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How to Save your Small Business THOUSANDS a Year on shipping πŸ’°πŸ’ΈπŸ’°

My name is kia jay. I am the CEO of taylor beauty’s, so you guys have asked for more entrepreneurship articles, and today I have a special article for you guys. So in today’s article I am going to be giving you all the tea on how to ship your products at a low cost. So we’re all here because we’re a business we’ve been shipping out products, but we’re really confused about how to get those products shipped out at the lowest cost.

The benefits of understanding shipping rates is one. It gives you a huge value to your customer because you’re not charging your customer an arm and a leg for shipping and to really it also helps with customer service, because it also gives you an idea of how long it’s going to take you to get a Product from your office or wherever you ship from to that customers door. So today I’m going to be talking about shipping rates, as well as different shipping options and pretty much transit time.

I use a combination of the United States, Postal Service UPS, FedEx and DHL, depending on where my item is going, but overall today I’m only going to talk about the USPS because for a small business I find that this is the most cost effective way to ship Out of idem, so a lot one of the biggest mistakes that I see a lot of small businesses make. Is they try to get these personalized packages to ship out to a customer and what I mean personalized? Let’s take this, for example, this is the envelope right and one of the things they want.

A cute pink envelope will all of their writing and stuff on it and they want this nice pretty packaging, and I think that is okay, but keep in mind that costs money. Not only does it cost money to you, but you have to also charge your customer. Your customer for that as well, so I like to stay away from branded envelopes. I like some nicely packaged my stuff inside that way. We that way, you’re able to provide a good value to the customer because they’re not overpaying for packaging.

So when it comes to the United States Postal Service, they do offer a lot of different ways to ship items and understand in the different ways that they have to ship items is what’s really going to help you save money on your packaging, so there’s different levels To the United States Postal Service, so the first thing we’re going to start with is first-class mail right, so first-class mail is basically anything that weighs under a pound.

So if you are shipping an item and it weighs under a pound, you never want to ship it Priority Mail 1, because that’s going to make your price hike even more and 2, because you want to give your you want to give the best value to your Customer and really give your customer the best value in their shipping rates. So when it comes to the first-class mail, one thing you have to understand is you: do have to purchase your own packaging for anything that costs under a pound.

So so, if you are a business, the first thing you want to do is kind of figure out. How much is my item going to weigh so understanding? How much your item is going to weigh is really going to help. You understand how you’re going to package this item each and every single time that you ship out item anything that weighs less than a pound one. It’s the envelope is fairly light. It weighs less than an ounce.

So it’s not going to be very heavy. I like to use a scale I’ll leave a link below to the scale that I like to use. You want to always make sure you weigh your items before you ship it out it usually shits for under $ 5, depending on where it’s going and also you also want to make sure when you include that rate, you include a lot of things. Some of the things you want to include is you want to include how much it costs a package so include that in your shipping rate, as well so, for instance, figuring out about how much your envelopes cost and how much other things cost now.

I know a lot of times: people don’t like to use these generic envelopes, but keep in mind. Sometimes when you get the personalized envelopes, they can cost you about a dollar or two, if you’re not buying a whole lot at one time, it can be very expensive. So, keep in mind that you can always save money, finding a supplier that that gives you a very low cost and if you think that this is not great, also think about how you can package that item to make it look good.

I like to package my items to keep it under a pound very nicely and also because I know the envelope is not the best. I do like to personalize packages by adding thank-you notes, and things like that took my customers, this class. Let’s talk about Priority Mail Priority Mail is anything that weighs over a pound and priority milk can get expensive. That’s why I say understanding how much your stuff weighs now, if there’s stuff weighs over a pound, you want to figure out.

You want to go the priority mail route. The thing that I love about Priority Mail is that you can get free shipping supplies from the Postal Service, so you can go online to the United States. Postal Service com go onto that website and actually they can give you all of you can get all of your ship and supplies for free and you can order as much as you want. Unlimited amounts – and that’s what I like so here – are some options of some free items that come through the double United States Postal Service.

You can get some milled to your business or to your home wherever you want to get the mail to so this is a flat rate envelope. The United States Postal Service has a lot of different flat rate envelopes. The thing that I like about the flat rate envelope is that if your item weighs over a pound, it doesn’t matter how much it weighs it’s always going to be a the same price depending on where in the United States its shipping to so.

