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Hootsuite for beginners 2020

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I can see the lights from yeah, like I said, and this is the ground tell me where the calls from mr. Graham Graham is Logan I’ll, show you my gosh two new courses when you are more than the minister, give you next and you can add, you Can say which is now, for example, small. You can forget that I’ll show you. I can also can do what, if you input something now review by the right. If you buy the right side, it means yeah when it’s done downloading uploading.

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Hootsuite Review (Social Media Management Tool)

Now your next question may be what is HootSuite? It’s a social media management system and what that means is you can pre-plan your posts and have them all scheduled out so that they post. So you could take a day and plan out all your posts for Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, whichever platform that you’re using and HootSuite will post them for you each day.

So you don’t have to keep thinking about it. So you kind of like when your own business in line you want to chunk your work. You want to concentrate on one thing at a time: that’s kind of a little bonus tip for you and then once you plan all that posting out, you don’t have to think about it again until the next month, if that makes sense, so let me go over Some of the features – and you can decide if this is right for you now.

Obviously I’ve got a playlist. I would like you to hit that link if you’re, researching and you’re trying to look at different ones. I am building that playlist in my blog. I want to go over various social media platforms so that you management platform so that you can go in and pick the one that’s right for you. Many people use it themselves and sometimes they start a business and managing stuff for other people.

So that’s. What’s really cool about these tools, you can use them for your own business or you can actually create a business. There are so many ways to make money online. It is unbelievable. Nobody out there should be without money. If you have a computer and Wi-Fi because you can make money online in so many ways anyway, let’s stick with HootSuite I’ll, introduce myself. My name is Vanessa du Bellay and my blog is called affiliate marketing mastery.

I want you to take your life back and start your own business and create your own income until you, you know even possibly have a passive income so that you don’t have to be a slave to somebody else. That’s my passion and I would love that for everybody. So that’s why I’m here? Alright, let’s talk about HootSuite these some of the features they do have a free plan, most tools that you see out there will give you an opportunity to test it and check it out, and I think that’s great because gives you the opportunity to check out different Plans it can be time-consuming, but before you start spending money, you want to make sure it’s the right plan for you and I don’t blame you.

I was the same way every every penny that you have. You want to make sure you’re investing in to help grow. Your business and you’re you’re smart about it now HootSuite does have a free version, the free version you can put use to social media profiles. For instance, if you have an Instagram account and you post on Facebook, you can plan out all of your posts for only two different profiles. Okay, then, to get more, you have to start paying money and I’m going to pull that up for you a minute.

But let’s talk about the pro account. A lot of people. Yes, go in check out the free version, but sometimes they’re really limited like if you are only posting on two platforms. They also only let you schedule 30 posts and that’s nice, but you only get to go a month out. If you are a little bit more of a planner and you want to do more, then you might want to pay for the pro version and it’s less than $ 10 a month.

I personally used to start out with all those free accounts, but now I kind of go into that lower one, because I do have more features and it does make your life easier now. What does the pro account do you have? It gives you an unlimited number of social profiles and then you can actually add one team member and has analytic reporting it’ll go in and tell you hey. This is the best time for you to post, or maybe some of these keywords that you’re using are really good, or maybe some of them aren’t.

So it’s giving you some analytics and use some algorithms in there as well. The nice thing the bad thing about the free account as opposed to maybe the pro account or more is you can’t do a lot of advanced scheduling like I said, you’re limited and also you can’t bring in a team member. So why would you want a team member? Well, if your business is building – or maybe you post a lot, you could hire a virtual assistant, or maybe one of your teenage children or a friend or somebody in the family to come in and post for you and the problem with that.

Is they can’t, you can’t add them to your account on the free account or adjust the pro account? So you you have to decide. What do I need from this platform? What do I need with my posting? I would suggest writing all that down before you go out and doing your research. Now you may say you know what I’m just checking them out. I’r going to do the free versions, that’s fine, but definitely if you already know you have a virtual assistant hired and you have them helping you, then you definitely need to look at the account that gives you the option to do that.

Now, let’s go ahead and bring up the pricing on HootSuite, as of today it does change. I have talked about HootSuite before and noticed. Oh my gosh. All the pricing has already changed. They used to give you free, 5 free social profiles and they lowered it down to two. So let’s go ahead and pull that up. I took it today as of today’s date off of their platform. They have what they call a the $ 29 account where you can have 10 social profiles.

