a lot more people and it makes my team and myself feel appreciated and that have a wider impact. So if you haven’t gone ahead and smashed the like button, go ahead and do that right now and with that being said, let’s get right into the actual second tool, the second tool. Sorry, the second tool is a pair of noise canceling headphones.

I personally use beats to be honest: i’m aware that bose is probably a better brand, a better pair of headphones. I’r completely aware of that. Personally, i, like the aesthetics, and that, for me, is quite an important part of the equipment. My tools and for the whole thing to be in unison and to look aesthetic, and so that, for me, is pretty important, and so every time I wear these headphones, someone just manages to tell me hey.

You should probably grab a pair of both headphones, but personally I quite like these and brandon aside. I personally think that a pair of noise, canceling, headphones or earphones is quite a good investment simply because it allows you to get in the flow and into your state. Much quicker and allows you to block out noises, and this is particularly important. If you don’t have an office, that’s quiet.

I have the privilege to have an office, that’s very, very quiet, and so I probably wouldn’t even need this, but it really helps me get into the flow and anything that helps me be more productive and get more stuff done, and so this is the second tool That I use for my agency, the third tool, is a microphone, and this is the one that I personally use. This was actually a present from a friend and it’s called the blue snowball.

I believe I would have gotten the blue yeti, which is the common design that you may be used to from this brand um, but obviously it was a present and I actually really like this shape and aesthetically. I think it looks much better than the yeti. That’s personally me – and I actually just put it up there on my bookshelf right there and it looks sick with my books. So and so, as I told you guys for me, aesthetic is part of it um, but I definitely think that a microphone is a must-have and I use this microphone for team calls for sales calls for um the live interviews that i’m hosting on my free private Mentor community on facebook, by the way, if you guys have enjoyed that go ahead and check out the link in bio, but for any of those interviews for recording, looms uh for my team for my clients as well kind of communication for recording my screen.

Recording youtube articles sometimes and a bunch of other users, so anytime, I have any call or i’m recording something on my laptop, i’m always going to have this plugged in, and I personally think that having a crisp audio good lighting and a good background gives you a Massive edge on a sales goal: why? Because you come off as much more professional, and so the prospect takes you more seriously, which in turn makes you more likely to close the client, so definitely call one of these microphones.

I think it’s like 50 bucks so really inexpensive but check it out, and if you can’t afford this one, then i’m sure there are much cheaper options out there so uh. That is that for the microphone. That is that for the third tool now onto the fourth one, the next tool is my standup desk. Hopefully you guys are not seeing too many wires down below and this one actually fell off, stand-up desk. I use it almost every single day, especially after lunch, where my energy levels are not as high, so it helps me get my blood flowing and will often have most of my calls, especially in the afternoon, which is usually when I have my sales goals and my Team calls and my student calls as well, and I will have all of those standing up and it really helps me gain more energy and anything that I can buy.

That will give me back more energy, i’m definitely going to cop. So if you guys can get yourself a stand-up desk, I highly highly recommend it, because sometimes you just got to stand up, get your legs moving and get back to work. So that is that for the fourth two now onto the fifth boom, the fifth tool is my notebook, my personal notebook, and obviously i’m not going to show you guys too much of what’s in here, because it’s top secret.

But I do not know what I would do without a notebook, and I always have this laying on my table right from my computer, and I truly believe this is massive and i’ll talk about this in just a second, but having a place where you can knock Down ideas, where you can put your thoughts into paper as well as write down quick notes and to do’s from calls that you’re having is incredibly vital and on this notebook i’ll structure, a youtube content ideas, for example.

I will also, for example, prep for sales schools on this notebook prep for interviews on this notebook. For example, i’ll give you guys a little peek inside my preparation for my last interview on my community. So that’s this and that okay and then all the questions that I wrote for that. But having a notebook where you can prepare for calls where you cannote down ideas where you can actually diagnose a client.

For example, when I hop on a sales school with a client, i’m actually writing stuff down and i’m diagnosing their current situation, okay, which is very important because then, when I pitch my service, it might be different and it’s going to be personalized to what they actually Need um and a bunch of other cool stuff, so long story short, definitely get yourself a notebook and definitely always have your notebook with you on your table.

