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Food Photography & Food Styling Tutorial | food photography tips from RainbowPlantLife

If You follow me on instagram @ rainbowplantlife. You know that I’m really Passionate about food photography and I get requests all the time to do. Tutorials on food, styling and food photography and to share tips on how to Improve your food photography, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do today.

I’m Going to take you behind the scenes, just just right back here at the other part Of my apartment and I’ll show you how I’m going to style some cranberry pecan muffins No cranberries streusel, cranberry orange streusel, muffins I’ll, show you how I style them I’ll show you different scenes on how to set them up how to pair Different props together and the settings I’m using on my camera and Before I show you the actual setup, I want to talk about some basics.

Alright, first, I’m going to show you the equipment I’m using for my food Photography setup – and this is a very introductory DSLR camera – it is a Nikon D3300, this costs about $ 400 and it comes with a kit lens, but I don’t really Recommend that for food photography, I’m using a 35 millimeter 1.8/g lens and That’s going to run you less than $ 200. This is probably one of the most inexpensive Dslr setups you’ll get between $ 500 and $ 600.

I used this camera for the First, 12 to 16 months 18 months of doing food photography and it takes really Great photos, it’s just not like a professional high-end camera, but if You’re, just starting out, there’s really no need to spend thousands of dollars on A camera or lens you can definitely start small. That’s what I did. You can also get a Canon. Canon makes great introductory DSLR cameras that are Really affordable as well.

The Canon Rebel series is really popular with beginners In addition to my camera, I also have a tripod. This is a very inexpensive travel Tripod not necessarily recommended for food photography, because it’s not super Stable but I have been using it for the last year or two without breaking anything. And any of equipment I’m talking about will be in the description box below and This is the tripod I use when I want to take shots head on or at an angle or something like this, and then I also have a tripod with An overhead arm for when I want to take flat, lays or photos like overhead.

I Don’t know what this hand motion is, but you know what an overhead shot is this Is a much larger tripod, the legs aren’t even extended. It’s very sturdy and this Is an overhead arm that comes separately and that helps me? Take those overhead Shots so I don’t have to hurt my back and bend over and do it by myself. I just use The tripod for that now, let’s talk about lighting lighting Is the most important thing for good food photography if you are a beginner My advice is to always shoot in natural light.

If you’re a little more advanced, you can experiment with some artificial lighting, but for beginners my Recommendation is to always shoot in natural light and natural light is just The light that comes from nature, so the light that comes through one of your Windows or if you have a glass door or even a screen door, the biggest mistake I See on Instagram with food photos is the lighting, and it’s usually because the Person is using an overhead kitchen light or a lamp or an overhead light in Their living room or wherever they’re shooting and it give the food this Really orange unattractive quality because of the light bulb and the last Thing you want, is your food to look unappetizing, so my advice is to turn off All your lights in your house and experiment go find the best windows and Sources of light and doors in your house and try different times of day try Different seasons, because the best source of light will vary based on the Location of the sun, the angle of the sun, the time of year, the time of day so get Creative and don’t be afraid to experiment, and you might think that the More natural light the better and you might be tempted to go outside and shoot Right in the sunlight, that’s actually not a good idea because having direct Sunlight on your food is going to create harsh shadows and blown out highlights.

It’s going to make your food look just harsh and like not have that nice soft Glow that you want for food photography, so the best natural light is actually Indirect light, so it’s already indirect if it’s coming through your window, Because it’s blocked by the window, if you feel like you, don’t have enough Light coming through your windows or doors because you live in a dark space. Or it’s winter, not to worry.

I recently just moved into a new apartment, but Before that I lived in a really old building on the ground floor and it was Always dark, but I was still able to take some really good shots because one I Used a tripod always and two you can use like a reflector which is like a white Surface and you can hold it up to put against the dark shadows that will add Some light and you don’t need to buy anything specific, you can just get white Foam boards from your craft store and make your own or you can hang it up on a Clip or if you have a helper in the house, you can have them hold it, while You’re taking the photo, but if you have too much light coming in, maybe Because you have a huge window or it’s a really sunny that day and it’s the Middle of the day, you’re going to want to diffuse the light.