This is a good asset to use if you are if it could fit in the envelope, but it’s more than a pound, because this is probably one of the lower prices, then, even if it is a pound, they still offer other different options like this, which is Just a regular box that you can ship and then they also have other types of boxes, which is flat rate boxes. So if you’re, you have a lot of stuff but you’re shipping it in the box, you can get yourself flat rate box, so showing you guys an example of shipping, something flat rate versus not shipping it flat rate.

Let’s say I wanted to ship something from Atlanta, Georgia to New York, just using a fake addresses and I’m shipping to the Empire State Building, and so let’s say that package weighs ten pounds now, here’s the difference. If a package weighs ten pounds and you shipping your own box, not provided by the United States Postal Service, it costs you twenty five dollars as opposed to shipping it in a medium flat rate box, and that is thirteen sixty five and it also has flat rate Boxes on their site, like a region, a box which is way cheaper and it’s actually the same size as a medium flat rate box.

So the same item that you could have shipped for twenty five dollars at ten pounds. If you go on their website and order free supplies, this is comparable to a box and it’s eight dollars and 15 cents. So those are the things that I like to do. Another option to help you save money on shipping is, if you are a business that does ship out a large value. My business has grown to the point where I ship out a large volume of stuff.

So the great thing that I love about you States Postal Service. This article is not sponsored. I just I just loved their customer service. So much, but one of the things that I absolutely love is, I have an Account Manager with them. So, basically, what an Account Manager is is somebody who looks over the total amount of items that you’re shipping out and basically what you get to a certain volume there.

You get two different tiers of value. Your prices can go down. So if you are shipping out at a large value, I definitely encourage you to find a manager that can help you really advocate for you. I have a manager that really advocates for me helps me get the best price on my shipping, as well as make sure that I have a pickup every single day at at convenient times. So just keep that. Keep that in mind.

Another thing about Priority Mail is that what Priority Mail um as opposed to first-class, sometimes first-class, will take about five days to ship. So keep that in mind, but snow Priority Mail usually takes up to three days to ship, but also a great thing about the United States. Postal Service is that you have tracking, so you can provide your customers with tracking options so once your business does grow like I said you, you can get an account manager, and not only can you do that with the US Postal Service, but FedEx and FedEx and Ups and DHL all have that option where they will also advocate for you to get the best pricing the thing of the thing about using those companies as opposed to the United States Postal Service is, unfortunately, they do not offer these great shipping boxes.

The United States Postal Service has so many different options for a boxing. That’s why I do like that. So yes, so there are also other services that you can use in addition to having an Account Manager, there’s sites, there’s different sites like Stan’s, comm, ship station and sites, like that, where all of your orders will come into one. It’s called the API it’ll come in two there and then it’ll upload all of your shipments at one time.

So you can kind of print out all your labels at one time. So if you’re a business and you’re you’re, you have like 30, you have like 30 orders a week. I definitely would not recommend using a service like that one because you do have to pay a monthly fee and that might cut into that might cut into the monthly fees. So when I was operating on a very small level with my business, what I would do is I would go into the United States, Postal Service website and I would manually type up each and every each and every label.

I would already know my weights and things like that, and I would print out my labels, one by one PayPal does offer this as well. If you have you have, if your payment method is PayPal, PayPal does also offer where you can print out multiple labels at one time. So just kind of check on your website see what options you have for having labels and if you are a small business, it’s really great to understand your pricing on how much you are going to spend on each thing rather than kind of winging it.

As you go along, I would definitely recommend if you are starting out or if you already start out order, every single or every single free priority mail box that they have going USPS. You can’t go wrong because it’s free and packaged your stuff in the boxes and see which one is going to be the lowest for you to ship and once you the good thing about that, is anything that you don’t need. You can always just go to the post office and leave it there for somebody else who may need it.

So I definitely recommend that when your business starts, operating and business is really booming, then that’s when I recommend to use the third-party websites like stamps.Com substation and things like that, because using those webs using those websites will help, will save you a lot of time. But you know there are fees that come along with that. So make sure your business is ready for something like that.