Note down ideas that you get no down relevant points that you get from sales goals and definitely prepare for your sales goals on paper. I actually helps you a ton more i’ve found, so that is that for the fifth tool and now on to the sixth tool, the sixth tool is this box light right here and normally this box light, but right behind it, there’s a ring light and I use The box light for recording articles just like this.

I use the ring light typically for my tic toc articles um, but the point here is lighting makes a difference, as you can obviously see with this clip right, the lighting is not as great and so obviously the quality of the clip is not as great and I’r not saying you should have a ring light or a box light if you’re not creating content. If you do, then absolutely yes right, but even if you hop on a sales call having good lighting is vital and if you’re not next to a window like.

I am where I get a lot of natural light. Then either move your desk close to that also make sure that you have artificial light sources that actually give you good lighting, because otherwise the quality of the coal is not going to be as great and you’re. Not going to look as professional and that my friends makes a difference, so that is the sixth tool now onto the seventh tool. Now the seventh tool is a whiteboard.

Now let me explain what I use my whiteboard for and why I think it’s actually vital and, as I told you guys with my notebook, it’s pretty much the same use right, except that a whiteboard have much more space and it actually helps me structure. My ideas much better because i’ve got more space and I can draw little diagrams. I can draw different structures and it helps me visualize my ideas so much better.

So if you guys have the space for it, I definitely recommend getting a whiteboard and some pens. Obviously I use it also for content. You guys might have readed some of those articles on my blog um, but a whiteboard is vital, in my opinion, for any online entrepreneur for any person who’s working at home just to have that real estate uh, where you can actually draw and actually put your ideas Onto a surface and every time I do this, I get so many more breakthroughs than if I just kept them in my head.

So that is the seventh tool and uh now onto the final tool and the eighth tool is the aura ring you guys might have already heard about this ring uh, because I think it’s a it’s very common in a lot of entrepreneurs and in the online space. But the reason why it’s not the o-ring that I quite like I mean. Obviously I like the design, I like the the piece of tech, and I think it’s very accurate. I think it’s a great piece of tech, but before this actually had the with its aura, it’s quite a bit more expensive than the o-ring, and the only reason why I switched to the ore ring.

I was simply because that gave me some bluetooth issues and I could not repair it in the end, which was a bit tragic uh, but I had to cop my o-ring and now the reason why I think an o-ring is important. It’s not vital, but it’s important is because it makes the unconscious conscious and that’s one of the things that i’m always looking to do with my business and my life right. I want to make all those things that are unconscious, conscious right and bring them to my awareness, for example, how I sleep how I eat right.

Maybe it could be what my team members feel and and think of the culture right. If you don’t ask them, then they’re never going to tell you. It could be, for example, the satisfaction of my students. Obviously they rave about it during the course, but at the end of the program I always have them. I fill out a survey, the same thing with my clients at the end of our partnership. I always have them fill out a survey because i’m trying to make the unconscious conscious and so that’s what the ring does, and it does that for an area of your life, which is pretty important, which is sleep now.

I will put my hands up and say that i’m not the best sleeper and the reason why that is because, as of now, I haven’t placed as much importance on that, as I probably should, and instead of making my time in better priority, which should be around Eight hours um i’ve made my sleep efficiency a priority, and so what i’m trying to do is i’m trying to make these six and a half or seven hours that i’m in bed uh as quality as possible and that’s what i’m currently focused on, but i’m slowly Shifting and i’m being a bit more strict with my sleep schedule, so that is the oil ring, and that is that, for my eight tools, final thing that I will say is this article could have been a bit underwhelming for a lot of you, and maybe you Thought I had this incredible setup and i’m not going to lie.

Probably three months ago I had a better setup with a monitor and all that stuff, but basically one of the things that i’m doing right now is i’m trying to be as minimalist as possible. Number one because I don’t like clutter and number two is is simply because I think minimalism is great for focus, and so I used to have my monitor and I used to have my laptop and yes, you think you’re getting a lot of stuff done, because you Can move things around much quicker, but it also distracts quite a lot because you’re always multitasking and that’s what I found myself doing and that’s what i’m transitioning to a much more minimalist ass setup.