So it’s not as harsh And I’ll show you how I do that this is the window. I normally shoot my photos by it faces South South by Southwest, so it gets a lot of light in the afternoon. Honestly too much light, so I’m going to show you how I diffuse the light as you Can see without blocking any of the light from my window, the light is way. Too harsh for food photography there are blown out, highlights and uneven shadows.

And it gives the food a harsh and unattractive appearance. I just take These black foam boards that I bought at a craft store just for a few dollars and I put them up against my window and draw the shades to block out the light, but I’ll still have enough light coming in from the other window in my apartment today, I’m showing you three different Ways to style and present these cranberry orange streusel, muffins and The first method will be the most basic: it’s going to be an overhead flat, lay Of the muffins directly in the pan, the muffins are directly in the muffin pan.

That I baked them in and it’s sitting on top of a food photography board to help Style, the scene I have some fresh cranberries as well as sugared Cranberries to give a festive flair for this shot, I want a direct overhead shot. Of the muffins in the pan, but instead of having all 12 muffins just sitting there, I want to get a little playful and add some creativity, so I’m going to start by Taking one muffin out of the pan and to replace it I’ll, add some cranberries in The muffin tin, when I’m styling a dish I like to use as props the actual Ingredients in the dish to remind the viewer of what the dish is all about and I think I’ll turn this muffin over on its side, so you can see the different Textures of the muffin and I’ll replace one more muffin, but this time I’ll use Sugared cranberries instead of the plain ones I could take the photo, as is now But I want the colors and textures to pop a bit more, so I made a glaze to Drizzle on top well, actually I made the glaze because it’s delicious and it’s Part of the recipe, but it’s also great for photos and, lastly, I’ll add some Orange zest, on top again to emphasize the ingredients in this recipe and I’m Using my tripod with the overhead arm, as well as a wireless remote which enables Me to take a photo without touching the camera, so there won’t be any camera.

Shake since this is an overhead flat shot, there’s no difference in depth of Field, so I want everything to be in a relatively equal focus to do that. I Shoot at a narrow, aperture or in other words at a high f-stop since the shutter speed, is really low. Only one third of a second there’s no way I could take this photo at this Aperture and ISO of 100, without using a tripod now I want to get a more close-up shot.

Of the muffins in the pan, so I’m going to lower my tripod legs, so the camera is Closer to the food to get the sharpest focus, sometimes I shoot using manual Focus and I zoom in on the live view, so I can really closely see in clear detail. If the muffins are in focus, autofocus does work really well on most Dslr cameras, depending on your lens, so I often use that just because it’s a lot Quicker for the second scene, I want to convey a More explicit holiday feel in the first scene there were some subtle hints, Of the holidays, from the sugared cranberries and from the recipe itself, But in the second scene I’m really going for a true festive feel so I’m going to Show you how I’m going to layer in some props to give it that holiday flair for the second scene, I’m using the same Food photography board, but because I want it to be more festive, I’m going to Layer in some holiday props one layer at a time, it’s always best to start with Just one or two props and work your way up, instead of starting with a bunch of Props that way, it’s easier to remove elements.

If you have too much going on But it’s a little harder to remove a bunch of props if you already have them. There and are determined to use them, because I like to show the elements of The recipe as props I’m going to add some fresh cranberries to this marble. Cutting board to give this photo a homemade rustic. Look, I’m crushing the Cranberries, so you get a sense of what my kitchen actually looks like when I Use cranberries, then, to add a festive flair.

I’m layering in some pine leaf. Branches, when you add props, be sure to observe the scene from the angle that You’re photographing it from so you get a sense of what it actually looks like Like here, I notice the branch was too much so now I added a small piece: Instead, then, I’m adding some more sugared cranberries, because it reminds Me of a Christmas tree with ornaments, I’m continuing to layer in props to Frame the scene, the main focus is the round board with the muffins, so I’m Adding elements around that to frame it as a photo, in addition to adding the Cranberries, I’m adding some pieces of pecans since those are in the muffins as Well, this looks good to me now so now, it’s time to add icing the white color Of the icing really stands out against the rest of the darker colors in this Photo, which is why I’m using it like the first photo since this is an overhead Shot, I want everything to be in equal focus, so I’m Using a narrow aperture of f/8, the shutter speed is really low again, so the Tripod is essential if I were to bump up the ISO to say 800 or higher.