But, like I said the more you start, shipping out, you can get an account manager to help advocate for you to really make sure you’re getting the best price on shipping as possible. So I hope this article was helpful for you guys. I hope I was able to explain that very well. A few hot guys have any questions. Leave me some questions in the comments below I’ll leave. The link to the scale that I like to use, as well as everything that was mentioned in this article.

So I’ll see you guys in my next entrepreneurship series make sure if you have any requests, you guys leave them down below and thank you so much for reading.


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Turning Spark into Success with Wicker Goddess

Is you just try it you jump off the ledge and you hope that there’s like a tiny net at the bottom, when we started wicker goddess it kind of fell into our laps. We didn’t really know that we were building a business. Wicker, goddess is vintage home goods and furniture hand drawn greeting cards and art prints. I started making cards and started selling them online and people were buying them.

I mean it feels good, I’m in alignment of what I want to be doing, but I’m just like assessing the business, and it is growing really fast like faster than I thought it would taking risks changes who you are. I know that when I put my all into something it will be great. This past year has been the most earth-shaking year. We’ve experienced you


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How to Create Credibility With Affluent Clients

So, first of all expertise matters in general when you are marketing a product or service. However, with your affluent clients, it is absolutely essential and the reason for that is because they are limited on time.

They want results, they’re looking for performance and they want to work with the best of the best right because they don’t want their time and money wasted. So I want to talk to you a little bit about how to establish this credibility, because here’s what we do know they will research you before they buy from you. Okay, so we’re not going to talk in this article about how you’re marketing to them and how they got to you.

I’ve talked about that in a lot of my other articles, but once they do find out about you and they are looking for you, I want to talk about a few ways that you can establish credibility. Okay, number one! You need to make sure that you are properly positioned and that you are positioned as the expert in your field right. So that is number one you you want to make sure that your positioning and your messaging is absolutely clear as to why you are the obvious choice for them to work with number two.

You need to have really tight branding branding matters because, what’s going to happen is – and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone to look for a service provider online and literally clicked away from them – they could have been the best expert in the world. But I clicked away from working with them, because when I went to their website it was old, it was outdated, they didn’t have professional, headshots and look.

My feeling is, if you’re not going to invest that much into your business, then you’re probably not going to invest that much into mine. So you need to make sure that your branding is tight and one of the ways that you can do that. Especially if you are are newer to business is to really have like a one page website. I’d rather, you have a one page. Beautiful website then have a really old, older one.

Okay, the third way that you are going to be able to establish your credibility is with the use of social proof, so social proof goes way beyond testimonials and again we know that this is essential, so it goes way beyond testimonials. It could also look like endorsements on LinkedIn. It could look like peer endorsements. You know, I know that some of you know that Seth Godin, you know I won the Purple Cow award and that has been a award.

That has really served me over the length of my career where he nominated our business as one of the most innovative companies in the United States. That’s a big endorsement right so endorsements from well-known people, but also from your clients and from your peers, Awards also exceptional for credibility builders as well as legitimate media appearances, where they can see that you are an authority matter expert on the subject.

Finally, customer service. So your credibility starts with the first interaction that you or your team have with the affluent clientele. So you want to make sure that you are responding quickly to your messages that you’re responding quickly to voice messages and that your team is, you know, understands that they need to provide, and all of you need to provide exceptional service from the moment that the person Comes in contact with you and part of that is to really design the customer experience.

You want to not leave that to chance. You want to have that designed before you even start marketing, so that the minute that they contact you they have a that. You’ve got an automated and personalized way to be able to get them in touch with you in a highly professional manner, alright guys. So those are my tips for you to be able to establish some credibility with your affluent market if you’d, like more tips like this, you and connect with me on social media, I’ve got a group on Facebook called the marketing Millionaire success circle as well as a Group on LinkedIn called marketing the millionaire’s.

I hope to talk to you soon and until next time have a great day.

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Business 101: Go digital

Fundamentally, isn’t it Because, when you’re looking for something What do you do You go online? Don’t you and have a look And if you see a crappy Old website that looks like it hasn’t been updated ever since Adam was A boy: what do you think about the business? It’s pretty clear.

