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Alright, guys Jesse, unlocked here, welcome to another article, and today we’re going to be going into a massive overview on. How do you become an influencer like what does it take to become an influencer and contrary to popular belief? I know that a lot of people think that you know I thought it that you have to have this massive following, like Tai Lopez like Gary Vee like they are influencers, but there are really really big influencers right.

Just like there can be a band. That is, let’s local, it’s indie right and then there’s major pop sensations, like you know, ariana grande Demi, Lovato, all those people right there. Just there they’re influencers, you know they’re they’re known they have a group of people that follow them, but they vary in size. So you’re going to have a similar experience as you become an influencer and as you find what it is that you’re passionate about what it is that you want to talk about.

What’s your message, what are you trying to share because that all factors into becoming an influencer? So, let’s get into the first thing now. The first thing is really building a following. You know – and this is where knowing yourself and knowing what you’re passionate about really comes in handy, because you’re going to want to know who it is that you want to talk to what’s your message. What are you trying to share? Because, as you realize this you’re going to know that you’re not trying to attract everybody, you’re not trying to like bring in the bringing the world to your doorstep, you’re trying to bring the people that care you’re trying to bring the people that actually, you know, resonate With your message, because, if you you know, if you talk about music, if you play guitar and you make music and you want to show other people how to play guitar and why playing guitar is awesome, you know and the the the variations of ways to play.

Guitar you’re not going to want you first not going to want someone that, like loves the drums, because they’re going to be like nah man drums are way better than guitar and then you’re just going to have somebody fighting with you the whole time. Instead, you want to find other people who are passionate about that thing. They’re passionate about playing the guitar. They want to learn how to play the guitar.

These are the people that you want to bring in your circle and be like hey c’mere. I have some cool stuff to share with you and they’re going to resonate because you’re speaking directly to them, so that’s going to be. The first thing is just to realize that, like it’s, it’s really more of a giving thing. It’s not so much about you! It’s about them and you’re, looking to figure out like how to really craft this building this hub this spot.

For that audience to come to you, so you can kind of bring them in and be like hey. This is a safe spot. Come hang out meet other people who are into this too I’m going to share some cool stuff with you help you accelerate your journey and your it’s going to be a great time right. So that’s going to be the first point, so you’re going to be looking to build a tribe that is into the same stuff that you’re into and we’ll get into it in other articles as to how you can really narrow this down.

But that’s part one. That’s the main focus there now main. I guess part number two is after you really decide who you’re talking to and who your audience is and what that looks like for you you’re going to need to craft some content around what it is that these people need help with, and it’s again this has To come from a very giving place, it can’t come from this ego place because I know when I got started, it was kind of like well.

What do I want to learn? What do I want to share like? What do I feel comfortable sharing and talking about right – and maybe you have this experience too, however, when you’re, when you’re becoming an influencer and you’re you’re, really stepping into this role of more an educator and you’re? Looking to this like okay, this is my tribe. You know when you become an influencer you’re, not to sound intimidating, but you’re, really you’re.

Stepping up you know you’re stepping up and as an influencer you’re coming forward and you’re saying know what I feel like there’s a place that isn’t being done. How I want to do it, you know, I don’t feel like this audience is being served. The way I think they’re being served and that’s why you’re coming up and that’s why you want to be an influencer right. Is it so you can you can help people see the things that you see and understand and maybe find their own passion in what you’re teaching, like that’s the beauty of being an influencer, so in order to really reach out to them and grab them and grab Their attention and serve them, you got to put out content, that’s relevant to what they’re trying to learn and what they want to do and what their goals and dreams are, and the area that you’ll find is the easiest way to create.

Content is looking at what are their challenges? You know what, when you go on, like let’s say forums and we’ll go into more detail, if you guys are having trouble with this part, but you’re going to want to go into like Facebook groups, forums reddit’s like sub reddits YouTube blogs, you’re going to want to See what people are talking about and, more importantly, not other influences, but look to what the people in the comments say, and the people in the forums and people in the groups cuz.

It’s not the ones that are sharing successes, it’s the ones that are asking questions. It’s the people that are in those groups and they’re like how the heck do you do this? How the heck do you do this? How do you do this? How do you do this? I have a problem with this like if you go in there, you’re going to find a ton of people with some unique problems and some problems that you’re going to hear again and again and again – and these are the questions – these are the things these are – the People that you’re going to want to talk to you’re going to want to create content that helps and solves their problems.