That would Serve the purpose of adding more light to the lens ( to be very simplistic about It ), which would then enable me to use a faster shutter speed and make the tripod Unnecessary but since I want minimal grain in my food photos, wherever Possible ISO 100 is the best option for the third and final scene. I want to Add a human element to the scene. I think it’s amazing when photographers Incorporate some sort of human element, whether it’s their hands or their bodies, Because it adds more dimension to the photo, it tells a story, and it just seems More inviting for the viewer for the final scene, I’m using a different Photography board this one is wooden, so we’ll have more of a rustic look, but I Still want the holiday vibe, so I’m using these cute string lights.

So the round Wooden board, on top of the wooden board, felt like too much wood, so I’m layering in A white linen towel to add some dimension and variety and for more Holiday flair. I have some pine branches with holly in a vase, unlike the first Two shots: I’m taking this last photo at a roughly 90 degree angle. Instead of Overhead, so I won’t need the overhead arm tripod with food photos that are taken.

Head-On, at a 90 degree angle or 45-degree angle, it’s usually best to Have a shallower depth of field that creates a more interesting photo when You have a blurred or slightly blurred background and a very focused foreground. So I want to make sure that the muffin in the very front looks perfect. And if You don’t get the perfect shot or have the right lighting on your first. Try. Just keep experimenting by changing your aperture or your shutter speed or ISO Until you get the shot and lighting that you want, as I mentioned, I want to add a human Element to this photo so I’m going to get in the photo myself and I’m putting On a cozy winter sweater to see how that looks, instead of my dress action photos are pretty popular with food, photography and If I want to capture the motion of pouring the glaze on the muffins without Any motion blur I have to increase my shutter speed to at least 1/60 or Higher I’m able to get in the photo myself by Using that remote timer first, I make sure that the muffins are in focus and The composition is set by looking in the camera live view, and then I go into the Scene, myself and when I’m ready, I hit the remote, but you might have to try This out a few times before, getting it right.

Well, that’s it for my food Photography and food styling tutorial. I really hope you found it useful and if You did please hit that thumbs up button, as well as the red subscribe button. I Didn’t get too much into specific details or technical aspects in this Article in the interest of time, but if that’s something you want to see or if You have questions, let me know in the comments below and if you have any other Suggestions for future articles, whether they’re about photography or not.

Let me Know as well, thank you so much for reading I’ll see you next week.

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6 reasons why social media is for food and beverage brand building and not for sales!

Social media is constantly changing. It used to be a one-to-many blog brands would publish links, photos and articles On digg, delicious reddit and later facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram and could Drive a high number of leads and sales when we first started using social media. There was less content, less noise and people were willing to click on almost everything.

They saw in their news feeds then, like we always do. The marketers showed Up and we ruined a good thing. Sorry, if that offends you social media, marketers Out there, but the truth is the truth. Anytime, we get a beautiful thing. It’s very Often marketers and advertisers that ruin it. There is now way more content on social media. Platforms than folks can consume and a huge amount of that content is sales driven posts.

And ads if a post doesn’t look organic, interesting or useful people now just scroll right past It as traffic sources, twitter, facebook, instagram, And pinterest have become so challenging to drive organic traffic from that it’s now. Rare to find a brand that can use social media solely as an organic source for leads and Sales, the organic clicks are just so much harder. To come by now, social media is now a one-to-few blog.

It’s only the brands who can afford to create Ridiculously amazing content or who cultivate one-to-one relationships with their fans, can Succeed organically: it’s the brands and companies who provide Personalized social media experiences for their fans that are succeeding on social media And please know in this context I am talking 100 % about organic authentic relationships. This has nothing to do with paid promotions.

Paid posts or ads on social media platforms pay to play is the reality on facebook and Instagram now and all the social media platforms have advertising platforms available for those Who can integrate paid into their marketing mix and can afford them? You can still kind of get decent organic growth. On platforms like pinterest, twitter, YouTube and linkedin…, but don’t count on that forever. Either With that said, let’s talk about six reasons: That engagement is the future of social media.

