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How to Start Writing Tech Articles

So if you’ve ever read articles on CNET or wired, just those tech, article websites, you might have thought they were pretty interesting and you would like to have a job there. So how do you get started in such a career? Well, one of my favorite youtubers elide. The computer guy has begun this website.

It is called geek brain dump, a place for geeks to tell their side of the story, so it is on just it’s like an article website, but everyone can post. So if we go take a look here, you can see windows 8.1, keep the speed with the windows, 7 look and then looking at the titles. It’s just a wide variety of tech and computer articles all written by different people going back up here. You can see the most popular posts.

It’s 18 comments. 8 comments. The latest posts March 11th was the latest and various tags that people tagged on their posts with. Also when you sign up with this, you get an author profile. Well, you don’t really sign up, but I’ll get to that in a moment, and so you can go to any one of these and see all of the posts they have written down. Here we have categories of posts, so you can see cloud computing, media marketing.

Anything you would want to read and scrolling down. We can see, there’s just a bunch of people posting and writing their own articles. So how do you get started? Let’s go over to the about page, I’m not going to read this all, but so basically to sum it up, you just submit your posts to the email post at geek brain dump, it’s all to come without any attachments or anything just in the email and I’ll Make kind of goes through what you have to include.

I particularly like this that we have no interest in being grammar nazis. So as long as it’s readable, it’s good. There are also some other restrictions, but they’re pretty easy and almost all articles get submitted as long as they follow these guidelines, I’m spamming, being paid now. This is something you might be interested about right now. There are no plans to pay writers, it’s more just getting experience and having something to put on your resume when you go apply for a real job, writing articles on any website order for a magazine.

According to this, the plan is to have paid content creators at some point, so probably in the future, it might be ad supported and the content creators would get paid by like their page views or something like that. Please note we are in alphabetic beta testing of this site, so you can see it’s an early version of the site. Probably you can tell that by the how it’s not finished, but it’s growing and if we head on over to the Alexa page for geek brain dump com, you can see it’s ranked 1.

7 million and three hundred thousand in the United States so um compared to many Other websites – this is pretty good – has a 45 percent bounce rate, 1.8 pageviews per visitor and 242 minutes 46 seconds daily time on site, which is pretty average for our website. Most of the well. A good portion are from the United States, but I guess they don’t have statistics right now, since it’s a relatively new site, so going back here, it’s very easy to get started.

So, to sum it up, all you have to do is email. Your article about technology or computers to this email include the information such as their name and any profile information, for example, going down here. It will give your name and profile, and now you don’t create an account Eli. The computer guy will do this for you and keep everything organized for you. So it’s pretty nice. All you have to do is email the articles, so this is an easy way to start your tech, article writing,

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My man Flossie caught a big time in the text faced with reviewing products yo. What’s up, everybody should boy floss back again with another article and today we’re going to do a quick unboxing of the iPad pro the beach studio. 3, the Samsung Galaxy S 10. You know if you want to get in the tech space. This is a guy. You have to go through Flossie.

Do me a favor for anybody thinking about getting into this space? What is the best advice you ever got. The best advice that I have a guy would be take your time. I have patience because nothing’s going to happen overnight. So if you want to make this your career, your job, it’s I hustle just get into it, but take your time and do it right if anybody’s trying to get into this space, what platform would you recommend form, I would say, definitely start off on YouTube: build Up your following, because youtubers were you going to make the money, but you need to Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and all that, keep that on the side start off with YouTube, if anybody’s trying to get action, what can they find? You can hit me up on Instagram Flossie underscore Carter, but take it right to YouTube Flossie card.

I love all day baby. Do me a favor make every move, a Power Move and I’ll catch y’all all on the next article, all love! What’s up guys thanks for sticking with me to the end of the article truly appreciate you if you like anything, you heard here today go ahead and hit that subscribe button, and if you know anybody that can benefit from this message feel free to share peace and Love

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