We all think The same it can’t be much good, they can’t even get keep their website up to Speed, So these things aren’t an option any longer. A really great example do any You use Birdsnest as a website. If not, could you all Particularly the women, but the blokes can do it too. Have a look at birdsnest.Com.Au. Birdsnest is a frock shop, It’s not really a frock shop, but it used To be a frock shop in Cooma in the main street, classic regional Australia, frock Shop, that’s going broke like regional, Australian frock shops are Family business.

One of the kids in the business was doing entrepreneurial. Studies at the University of New South Wales and Decided that she’d get the frock shop humming. The frock shop now takes up three Blocks in Cooma So next time, you’re driving through Cooma have a look on the Left-Hand side and there’s this big huge operation, They Employ a hundred people in Cooma and are now a multinational business providing Not just frocks but actually style, So what they do is they give you advice on What your style should be, You could say things like.

I’ve got a Big arse I’ve got flabby arms. You can do all that sort of stuff and This is the sort of look I like and they’ll give you advice. They still sell frocks, but when we think about digitalisation, we’re not talking About smart, IT companies only. We certainly talk about them as well, But we’re talking about Business more broadly, This sector is the future of our country, So you are The future – and it’s really important you do what you do.

And taking another step to be a great business, Owner or operator, so thanks very much for having me today.

Who is helping with your digital business footprint?


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10 Digital Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business in 2018

It is there’s a Monday right, ha ha ha wherever you are, but it was promoted. Rowing and my mission is to actually help entrepreneurs like yourself to actually set up reliable and lucrative businesses that are profitable and enjoyable. If you’re reading this segment of the article you’re actually reading a article, that’s been recorded, live on Facebook.

So essentially I want you to type in the number 2 so that we actually know you know the people that are tuning in right now. So, if you’re in Melbourne right now, it should be past your lunchtime, so that should be right. I see Nicole, has just tuned in Anna or sheriff has just joined in Anna. You are seen reading this life. I do that right from the start, so that people get to understand, I mean so that I get to understand what time people are reading.

You know the article right so for those that are tuning in. Thank you so much for your time. I’m hoping that you’re! Well rested and it’s a good week for you. I really wish you a wealthy week ahead. Basically, my job is really simple. I help people like yourself start scale and grow a business, that’s profitable and enjoyable, and the reason why we stick around here every day. At 2 p.M. A est is so that I can help you navigate.

You know your online strategy, I’m using my four-step system, alright, so for those that are not well-versed with the four-step system, it is the online prosperity blueprint that would help you capture the right kind of clients, create the right kind of content and convert that audience and Also connect, you know with the audience that you want to be demanding money off of my seat, Nicole Saunders, you’re reading this live my life.

I hope you’ve been fantastic and you’re roaring. Like a tiger. I like that about your own blueprint, and I see Dean. Sprog has just tuned and thank you so much my man for tuning in all right. So you know right now. A lot of people are really being confused about this whole digital marketing lens. You know when Facebook yanked the you know the chain and then they stopped. You know they stopped. What do you call it? They stopped the reach of pages in our newsfeed that that you sort of disorientated a lot of businesses and Dean.

Yes, you’re reading this live. I am line all right so that disorientated, a lot of businesses and so many people are still confused. I know some of my clients, the crying foul, is because most of their online strategy was based on them being present on Facebook. But that’s the reason why we’re here so that we can help you. You know navigate the whole online space and also just to really really ask does any of you guys have a social media strategy if you’ve got one, can you type in the number one if you’ve got a source of media strategy? If you don’t, if you’re working on one, can you type in the number two if you need help working on one, can you type in the number three that would just give me an understanding of who is actually you know reading this show right now and what Do they possess come on guys, it’s 2018 tonight I mean and if you’re a small business doesn’t yet have a digital marketing strategy or a social media strategy by now, you’re, actually, being you know, you are already behind the competition? Alright, you are way beyond the competition Dean.

Can you also just type in the comments? What is it that you actually do so that I understand, maybe you need one or maybe you don’t need one all right. So that’s the reason why I’ve put together this article. It’s got at least off. You know some of the digital marketing strategies that I actually use that will get your business headed in the right direction, all right. So I want you to keep reading this so that you can learn more of some of the essential online marketing strategies that will actually put your business ahead off the competition, because, if you’re not doing this guess what your competition is actually doing it.