Ok and unlimited scheduling, so you might think well. Why would I want unlimited scheduling honestly, if you could schedule out like six months worth of posts and and leave it there? It would be so easy now, you might say. Oh my gosh, that’s a lot well, I know people that will schedule out 2 months worth and then they rotate those same two months worth of posts now think about it. Not every person is going to see every one of your posts on Instagram every single day.

So if you, if you schedule out a rotation of posts of 2 months or 3 months, even if somebody’s reading, you constantly they’re not going to remember what you post at 90 days ago. So that’s what makes it nice for the unlimited scheduling that you can go in and recycle the posts you don’t have to come up with a year’s worth of stuff. So that’s one thing to look for it. For obviously it says everything is included from the free plan which wasn’t a lot, but you do get some metrics and you get to do some ad spending on there as well.

I’r not sitting here and I’m going to promote the hundred and twenty-nine and all that most of my followers are new, and I just want you to see that you can go in for free and check these out. So that’s basically that up if you up it above the pro account, you can pay as much as thirty dollars a month, and I just want you to see the different programs here and if you go down, obviously they get pretty big if you’re looking at starting Your own business – this is something that you would need you could actually post for other people, and I want to point that out because I definitely am an advocate for people making money online and I like to give you different ideas of what you can do.

So if you love to post and you’re good at it, you’re like how can I make money posting? Well, you can you can start your own agency and start posting for other people, and you would use a social media management system to keep track of everything. And here you can have 35 different profiles, five users and up to ten. Alright, let’s go back, and let me just give you a couple features. One of the features I like about HootSuite is I’m very visual and I like how, if I can see all of my different platforms, so here’s a picture here, you can actually pull it all up at once and actually see visually what you’re, what you’re posting? What’s coming up and what it looks like from one platform to the other – and I like that feature because again, I’m a more global visual learner and and I’d like to see everything and not just the parts.

And that actually is a good feature of. If that’s how you are now, what are some of the pros and cons? You do have that multi-column stream, where you can see everything that is a pro. Not every social media management system has that some of them you have to go in and just click buttons, and you can see different. You know only what you’re focusing on and you can’t see what’s happening throughout the whole month.

It does have apps that you can connect to it. So if you’d like to be on your phone, there are apps that you can connect to your pro to your business, to your system and you can even post from your app from phone and not only from your laptop now, some of the cons they do provide. You with one free report a month, so you can go in and see. I was just telling you there are analytics and it’s even on the free account.

You can go in and see what’s the best time for me to post what are some really good keywords that I’ve been using and different things like that? The problem is, if you want another report, let’s say you looked at that one report and then a week later, you’re, like you know what I tweaked my post. I made some changes. I want to see how much better I’m doing with those posts you have to pay 50 dollars for that report.

As of today, as of the day that I posted this, so that’s that’s not really good. If you have a small business because that can get pretty caught, you start costing a lot of money. There are no content grabbing extensions, and so what that means is sometimes there’s some extensions out there. That will help you build your business, make better posts and there aren’t any of those that they allow in HootSuite.

You pretty much are confined to their system because here’s another way. Sometimes, when you post, you will go out and make your own shortened links, and I know on WordPress – and I have a system called pretty links that I’ve added to my WordPress and I make pretty links so on that link. I can name it. My shortened link is a pretty link and I can name it YT YouTube. Let’s say I’m giving a free course – and I can say free course, free email course and when I promote my free email course on YouTube, I use that specific link and pretty links will actually track.

How many people are clicking that link with HootSuite. You have to use their shortener and it’s called Ally, o WL. I think it is here yet o WL y al Li and you have to stay within HootSuite system and you cannot track because it’s in their system. So that’s a negative, but it may not be important to you when you’re new to track, and maybe you just want to play with it in the beginning and see so in a nutshell that was HootSuite.

I’r going to go ahead and compare HootSuite some to some of the other systems that are out there so go to my playlist, go below to my playlist, it’s right below and click that, and you can see some of the other platforms now, like I said, I’m Building that playlist, it’s I’m, always going to be adding to it. So if this is something that you’re seriously doing some research then keep that link handy.