So this is really going to help you build that audience that you’re trying to by creating content that’s very relevant to them. So we’re going to go straight into the third thing now. The third thing is: really: you know you have your tribe that you’re building you have the content that you’re putting out and the third thing is going to be engagement and the way that we were going to do this is is multiple ways, but first we’re going To keep it real, real, simple anything you put out that gets some form of likes comments or shares engage with those people.

You know whether it’s just a response and they go hey cool image cool. You know you know PDF whatever it is that you create, like. Oh cool post, whatever they say if they even just like put an emoji face, you put an emoji face whatever the response is just respond to it, because people want to feel understood, people want to feel like you care people want to feel like they belong. If that makes sense – and it’s it’s, it’s really something when and maybe maybe you’ve experienced this too.

It’s really something when you know people respond back to you, you know you you leave a. It does take a bit to write a comment. It takes a little bit of energy, a little mental capacity to stop what you’re doing you know, pull up the keyboard if it’s on your phone and just type something out like it does take energy. But when someone recognizes it and they go, and you say something like oh cool photo and then go hey thanks for checking it out.

You’re, you look at it and you go. Oh that’s! That’s kind of cool. You know not a lot of people do it. So you want to be that person that actually connects with the other viewer or with the other, the the person in your tribe. Essentially that checks out your thing. You know and joins your group and and checks out what you have to say and they leave a comment and you go all thanks for checking it out.

It does something it really kind of creates this. Like this, this gratitude, I don’t know it’s it’s hard to explain, but people want to feel understood. People want to be, you know, noticed, and I’m sure you guys have noticed that, maybe even in school, like you, you know you didn’t really get along with a lot of people. Maybe you felt isolated and what was it like when somebody you know just reached out to you and was like, like hey, you know, cool shoes or hey man, cool shirt like it’s just it’s this feeling of positivity and giving when you can actually like you know, Connect with that person on the other side, because not enough people do it and you will stand out so quickly when you are that person who does it as much as you can you know, obviously, as you grow the following and there’s more people commenting it’s you Know it’s a little harder to keep up with, but do your best like you see a leg, and you see somebody comment on your thing, be like hey thanks man thanks for checking it out, you know really appreciate it.

They’re, just they throw an emoji, you throw an emoji, but just respond to it. You know it makes the other person feel real good, so respond to comments. You know if you’re on Instagram be sure to like a bunch of people’s content and that’ll kind of help engage your audience. You know and they’ll notice that you actually take the time to like their stuff. You know so, if you’re liking some of your followers stuff.

That’s really helpful if you leave comments, that’s at a bonus point right there, but really focus on your hub, because otherwise this stuff gets really overwhelming. So when you post something and people leave comments, comment back, you know like their comments, whatever it is just really maximize that output, so do the same for YouTube articles, if you’re already making YouTube articles we’ll do that in another article, no, no worries there and Facebook.

If you leave a post on Facebook and people, you know respond to it, they share it just make sure to reach out to them and either PM them a private message or on the on the comment thread, just leave them a comment be like hey, thanks for Checking it out, man really appreciate it cool. Well, that’s a massive massive over.You overview of how to become an influencer and and what it means to be an influencer.

So just a quick recap: let’s bring it all back to one you’re building a tribe and this tribe is like-minded people who have a similar goal or they want to improve in the thing that you’re teaching so that step number one is building a tribe step. Number two is putting out the content like what problems is that audience having, and can you help them? What can you put out there? That’s going to be a valuable resource for your audience step.

Three is engagement and you’re going to want to talk to your audience. You’re going to want to respond to your audience and you just want to show them that you care. So that’s the recap. That’s the value and if you guys, are curious about learning more about becoming an influencer, I’m going to be posting more articles, but go ahead and also check the link below we have access to a a chorus buy through familiar with Ryan Hildreth.