Yes, I might get a monitor, but if I do then I have my laptop just sit idle connected to the monitor and right now I really like my macbook pro to do that. So the final thing that I will say is just make sure you buy things that are high quality and of high purpose. Don’t just buy things that are okay, like, for example, I had this thing, which I barely ever use, which is a kind of like a notepad um.

Sometimes I use it for you know explaining things to my students, sometimes i’ll pull this up with a pen that I have right there and i’ll basically write on it when i’m giving an explanation, but I can do this with my mouse and it’s not vital right. Yes, you get more quality with this, but it’s not 100x in comparison to the mouse. This is a good example of not a vital purchase uh. So that is the final thing that I will say on the tools and the equipment side of things.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this article. As I said, if you did drop a big thumbs up my time, and I would really really appreciate it – also leave them below in comments any questions you may have on this article and i’ll be sure to check those out, and the final thing I would say, Is if you haven’t checked out my free masterclass on how to sign and keep four figure smm clients go ahead and check it down below uh, there’s nothing for sale and literally the feedback i’m getting people implementing the stuff, the templates, the scripts that I give you In there implementing it and signing plans, so if you want to check that out, go ahead and check the link in the description and, as always, guys hope, everything’s going well in your agency journey and i’ll see you in the next one peace foreign, you

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Client says “Do you guarantee results?” and You Say “…” (Ultimate Agency & SMMA Sales Advice)

It is Jordan, he is just starting his own agency and he doesn’t have any clients yet okay, but when he goes into a meeting, yes, the coins are asking him if he guarantees results. What should he say, Jordan, very, very good question, and did I certainly struggled that my soap when I started my agency? What I can tell you is possible huge respect for going down that path, huge in fact, for you know, trying to build out your agency and trying trying to design your life and build a solid business.

You know that’s a person, everyone say, and the second thing that I would say is there’s how I used to deal with that when I started out and it was a complete failure when they would tell me that I would try to guarantee results I’ll tell them. Hey look: we’re going to get a 12 turned investment every single time and you have to you know worry about nothing, and you know I can guarantee you’re going to get amazing results and the thing is a lot of times, especially if you don’t have any kind.

If you say that, first of all, it’s going to it’s going to make you look like a bit of a COC, spammy, saucy guy right, it’s a bit sleazy! It’s not the right approach, and I think it’s if you, if you do say that you digging yourself into much bigger hole, because what they’re going to do next is going to say cool. Can you show me concrete examples where you’re doing that consistently? That’s really where it goes downhill for a lot of people, and so what I recommend Jordan, is you tell them straight up the truth and the truth is in life.

There’s no guarantees, there’s no guarantees in life. I could invest my time. My energy I could. I could literally work on my agency for 12 hours. Even if I work smart, there’s no guarantees that I’m going to reach massive success right. There’s always that that Stern element of luck, there’s always there’s always a lot of variables that we don’t have control over right, and so we tell them. It’s no guarantees life and anyone who tells you that they can guarantee technology.

A certain result is lying to you and personally, I would not trust those people. In my case, what I can tell you is from our previous. You know from our previous track record, based on actual figures and we’ve done in the past. I can certainly predict working we’re going to get you killer results and our track record. For example. This is an example where our track record indicates that we’re able to produce 2x return investment resource for our clients on a consistent daily basis, but normally that what are you go as far as doing with my team? Is I only hold ourselves accountable to or or last metric or last results, and that actually keeps my team very sharp, and so you know would be.

I don’t like to you know cherry-pick any any. You know one single plan or want to move case study that you know. Maybe we’ve had success with three years ago right. What we won’t do is hold ourselves accountable to literally the last metric that we’ve gotten right now to the last result that we’ve got for our clients just to ghost off the new currencies in life, and I cannot guarantee you anything if, if people are you know, If someone comes and tells you that they can guarantee you souls they’re, certainly lying to you what I can say that would predictably get amazing results for hands.

If you like that, then amazing, if, if not, maybe we’re not the right fit so Jordan, that’s how I would approach that situation so about read the mind so that you go into a meeting with never try to to be in a position when you were you Almost need it to desperately to have them become a client of yours right, and that comes across a lot. If, if you tell them that you can guarantee results, which is you know, they know? That’s, that’s not.