And if you don’t believe me tag your competitor in this article and then you’ll see why I’m talking about that? Alright, because, at the end of the day, what’s actually happening on, the market is if your competition is giving your audience or the people that you’re trying to reach out to a certain service or a certain way of dealing with them. Guess what happens? Guess what happens? Your audience and automatically anticipates that you they can also get it from you now.

If you are not giving it out, it’s going to be a problem now Dean says neither strategy mate. We can chat later absolutely and you can see what I’ve created here. I created a four-step system that you can literally plug and play into whatever it is that you’re doing, because everyone is out there. Looking for the right kind of client everybody out, there is looking to engage that audience and once you’ve engaged that audience, you want to convert them into lasting customers and then from there you’re going to need referrals from them and also ambassadors and advocates for your work.

So you know just type in the word blueprint, then Dean, so that I can actually shoot you through this blueprint. It all happens automatically. Don’t ask me how it all works out. Okay, so the first thing that you really need to do. I know every one of you guys is small to medium. No one is grossing anything above three million a year, so I can say you literally need to engage in what is called local search marketing all right.

So when people are around the corner from you all, they’re looking for yoga instructor near them or they’re looking for personal trainer near them, they’re looking for you know a marketing or a VA near them, you need to be found way. Audience is actually searching all right. You need to be seen way. Audience is actually searching because right about now nothing rivals a solid local search, marketing strategy for your small business.

Guess how I know that, because every time you’re out and about you just go Siri. What’s the nearest restaurant Siri? What’s the nearest ice-cream parlor Siri, what’s the nearest whatever shop you’re looking for that is all local search marketing and when you are driving around you just type into Google, maybe ice cream shop near me, Google generates you to the one that is closest within your vicinity.

Now can imagine if your business could be found by people that are lingering around your area of business right there, because all of that food traffic or all of those people that are within a hundred sort of meter or like a five kilometer radius. They could be people that are actually actively searching for your kind of core or your kind of product or service, but they won’t be able to see you in the newsfeed.

So local search marketing is where it’s at all right. How many of you guys are practicing any local search marketing tactics if you’re doing that, can you type in the number one? If you are thinking about it, can you type in the number two? If you have no idea what I just say, can you type in the number three cuz? I really want to make sure that we’re understanding this, because let me tell you something: at the end of the day, people are getting bombarded and they’re getting very confused as to how to actually proceed.

What strategy to use – and I see Anna – is actively doing local search marketing. So that’s that’s pretty good for you there, because nothing rivals local search if you’ve got a solid local search, marketing strategy for your small business, and I see for you you’re running and is it a co-op place for people to work in that people can come in? So that also really needs local search, because what what local search really is is its marketing that consists of you claiming and optimizing your business online listings and it actually shows up in relevant searches.

So if you’ve got Google my business, if it’s actually clearly, you know labeled what your work hours are, what you actually do, who you do it for people will come around to you. Let’s say you own, a local barber shop and somebody really needs desperately needs. A haircut or needs to get their hair done or they’re going to do is hair salon near me, and if your business is listed on Google or is listed on all the other search engines locally, you will be found there.

Do you not? I mean so. Those aren’t really relevant local searches that you don’t want to miss out on okay. So there’s a lot of elements that come around with you know: local search engine optimization, but when it’s done right it can actually put your business on the on the local map and its local branding that you’re also taking advantage of there. So it is one thing that you can actually start utilizing and doing right now, because your local customers are the people that are going to be loyal, they’re, the ones that can actually peddle.

What do you call it word-of-mouth, etc, etc. So you need to make sure they know of your own existence within their neighborhood. You know I mean, because they are also going to be made me searching for your your products and services all right and once you’ve branded with the people that are around you know. It’s it’s now easier for you to branch out, because now you have ambassadors so for a lot of people, local search is complicated.

You know the results won’t happen overnight or you know you can’t just do it once and then forget about it. It is best left to people that are actually actively involved with search engine optimization, which is what I do every single day of my life. So if it is something that you need help with, can you type in the number too so that I can help you optimize your business for local search engines and also, you know local directories all of those things you know that would help you get found by Our audience well, one when they’re, you know actively searching right, then, and then how many of you guys have optimized your website for mobile.