Of course, I offer you I’m going to offer you a free course as well, where you can go in and step-by-step see. How can I build my business go ahead and click that as well, and then I’ve got the link to HootSuite there. It’s not an affiliate link, I’m not an affiliate with HootSuite. I just want to let you know that I’m just trying to give you some information so that you can go out and start comparing the different systems.

So until I see you again, hopefully that was helpful. Give me a thumbs up drop me. A comment. Ask a question: if there’s something else, you want to know again, that was just a review. It was not a tutorial. So if you want more information, you want to see what it looks like hands on just hit. That link to HootSuite and you get your free trial and they’ll have all kinds of training on there. For you,

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Hootsuite Verses Loomly (Social Media Management Tool)

Both of them are social media marketing management tools bate. What does that mean? Basically, when you start posting on different sites with your business, it can be very cumbersome, very time consuming even expensive if you’re hiring a virtual assistant to do it to post on all the places that you want to post. Once you start being more intentional about what you want to post and where you want to post it and what time and not just post for the sake of posting, you might want to come use the social media management tool, because, basically, you can go into the Tool post the same post on four or five different social media platforms.

So that’s what it does you can post ahead. I have a whole playlist about different social media tools and I’m going to put that at the end you can invent. You know, go out research. All the different ones see which one works best for you. They all have pros and cons just like anything else, but basically it saves you time. You can go in and make a post and say here. I want to put it on Facebook. I want to put it on Instagram.

I want to put it on LinkedIn and make sure the one that you choose has all those features, and then you can post them out for a month, maybe you’d like to post every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. At a certain time, or maybe a couple times a day, you can go in and make those posts all in one day now. This is something that I keep telling people don’t feel like for the rest of your life. You have to go in there once a month and put all these posts and keep scheduling once you have a good collection of, let’s say: 90 to 120 posts three to four months worth.

You can go back and recycle them, and that is what’s cool about using a social media management tool. You do the foot work in the beginning, get it all planned out and then just keep recycling now you might say well what? If I want fresh content, you can do that. Maybe you can say every Wednesday at 2:00 is where you add something fresh. I do that with my email sequence. I have everything in a sequence, but then there are certain times I plug in current information.

That’s happening now in my life and it’s not always in a sequence if that makes sense, so social media platform management tools work the same way. You can put that fresh stuff in there. So today we’re going to look at HootSuite and lumely, and I’ve got about five different things. I’r comparing and you can see which one you like better. So let’s go ahead and get started. The most important thing, if not the second most important thing, the money is what everybody looks at, which is yeah.

You got ta look at money, but you also want to look at the features make sure. Sometimes you got to pay a little bit more for what you have right, where what you’re looking for so I know money is important, but I’m going to give that to you later. In my opinion, first thing you want to look at does the one that I’m choosing allow me to post it on the sites that I’m using and HootSuite. These are five out of the several that you can post on Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp, Twitter and WordPress.

Lumely does not post on a wordpress, but you can post on pinterest and I want to put a disclaimer here. They advertise that they post on instagram, but they post in a way right now where they will give you a notification. So you’ll say: yes, I want to post on instagram you’ll get it already, but you have to physically hit a button to post it. Instagram does not like automation at all. They do everything they can do to stop automation so right now they haven’t found a way to get around that, but you’ll be you know: you’ll just get a little notification on your phone.

You hit the button and it’s ready to go so in that sense you can still post and they also post on LinkedIn, which HootSuite did not. So you got to really look at. Where do I want to post? Doesn’t work for me all right. Let’s look at some of the features HootSuite, which I liked I thought was important, especially if you’re starting to dig in and look at things. They do have a be testing. So what does that mean? That means you can take the same post.

Maybe your have the same quote or maybe you have the same content some information, but maybe you use two different pictures and then you’re going to go, which one is getting clicked more often and that’s what a/b testing is you just change? One little thing you might change the color, you might change the font, I’m just something that usually the picture. My opinion is probably the big thing that people change their opinion on what they’re going to look at.

But again you have that a/b testing in there and then you can see here who lumely has 76 total features and HootSuite has 70. Now, if you want to go dig in I’m, giving you a scan of what their differences are, because really, if you’re looking to purchase one of them as a membership and use them, you really want to dig in. You really want to go and get the free membership and use them and see which one you like better.

So I’m just kind of giving you a you know an overview of how they’re different. This may not be important to you, but I thought I wanted to put it here. I’r going to give you a couple of you so before you leave I’m going to give you a calendar view of each, so you can kind of kind of see what they look like some kinds, sometimes the the ease of how to use them or the aesthetics Of what it looks like is important to people it is to me.