You know, that’s not realistic right. We need for something. That’s not realistic. It immediately speaks a lot about your abundance and obviously puts you into just a necessity position just a week session in in the negotiation table certain. That’s what I would say about about that about guarantee and results, never guarantee results. If you guys have any other question when it comes to, you know, meetings when it comes to signing clients when it comes to, we bottles, leave them down below in the comment I’ll be checking those and I’ll be making articles about that before you go, go ahead And like this article subscribe to my blog there’s, a ton of valuable content coming out, there’s a lot of bluff in this industry.

What I can tell you is I’ve actually been through it. I’ve been through this approach that built a successful you see, and now I’m teaching all this completely for free or my YouTube, and going very, very deep, in-depth in in my articles, not you know, shiny stuff, real real value, so go ahead and swipe my blog and As I said, leave in the comments down below what you’d like to snack so till next time take care and speak soon.

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How To Start Social Media Marketing As A Beginner In 2019 – STEP BY STEP

The beautiful thing about social media marketing is all you need is 4 clients to make more than the average American makes per year. All you need is 4 people to say yes to you and all of a sudden you’re making more than the average American. What is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing

I want to go over a question that I get all the time. Do I need experience and do I need money to get started, creating a social media marketing agency? I don’t know anything about marketing Kevin. How can I make money creating an SMMA or a social media, marketing agency or a Facebook Ads agency or a digital marketing agency? It’S all the same thing and the answer to that question is you don’t need any experience whatsoever and you need literally zero dollars in your bank to get started creating a social media marketing agency. So before we actually get into how to find high ticket clients to actually pay you every single month to run their ads for them. We want to talk about what an actual SMMA or social media marketing agency actually is, and at the essence guys what an SMMA is basically, you run Facebook ads or Instagram ads or ads in general for any type of business. Today we’re going to focus on Facebook.


Facebook ads are by far the most profitable type of advertisement on planet Earth, right! 2 billion monthly active users making Facebook and Instagram ads are absolutely crazily popular. Instagram was just recently evaluated at over 100 billion dollars. Just a small portion of Facebook. Companies are buying Instagram ads like crazy and they are absolutely explosive right now, so we’re going to be focusing on Facebook for the most part in this article, but social media marketing companies can also us Google Ads too.

They can also be SEO. It can be a lot of different things, but we’re going to focus on Facebook. So what an SMMA truly is. Is you find businesses right? You find local business that don’t actually specialize in marketing and you take care of the marketing for them, because what is one thing that all businesses need: new customers, right? All businesses want more new customers to actually continue to pay themselves money to be able to live their dream.

So the business need mor clients. This is where you come into the equation, is you actually do the marketing for these companies so that they can focus on their core products. Most local businesses, like restaurants, dentists, lawyers, insurance companies and a like. These different types of local businesses are in every major city. Focus on them, call them, email them, and like them on social media.

Dentists are good making your teeth Clean. Doctors are good at making you not sick right, but they are not specialists when it comes to actual digital marketing and as the world starts to change and become more and more digitally oriented, it becomes much more important to actually have an online presence. To have A Facebook account for your business right to appear in Google search to have an online presence so that people can find you on Yelp, correct.

Online Presence

Every single day that passes. It becomes more and more critical for businesses to have an online presence, and that definitely includes – and probably most importantly of which is paid advertising to put your brand name and your business in front of potential customers. So another common question that I get all the time is: okay: How much are these businesses going to actually pay me to handle their social media, they’re paid traffic and things like that?

What to Charge?

This is kind of like the lowest most conservative rate that you can. You expect they’re going to pay you a thousand dollars per month right. So if you get four yeses, like I said at the beginning of the article you’re making $ 4,000 a month or $ 48,000 a year, but the best part about an S Mme, is that there’s no traditional business expenses right, you don’t have it. You don’t have to have an office building, there’s no cost of goods sold.