Can you type in the number one if your website is optimized for mobile the number two? If you are almost about to do it, the number three, if you need help with optimizing your your website for mobile, I just really need to see the level of you know intensity that you, you guys really have when it comes to marketing and branding your businesses. Now, if your optimized for mobile, please type in the number one, if you’re thinking about it, please type in the number two, if you need help with it type in the number three all right, because everyone else right now, you’re probably reading this article on mobile right Now almost 90 percent – I’m not quite sure, don’t quote me on this, but 90 % of the people that I see personally out.

They are utilizing a mobile phone, which means the accessing internet. You know using a mobile phone, so if your website has got all the bells and whistles for a desktop, not a lot of people are really using. You know the desktop or the laptop while they’re out of the back. So if your phone is your website is not, you know, optimized for mobile you’re missing out on a lot of traffic right there so have a look and see if it is something that you need help with, and if you really really need help with optimizing.

Your website for mobile typing, the number three and I’ll shoot you through something that you can look at right now to diagnose, to see if people can actually view your page okay for forum, while they’re searching you know, while they’re on their own on their mobile phone. You should also one other thing that a lot of people don’t realize is Google is a search engine, so you should, you know, optimize your website, first of all, for humans and also for search engines all right, so you should optimize your yoyo your website in a Way that people can actually read it and also that the the web crawlers on Google can also read it.

You know some people’s websites that I talk to right now. They still have a website that was created in 1997 between 1997 and 2017. There has been almost three changes with the Google algorithm, so if your website has not been changed in the last three years, you really need to take a look at that all right or if you created it within the last two years, then you should be fine. All right, so I mean, if you you haven’t created it, you know who you haven’t, changed it in the last three years.

It’s time to fix it, man and it’s time to fix it. I mean it’s 2018, you know for all we know we could actually be having phones that I just you know genetically owned. I don’t know modified to just stick in our ears and we don’t have to worry about even carrying a piece. It’s all coming. Have you seen apples, you know all you know earphones that you carry around all the time that are cordless. What is stopping them from on TV, something that he can insert into your ear that stays there and you don’t have to worry about it because right about now look at this.

If your website is not optimized for humans or for search engines, customers are getting impatient. You know we always talk about you know. The attention span is getting lower and lower and lower right. People now want instant results. So if they load up your website – and it takes more than three to four seconds – they’re already swiping right looking for something else – that loads up a bit faster – we now have so much shorter attention span.

So if your website is first of all clunky or an attractive, slow to load, it’s confusing to use people are just going to leave it, and then they take up what your competition has to offer. You know so you want to make sure that, first of all, it’s mobile-friendly, it’s easy to use, it’s easy to read and people can easily navigate it. The one thing that a lot of people have as a big big problem is, we are constantly as business people we’re constantly looking at our website.

We constantly know what it is that we are supposed to be doing. We constantly know what the website does what to press, but if somebody has only three seconds to look at it and then make a decision, are you giving them the opportunity, the right kind of information or the right going to you know buttons to press in order For them to go further either to book a call with you or to do whatever transaction you want off of them when they land on your website, so make sure that your website is loading quickly and because you not I mean customers will abandon the site, especially If you’ve got a shopping, cart, unday customers will live it if they have to go through hoops, and you know in order for them to to make a purchase, make it as easy and as seamless for them as possible and make sure that your site is really Really easy to navigate.

You know, because we’re dealing with a really small screen, so if you’ve got words that are spanning you know across the page, and you’ve got really big pictures that take up the whole screen. Guess what people don’t want to see that and don’t also forget to to end really really clean call to actions. Do not I mean and then tell your customer exactly what to do. This is what I have. This is what I want you to do, and this is why it’s safe to do it with me other than my competition.

You know, for example, you you, you can put a button at the head of your main page that says get directions or call today. That’s an instant call to action, because people are on their mobile phones. They will just easily click that button and then talk to somebody and make sure, on the other end of the line. There’s somebody like yourself who really knows what they’re talking about or not somebody who’s, just woken up.

