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So I’m here to help you with most of those avenues, if not all of them. If any of that interests you please feel free to subscribe down below and ring that notification bell now without any further delay, let’s get into the book.

So this book is one of two variations, so this one is crushing it. The original one was called crushing. They essentially have the same information in them and you should really get to know them, because guess what this book is going to help you either get started or take your whole new social media game to the next level, because I’m going to tell you something, this Is one of the more recent books that I read and it really did help me pretty much take my blog from nothing from like the little guy that you see.

You know in the very first article to you know kind of like what we have now a little more confident, hopefully my environments, a little bit nicer. My lighting is a little bit nicer. I decided to use some natural light today and there’s less Sun in this article, so you’re welcome so crushing it is a book about being on social media. It doesn’t matter what social media, so they talk about podcasting, they talk about Instagram, they say about YouTube.

They talk about Facebook, there’s all different types of examples and, to be honest, this book is written by Gary Vaynerchuk for the examples in this book, and there are many of people who are succeeding. Just like you and me average joe’s that just found a passion and they ran for it. There isn’t too many of Gary’s words in this book, but I’m going to tell you something the examples that he uses all the youtubers, all the social media experts that he uses.

There’s tons of examples and they’re going to help you get to where you need to be because guess what they all tell their origin stories, which a lot of times we don’t always hear that type of stuff. We don’t always get to hear what how people came about, how they started, because a lot of these people ended up being either homeless or living on their brothers, couch or mother’s couch or living in their mother’s basement and guess what they are now making sick figures.

A year, and I’m talking about like high six figures, not like a hundred and two thousand I’m talking about like high six figures, doing exactly what they love doing. So this book is one of the things they’re going to want to pick up and crush it. If you have not already, I actually have not picked up crush it. Yet I’m going to do that actually very soon, because this book was great and I want to read the original and to make sure that I didn’t miss anything.

I may even read this book. Another time because I’m here to gain a ton of knowledge – and I definitely want to pick up every single piece of knowledge that Gary has to offer, as you might be able to see from this article so far, I’m very stoked about this book. I love this book, so the reason why I’m talking about it today is because not just about the book, but just about its message in general, he is saying in every sense every word of this book he’s saying that anyone – and I mean anyone, can start this Journey anyone could be on YouTube and start a podcast with their knowledge and obviously you’ll, know everything.

So you have to take your steps, your proper steps to learn more each day and get better at what you do so then you can obviously share that with your audience, because again I started about six months ago and I’m going to tell you something. I am NOT you know, I don’t know everything, I’m learning as I go, I’m doing more things. I’m contacting more people I’m connecting with them. This is what this book pretty much tells you I’m sorry.

I didn’t mean to talk about the book again, but they’re. The essential point of this book is just to experiment. Do not wait, do not let anyone tell you all. You can’t do this, or this isn’t good enough. If it’s not good enough put it out, get some feedback seeing where specifically where you can improve, because if you don’t get that kind of stuff and you just let it sit, let’s say if you’re making a YouTube article and you just let it sit in your Unlisted or your private articles, no one’s going to see it, nobody can critique it.

You do not know everything other people that have been doing this for a longer period of time. It can help you out trust me. I’ve been there now. The main difference between this is that I want you to understand that anyone can start not. Everybody is going to succeed and that’s the thing that really needs to get understood here. Not everybody can go from point A to be successfully. So that’s where the journey comes.

In and the journey is not easy getting started is the easy part doing the stuff is the easy part going through the journey to actually get yourself to your end goal? That is the problem and on the cover he says great entrepreneurs how they build their businesses and their influence. You can very easy right. No, the actual process is the hard part getting started, making your first article. That should be the easiest part.

I know it doesn’t sound like it is, but making the first step is the easiest part making continuously good steps, successful habits, successful steps, that’s the hard part and most people will not get through the first month and that’s why we all have to understand that you Are in a knowledge game, you have to learn every single day, there’s no such thing as an end goal really because you’re in the infinite game, the end goal to me is again death and after death.

How are you going to be remembered? So I hope you gained some knowledge from this article and I am going to link this book and crush it in the description down below, because I really want you guys to pick up this book and the first one read the first one. First, like I was an idiot and I don’t even know he made a first one, and I want you guys to read it understand, comment now and then comment your update after you read both these books.

I want to thank you guys so much for reading and I want to thank Gary for being such a great influencer because he influences everybody under the Sun that actually reades him and understands him. So if you found use in this article, I’m going to have three more articles that you guys can read and a subscription button, because you know what they’re all going to be here right about now.

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