Social media is often seen as a solution to Every marketing problem: it’s fine for certain aspects of marketing; Like brand awareness, but here’s a little truth for you, social Media is not going to help you achieve every business or marketing goal that you have. If you aren’t diversified with your marketing. Mix you need to get on that yesterday. I’m talking about that email list. That’s collecting! Dust in your mailchimp account and that sad SEO consultant who you stopped inviting to Your weekly meetings, because you we too busy working with pseudo-influencers, who don’t Actually move any needles, social media influencers are the fyre fest Of marketing.

.., i’m just going to put that out there and let it fester… Still many people still want to know how Social media relates to driving traffic buckle up. Here’s a little more truth for You organic social media is not going to be a good traffic driver for most brands. Today, Or for the foreseeable future spraying and praying with your marketing messages. Across various platforms might have been an effective way to drive clicks from digg reddit And delicious, but it’s just not an effective strategy anymore with the platforms we’re Focused on and for me, that’s just fine, because I’ve always used social media as an engagement.

Blog, not a lead generation tool. Now, if you can get your head right with this And if you can quit expecting to move mountains in a week, it can open up some great new opportunities. For you, that can give you an advantage over your competition. For instance, customer service is well-served. Via blogs, like facebook, messenger, instagram, direct and twitter direct message, consumers are heading to these blogs.

1St In many cases to be heard by brands, they buy from and you’d be wise to embrace it with Them social media is the first place a lot of people. Turn to for customer support and more and more people are using social Media to get help from brands folks are not only using private social media. Blogs such as facebook, messenger, instagram, direct messages or twitter direct messages, To reach brands for help, people also leave comments on posts on facebook.

& instagram and reply to tweets to get help think about this being responsive on social Media prompts customers to purchase while ignoring customers does what you might Imagine it brings about less brand loyalty from customers. That’s enough evidence to make you care about. How customer service in integral to social media and if it doesn’t well, you might be dead. Inside I think about all the opportunities that have Been opened up to me by just having a conversation with a potential customer, whether they’re Mad sad happy upset whatever it is, there’s so many opportunities to provide more Value, it’s easier to help your customers on social Media, so you have no excuse not to be doing this, and the platforms are aware of this as they Are developing more customer service tools every day to help brands respond to their Customers, you want some examples, you can let customers send you a direct message.

On twitter, without them needing to follow you or you needing to follow them, you can send automated welcome direct messages. On twitter and prompt folks with the best ways to reply, you can manage all of your facebook messenger And instagram interactions in one unified inbox, you can use smart replies to automatically Answer frequently asked questions for your facebook page organic reach on social media has fallen so Low that social media has become a less viable blog for traffic across the board for most Brands brands are reaching fewer folks on social Media and getting less traffic from social media PERIOD, many big brands have seen a huge fall in facebook.

Referral traffic, in particular some by 75 % or more, the amount of content on social media has Increased to a point where it’s well beyond what we can consume, each social media post is less and less likely. To be seen over the past couple years, we’ve seen a 10X Increase in posting from brands because they are trying to break through the noise of all The additional content being posted, but people simply cannot consume more content.

Consider this as a weak example with math If 100 posts are published per day for every social media user, but each user can only consume 10 posts per day, each post has a 10 % chance of being seen now, if the number of posts published per Day increases to 1,000, but each user can only consume the same 10 posts per day. Each Post now only has a 1 % chance of being seen because of… Math. This is, in effect, what Has happened to organic content on social media over the last few years, facebook organic reach fell to about 4 % throughout 2016-2017 and is now well well under 1 % per post, because facebook continues to tweak its Algorithm to prioritize posts from family and friends over brand pages, so social media is losing its potential as An organic traffic blog as more and more content is posted on each platform by brands.

Who are posting more content, so their content can possibly break thru. The additional noise From content being posted by other brands, who are posting more content, so their content, Can possibly break thru the additional noise from content being posted by other brands? Who are posting more content, so their content can possibly break thru. The additional noise From content being posted by other brands, who are posting more content, so their content, Can possibly break thru the additional noise from content being posted by other brands? Who are posting more content, so their content can possibly break thru.

The additional noise From content being posted by other brands, who are posting more content so…, the point is organic traffic from social Media has been going down for years, you’re just not going to get the reach or Visibility, you did in the past as brands and marketers. You have no choice but to adapt. While social media has been the dominant platform. Over the last 5 to 10 years, social messaging apps like facebook, messenger and instagram Direct are growing much faster than social media platforms.