People have no patience for you to get yourself together. You always got ta, be ready. That’s why I like what Will Smith says? Don’t try and say you need to be prepared. You always got ta, be ready so that you don’t have to get ready. You know you always got to be ready. Cuz. Now we live in a 24-hour global village. You know you need to stop thinking out of the 24-hour box. You never know where you’re you know, clients are going to be searching you from and what time they find you and what time they need to sprechen zie with you, so mobile optimization is also very important, like I said right now, if you’re on a computer or If you’re, looking at a computer or facing a computer press the button f12 alright, and then it will shrink your website so that you can see how it looks like online.

Alright, you’re right Anna says, love the point about why it’s safe to do so. Oh absolutely, Anna, look at this. Anyone with the t-shirts and a pair of sweatpants can start a business these days. You’re not I mean so. Your man worked so hard to get to where we at right now, and you know, we want to make sure that our clients know that we’ve got the social proof. We’ve got the goods and they are not just going to be throwing money.

You know into something: that’s not going to work for them and they’re not going to get value so yeah. You need to show the customer that, yes, it is safe to actually do business with me and that’s why you need to have SSL Certificates. All of that stuff, we could always talk about. If you book a coal with me, and then you know, we can figure out how we can actually help you by actively helping you.

The reason for this show today is to just show you all expand your mind. A little bit of what is possible and what you can actually do in order for you to actually be seen by our audience, since Facebook has sort of stopped them that the reach of pages. You know you know business pages in the newsfeed, alright, so about the mobile, optimization and stuff like that. Google will actually penalize a website if it’s not optimized for mobile.

You know, and the penalty is you’re not going to show up in the search engines, because they know that at least ninety two percent of their traffic is coming in from a mobile phone, and I just want to indulge you right now. Can you type in the number one if you’re reading this show on a mobile phone type in the number two, if you’re, using an iPad and type in the number three, if you’re, reading this on a laptop or type in the number? Four, if you’ve put me onto a big screen cuz, you can do that.

You know that right, if you’re in front of a smart TV right now, you can actually stop reading this show on a big screen. That’s pretty cool Julian Bundy Vidal. Has he got my man hope you had a fantastic weekend right there right see it’s mobile okay, so that’s where your your audience is also viewing from from the mobile phone all right. So also, once you you, your aesthetics, your website is looking cool.

It’s looking all mobile-friendly take advantage of what is called link building all right link building is is something that a lot of people don’t understand. Take it as if you’re going to be the president of your state all right, and then you have a lot of people. Voting for you, so every link that is coming from a credible site is like a vote for you. So the more you get votes from people that are from credible sites the higher the ranking you get when it comes to ranking your page.

All right is that is that an easy, I understand, um, you know um explanation to link building, because people forget or people are tricked into getting links from dubious sites which are not going to help them at all. You need very strong links that are coming from dot edu sites, dot, gough, dot, au. All of those credible sites are from University. You know sort of websites. That actually say. Yes, I think Julian’s website is credible.

I think look Maroni’s website is credible. Then you can show it to the rest of the people, because Google, if you want to understand it, it’s like a library every time somebody knocks on Google’s door through a search and is asking for a website or is searching for something. Google has to present that person with content that comes in to cinder in the way you know of a website, in the same way that a librarian gives you a book.

So they want to make sure that the book that they’re giving to you is a good book. It’s going to you know satisfy whatever questions you might have and that’s what Google also does. So you need to engage in really legitimate, whitehat link, building all right, um Nico says: have you got time to chat about public figure Facebook profile? Absolutely we can have a chat I’ll, send you through a link to my calendar, so that we can quickly have a chance and find out what it is that you are asking regarding that.

Okay. So what I’m talking about link building? These are the thoughts that your website is getting from other web sites. So you get these through blogging. You get these through guest blogging. Every time somebody mentions your website on their own website or when you, when, when you or your website, is mentioned by credible sites like Facebook et Cie, Google uses that as credibility, all right, so link building is a great way to actually show your search engines or Google or Bing or Yahoo that your website is actually popular, every link that you is like a vote.

So if you build links the right way, you know you getting very high quality links rather than a bunch of low quality spam links, because a lot of people just get spam links from India and most of them are linking to like porn sites. Those are not going to help you at all. You need relevant blogs and you need relevant links that are building. You know your the credibility of your own website and he will actually prove to Google that your small business website is relevant and is of high quality.

