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Alright, guys Jesse, unlocked here, welcome to another article, and today we’re going to be going into a massive overview on. How do you become an influencer like what does it take to become an influencer and contrary to popular belief? I know that a lot of people think that you know I thought it that you have to have this massive following, like Tai Lopez like Gary Vee like they are influencers, but there are really really big influencers right.

Just like there can be a band. That is, let’s local, it’s indie right and then there’s major pop sensations, like you know, ariana grande Demi, Lovato, all those people right there. Just there they’re influencers, you know they’re they’re known they have a group of people that follow them, but they vary in size. So you’re going to have a similar experience as you become an influencer and as you find what it is that you’re passionate about what it is that you want to talk about.

What’s your message, what are you trying to share because that all factors into becoming an influencer? So, let’s get into the first thing now. The first thing is really building a following. You know – and this is where knowing yourself and knowing what you’re passionate about really comes in handy, because you’re going to want to know who it is that you want to talk to what’s your message. What are you trying to share? Because, as you realize this you’re going to know that you’re not trying to attract everybody, you’re not trying to like bring in the bringing the world to your doorstep, you’re trying to bring the people that care you’re trying to bring the people that actually, you know, resonate With your message, because, if you you know, if you talk about music, if you play guitar and you make music and you want to show other people how to play guitar and why playing guitar is awesome, you know and the the the variations of ways to play.

Guitar you’re not going to want you first not going to want someone that, like loves the drums, because they’re going to be like nah man drums are way better than guitar and then you’re just going to have somebody fighting with you the whole time. Instead, you want to find other people who are passionate about that thing. They’re passionate about playing the guitar. They want to learn how to play the guitar.

These are the people that you want to bring in your circle and be like hey c’mere. I have some cool stuff to share with you and they’re going to resonate because you’re speaking directly to them, so that’s going to be. The first thing is just to realize that, like it’s, it’s really more of a giving thing. It’s not so much about you! It’s about them and you’re, looking to figure out like how to really craft this building this hub this spot.

For that audience to come to you, so you can kind of bring them in and be like hey. This is a safe spot. Come hang out meet other people who are into this too I’m going to share some cool stuff with you help you accelerate your journey and your it’s going to be a great time right. So that’s going to be the first point, so you’re going to be looking to build a tribe that is into the same stuff that you’re into and we’ll get into it in other articles as to how you can really narrow this down.

But that’s part one. That’s the main focus there now main. I guess part number two is after you really decide who you’re talking to and who your audience is and what that looks like for you you’re going to need to craft some content around what it is that these people need help with, and it’s again this has To come from a very giving place, it can’t come from this ego place because I know when I got started, it was kind of like well.

What do I want to learn? What do I want to share like? What do I feel comfortable sharing and talking about right – and maybe you have this experience too, however, when you’re, when you’re becoming an influencer and you’re you’re, really stepping into this role of more an educator and you’re? Looking to this like okay, this is my tribe. You know when you become an influencer you’re, not to sound intimidating, but you’re, really you’re.

Stepping up you know you’re stepping up and as an influencer you’re coming forward and you’re saying know what I feel like there’s a place that isn’t being done. How I want to do it, you know, I don’t feel like this audience is being served. The way I think they’re being served and that’s why you’re coming up and that’s why you want to be an influencer right. Is it so you can you can help people see the things that you see and understand and maybe find their own passion in what you’re teaching, like that’s the beauty of being an influencer, so in order to really reach out to them and grab them and grab Their attention and serve them, you got to put out content, that’s relevant to what they’re trying to learn and what they want to do and what their goals and dreams are, and the area that you’ll find is the easiest way to create.

Content is looking at what are their challenges? You know what, when you go on, like let’s say forums and we’ll go into more detail, if you guys are having trouble with this part, but you’re going to want to go into like Facebook groups, forums reddit’s like sub reddits YouTube blogs, you’re going to want to See what people are talking about and, more importantly, not other influences, but look to what the people in the comments say, and the people in the forums and people in the groups cuz.