There are now more folks using the top four Messaging apps than people using the top four social media sites, the rise of social messaging signifies a change In folks’ behaviors and preferences towards more personal one-to-one communications, when folks view social media, they are no Longer, just thinking about the posts on their news, feed, they’re, also thinking about reaching Your business for customer support through twitter receiving timely information or ordering Products through a facebook, messenger chatbot and all the other communications that come Through these messaging apps brands that only push out marketing content, On social media will miss out on this massive opportunity to serve customers in meaningful Ways and might be left obsolete on social media engagement is a key indicator of the quality Of your content, does your content elicit positive responses? From your fans for the social media platform, algorithms to prioritize your content to be Seen and heard on social media organically, you must create content that engages your Fans the number of engagements on your social media Posts highly influences the number of people who will see them if lots of folks engage with your content.

The platform algorithm will take it as a sign that your post is interesting and will more Likely show that post to more people, I learned a long time ago that the shorter Path to success is learning what those who you depend upon for your success need to be Successful themselves and to help them get there, so it might help for you to step into the Shoes of the platform for just a second: what do you think they need to be successful? They need attention and eyeballs.

They need people to linger on that page where They are displaying ads, they need people to be captive to their platform. Now what keeps users captive on their platform? So they can sell more ad space. I’ll give you one guess…! It’s interesting! Engaging content, if you go look deeper into this and study The search algorithms on these different sites, you’ll get a lot more information, but to boil it down if there are just a few Interactions or a lot of negative interactions on a piece of your content: the social media Algorithms will assume that it’s uninteresting irrelevant or not useful and show it to fewer Folks, so the more positive interactions on your Post, the more people you will reach on social media, ok.

… I feel like i’m beating a dead horse. At this point either you get that or you don’t if, after this explanation, your ultimate goal – On social media is still, traffic leads or conversions. It’s tough for the average brand But if you break it down to what’s going to drive, traffic leads and conversions, it’s still Engagement, that’s your top priority. It’s not rocket science here, folks, the more Interactions, a brands content has overall the higher the traffic to its website.

So how do we get there if you think about The kind of posts that get interactions you can’t be lazy and just post a bunch of links. You have to do everything you possibly can To get those interactions and engagements up and that’s a new article i’ll need to make if there isn’t a strong direct revenue from Social media, why waste your time? The primary reason to be on social media is To build your brand through engagement, brand-building is important because a customer’s Journey with brands is almost never linear.

Most customers rarely go from an instagram Post to your website from the link in your profile, ( by the way “ link in profile”, is A joke cut it out. ) then, to your checkout to purchase it’s more. Like someone hears about your product, Through a friend on the same day that customers sees your facebook, Posts enjoys the content later they reference about you in a blog post, the following week, the customer searches on Google and see your brand via a retargeted ad, maybe they recognize your brand and tweet You a question about your products, you replied to them promptly and then they Decide to order the product from your website now this is a simplified version of an actual Customer journey, but it’s still a good frame of reference next.

… Why else is social media? Important 85 % of folks have to see something on social Media more than once before they will purchase it, but don’t overdo it. They will also unfollow You, if you post too many promotional messages, so that’s a delicate balance there by engaging your customers through timely Customer support one-to-one conversations and interesting or helpful content. You can Strengthen your brand image, then, when these customers are deciding, if They should purchase or continue to purchase from you, this brand equity that you’ve built Up can help win them over social media interactions, increase customer Loyalty, consumers who engage with their favorite brands On social media have stronger relationships with those brands than consumers who don’t Engage at all, they have a better opinion of the brand they Leave more positive reviews, they stay loyal and keep being paying customers longer and Then also they recommend the brands more to others and that third-party validation is gold for A brand when customers trust your brand they’re more Likely to give you their email address, attend a live event or purchase your product when You ask them to Subscriptions stroke, my ego and they also Go a long way to increase my discoverability here on the Youtube.

So if you like this article and you want to Part of making all my youtube dream come true. You should subscribe Beyond that. I want to know what you think: So I can create the content. You want to see, Leave a comment for me or let me know what Questions you have, I check them every day and will be quick to Get you a response. I appreciate you reading I’ll, see ya in The next article

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