I want to use something. That’s easy looks nice, you know user, friendly, social media tools for dummies right. This is security. If that’s important to you, if you really dig in you, can see right here, you can pause the article and read that yourself. The next one is the calendar view. I personally liked luly’s calendar view better. If you look over here at HootSuite, it has each day listed and what’s there.

But personally I like this view, because you can see right here on the 23rd. All these places are getting a post, and I kind of like I’m like that, even with Mike own calendar, I want to see the whole month and I want to see what’s going on and I want I want to see it all, I’m very global, so I Prefer that now, if you like, you know just one page at a time or one date at a time, then you might like HootSuite better.

So again, it’s just a preference. I also wanted to look at the dashboard that we wanted to go back. Let me go back one that was the calendar view and now, let’s look at the dashboard, sorry about that umm dashboard when I popped up dashboard for each of them again. I really liked lumely, because here I can go into the different areas that I want to spend more time on. I can find my calendar from here.

I can find the analytics and things like that. The dashboard for HootSuite is looks like this on the left. I personally, like the layout better of lumely: again, it’s just a preference all right. So now, let’s look at user reviews a lot of people that 96 of the people who did the review said that they would recommend HootSuite 99 % said lumely. So, in my opinion, they’re pretty even the only negative thing that I heard I and I’ve heard several times from people that have readed my articles.

They Facebook message me and they tell me they’ve used to sweet, but then, after your contract is up, they keep raising the prices and giving you a feature. So they didn’t like how it keeps getting so expensive. One lady was telling me she had to pay $ 230 a month just to get the feature she wanted. She didn’t go into a lot of detail, but again it depends on what you’re looking for so dig into that see.

If there’s a price increase or anything like that, lumely was my favorite because of how easy it is to navigate and use, and I really like that – I don’t want to have to overthink things. I like it to be easy, so my personal preference, but again dig in and look if you’re running an agency. All of that might change alright. This I’m looking at more for personal use and after that, the analytics these are the designs of the analytics.

The one on the left is an analytical page of a Twitter account and the one and that’s with HootSuite the one on the right is lumely and that’s the Facebook analytics so again, which one do you like. I personally, like the numbers, I think it’s laid out very nice and neat on lumely. I can look at those numbers and then these graphs are very simple. Very you know. Everything is just spaced nicely easy to read over here, you’re getting a lot of these jiggy-jiggy lines and things like that again it just.

It depends on your preference, but that’s kind of what the analytics look like on each different platform and now last but not least, drumroll, please. What does it cost? That’s what everybody wants to know and again, don’t always look at just the money. Okay, if you’re looking for certain features – and you have to pay a little bit more for it, then by golly pay it get what you need. They’re, both very close in price HootSuite, starts out at $ 29 a month.

Lumely starts out at 25. They both have a free trial, which is a I love. I love to look at the free trials, but HootSuite you don’t have to use your credit card to get the free trial and or you do have to use when you go in for your free trial. You have to give them your credit card with lumely. You do not so I know a lot of people they don’t like to give their credit card. If that’s you, then you might want to try lumely, but I have found if you write down the date of when your trial is over.

I just got done canceling something else, but give them your credit card. Make sure you write it down on your calendar notification on your phone when it’s due and about two or three days before that? Cancel it? If that’s not something you’re going to use so you’re just going to stay on top of it, I’m just like those 0 %. You know payments you get into. You got it. You got to stay on top of it and pay attention all right.

That is it. Hopefully you can choose one or the other don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. I’ve got some cool things. I’r going to be doing this next year. I’r really excited about you’ll, just kind of see as you go. I am posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So three times a week hit the notification bell so that you will be notified every time. One of my articles comes up and again, like I said I got some cool stuff coming up.

That’s going to help you build your business. This is about affiliate marketing and one of the things that has frustrated me with the industry of affiliate marketing is people think or they tell people. You can go out and put your link somewhere and everybody’s going to come in and hit it, and then you make lots of money and it doesn’t really work that way. I’r going to teach you how to build a business all right so and I’m going to show you some different tools that will help you with your business and that’s what this is all about.

So hit the button subscribe to my blog, and I will see you on the next article. Thank you for reading too, by the way,

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