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How to Find Great Tags for YouTube s

That’s going to help you when you’re uploading, your articles and when you’re searching for those tags that are going to help you have more visibility with your article. It’s going to help your article be found, and those are it’s called search. Engine optimization and I have a tool that will help you as you’re uploading. It’s not something you have to do off on the side and then bring it over and the name of the tool is to buddy and to buddy.

Does oh gosh so much. I started out using it with the free version and I just wanted to see what it would do and I have gradually. You know it’s a learning curve. I’ve gradually used more and more of the features, and this is a simple feature that I’m going to show you today that every beginner needs. Now again, I’m not going to go through the entire ute buddy platform and show you every single thing it does because it gets overwhelming and then my the article ends up being an hour long.

Then you can’t even remember what you readed so we’re just going to concentrate on tags today. Now I don’t usually do this, but I’m going to bring you to the pricing list and there’s a reason that I’m doing this because a lot of times, especially when you’re new. Well, let’s say this: I did this when I was new, I would always buy like the mid account like they have the lowest account than the mid and high.

I always went for the mint think you know I might as well get it now and use everything that it does well what I found. I was buying all these tools to help me and yes, they probably were all wonderful, fantastic tools, but you only have so much time in a day and so much time and to learn. So what I always recommend is always start with a free version and then go to that lower the lowest tool, and this one does have a free version.

So let’s just scroll down – and I want you to pay attention to the first item – row – is free. Then it’s pro, but right here you will notice on the free account you’re going to very very limited the keyword, searches, tags and things like that. It comes down here even more. It’s a very limited area here it is tag list, suggested tags. That’s where we’re going over today, it’s a very limited on the pro account I the free account.

I have the pro account. I have not moved up to star, I’m still learning all the features and the more I learned them like. I said the more I’m really sold on to buddy: let’s go in and look at what it does. Okay, when you click the link below and you go to to buddy, it will take give you the option of starting with a free link or whatever you want to do. But you’re going to be put up uploading, a Chrome extension, and I want you to look up here where these three dots are and you go down here where it says more tools and then go under extensions.

That’s how you can find all the extensions that you have you can see up here along the top right under your toolbar. You can see all the extensions and sometimes it just really gets loaded, so you can go in and even turn them off see this one. Here I have a Facebook pixel helper. I just turned it off for now, because different things that I’m not using a font face ninja. This is well actually well.

You don’t need to know what it does, but anyway, we’re not talking about all that stuff, but I have it turned off. So when I go to use it, I pull it up to buddy. I use all the time and I have it turned on so I just wanted to show you because one time by accident, I don’t know how it happened. I think when I rebooted my computer to Buddy disappeared and I was like whoa what happened and of course, I’m contacting the company know that and then somebody told me we’ll check your extension fire file.

So that’s where they’re at they’re all right there, and if you have extensions you, you know, decide you’re not using anymore. Like I have the sketchpad I haven’t used in a while. I can look at it again. Do I want it and then remove it? If I don’t um a little bit of tip there all right, so let’s look at I uploaded my article and the article. I just sat there and ran it for three minutes. It’s not really a article, but I named it how to make money online and the reason I did that because that’s going to pick up some good suggested tags now.

The first thing I do is I go into my description. What I have there is already saved into YouTube, and I have a article on that. How to save all those defaults is what it’s called, and I always scroll that down and then I add stuff that had pertains to this article. So the first thing I do is put the name of the article how to make money on line, and then I go from there. If I have any links or anything like that, then I add them.

Okay, now, here right below it, it says tags, that’s the first tag that I want how to make money on line and then you just hit enter and there’s your tag now. This is where the magic happens. Okay, you scroll down and it has suggested tags notice. They have numbers next to those are relevancy numbers, the higher that number the better. That means that’s something that’s getting searched: make money from home working; look at it, lots of them nines and tens.

It’s there’s a lot, a lot of people search for making money online. Now I can do this, I can say: oh this one is the number 10. Where did it go? Make money from home I’m going to hit the plus button, it’ll put a little check and then typically, oh well, that didn’t? Okay, let me do another one! There! Oh, it’s going to make a liar out of me. Usually you’ll hit those and it keeps on bouncing up to the top okay, so they’re going to see what it just did it.

