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How I Tripled My Youtube Income – How To Make Money Online

This article is just to share with you guys how I was able to triple my YouTube income and the sort of strategies that I used and implemented. So if you are reading this – and you were also somebody who was trying to up their YouTube game going to figure out tick, tick, try to figure out tricks and tips on the ways to grow your blog that have worked at least for me.

I figure if I can help at least one person out this article has done its job, I’m going to say the sentence I have never uttered before that. I never thought I would uh derp, but here it is YouTube just paid my mortgage payment. It just did during the month of August I kind of changed my strategy. I decided mid to late July that I was going to upload a article every single day Monday through Friday, and each Monday was going to be a specific theme.

Tuesday was going to be a theme Wednesday, Thursday Friday and I sat down with my Google Calendar. I will outline this along the way, so you know exactly how I did this and if I miss something and if you have any questions, let me know down below in the comment anyway. I sat down two weeks before August first and I opened my Google Calendar and I viewed it on the month like not the week not the day.

I can see the entire month of August on the screen and I went and color-coded all the Monday’s in one color Tuesdays, Wednesdays, so on and so forth from there. I knew that Monday was going to be this topic. Tuesday was going to be this topic and from the knowledge of the topics I made lists of you know, I need five Mondays for this month, but I’m going to have six or seven different ideas and I kind of just organized all the Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays.

So, by the end of the week in July, I had the entire month of August planned out with articles that was step one step. One is kind of the easy part of the game sitting down and saying: okay, here the days they’re going to go up, step, twos Rick, it’s a little more complicated. That’s when I sat down and said okay, what days of the week am I going to film these cuz? I need one day for each week I work a full-time job.

I was doing a show. I work with clients online, so I work full-time job, music, business, YouTube clients and I was in a musical all at once, so I actually decided I didn’t want to cut out any time for family and friends. So I woke up at 5:30 or 6 o’clock on filming days granted not a morning person. I actually did a article on how to become a morning person which I will link right above in the cards, because I had to become one real, quick anyway.

Jumping back on track, so I believe it was Wednesday, Thursday and Friday three days a week, I would wake up two hours early and getting up two hours earlier, for those three days gave me six hours of time and in those six hours each week. I would film five articles edit plan their uploads like their thumbnails, their copy their SEO. All that stuff would be figured out, and then I use the YouTube scheduler once they were all set and done.

I also made it really easy. Some people like to use like their iPhones or their iPads, to write out their ideas. I was keeping lot of my stuff on steno pad, so I would know it would say the day of the week like the topic like if we were talking YouTube or money. Your budget or self-improvement it would stay down, it would say down here then I would have the exact title of the article and then all the notes, so I would have it all there for me and it was just very organized.

I think one of the biggest misunderstandings with youtubers is people think, oh, we just sit in front of a camera and talk and upload it and that’s great, we’ll figure out a topic when we get there. There is so much writing and planning and strategy that goes into this, even if you’re just doing a article by yourself July, I did a collaboration article with nine other blogs, so that was planning and scheduling for not just me, it was ten.

Ladies, we are going to get a gentleman in the next one. I promise anyway so step. One was the planning on the calendar step two was implementing when the filming was going to be done and waking up and becoming a morning person and getting myself six extra hours in the week, and if that was enough, Sept 3 was figuring out when to edit. It’s one thing: you just sit down and say here are my filming times, but then, if you don’t have time to edit it, that filming was for nothing.

So I sat down and said here are the times I’m going to dedicate strictly to editing and, to be very honest, I’m a little bit of an ad D kind of person like if I know I have a lot of stuff to do. I have to put everything else away and focus like I’m. Not super ATD like see a squirrel and freak out, but if I have a lot of things to do in one day, I have to like have it on a list and dedicate times and blocks to do them.

There’s an app I’ve actually used on sponsored app. I’ve actually mentioned it in previous articles. It’s called tide, it’s just a free productivity, app it just times out 25 minutes. Camera died, that’s fun anyway, it is a free productivity app and what it does is it times out 25 minutes for you and it’ll play music. Without any words or just background sounds for 25 minutes, then it will ding once those 25 minutes have passed and then you have to schedule yourself a 5 to 15 minute break.

What I like to do is I’ll make a list and I’ll say: ok in this 25 minutes, I’m going to focus on getting a done once everything on list a is done. I can start the break early or if the timer goes off in list 8. Isn’t done, I will go back and finish it once I take that 15 break. If you guys do want to try tied, I will have it linked down below. If you wanted to look it up, it’s free in the App Store – and it just really helps me – keep focused then once the planning, the filming, the editing is all done, then the fun part of just uploading it and then scheduling and designing the thumbnail and when It’s going to go up all that stuff kind of took place afterwards and finally, after all, that work was done, I did everything I could to optimize views on those articles.