There’S no inventory, there’s no overhead right! You just don’t have traditional expenses that most brick-and-mortar or you know most businesses in the world actually have everything that you actually need in Ford to create a social media marketing agency. You can have up here in your brain right and once you have the the knowledge and once you’re able to actually create ads and create traffic for these businesses and bring them targeted leads.

Then you become in hair, more valuable to the marketplace, and when that happens right all of a sudden, everything starts to change. One final question that I’m going to address really quick before we actually get into a little bit more content of actually how to find your plants and how to deliver results for them is Kevin. You know how am I going to be sure that I’m actually going to be able to get new clients for these businesses? How do I know that I’m actually going to be able to produce results and that’s a great question right, but the thing is most people.

Don’T know how to advertise on Facebook, so if you know even the basics right and the more you know the better and the more you can charge and that you know the more money you’re going to make. But even if you know the basics like custom audiences, look-alike audiences, how to install a pixel right, how to retarget that pixel traffic, which is all relatively basic knowledge? And if you don’t know what those things are then make sure you head over to my blog after you read this full article and check out my article on Facebook ad for 2019.

That article is over an hour long. It has over 1.1 million views and it’s going to teach you everything that you need to know from an introductory perspective to actually start your own social media marketing agency. So how do you actually find your first client who is going to pay you $ 1,000? A month well, one of the biggest problems is the chicken and the egg right to get new clients. Most people ask you for a testimonial of your past clients, but how do you actually get a chest? Ammonia, Liff? No one will allow you to be their first client.

So what I like to teach my students is to actually work for free, and I know that might sound strange to begin with, but that is the single best way to get your foot in the door for people to start paying you it’s a very low risk To hire on someone, even if they’re brand new, if you say hey, you know, my name is Kevin. My name is Kevin David. I just started a digital marketing company or a social media, marketing company or whatever you want to call it right.

It’S all the same thing: a facebook ad agency, all the same thing I just started. You know a brand new digital marketing company, I’d like to run your ads for one week for free and I’m going to get you some customers and all you have to do is cover the actual cost of the ads themself. You don’t have to pay me a cent for running your ads. No business in their right mind is going to turn you down right, especially if they don’t know anything about digital marketing.

So if you actually go into that business and say hey, I’m going to handle your digital marketing, I’m going to do it for free for a week, all you’re going to have to do is pay for your ad. Get you a bunch of new profitable clients right? Most businesses are going to say, okay and the beautiful thing guys is. If you know what you’re doing – and you actually start to deliver a few results, then that business is going to want to hire you on full time, because it’s the easiest decision in the world to hire someone who actually makes you more money than it costs to Have them work for you right? So if my fee is $ 1,000 a month and I’m making your business $ 2,000 a month, that’s a very, very simple decision, and so the best way to get your first testimonial, which is key because you can actually use that testimonial to get new clients is To work for free for your first few clients, you can get some experience right.

You don’t have to actually cover any of their ad costs themselves. They cover that you just work for free right, so all you’re doing is giving them your time for free and once you do that, you know one or two times and you can use those people as testimonials for all your future business and the most beautiful part About social media marketing is, if you know what you’re doing, which, of course you will.

If you know you follow my instructions as hundreds and hundreds of my students in my private group have done and you’re going to be able to deliver results and when you can deliver results to local businesses into small businesses. Every dentist and every doctor in the world knows like ten other doctors that they went to med school with and all those doctors also need social media marketing. They also need digital marketing for their businesses to get them new and profitable, paying customers, and so a lot of the other people who teach.

You know how to do SM MA, always say you know, go out there and start cold, calling all these businesses. I have never cold called a business in my entire life. I paid phone teams to actually cold call, but it’s never been as successful as just allowing my clients right in the doctors and the dentist and the lawyers and the insurance companies that I’m running traffic for introduce me through referrals to their other friends and to other Businesses, so what I say is: okay, doctor you’re, paying me $ 1,000 a month for every new paying customer that you bring me every other doctor, dentists, every other small business owner that you know, I’m going to give you five hundred dollars off your bill right and So I’m making $ 1,000 and I’m giving them a five hundred dollar discount, and I have a new client who’s going to bring me new referral.