I hit it and it bounced up to the top and you’re going to come down and it’s a big pain in the ass. To be honest, so what you do instead is go right here, where it says, tag, tools and select suggested and all those tools are going to fill in and then I can just go down and and click them all at once. Okay, I hit the suggested tags and, for some reason it is not loading, but I don’t want to stop because just hit the suggested tags, and this is what it looks like when it pops up.

I found article here but see here. It has your topic of those suggested tags and we’ll go back to those. You have a list and then it’ll have the relevancy score and usually they’re in order, and then you can go in and click the ones you want. You you’re not always going to use every tag, that’s in there. Sometimes it might not have anything to do with what you’re doing and then over on this side the right side.

It’s going to have tags that you have in your blog and see if they’re relevant and it’s going to start giving you a score of hey. This tags been searched a lot and I got nothing over here at first when I was new, there was nothing. You know you can’t have any analytics unless you have some content, but it’s really exciting. When you start building up that content, you start seeing that hey. These are different tags that have been chosen, and then you can start being a little bit more strategic in what kind of articles that you make.

But in the beginning I really recommend just making how-to articles no matter what area, no matter, what niche that you’re in it could be. You know, weight loss. It could be. You know, animal care, you know if you have dogs or something if you’re into art. You know just do some how-to articles and then you’ll start building from there and you’ll just get tons of ideas all right. So let’s go back, it’s still spinning, so we’re just going to stop it there and what I hid was this suggested tab.

Now I’m going to go in and just go ahead and hit more of these see. Normally it doesn’t it might. Something must be going on because normally, when you hit these, it keeps on flying up and you have to keep coming back up and down so something you know. That’s like you know there goes it just flew up there. Alright was something I wanted to show you and you could sit here and hit the word sort. This is tag tools.

All of this is here because of two buddy. If you don’t have two buddy, you don’t have access to any of this, but go to where it says, sort and all of your tags pop up – and this is really cool look. I accidentally did a duplicate. I have a duplicate, so it says: remove duplicate and you just hit it like that. So sometimes don’t sit and stress out, you know, did I really use that? Is it going to be the same? Just hit the sort tag now, here’s another thing.

Let’s say that you started putting information in for the tags and you went crap. I forgot to put the heading. You don’t have to do that. I have readed other people, you know Rockstar article youtubers, and that was something they suggest it. You put it in the title, you put the same exact words in the description and the first tag. That’s three times, they’re all exactly the same. Now, let’s say I didn’t put it there.

I can move them here, see that it says how to make money on YouTube. Now I think mine said how to make money online. So that’s not even the right one. How to make money online is actually what my tag was and then I can move them around. I can get rid of the duplicates and then I can save it so doing the tags is really easy. Now look right here where it says 243 out of 500. I only get 500 characters, so you might want to use some of the ones that YouTube has suggested.

There are other ways to get tags. Sometimes people will look at other people’s articles, they might search something get the number-one-ranked article and then with well. Let’s try that let’s go look it up. Let me show you. This is something else that two buddy will do just a month now. What I did is, I just went to Google and I typed in how to make money online. That’s my keyword right. My longtail keyword and three hundred ninety three million people are looking this up, probably monthly, okay.

So it’s a very strongly searched tag. Now I can pick one of these first, second or third ranked article. Sometimes I like to pick the newest one, these two number one and three are from 2018, but this one’s a little bit more current make money online. This one says with YouTube ten legit ways to make money online. Let’s do that one, because that’s kind of what I’m talking about so I’m going to pull up.

It should be a article if it’s not yes, it is that’s like sometimes you’ll hit that link and it’ll be a blog and we don’t want a blog. We want a article, so I’m going to pause that real, quick now this is what two buddy has given me all of this information. This person – I don’t even know their name – I don’t even know it so it says practical wisdom is the name of the company and over here to the right.

I see that they have six million views, they have their average duration. As to the duration of this article is ten minutes and see, I get all this analytical information because of to buddy now we’re talking about tags today. So let’s focus on that right. Here are all the tags that this person used on the article now I can hit the a little link and copy them all, but I don’t recommend doing that because you don’t want yours to be exactly the same.