I feel like I’m mentioning previous articles in this one, but if you missed my how to optimize your YouTube views and get more views to your blog I’ll link it up here only because I don’t want to have to re-emphasize all those things and that article is Just very focused on it, but I wanted to try and get as many eyeballs on my articles in the first 24 to 48 hours, because that’s what helps it show up in search later and again.

That is all talked about in that article up above, but things I did. Is I utilized all my social media forms. There are certain ways that I would post to my facebook or my Instagram or my Twitter again. Those are discussed up above in the card. I’m just going to keep sending that over and over again, because there are certain ways that work better on each platform. If you’re interested good and check that out – and then the last thing I did, that is kind of new for me to do is I was emailing my email list like every Friday, just updates hey, if you missed it, here’s something new Instagram stories.

I would just screenshot the picture or the icon of the new article going out and I would say: hey guys new article link and bio. You know all that fun stuff, but the email list was really nice because I could see who opened the email who clicked? What article so I could see what kind of topics my followers were interested in and then I would hand those articles over to my clients as well to show them.

You know here’s what I’m working on is there anything that you would like to UM that you see on these articles that you want to do for yourself or include in your articles, I’m finding it really rewarding to just sit down with clients over Skype and just Kind of discuss their goals and my goals, but it is also nice to share with them my article, so they can see you don’t here’s what Kristen’s doing here’s, how she’s implementing here, all the steps she is taking and this article is kind of just like scratching.

The surface everything that we talked about in those sessions, but I did want to share with you guys this kind of milestone again. This is not a brag. Look at me sort of thing I just want to share with you guys what I was doing, because I’ve been getting a lot of emails. 99.9 % of them are really nice and encouraging, like hey girl, saw your blogs really grow into putting a lot of work into this. I can tell, and there’s always the one or two that are just emailing and saying things like.

I know that you’re cheating the system and you’re buying views you’re buying subscribers curve. I were buying subscribers. I would have more than five thousand subscribers. Anyway. I try not to really respond to the haters or the trolls, because they’re going to be there, I feel, like I got this far from that hard work and on top of everything we’ve just previously talked about in this process, I was taking at least three or Four classes online, like during my lunch breaks or in between projects at work, I would take like 15-minute breaks and take notes on just online classes and interviews that talked about everything from SEO: the best ways to market social, a marketing, a filling marketing like I feel, Like I got a third education, I feel like I not have a third degree just because I sat down I’ve on my third notebook of notes.

People would think I’m absolutely insane and they’re probably right, but I wanted to sit down and kind of make a article explaining here’s why there was so much growth. Here’s what happened to my blog! If anybody wants this to happen to them, here’s how I did I’m not saying it will happen for you, it might or may not. You might have a better. You know response than I did, I’m just letting you know here the things that I did and I don’t regret it.

I feel like that was the biggest challenge I’ve ever given myself for a summer days. That would start at 5 o’clock in the morning and not end until 11 o’clock at night. Those were tough days, but now that the hard work is done, I’ve never woken up in the morning and said man. I feel really bad that I got up and caught all that stuff done just put in the work put in the work. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them down in the description box.

If you want to email me any specific questions, personally, you can email them. My email address is also listed below. Thank you guys so much for reading this, and I wish you all the best of luck in your journey. If you’ve experienced a lot of growth in your YouTube blog – and you want to share that as well – go ahead and leave that down below anyway, if you like these kind of growth and YouTube kind of articles, give this one a thumbs up and if you’re reading This unsubscribed click that little red subscription button.

It’ll update you to all my future articles, happy September, you guys it is officially fall and I’ve got so much great content coming for you guys. Thank you for reading this article, and I will see you in the next one. You

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Growing Passive Income for Wealth: INVESTING in shares/stocks || SugarMamma.TV

So you can make more informed decisions when it comes to managing your money and actually see your financial wealth build and actually realize that financial security and independence is well within your reach.

When you make great decisions with your hard-earned money, all right today, guys I’m talking to you about passive income streams. There are a whole range of different passive income streams, some which are very conservative, some, which are quite aggressive. However, it’s important that you pick the right income stream for you and for your financial goals and for your risk appetite now the people who are really nervous when it comes to investing and don’t have much experience.

They may want to start off investing in a fairly conservative styles of passive income sources, and these are typically cash savings accounts term deposits, maybe even some government bonds or even corporate bonds and typically because they’re more conservative, their returns are a little bit like that. Typically, a passive income stream, that is the yield of these conservative types of investments, ranges between 2 up to 3.