So I thank you guys if you’re smart are starting to realize just how incredible of a business model. This really is, all you have to do is know how to actually find your first client and then know how to deliver results. So, let’s jump into my computer right now and I’m going to show you exactly how you can find your very first profitable client that you can use to go out and do your marketing for you and introduce you to all their small business owner friends so that People are going to be literally beating down your door to pay you a thousand dollars every single month.

Let’S jump into my computer right now and I’ll show you alright guys welcome into my screen we’re going to go over the three easiest, simplest fastest ways to actually find your very first client right, because a lot of us have family and friends and one of the Best ways to actually do it is, if you have a dentist, if you have a doctor that you have a relationship with that you’ve used for years right, ask them.

If they wouldn’t mind you doing their advertisements for free all you they all they have to do. Is pay for their own ads you’ll do all of the work for free and ninety-nine percent of the time. If you have a dentist or a doctor or an insurance agent, or you know, lawyers that you’ve worked with or any small businesses in your community, that you have a relationship with they’re, more than likely to say yes, especially if you actually know what you’re doing and You can deliver some results, which you know again after you’ve readed this full article, if you haven’t we’re going to have a completely free training on how to actually deliver results to these businesses right here down in the description after the article.

So this is the three easiest best strategies to actually do this. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to choose a random City dentist in Las Vegas, so we’re going to ignore the ads right here and we are actually going to go and open up all of these dentists right here. I usually ignore like Yelp, because it just makes it a little bit harder, but you can actually use Yelp. So what we’re looking at right here is.

This is just like a random. Oh actually, this is a directory. So let’s not use that one. So this is like a random dentist office in Las Vegas and what this is right here. This is a little chrome extension called Facebook pixel helper right, so you can just literally Google search Facebook pixel helper, and you can see it right here so you’re going to go in download this on Chrome once you’ve downloaded it.

It literally will tell you if any page that you visit on the web has a pixel right, so we can see that this actual website has a pixel. So this this company at least, has a basic idea. What they’re doing from a facebook advertising for spective right, because if they have the pixel that allows them to be able to retarget people on Facebook? And so it’s like it’s a very basic level of understanding.

So we’re going to close this one out because they have a Facebook pixel, so they’re, not the lowest hanging fruit right they’re, not the best potential possible actual client for us. So we’re going to close that one. We see that this that these people actually have multiple pixels right, so maybe they have an agency already working with them, so we’re going to ignore them too, but we see right here right that this this company.

Excuse me, this dentist does not have a pixel. If we, if we use the pic of Facebook pixel helper extension, it says no pixels found on LVS smiles right and so what we can do is we can take this phone number and we can call them or we can. You know look for their contact information down below right, here’s, their Facebook Instagram. We can message them on Instagram. We could give them a call right and we could say hey.

You know my name is Kevin David. I run a digital marketing company. I was browsing. Your website and I saw that you didn’t – have a pixel installed. You know I could probably you know, create a lot more profitable customers for you guys, and you know I’m just starting out my digital marketing company, so I’d be willing to do it completely for free. I wouldn’t charge you a single cent for my time and I would just bring you guys.

A bunch of you know brand new, profitable customers and most people in their right minds are going to say yes right. So when you actually call this number, though you’re probably going to get a secretary, so normally, what I like to do is I’ll say you know, is the is the actual resident dentist right like trying to talk to like a decision-maker rather than an actual secretary? Can just save you time, but a lot of times the secretary will pass on whatever you say to the actual owner of the business and most of the time they are going to be interested in what you have to say right.

So that is a very, very simple way to actually find your very first client. Another extremely simple way is: what’s called BNI, so what BNI is is Business Network international right, so I’m just going to use the same example BNI at Las Vegas. What this is, is it’s a it’s just, a massive networking organization for business owners. So if you have a social media marketing agency or you you know, you actually perform services for local businesses like running Facebook.

Ads like managing social media BNI is an amazing place to actually go and get new customers right, find new customers. You go to these events and you just introduce yourself everyone’s very friendly. Everyone’S literally there specifically to network right – and so all you have to do – is go and network and say hey, you know, I’ve run Facebook Ads. You don’t have to say that you’re the best Facebook advertiser in the world right but say that yeah, you know I started a digital marketing company recently and I’ve been you know, having a lot of good results for my clients.