What I typically will do is I’ll go use. Some of the ones from two buddy and then I’ll come in here and look at the highest-ranked ones like here: passive incomes ideas. If you weren’t, sharing passive income ideas, you might not want to pick that one, but I’m working on line 21, this one’s 19. How to make passive income how to make money on the internet, so you can go in and pick some of the higher ones and add it to yours.

Sometimes I will even pick a person that I know is really big in that industry. So, for instance, if I was doing clickfunnels, I might add Russell Brunson’s name, because I know he’s really big or I might pick a couple influencers that I know of that are really big with clickfunnels. Maybe not use Russell’s name because everybody’s doing that. So I might go in and pick a couple of the influencers that I know are really big with clickfunnels and I’ll put their names there.

So I have like names for different things and that helps you as well. So you want to be a little bit strategic, but again for the sake of today’s article, I wanted to show you how easy to buddy makes it for you to find tags. You can do it here, use the suggested tags or go google, your title and then pick a article and pick tags, and you don’t have to pick one article. You could pick two or three and then just start listing them somewhere and then using them.

So hopefully that was helpful. I really highly recommend, at the very least, get the free program and use it for free and check it out and see what it does and at that right now, you’re going to see three articles pop up that are all pretty relevant to what I just talked About today hit the link below and don’t forget, to subscribe and hit that like button, I would really appreciate it. It makes a you know your your ranking go up right, that’s what we’re did it’s all about, but thank you for reading sincerely, and I hope this was helpful to you and I will that’s.

My goal is to put out articles that are going to help you, especially as a beginner, and help you make good decisions so that you can continue to be consistent and stick with it, so that you too can create that passive income.


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Vlogging: For beginners Part 29: SEO for YouTube – making YouTube s for beginners

Take a few seconds to load, but these things will actually help you with getting more viewers to your blog, but also help get them to view other articles on your blog. What would have to do is just wait for this to load up, but the first thing you want to see is like the matter beat 2016 in Spain.

So that’s my title, but is it a good title as a question? So if I copy that we go over to Google Adwords Keyword, planner you’ll have to set up an account. I think I only need a gmail account, but what you do is you’ll insert that phrase in here. The matter be 2016, spain and landing page will be that page with the article on it. So we want to go. Why are you okay? So, ideally I want to click on that.

I’ve just copied the link of this article within YouTube, you’ll see in the second one. I’ve changed page here, that’s where it is on YouTube. You just copy it out the browser’s just slightly out off the window at the top and this traveling tourism. So we go down a traveling tourism, just click it on that. You can actually go a bit further, but I’m just trying to do this quickly, so we tell it to go and get some ideas and what it’s doing is it’s searching for keywords that are relevant to those words and it will come back with some suggestions.

So here we are, you’ve got two ways to do this. The first one is the Apple II average month searches and then the other one is on price. So, as you can see here, this may only make and I’m sorry this one here and it makes one dollar 78 @ 1 pound 78, but it gets over 15,000 views so cost a blank is quite important. So the matter, costa blanca, would be a better phrase of word for a bigger monthly search.

But, as you can see here, more money does not mean more hits cuz. I didn’t see, there’s only two thousand there, but it’s two pounds 33. Using trip to this trip to Spain, now how you write it, you can pick out these keywords and you could do a search slight. If I clicked on suggested bid here, it should organize them into price fingers crossed roughly okay, no in here, okay, fair enough, but you get the idea you’re getting your monthly searches here.

Let’s click on there you go beach holiday gets 22 and a thousand. But obviously, that’s quite a broad search and you can play around with this to make it more precise. You can see that at the moment, Scott broadly related ideas, you could actually turn say well, hang on a minute only close to what I’m looking for save that I should actually update now with things are closer to what we’re actually searching for.

Okay, that was a bit too specific. He didn’t like it so we’ll change that it’s probably because it’s only got the 2016. It’s very specific, I suppose, if I took the 2016 out the search of poly work anyway, you get the idea there’s a lot of stuff within google adwords anyway, which you need to learn separately. We’re not going that in depth with it today. But what we’re going to do is concentrate on the keywords.