He just put out this really kick-ass course called influencer evolution. So if you guys want to learn a little bit more about that, go ahead and click the link below and it will help you out with that so cool guys on that note, Jesse unlocked go! Take some action becoming an influencer and you guys are on your way, so I will see you in the next one bye. You

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­čĺ░Instagram Story Ads In 2020 | From Instagram Ads Beginner to EXPERT in One

So if you are a complete beginner, I’m going to go through and show you how you can actually become an expert in just one article and if you guys are brand new Here to the blog. If you guys subscribe like this article and comment down below, if you guys come and Instagram the story ads, Then I will share with you my Facebook and Instagram ads Mini-course 100 % feel free just as a special bonus here for reading this article.

So anyway, let’s just jump into this, I’m going to spray down and show you guys exactly how to create these Story ads, how the tools I use the free tools I use to go through and create the actual images or the articles and all this stuff. But before we dive in all that, let’s break down What an Instagram story at even is so, if you look at this picture right here when you’re on Instagram Up here at the very top.

This is where your friends stories are going to be right, and so, as you’re clicking on these and you’re reading, these You’re going to be clicking next next next to go kind of wash through the stories and then ads will pop up as you’re clicking through All Those stories right now You’ve probably already seen these Instagram ad stories. So you probably know exactly what I’m talking about For those of you guys who have not seen them yet and are not really sure what I’m talking about.

That’S what those are So the nice thing about it is when you jump on Instagram or someone else jumps onto Instagram if you’re not like a big Instagram person. They’Re, these ads are right here at the very top. So the first thing a lot of people do, is they click on those stories, because it’s right there at the very top and They don’t have to go through and scroll down the newsfeed to see these ads, and this is they’re clicking through these ads.

We’Ll just go through and pop up, So that’s a huge benefit right there Now one thing: I wanted to break down really quick and show you guys What not to do when it comes to story ads now. This is actually a good example. See how There is just he’s got like it looks like a article or an image right here and it says swipe up to read the demo. So there’s hardly any words right here and it’s just very quick and concise because as people are reading stories, They’re just clicking tapping through them super fast, And so you need to capture their attention.

Super quick I’ve seen some Instagram story as before. Where they’ve got like this paragraph of text and Nobody’s going to read that right Nobody’s going to go, sit there and read through it and see what’s going on, so it’s got. Ta be like three to five words, get to the point quick and if it’s a article versus an image, just make sure you get to the point quick so that you can actually capture their attention and Get them to do whatever you want them to do so.

Anyway, I just wanted to cover this really quick before we actually dive into the creation of these ads and one resource that Also include in the the Facebook ads and Instagram ads mini course. For you guys, you guys comment down below and give this article a thumbs up. Is the Facebook and Instagram ad specs. So this is for Instagram stories right here, So every single ad placement, So whether you’re posting on the Instagram newsfeed Instagram stories, Facebook newsfeed the right-hand column wherever it is, They all have different specs that you have to abide by.

So The image is going to be a certain size Where the article can only be a certain amount of time and so right here This is the image instagrams, the Instagram stories break down. Okay, So you can kind of see the tech requirements. You can see the image ratios 9 by 16, 16 by 9, 4 by 5, And it says image may consist of more than 20 %. That consists of more than 20 % text may experience reduced delivery because they don’t want like a ton of Text on the images and that’s why I went back and showed you guys that one example of just having minimal text Because they want it to be.

More of that social environment that that image based platform right So coming down here, You can see the maximum image ratio. You can see. The article duration in seconds Only can be 60 seconds long. If it’s longer than 60 seconds, They won’t. Let you advertise on Instagram stories. Ok, so then it kind of breaks down and shows you all of the Objectives that it supports in the call to actions, but we’re not going to get into that right.

Now We’re going to touch that when we go in and set up an actual Instagram advertising campaign. So with that said, let’s jump over here and Right here on the Facebook Ads manager. This is where we’re going to create our all of our Instagram ads. Okay. So it’s the same place. Facebook bought Instagram over a billion dollars couple years back and now. They’Ve just basically Migrated all of the advertising tools into the Facebook Ads manager to make it simple and easy for you as a business owner.

So what we’re going to do to go set this up is we’re going to first click on create campaign here. So this is a demo account. I’Ve got for, you guys, will click on create and then We’ll just hit start over here. So this marketing objective? This is really important and Facebook and Instagram when I say Facebook is basically Instagram. It’S the same thing right. They have so much data on all their users that, based on the marketing objective that you choose, They will know who they should show your ads to.

