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How to Use Instagram for Your Online Business

Maybe I have a coffee Shop that has a skate park in the back, who knows, What’s kind of the first step. What should I be looking at So think about your audience? I know Instagram is Definitely preferred by teens and Millennials, so that’ll be Great for your business idea, which you stole from me, ( laughing ), But also some cons like a lot Of the platforms out there there’s a pay to play component Right.

It’S important to Think about who are you trying to target before You even get on there Also identify your voice. Because you wan na be on there and be consistent because After all, it’s your brand, So you don’t wan na Be one way on one post then 360 on another post, And it’s hard to follow, Yeah, which I know for small businesses, because they’re doing and juggling a million different things. Sometimes they’ll have Four different people at the business doing the Instagram, And while I see why they’re doing that, it comes off that way.

And it’s too inconsistent from the way the photos Look to the coloring to the captions. It’S just there’s, no consistency there! Absolutely! So what about my profile? I’Ve seen some pretty great profiles. I’M just looking around I’ve seen some bad ones. What are some best practices? And things to avoid So best practices, definitely Starting with the name, you want your name to Be consistent across –, So Coffee and Kickflips Yeah exactly Again stealing my business ( laughing ), So you wan na be consistent.

Across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, with That name that handle Also when it comes to Your photo, I’m sure, because it’s a visual platform there’s so many ideas. You wan na put up there Also stay consistent across the platforms and don’t forget your description. What should I really Put in my description Should, I just say: cool Come buy coffee in my shop or what should I do Just give me essentially Your elevator pitch, What makes you unique, Also feel free to just In a way kind of brag, What makes you cool All right, so Instagram Has posts and it has stories, Can you talk to us About some of the things we should look out for When we’re doing a post versus a story Yeah, so there’s a lot to Say about posting on Instagram One thing that I like to Remind small business owners is that it’s important To come off, authentic, consistent, but also professional, So it’s like a balance.

Those are the ingredients. The one good thing with Instagram is that, although it’s a highly visual platform, you don’t have to hire a photographer And give us a sense of That behind the scenes Who works there, The outside the inside of your business. I love that because you Can really get a sense of I’m already there, But you’re not you’re, maybe On the go or chilling at home on your couch, but you Could feel like you’re already at that business? I’Ve got a great idea.

Should we do behind the scenes? Let’S do a behind the scenes Right now Right now Absolutely So. This is really going to bring to life what we’re doing for All of y’all out there We’ll see if this makes the cut Okay cool, So we got behind the Scenes here of the crew Say: hi, Please, document this Perfect height, Oh, come on man, ( laughing ), All right, diving back in So line ( laughing ) Back to what we’re actually talking about You’re on Instagram, Great Literally all day.

Now what You wan na be active, proactive, So as a business, it’s really important that you’re paying Attention to when a customer or potential customer Comments on your post Let’em know. You heard Like their comment, respond back Also, if they’re tagging your business or mentioning acknowledge that as well And that can help with customer retention. I mentioned a business that I was at and I was traveling and doing My own thing on the road – and I just mentioned them – Because they had amazing soy latte and I was stoked on it Sure enough.

They respond Back with this genuine message of thanks for business, And even though I preach About this all the time and educate business owners on doing this, and it happened to me – I felt truly valuable and it like made my day So I’m more likely to go back. And do business with them Yeah I love it. We have an easy way. Just To actually talk to people, If you go up to a random Stranger and say hi they’re like wait.

What are you doing On Instagram, it’s just the norm Or if you call me don’t call me Who calls It’s 2019, So cool so give us a lowdown On just Instagram search Yeah, so Instagram Search is really helpful if you’re looking to for Example, grow your following: You wan na look for a target. Audience of your own look for people talking About things that pertain to your business Search those hashtags, Yes, search, hashtags So you can find people that are relevant and follow them, so you’re growing, an Organic following right Right, But also you can chime in On conversations with people, So maybe you area vegan restaurant.

Let me know I’ll be there. So if you’re, a vegan restaurant, maybe search for other people, Talking about vegan cooking vegan recipes, maybe you Then follow a vegan, blog or a chef and that way You’Re really cultivating this niche bubble, which Will ultimately help your engagement, which we’ll Talk about engagement right, I mean you brought it up, please Without further ado, So engagement right is really important because you wan na make sure You’Re measuring your success on there.

So engagement rate is your ROI, So you hear me say the word a lot, but what it actually is it’s some math. Are you ready? No, What was your best subject in school? Not math, Not math? Okay. So it’s really simple. Engagement rate is the number of likes divided by your followers times. 100 Carry the three divided by… ( laughing ), All right cool I’ll write it down for you later. Thank you, But that’s going to give you some insight as to hey this post.

It performed well, or it was a flop and Then from there you can even go further because If you’re on Instagram as a business, which you should be as a business page, Then you have insights, You can see what time of Day worked best to post with your audience what Day of the week worked best, and then you look at the engagement rate as well, and it’s just Going to help you to have this approach to posting That’S not so blind Right, it’s not a shot in the dark, It’s more of an educated guess, because it’s not always perfect, but it gets you in the right direction.

Yeah, But again you want to be there and active. So I really can’t stress: The importance of commenting and replying to your Customers as they’re engaging taking the time to engage With your business Literally comment back On every single person, Because they took the time to say something Replay back, Give them that time of day And have fun with the Stories just like we did because that’s truly a live element.

It’S a very organic, authentic element to your personality and your brand, And if you feel like, I don’t have time to do all this, then I Encourage brand ambassadors Get your staff involved in this Also come up with a hashtag. So that way, when your customers Come in they can start getting the content for you. And you can just sit back, use it repurpose it I’m all about efficiency Right. Well, thank you! So much for hashing it out on the Gram.

You’Ve been awesome. Emma Thanks for having me Do it for the Gram. Do it for the Gram Well, this has been The Journey, Make sure you comment and subscribe. So you know when the Articles are coming out next. Thank you again, signing off

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