7 percent per annum. But these types of conservative assets generally have no capital growth, they’re, predominantly income based, which means if, for example, you bought a bond for $ 100,000 and the yield will say 3 percent, you would be getting only $ 3,000 a year in passive income from that bond. There is no capital growth element to it whatsoever, but if that’s right for your risk profile, you don’t like taking risk and you’re uncomfortable with it.

That may be the right type of investment for you now, the more aggressive or assertive you could say of investments for building long-term wealth are things like residential property, commercial property, domestic shares or international shares, and these returns are typically, as history shows a lot higher, because The more risk you take, the more of a reward you should get so residential property on average yields between 3 point to up to three point: nine percent.

But when you take out all the expenses of running a property, it typically comes down to a yield of around about two to two-and-a-half per year with commercial property. The yield tends to be a little bit higher around five point, five percent and when it comes to investing in shares, depending on whether it shares a base, for example, Australian shares the yield tends to range between four point: seven percent up to five point: seven percent.

When you factor in franking credits now, there seems to be a lot of misconception when it comes to investing in shares and comparing it against conservative estimates such as fixed interest bonds. However, I want to make sure you guys are aware of the difference between these two different types of asset classes and the impact over the long run. So the best way for me to show this to you is by showing to you what has happened in history.

If I were to take a hundred thousand dollars and put it into a term deposit in 1979 and just took the passive income each year and spent it, I never reinvested the money or added any new money to that term. Deposit account by 2016 that hundred thousand dollars would still only be worth a hundred thousand dollars, but it actually would have eroded away because that hundred thousand dollars could not buy me.

What it can today is what it could have done in 1979 and I would still be earning a passive income of two thousand five hundred dollars per year. That’s it, however, if I put that 100 thousand dollars into a diversified share portfolio of Australian shares, again just taking that passive income through the dividend, yields and spending it, adding nothing to it and not reinvesting any of my dividends that share portfolio would now be worth One point one: two million dollars and the passive income that I’d be receiving from that one point: one two million dollar share portfolio would be worth over fifty one thousand dollars every year.

Now, I’m pretty sure you would rather be receiving a passive income stream at 51 thousand dollars a year versus two thousand five hundred dollars a year. So you’re probably wondering how is this possible? How is the same amount of money invested in two different asset classes with SIPP, not too dissimilar yields over the long run so incredibly different? Well, it comes down to the fact that shares are two-dimensional assets.

They not only do they produce income, they also produce growth and that income grows with the capital value with shares. When a company raises profits, they reinvest some of those profits back into the business for future, compounding growth and to expand them, prove the value of the business, and then they pay a dividend on that and that dividend grows every year as long as the company grows. Now a lot of people say well, fine can investing in shares is incredibly volatile and comes a lot of risk.

And, yes, you are correct, you do when you invest in shares. There is a lot of high to medium term volatility over the short term medium term. I want to show you this other chart. This will really change your perception of really how safe term deposits are. If we look at the yield on term deposits and compare them against shares and even commercial property, in fact, it’s actually the toh deposits, which are a lot more volatile over that 17 year period, so that perception of term deposits being safe.

And you can sleep well at night versus shares being risky and dangerous isn’t actually quite true. So what this boils down to you? If you’re trying to build up a passive income stream, you’ve really got to look at the underlying assets in your portfolio. You do not want to forego long-term growth for stability. You need to make sure that your passive income and your investment portfolio is sustainable.

Is going to provide you with that passive income. That’s going to grow over time and ensure that you remain financially independent. Do not fall into the trap of just going in investing purely for yield with no capital worth. This will come with a lot of regret, further down the track and if you’re going to build up an investment portfolio where you’re going to incorporate more of these growth style, investments such as international and Australian shares and even some property make sure you diversify.

You do not need to go all or nothing most. People have a diversified share portfolio where they may have some commercial property, some residential property. You know a mixture of Australian shares and maybe some international ETFs. It’s a really well diversified portfolio which smoothes out the overall volatility over the long run and, of course, make sure that you look at the yield but make sure that the yield is consistently growing over time.

This should be the foundations of what you look for in a quality investment. Now, as you’re reading all of my money Monday articles, I really hope that your site to get it be more interested and a bit more inquisitive and maybe even tempted to start building up a share portfolio. But please remember you do not need to stress about which shares to pick and where and how and what you can very easily a listed investment company that does all that work for you or even a managed funds.

It doesn’t all that work for you or even look at a diversified ETF. There are so many different investment options out there. You do not need to put the stress and pressure on your shoulders as to what stocks to pick when how and why this can be outsourced to a professional all right. Everyone, I really hope you’ve enjoyed this article – remember, invest the for the long while invest for long term, capital, growth and long term growing yields, that’s the key foundation to building healthy, strong, passive income streams ciao for now, if you haven’t already subscribed, please make sure you Do

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