First right, so, if you’re going to do a article, They know which people are more likely to actually read a article on Instagram Watch, a article on Facebook, If you’re doing the messaging one. If you do what all these ones traffic, they know which people are more likely to click to your website and Engagement, more likely to like your comment and post all those different things. So for this one, let’s just do traffic! So that’s getting people to see your ad and then swipe up or click on or whatever and go to your website, Your blog, whatever you’re using right.

So That’s really important to go through and see What marketing objective you actually want, because I work with a lot of business owners and they’ll want to be generating leads, Someone’s name phone or email address, but they’ll choose an engagement campaign Which is really based around getting Just likes comments and shares, So it really. You know it’s not the same as getting an actual lead. Okay, cuz.

The light comment is shared that those are not leads. It’S good to get that engagement and that social proof, but it’s more of a vanity metric right. So we’ll click on traffic right here and then we’ll just call this demo Instagram story campaign. Okay, then we’ll click continue, And so this part now this is the ad set level. So the campaign is like. What’S your objective Like? What do you want to accomplish with this advertising campaign? So then, here at the ad set level.

This is where we’re going to choose the audience that you want to target So with male or female. What are their interests, all those different things, And then this is also actually where we’re going to tell Facebook that we want to Place our ad on Instagram and, more specifically, on the Instagram stories platform. Okay, So right here we could just say: Well give the name we’ll say Instagram or we’ll just say, IG story And then demo, Okay, so now we’ll come down here and As far as the the website, the traffic, you can just leave this, you don’t need to Mess with this over here on this audience Size, you can see how many people potentially are reached, how many people are estimated to be reached that day, How many link clicks, how many people are going to click to your website and all that which this is completely Just an estimation, this really Depends on how good your ads are your ad copy, how enticing it is to that audience that you’re targeting, But you can see this is 230 million, because we’re targeting everyone in the United States ages, 18 to 65.

Now, if you have a local business, This is really what you want to do and I work with a lot of local business owners. You want to come down here for locations Instead of everyone, this location, you want just people who live in this location. Okay, if you, if you have a restaurant or something like that, then you can do everyone in this location, But typically, if you’re, like a dentist, chiropractor real estate agent, loan officer, anything like that, You just want people who live in that location, because somebody’s just passing Through and visiting They’re not going to go to you right, so you want this.

People live in the location instead of the United States. You pick your exact city, so we can say Orlando Florida and then you can go through and see. Okay, I want a 25 mile radius or 1 a 5-mile radius or 10 mile, like you choose how Broad of an audience that you want to target So like. If you’re a restaurant, you probably want to go through, and The 10 mile radius is the smallest. But a lot of times people won’t drive 10 miles to go to a restaurant.

So what you can do is click right here and just Put current city only Okay, which Orlando is a fairly big city. So it’s got a 1 million people still, but it depends on what business you’re in if people are willing to go drive Like, for example, if you’re a real estate agent, You know 10 miles really. Is that far to go through and check out a new home in the area? And so you can go through and just change this out.

Instead of saying, current city will say: cities with a Will go 15 mile radius; Okay, So that upped it to 1.4 million right here and you can see the daily results, the reach and all that stuff right here Now coming down. Based on what your ideal target demographic is – and this is kind of like a general Video on Instagram story – That’s right! So I don’t know specifically what your your demographic is but think about who your ideal target customer would be Okay And then, based on that, you want to choose the age range that would Connect with those people.

Now one common misconception That I hear a lot is people think that older people are not on Instagram. Okay. Now that might have been a thing of the past, but nowadays There’s people of every age on Instagram. So really it doesn’t matter if you’re going up to 65 and the nice thing about Facebook’s advertising platform is The broader your audience. Okay, the less specifics that you give it. It actually works a lot better.

Okay! So the broader that you leave this. If you don’t go through and just go and like say hey, I only want people 25 to 30. It’S able to go through and identify who’s actually Converting, more or clicking on your ad and then by that it’s going to show it to more people That look just like that person that are very similar to that person, because they know The better results that you’re Getting with the Instagram advertising platform, The more money you’re going to continue to spend So, if you’re, making money and you’re having good success, You’re going to continue to spend and obviously that’s the way Facebook goes and makes their money Alright.