It’s not the ones that are sharing successes, it’s the ones that are asking questions. It’s the people that are in those groups and they’re like how the heck do you do this? How the heck do you do this? How do you do this? How do you do this? I have a problem with this like if you go in there, you’re going to find a ton of people with some unique problems and some problems that you’re going to hear again and again and again – and these are the questions – these are the things these are – the People that you’re going to want to talk to you’re going to want to create content that helps and solves their problems.

So this is really going to help you build that audience that you’re trying to by creating content that’s very relevant to them. So we’re going to go straight into the third thing now. The third thing is: really: you know you have your tribe that you’re building you have the content that you’re putting out and the third thing is going to be engagement and the way that we were going to do this is is multiple ways, but first we’re going To keep it real, real, simple anything you put out that gets some form of likes comments or shares engage with those people.

You know whether it’s just a response and they go hey cool image cool. You know you know PDF whatever it is that you create, like. Oh cool post, whatever they say if they even just like put an emoji face, you put an emoji face whatever the response is just respond to it, because people want to feel understood, people want to feel like you care people want to feel like they belong. If that makes sense – and it’s it’s, it’s really something when and maybe maybe you’ve experienced this too.

It’s really something when you know people respond back to you, you know you you leave a. It does take a bit to write a comment. It takes a little bit of energy, a little mental capacity to stop what you’re doing you know, pull up the keyboard if it’s on your phone and just type something out like it does take energy. But when someone recognizes it and they go, and you say something like oh cool photo and then go hey thanks for checking it out.

You’re, you look at it and you go. Oh that’s! That’s kind of cool. You know not a lot of people do it. So you want to be that person that actually connects with the other viewer or with the other, the the person in your tribe. Essentially that checks out your thing. You know and joins your group and and checks out what you have to say and they leave a comment and you go all thanks for checking it out.

It does something it really kind of creates this. Like this, this gratitude, I don’t know it’s it’s hard to explain, but people want to feel understood. People want to be, you know, noticed, and I’m sure you guys have noticed that, maybe even in school, like you, you know you didn’t really get along with a lot of people. Maybe you felt isolated and what was it like when somebody you know just reached out to you and was like, like hey, you know, cool shoes or hey man, cool shirt like it’s just it’s this feeling of positivity and giving when you can actually like you know, Connect with that person on the other side, because not enough people do it and you will stand out so quickly when you are that person who does it as much as you can you know, obviously, as you grow the following and there’s more people commenting it’s you Know it’s a little harder to keep up with, but do your best like you see a leg, and you see somebody comment on your thing, be like hey thanks man thanks for checking it out, you know really appreciate it.

They’re, just they throw an emoji, you throw an emoji, but just respond to it. You know it makes the other person feel real good, so respond to comments. You know if you’re on Instagram be sure to like a bunch of people’s content and that’ll kind of help engage your audience. You know and they’ll notice that you actually take the time to like their stuff. You know so, if you’re liking some of your followers stuff.

That’s really helpful if you leave comments, that’s at a bonus point right there, but really focus on your hub, because otherwise this stuff gets really overwhelming. So when you post something and people leave comments, comment back, you know like their comments, whatever it is just really maximize that output, so do the same for YouTube articles, if you’re already making YouTube articles we’ll do that in another article, no, no worries there and Facebook.

If you leave a post on Facebook and people, you know respond to it, they share it just make sure to reach out to them and either PM them a private message or on the on the comment thread, just leave them a comment be like hey, thanks for Checking it out, man really appreciate it cool. Well, that’s a massive massive over.You overview of how to become an influencer and and what it means to be an influencer.

So just a quick recap: let’s bring it all back to one you’re building a tribe and this tribe is like-minded people who have a similar goal or they want to improve in the thing that you’re teaching so that step number one is building a tribe step. Number two is putting out the content like what problems is that audience having, and can you help them? What can you put out there? That’s going to be a valuable resource for your audience step.