If that’s true or just you know, all you have to say is I just recently started my social media marketing company. You know I’d be happy to set up an appointment to see if I could help your business right, and this is one of the fastest easiest ways that my students have been able to get a bunch of new clients, literally sometimes in a day. And if you get four people right, if you network and go for an hour, you could talk, you could easily talk to four people 15 minutes each and if all four of them say yes boom instantly you’re, making more than the average American is making for people To say yes using BNI and the third strategy that we’re going to talk about it’s just using Facebook right literally going on Facebook into the normal search bar and typing in dentist, Las Vegas right – and we went over here to pages.

And I would open up every single one of these pages and I would message them right. I would look and see if there’s anything that I think that they could do so. You know all of these people probably have websites. You know you can see dentist of north Las Vegas. We didn’t see this one right, so I would go into this website and I would see if they have a pixel right. They do. I could still call them if I wanted to, but I’ll go through.

Every single one of these, I would you know, send them a message I would. I would go and check out their website and I would literally send them a message. Saying: hey. You know. I run a digital marketing company. I run a social media marketing company. You know I’d be happy to run your ads completely for free just to show you that I can give you results. So it’s zero risk on your part, and I can just literally deliver completely free value and 99 % of businesses say yes right.

So those are three extremely extremely profitable actual ways to get your very first client right and doing it for free to get your first testimonial. Then, all of a sudden, you have testimonials and it’s much easier to get new client, because you have testimonials and all of a sudden, your current clients are actually introducing you to all of their other small business owner friends and all of a sudden, you have a Ton of new clients that are paying you $ 1,000 a month or more, it’s one of the beautiful parts about a social media marketing company is, you can charge a thousand dollars a month, maybe for the first four people that you work with then the fifth person You charge two thousand dollars a month right, you literally charge whatever you want to charge.

If you only want five clients – and maybe you charge $ 1,000 for the first person mm for the second three thousand for the third right – I’ve had clients that I was charging literally $ 20,000 a month to run their actual ads for and obviously these are larger Businesses – and it was after some experience, but the point is guys it’s supply and demand like any other business, and it’s a very beautiful thing that, as you start to get more clients, you literally become more valuable and your time becomes more valuable.

So you can either hire people to help. You run those ads or you can charge more for your time. So, as you guys can see, it’s literally such a good opportunity to create a social media marketing agency. Literally with those three introductory strategies you can get started. I want to show just a couple of my students: we’ve had such ridiculous, immediate success. This right here is John and he’s literally where’s, going to let listen to him for, like the next ten seconds he’s one of my favorite students.

In the first week he ever started trying to create an FM ma, write his social media marketing agency. He had tremendous success. Let’S listen! I am really quick. What’S up bitches just left a dentist office he’s got only one location but to presented the Facebook Ads. It’S just like Kevin’s got the course I had went out on her Facebook page and their website. I’Ve got some pictures so target. They love the idea.

I gave the value of the clicks funnel of $ 2,000, we’re just really quickly. You can talk about Jennifer, who made over eleven thousand dollars profit in three days, using what we teach inside of my private group. Guys I want to show just one more: this is Andrew. He literally very recently worked at a hotel, and you can see right here in the screenshot he’s getting absolutely tremendous results for his clients, Shopify store.

You can see him saying right here that he has eleven clients now and that is a minimum of a one thousand dollar payment every single month per client, so he’s making at the minimum eleven thousand dollars per month. So if you want to learn exactly how Andrew started to make eleven thousand dollars per month with zero experience and zero money to start, we are hosting a completely free training, and if you want to join that training, all you have to do is click to the Link in the description right here and we’re going to teach you some much more in-depth strategies on how to get started, running Facebook Ads for local businesses and getting paid very, very well to actually do exactly that.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this article. If you did do me a favor, because I’m working extremely hard to put these out for you guys and show you a bunch of new ways to actually start making it money online click. The like button right now leave a comment down below telling me your thoughts on creating an S Mme or running Facebook ads for local businesses and using that as a way to make money and as always guys, if you have it, make sure you click that little Subscribe button right here turn on the notification bells to join the notification squad and until next time and then just happy hustling

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