So now coming down here, You can choose the gender Languages detailed targeting now. This is something like if you’ve got a local business, I wouldn’t really mess with the detailed targeting I’d, leave it pretty Open-ended, because what Facebook does, as I mentioned a little bit earlier, they’re able to go through and identify the types of people who are already clicking On your ad and Then just tailor it to more people or send it to more people that are very some of they’ve got similar Behaviors interest likes all that stuff similar age group.

So I a lot of time likes to let’s leave this open and And and just I’ve seen a lot better results with that. But if you want to come in here and target different Behaviors or anything like that, like maybe you want target people that, like basketball right And you can see – okay enters basketball, national basketball association. So you click on that and then it drops it down to four hundred and seventy thousand people from the one point: four million Okay.

So then you go in here and if you wanted to exclude people like let’s say I don’t want anybody that likes baseball. Okay, you can go through and say hey. I want people that, like basketball, to live in Orlando, But they don’t like baseball right Like I, don’t know what business that would really pertain to, but you kind of get the idea and that you could also say. I want people that, like basketball and then narrow the audience and say I also want people that, like football Right there, So they like basketball, they like football, But they don’t like baseball, and you can see how this kids super Narrow super target right here of just Ten thousand people – and so that’s a very, very small demographic.

Okay. Now, obviously I don’t know a business you be in that you want to target basketball in football, but not baseball, But you kind of get the idea. You can go through and choose the interests. You can also say they must like this, and also this to kind of narrow that audience or you can even Exclude certain people So a lot of times. What I like to do is Tell my real estate agent. I work with these are going through and they’re setting their ad campaigns up.

They don’t want to necessarily show their ads to other real estate agents. So when they’re going through and setting things up, I tell them hey come in here, click exclude and then type in real estate agent, Okay and then you see real estate. Agent broker real estate agent directory. You can choose some of these and then so we’ll just say real estate agent. So so you kind of like exclude some of these people.

So now you can see it drops down Dramatically because you don’t want other agents or other people that are your competitors. Clicking on your ads Right just doesn’t make sense, They’re going to click it you’re going to pay for it, and then it’s not going to be an actual leaf for you, Okay, so now coming down here. This Is where get into the actual Instagram Stories portion of the training. Okay. So up until this point, It’s like whether you’re advertising on Facebook or Instagram, It’s pretty much the same now the placements right here Facebook says the automatic placements is recommended.

Now, what that means is it’s going to go through and show your ads on Facebook and the newsfeed, the right-hand column on facebook, Messenger on Instagram, newsfeed, Instagram stories? All these different platforms, which I don’t always recommend that depends on the advertising campaign you’re going through and creating. But if you want to go through and Specifically only show your ad on the Instagram stories platform, which is good to kind of know and understand that from the get-go, because if you look at these image specs and Even the article specs right here Like you – can Only have a 60 second article on your instrument of stories, Whereas on a Facebook newsfeed, you can have a much longer article Right and same thing with the image size like this is the image it’s going to cover up the whole phone.

That’S going to be very different than what the image is going to look like on a Facebook or mobile newsfeed, or even it within your Instagram newsfeed right. So that’s where I don’t always like to go with the recommended, Because your ad type and what the ad looks like is going to look a lot better. If you’re saying just the Instagram story, so we’ll come down here and we’ll click on edit placements and Then what we’ll do so we’ll actually just come over here and uncheck all of Facebook, Okay, we’ll uncheck all of audience Network and uncheck, messenger and we’ll just say The Instagram stories right here – Okay – and you can see a little bit of a View of like what this looks like.

If you want to see the the media requirements right here, we’ll just open that up in a new tab, and this is Pretty much the same. Details and specs that are on this page right here. Okay, so, like you can go find other things they like to talk about the specs, But I like to use the actual Facebook website, because they’re going to have the most up-to-date information, Because it changes from time to time right The Instagram advertising platform and how that All works So now coming down here.

We’Ve got the placements chosen Of the Instagram story ads and the device types You can just leave that you don’t need a mess around with that. You don’t need a mess with this and then coming down here We choose a budget Okay, so the budget is really based on your advertising budget. It’S not like, there’s a good better best or anything like that, But if you don’t have like a huge marketing budget, I would maybe start out with five dollars a day.