Three is engagement and you’re going to want to talk to your audience. You’re going to want to respond to your audience and you just want to show them that you care. So that’s the recap. That’s the value and if you guys, are curious about learning more about becoming an influencer, I’m going to be posting more articles, but go ahead and also check the link below we have access to a a chorus buy through familiar with Ryan Hildreth.

He just put out this really kick-ass course called influencer evolution. So if you guys want to learn a little bit more about that, go ahead and click the link below and it will help you out with that so cool guys on that note, Jesse unlocked go! Take some action becoming an influencer and you guys are on your way, so I will see you in the next one bye. You

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Online Marketing


So without further ado, I’m going to show you a my laptop I’m going to show you some websites that are going to help you find just just premium content. So you know exactly what problems your audience is having and you can be the person that helps fix them, so they’re going to come to you for more advice.

So that sounds good. I’m going to take you into my laptop and show you exactly what I’m talking about. Let’s go yo. What is up guys, let’s get into the browser here. So this is my Facebook page, and I hope you guys are super excited, because all of this training is geared toward helping. You become an awesome influencer and just showing you piece by piece, really the best way possible, because there’s a lot of little elements right and if you read Russell Brunson’s expert secrets book – and you understand that this is where you’re trying to go.

It really is just about being like just a step ahead in front of the person. That’s trying to learn. You know you’re, not blazing the whole trail. You know. Maybe one day you will have that whole trail blazed but you’re. Basically, you blazed a section whatever it is, whatever point you’re at that you’re trying to teach somebody you’ve already blazed that trail and now you’re, trying to like show them how to get past that block right.

So this is exactly how you’re going to do that. The first step is we’re going to be on Facebook here. As you can see, my boy Marshalls live, constantly live, that’s kind of his thing and the way the way that you’re going to do this here is we’re going to go to groups and the cool thing about Facebook groups is one there’s a ton of them and Two, they can be very niche specific now. Maybe you’ve had a ton of people send.

You invites to groups kind of like this. You just have to decline constantly, but there are ones I usually favor, the ones that I participate in and maybe that I have a coaching thing going on and that’s why I do these so anyways. If you’re trying to find a group, let’s say you, you want your in a specific thing and let’s say just for the sake of this article, we’re talking dog training. Well, like you know, we’re looking for dog training and take your niche whatever it is and plug it into the search bar.

That’s all you have to do here and you could be dog training. It could be juicing, it could be. You know trimming fat off your body, it could be, you know, getting a six-pack, it could be marketing, it could be affiliate marketing, it could be social media marketing whatever it is, that you’re an expert in just plug that into the search bar and as soon as You do that you’re going to come right over here and you’re going to click groups.

Now the cool thing about this is: it is a super targeted area group of people that are into one thing and that’s why they’re in this group right. So if they’re doing dog training, this has 54,000 members, some are active. Some are not 14,000 members, 46,000 members and you’re going to want to join these groups. Band join, join, join and you’re going to want to be an active member in all of these. Now, for the sake of this, I’m going to look at public groups just because I don’t want to go through the joining process, but you will want to want to join the ones that asking you questions.

I just want to join one that is open. So this one has 46,000 members. Some of these guys are monetizing and they’ll be good examples for what you can do. If you want to have your own group, I don’t recommend it just because there’s a lot of groups already and it’s a lot of front-loading work. If it’s worth it to you, make group if it’s not use them use the group’s, because these guys have 46,000 members okay, so you can look in this one, because it’s open and you can just go in here and see what people are posting like.

You go in here and you’re like alright. One way is to search the group and you can see if there’s a well-known problem or you can go through and kind of see. Okay. This is 14 hours ago. Yesterday, you can see all the posts and the goal here is to see what problems come up most like what is the thing that just gets covered a lot and obviously you’re not going to see it in the first passing. The goal here is to become a part of the community which you’re going to you should become anyways, so you can see the daily discussions that go on you can pop in here.