For example, costa blanca has another ten words hidden away here, so let’s just open up. If I click that it should open it out, so we can see the other 10 there you go, so you can see the other words in there. 14,800 of them are Kosta Blanco. Will aid costa blanca la motto is much lower. So the fact is what I would probably do is cost a blanket but still get picked up with we’re. Sorry, I put cost of lankan the matter, but it’ll still pick up Kosta Blanco anyway, because although it’s got the matter, what happens? Is it just sees that bit in the Google search anyway? So I’m not really fussed on that, but if we go back to our YouTube article, we’re now add Kosta, blanker lemaitre Beach 2016 Spade now you can see about all the key words here you see.

I picked up toya Becca already 2016, because I know these are things people looking for. They don’t want articles from five years ago, they’re looking for the latest ones, and here’s a few about Spanish life because obviously got the kids and wife with me. But if we go into the keyword planner, this is where you still find these words, because they’re still here cost uh Blanca beaches there’s another nice one doesn’t get a lot of searches, though so maybe I’ve got better something better put Kosta Blanco.

Actually, I didn’t put costa blanca in the keywords that I am on my tags, so I put that down here, see now I’ve added that that’s another good one. So that’s how you find your keywords and you slop them in not only on their in there, but also in the conversation. So what you want to try and do is put them in here naturally, so I’m could have rewrite this. But it’s difficult for me to talk and rewrite at the same time, but what you want to try and do is say: insert cost the Blanco into this conversation.

Lamotta beat sobs already in there could put. This is our first trip to the beach for 2016. Those sort of things would make this stand out a bit more and the number of words. Ideally you want in there it’s about 150 upwards. What about all those links people are put in back to their website their Twitter in them? I do that as well, but that’s predominantly because I’m trying to mix people when I first start the blog with my other websites and things because there’s more information, the stuff I’ve already talked about before which on those sites.

Ideally, if you slice huge, do that, because you’ve already got the traffic getting generated through the sheer volume of your subscribers. But if you’re just starting off you’re better off without any of extra stuff in there and concentrating on a good article. Almost because the these things get read by Google separately – and I know some people actually use their transcription from the text actually said in the article and then convert that into an article.

That’s fine as well, because it’s actually relevant it’s correct, but me walk along the beach. Obviously, it’s not going to be a lot of texts. There is there, because I’m just talking about the stuff that I see, but it it doesn’t translate into a good article. What does is talking about the beach in the sense that we’re going to the beach for the day, blah blah blah and ideally in life, says you want to focus on things that make your title stand out and I’m most relevant, make sure you’ve got at least 150 words, and it’s an article almost and the next thing is all your keywords.

Ideally, you do not want to sorry your tags, you don’t want any more than 10, so what I always do once I’ve actually prepared it. I quickly count 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. So I look at that and go okay. That will have to go. Google seem to like 10. I don’t know why it just does, and this is part of the SEO once you’ve done this bit. Just click on the save – you may even put your name in here because I know a lot of people search for my name so once that saved I’ll, just we’ll talk about something else, you’ve got these annotations cards.

Subtitles, let’s go here. We go to the subtitle. One first, with subtitles can closed captions. What you can do is translate it well, firstly, transcribe it into English or whatever language you are doing this article in and then you can get translated into other languages. It’s not going to be perfect, but at the same time the more is translated, the more chance you’ve got of meeting other subscribers, for example.

Here I am in spain. Obviously, I’ve got the entire Latin world that may be interested in Spain and some form. So from that point of view, it is worth translating this from english into spanish into russian, because we have a lot of russian tourists. Norwegian, Dutch, French, because we’re in a tourist area it is worth transcribing. Those google will have a tool for doing that now and I think they actually charge people for doing the translations.

But the main thing is to add new subtitles. You just put it on the side here. So let’s just click your english, united kingdom. I just wait for that to load. So then it will ask you: are you going to upload it? There is software out there can cover that end of the article actually to scram, transcribe and auto-sync, or create a new subtitles or closed caption. So, let’s click on this one transcribe and auto-sync.