Okay or if you’ve got a little bit more money, you can go through jump up to ten dollars a day $ 20 day, Whatever it might be. But if you’re just kind of like getting your feet, wet five bucks a day, That’s 150 bucks per month. That’S really not a lot of money to go through and invest in advertising to get more exposure for your business. Okay, then Coming down here. This is a lot of advanced stuff that really you don’t need to get into as a beginning, Instagram advertiser or even Facebook advertiser.

So if we all just explain this really quick right here, see this optimization for ad delivery, so you can pay for link clicks, which means anytime. Somebody actually clicks on your ad to go to your website or You can say I want to pay for landing. Page views now the difference between these two is, let’s say: you’re on your mobile phone in a Rural area right where you don’t got a lot of great service, But you click on somebody’s ad and it starts loading the page, but you get frustrated It takes about Three to five seconds: You’re, like I’m done with this and you exit out, Will you just paid for that link click, but there was never a landing page view because they never saw your website.

So if you want to get more detailed analytics and know exactly everyone who not only clicks on the ad But actually the page loads – and they see your website, Then you want to go with landing page views now the impressions in daily unique reach. I never use these when I’m click doing it clicks to website campaign, So I would just completely forget those, but the link clicks or the landing page views.

Those are the differences and so you’re going to get a lot more link clicks for your budget at a lower cost, But the landing page views are going to be a lot higher quality. So a lot of times I like to just choose landing page views. So we’ll choose that and then we will just leave all this stuff. As is we don’t really need a mess with this, But you can see based on our budget based on the landing page views.

It gives you the estimated daily results the potential reach and we will hit continue. Okay, So now at this point, this is where we’re going to actually go through and create this story at all right And I’m going to show you guys some free tools that you can go through and use to be able to create really nice Professionally designed images. Even if you’re, not a designer, I’m not a designer, I’m a marketer, but I use this tool to go through and make really nice-looking images.

So For this one we’re just going to do a single image. Now you could do a article and, if you’re shooting the article make sure with your phone you’re, not shooting it like this, because everyone on Instagram is Looking through Instagram like this and so make sure your camera on your phone is vertical. Okay, so make sure it’s going like this, and so that your story is actually going to look good. It’S not going to be a little horizontal box.

Okay! So for this one We’re going to go through we’re going to choose the Facebook page where you can go through. If you don’t have your Instagram account Linked, you can just advertise from your Facebook page, but you can see right here. I’Ve got my Instagram account. Actually added on here so that it’ll be from my Instagram account So going down here, Like I said guys, we’ve got the single image single article, the carousel.

This could be like multiple articles or images, But just for this example we’re going to do the single image and the same thing would go for the single article But, like I said, shoot a horizontal or shoot it vertically, not horizontal So coming down. Here We need to choose an image to go through and upload right. So if we come back over here to the Instagram story, specs says the maximum image ratio is 9 by 16.

So you can see you want the image to be. You know just like fitting into your phone right here, So what I use is a tool called canva. Okay, so canv a.Com, It’s a hundred percent free, It’s easy to use. They there’s only like paid upgrades of like different images that you can use in there. But if you’re using your own images, It really doesn’t matter now the nice thing about canva, even for any other Facebook, advertising or social post, or anything that you’re doing and crating they’ve got all these pre-built Pixel Dimensions of all of these different posts, like a YouTube Thumbnail Facebook ad Facebook post You’ve got all these other ones like a facebook, app Documents, blogging ebooks marketing materials, social media, email headers.

Now, unfortunately, They don’t have one specific to Instagram stories. But what I like to do – And that’s why I use this page right here. So they’ve got 9 by 16 and 16 by 9 right here, Ok, So what I like to do is color here. So what come up here and click on use, custom, dimensions and then right here. This is where you can put the width and the height, which it’s saying 9 by 16. So what I’ll do a lot of times just go 900 by 1600? It’S! So it’s like a bigger image and I’ve got.

I can actually see what I’m working with Right and it’s a higher quality all that stuff. Then we just hit design and then look at this. It’S going to create a 9 by 16 Image. That looks just like your phone that you can go through and create right, so you can come in here. You can give it A background. You know like that. You can come in here, upload images, So like let’s say, we’ve got like the secrets, training or something like that.