You know on the daily and you’ll start to notice. You know have it have a set of notes. I always keep in Evernote this app right here and I always have like a list and I go okay. This came up. This came up. Let me just get rid of that, and you can see what topics come up on a daily basis. You can even keep like a little tally sheet and make a line. You know this came up and then you go with this came up again.

This came up again. This came up again and you’re going to notice what topics get talked about a lot. So this person goes. You know, question. I always walk our dog on a leash, but at least twice a week. We have a meet up. We meet up with an Unleashed dog. We try to walk away most most of them follow. What is the proper way to? Let them greet so far. My guy is totally tolerant, but will jump away if the rear end sniffing food goes on for more than a few seconds.

So already you know, I have a little dog, and so I can kind of like understand where the what the what they’re talking about here but see you can think here’s one topic. I always walk our dog on a leash. You know you could do one. You know pros and cons of of having your dog on a leash, or you can do a segment on this entire topic right there, that that is actually a really good topic, because you know there are situations where it’s like someone’s walking a dog on a leash And someone’s not so BAM and you’re going to do this for your for your group, whatever your niche is you’re going to go through here and you’re going to be like alright, what points are coming up again and again – and I don’t want to go too far Into this, obviously we’re not all doing dog training, so that would be a waste of your time.

But you’re going to want to join the group, see what they’re talking about most often and see where you can fit in the conversation and take those topics. And you talk about them, put them in your words. So that’s that’s part. One part two here the tool we’re going to use is called answer the public, it’s a website, and they have this cool course here you can join if you want to. But what is the the best use of this? It’s a really really good resource, but what you can do is, let’s say: let’s, let’s keep it in line with our training, so this is consistent here, but we’re going to type in dog training or you’re going to type in your topic: social media marketing, fitness training, Fat loss, tech reviews iPhone 8, whatever it is, okay, so for this one we’re typing in dog training, just your broad keyword, whatever that is and right here so dog training.

So the way this comes up is it gives you a visual, but you can also just look at the data. You know the visual is kind of cool when you first joined because it’s like wow it branches. So many topics, but it’s really hard to read. So I recommend as soon as it pops up just click the little data tab right there, so it has to load it up. It’s not it’s being a little slow right now, so she in the meantime, let’s actually just I’m going to cut back to when it actually comes up and we’re back.

So, as you guys can see, this thing is populating with all of the data for dog training and, as you can see, it breaks it down into when why we’re who, which and it applies dog training into each of these – I love this resource. It’s super useful so, like I said, that’s hard to read, so if you click the data tab right here, it’ll make it an easier to read format. So, as you guys can see, it starts with our our dog training collar safe already one, and then our dog training collars legal.

All of these questions. These are real people asking real questions that you can give real answers to, and you can provide the platform to answer these questions and, as you guys can already see, if you have a blog, if you have something like, if you just don’t, have any ideas, and You just need to build a little momentum. This is perfect, like all of these are like dog training collars and then it’s like our dog training classes to necessary.

Our is dog. Training. Good is dog training center. What our dog training disks? What our dog training bells! You know that this is a ton of questions. There then can shake canned dog training. I think it’s like a method. Rattle-Can dog training coin can air? Can it’s like an actual can and I like a question, can do dog training it can and kiss. Some of these aren’t very well formatted, but I feel, like you, get the gist of this: how how dog training works, how dog training dog toilet, what the hobby training is best? How did how to dog training in Hindi? So alright there’s there’s some well-phrased and there’s some not so well phrased, but how how to dog training with shock collar? So there’s a ton of ideas and that’s not all you can scroll down there’s what, when, where there’s different kinds of prepositions too.

So like look at them, there’s a ton of this guys. You know all of this dog training for dummies and you can you can. Actually, if you go over here to this top corner, you download the CSV. It basically takes all of this data and puts it into like an excel sheet, so you can basically just download it all and just have it in a file on your desktop. So, whenever you’re feeling stuck, you can just revert to it and you have all the data right there.