This is where I’ll do it automatically? I think this one is the 1i. Normally is great new subtitle or closed caption, so what you have is the article is now going to load and you type the text as you hear it up here on the on the right. So as I speak, let’s find the word with me. Actually speaking so there’s the first bit we are down to the beach today and then all you do is click the plus and just check it in the right space.

So go back a little bit. You should let slide this back and it’s as simple as that. Once you’ve done all the article, you then save it, click, publish and away. You go. That’s something a lot of people don’t do, but it is quite useful for people that are hard of hearing or completely deaf, as well as people wanted to learn. I don’t know the language find it easier with subtitles, so there’s multiple reasons that this is quite a useful tool to use.

So we’ll leave that where it is at the moment and what we want to do is go over to cards because obviously I’m not going to sit and transcribe this entire article. While you SAT reading me so here’s cards, what is a card? So we know this article is about costa blanca LaMotta beach, and what you can do is add cards to it and now a card you can promote a article or playlist another blog. You could add a poll.

A link to an approved website so, like here, says spanish life and tourism. If I click on it, oh look, it’s my alicante, spain blog. It’s already been added to it. That’s a card and all you do. Is you just go ad card article? I playlist. I blog and then all you do, is you go up here? This is where my other blog is, when you load the blog for the main blog page, take the link out of the youtube window at the top, and then what you want to do is just drop it straight in here, then, you just put a custom message And that’s pretty much it and once once it’s in there you can see alicante spain blog and then it comes up with all the information relating to that blog, so that people aware they can go and have a look at it and get more information.

This is another useful way for getting people to hop onto other articles. Are the blogs, etc, etc, but it doesn’t just stop there we’re now going to go over to annotations so with this they’re actually inserted in the timeline, so I’m going to add an annotation. Let’s have a speech bubble type or no. Let’s have a note so we’ll leave that up there put it the shape you want and we’re going to link it to another article.

This article here is the pink lakes in Tribeca, so we can take that pink salt, lake’s silliness. Take that and then we’ll put that as the text. So people can actually click on that and it will take them to that article, which is obviously relevant to what the reading, because they’re, both in the matter toy, bear high area and we want to open in another article because I’m actually want them. To close this article down, but as you can see on the timeline, it’s only at the beginning here, so it’s a certain point.

It will actually switch off. So there is no like to try and let’s turn the audio, try and put it a near the beginning, but be let it go aways. They could click on that and i’ll open up in another window. They don’t actually have to close this one down, but they could all continue through the article and hopefully they’ve already opened it, but you could pull it the end. It could be other stuff relevant as you go along, for example, maybe i’ll well, it did.

I talked about the camper vans here you could put a link willing to camping in Spain or whatever, whatever you’ve got relevant. This is how you interweave your articles with each other, so that they’re all relevant with what you’re doing and make it more experience for the person subscribing and reading your articles, making it more interesting. So we’re just going to apply those changes. So now that is actually saves near the beginning, and if we go to enhancements or something it’s something we need to do on this, that’s pretty much it so we’ll go over to you can do some auto fixes and stuff it youtube can do some weird stuff To your article is now and again, though, as you can see, I’ve now changed to cross the blanket.

I did a cosplayer there, which is the main thing and obviously i’ve got these little bits added into the article. So we save that it’s already been done and we actually want to go and have a look at the article itself. So the article is now playing as you can see, I’ve turned the audio off for obvious reasons. There’s the bit we added earlier and up here on the right: we click on this one. It takes you to the other, candy blog they’re, not obtrusive.

This is the main thing these ads are at you too, but that’s part of getting you revenue, it’s nothing and do about that. But the the main thing is here: people can actually go. Oh I’ll, have a quick look at that and then pull it away out. The way it’s not in their face and the other one is not up there for ages, so you’re giving them more of an experience without actually having to do too much that is going to irritate.

Then you have all these bits and pieces. If I did the caption and translations, then obviously you should be able to see where I closed captions here, you can actually want to set up it’ll, actually give you the option to actually read it with the closed captions on all these things are very useful for Your YouTube blog – and I says you interweave it also you want to link in through your websites and stuff and which I’ll cover in another topic.

This is mainly just within YouTube. Thanks for reading