You can make that black and then you can come in here. You know you just see how you can start adding stuff right, and So, if you want to go through and add text or whatever it is, You come in here. They’Ve got all these different text options where you can come in here and say: ok, I want you, know brunch or swipe now Or something like that. We’Re like, if you want to just, go through and use an image.

You can upload that – and this is one from my article that I shot yesterday, And so you can just go through and use that and get creative with how you want to do it. But remember as we go back and look at this other ad, I showed at the very beginning of this training. This is kind of the style You want it to be like very simple basic and then like 3 to 5 words, if you’re going to have words on it, to keep It simple and eye catching because remember people are going to be tapping through these stories fairly Quickly, And so you want to be able to capture their attention quickly and get straight to the point, All right, so jump back over here.

Let’S just go and download this. Let’S say this is what we want right there, Obviously or maybe we’ll come down here and we’ll say Swipe up Okay, so obviously this isn’t super compelling cuz, it’s just like I’m not telling what it is. It’S like secret swipe up boom, I’m like I’m like. Oh, I’m surprised right and so click download right here Download that it’s going to go through and download to our desktop and then from here.

We can just go over here and Upload. It I’ll just drag this to my desktop right there And we can upload it right here to see the images, so we’ve got right here, swipe up now the secrets and Then you just add a link to the website. So you can see right here. This is exactly what’s going to look like it’s going to have the timer up here at the top Swipe up, So see how this swipe up right there and to learn more.

You probably want to add the swipe up a little bit higher, because You can’t really see it because the learn more is right there. So I would probably like secrets swipe up and then that’s it. The nice thing is like that kind of does create a little bit of a curiosity of like okay, there’s secrets This guy’s. Looking like he’s like surprise, It’s telling me to swipe up. You might get people to swipe up, But the same time they’re – probably not going to be the highest quality of people swiping up to your website.

So now from here, let’s just say Google’s our website, You type in Google, you put in right there and Then you can say instead of it saying, learn more right here You can change the call to action Which that was what we were showing you a little Bit earlier on the supportive or the call to actions right here, You have all the different options. So we come in here, learn more contact us download get offer.

I usually like to learn more for pretty much everything, no matter what I’m using, I like to use, learn more So anyway, so this is basically it as far as the text goes. You don’t really need to add text. I would just leave the text in the image right here So now coming down here after this like as far as the overlay, you don’t really need to mess around. With that The face. Would peace of all this stuff, you were just ready to hit, confirm purchase.

You hit confirm and that’s it You’re done you’ve gone through. You craved your ads, So all this it confirm just to show you guys exactly what this looks like. So it says, confirm your item. Just may take a few seconds and then once it loads right here, I’m actually going to turn this off, because I don’t want it to actually run because it’s just a demo right, But we can go through and we can see the different analytics of how it’s Working as soon as this finishes publishing, So I’m going to actually turn this off, But you can see the campaign.

So this is the objective of we wanted to get the landing page views people to click to our website right And then we click on this. We can see the ads set, So these are the people that we were targeting. We have targeted five bucks per day. Okay And the schedule is it’s starting today and ongoing, and we can see kind of like the reach Impressions and you could even change up here. What you’re really like looking at right, I usually like to just leave it at the performance, the basic one, But then we can even click in here and see how each individual ad is performing.

So if we wanted to create another ad, just like this, with the same targeting same everything, We would just come in here and click on duplicate, And it would be the same campaign with the same targeting and we would just hit Duplicate and we could go through. And create another ad, So we wanted to test out a different image. Maybe move this image up, Maybe change the picture, maybe change the headline, the offering the call-to-action whatever it is.

We can go through and do that and then we just hit publish and Then that would create the next image right. So one thing you want to do is make sure that One thing I did not do, but you want to make sure that you name these different, so you can actually tell Which one is. What what so all you do is click on this little Edit pencil right here. So you could say v1, like so version 1, and Then you would say maybe something that would like to differentiate it from the next app and then we just hit publish and then this one we maybe name it just version 2.

And then, ideally, We want to say what differentiates it, which obviously I didn’t really differentiate anything right there, But we just hit, publish and that’s it guys. That is pretty much the basics of Instagram ad stories. So if you guys, like this article, go ahead, give it a thumbs up comment down below. Also, If you want that free Facebook, Instagram ads mini-courses, I’ve got for. You drop a comment down below Comment.

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