So that’s a super useful resource. Now, the last one here I’m going to recommend is reddit. Now, if you’re not familiar with ready, it’s basically just a mega mega forum, where you can literally find for the most part, 99 % of the time, you can find a topic that people basically congregate and talk about a certain topic. So if this is the popular page, so you can see each one of these is a subreddit.

So there’s one for pictures when for shower thoughts, there’s one for today I learned animals being bros. You know russians something about their funny trashy. You know a lot of these are like the popular ones that people are like. You know like memes and stuff, but if you wanted to what I was going to show you is, you could go to sales. If you are training sales, you can find basically a subreddit or at forum that is about you, know, sales and selling, and this is a community of 42,000 subscribers.

That’s been a community for over 10 years, so you go on here and this little forum, our sales, the subreddit for sales is all about sales and you know the best threads of year and then they have like daily discussions. There’s advice and people are constantly posting. This was posted an hour ago and you can go on here. It’s got three comments. You can also go to like the top of like the week and you can go on here and basically see what people.

What’s what have been the biggest discussions? You know, so you go in here like alright 17 days ago, but this is for the past month. So if you want to look at the entire month as a whole, you can be. I can all right. This is what popular here this is what’s popular and talked about the discussions, you know that that they’re seeing and what are they talking about and what did they find the most helpful, because your audience will probably find that helpful too.

So if you go to dog training, I’m losing my voice here, but guys like these are such useful resources like you, don’t need to pack all of the resources on you just need to go to the source. You need to go to like the newest stuff, or people are having conversations, because you and just find what works for you honestly, like just pick three things. There’s no need to overcomplicate this, but okay.

I must have made a mistake here: okay, that was still under sales. I think so, when you’re in another subreddit, you just have to make sure to clarify the search here so yeah dog training. Okay. As long as it’s not limiting my search to sales, then I think it’ll come up and you can basically just make the make the connection from there and go down to see this. One is dog training, I’m already subscribed to it.

I don’t go on there. The haften know to be honest, but yeah, so you can go in here and you can be alright. This is the hot conversations. These are the ones that are having you know seven hours ago. Look at that 18 comments. 31 comments. This is a very active community, so you can go in here and you can be like. Oh dog biting BAM. That’s a topic! You know chicken jerky dog, Mooney kibble, so the dog diets.

That’s another topic! You know my puppy is terrified to go outside after being attacked. These are really really helpful topics. So if you guys just go in here and find the subreddit that’s like relevant to what you’re looking for chances are, it’s there’s people there’s a community that are talking about this, offering their advice. You know, there’s help tags, there’s community, there’s Bragg’s, you know like it’s.

Just it’s a really cool resource that is very diverse. You know like whether you have a question on fitness. There’s something here: dog training, there’s something here: self development there’s something here. You know this is a really big one, so make sure to use all of these guys. There’s groups, Facebook groups, there’s answer the public and there’s reddit like these are really important resources that you can go to to bring information and to your audience wherever that is whether it’s YouTube, whether it’s Facebook, whether it’s Instagram like there’s, tons and tons of resources.

So hopefully, you guys got value out of this if you are still looking for more training on becoming an influencer and finding your voice check out Russell Brunson’s book expert secrets, I’ll leave a link in the description also check out Ryan he’ll dress in influencer evolution course, Which I have a review that I’ll link to in this in this you, too blog itself. So if you guys are looking for more info on that I’ll leave the links to the book expert secrets, Russell Brunson to influence their evolution, Ryan Hill Juris, influencer course, which is super valuable.

And if you want to see the review on how I reviewed his influence or evolution course I’ll leave a link in the description below as well as in the comment section. So hopefully you guys got some value out of this and if you did go ahead and subscribe, check out the links below and smash that like button, if you already subscribe cool well, I will see you guys on the next one and take action guys if you’re Looking to become an influencer just take the actions and you can make it happen cool on that note guys, I will see you on the next one bye you

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