So so, whatever you’re doing right now, if you have been doing stuff with links and linking please find out from your web developer or web designer, are they using black hat tricks or are they using white hat? You know tricks right there and you can get your links from local news sites. They might run an article about you the moment they mention your your sites there. That’s a so find local business owners or bloggers that are willing to to link to your website as well, and you can also return the favor by writing blogs about them.

You know on your website so that you can, you know, share the juice links or you can do interviews with people and every time you put their website on there. They will also, you know, reciprocate by mentioning your website, which is also yet another vote for you Ray now Nichols under says people think they they don’t need a website. Well, those people – I don’t know what what worlds they live in because right now, if you really really look at it, Facebook has sort of cut the reach of you know the profile pages.

If that’s what you’re asking and you’re thinking you don’t need a website, then I also think that if you’re dealing with websites as your full marketing strategy, it’s like building a house on quicksand. You know during the summer all right when it starts raining. It’s going to it’s going to sink in. You know why, because Facebook is bourret, audience bourret, ground, burrowed territory. So if you don’t have your own platform to bring go back, how are you going to have credibility? How are you going to? How are you going to have anything to show that who are you as a person, because the one thing about Facebook is, you have to continuously repeat yourself for people to understand who you are look at what the Facebook newsfeed is like.

Nikhil you’ve got your ante. You’ve got your partner, you’ve got, you know somebody who is putting on an Advent and then you’ve got your profile or whatever. You know, profile page that you have. People are not coming to the Internet to see what you’re up to they’re coming to see what Sally or what auntie Sally’s cats are up to people that they actually know, and Facebook has caught on to that. So if you, unless maybe the your audience is people that live within your household, nobody cares all right.

So you should actually I mean, make people see things differently, but I feel like. If you don’t have a website, you actually don’t have a business. You actually don’t have a platform, because that’s what your you’re supposed to be having as a business, a platform that gives you the authority to sell. How do you sell to people if you don’t have your own website? Okay, one other thing that people should really look at is: do you know the keywords that people type into search for your kind of work? Can you just type in one keyword that you think people are using? You know to type your to find you maybe on Google, Bing or Yahoo can, or even if people are using to ask Siri to get to your business, what would they have typed in the search engine in order to get you know to where you are because Keyword research should actually be a mandatory part of every small business.

You know in your digital marketing strategy, because the way you’re going to write your contents the way you’re going to reach out to your audience. If you don’t know what they say about your business or how they find you or what words they use about your business, then you’ve lost them. I keep talking about this story about a about a dentist in manda. I think by now he’s read the message. Oh every time I walk past, there’s a sign outside that says: new patients.

Welcome, guess what I am NOT a patient. He might call me that, but I don’t identify myself as a patient. All right are you walking around saying? Oh, my god, I’m a patient! I’m looking for a dentist, no I’m a human being that has a sawtooth all right. So if you’re, not speaking to your audience in the language that they actually understand or in the way they see the world or in the way, they actually viewed themselves as you’ve lost them, trying to say what I mean.

So you need to really know what key words are your audience using to get to find you even on Facebook, even on whatever social media? What hashtags are they using to reach you? Because if you don’t know that, then you might as well close shop. You know cuz, you can use this business key words for so many things. You know because, right now you might be spraying and praying to your audience. If you don’t know the keywords that they use to find you, I suggest that you stop whatever you’re doing and actually go and use tools that will help you find out.

What are people saying about the business that we are presenting to them? You know and a great way to find out exactly what terms people are using to search you know for your services or your business products or or whatever it is that you do. There’s a there’s tools like you know, AdWords key planner. All right, you need to get on top of that Google Trends what people are actually typing into the search engines.

You can also use that to create content. That’s relevant, there’s also a tool called keyword, tool, dot IO. That will also show you what people are actually typing into the search engines so that they can find the type of work that you’re doing or even some such recommendations. Every time you you, you, you you, you read, you hit a block, find out if you’re a dentist find out what people are typing into Google and then use that to create your content.

You know every time Google tries to complete a search for you and Google. That means somebody has tried to type that into Google. You know all people are searching for all of those boxes. Those things help you figure out. What else are people looking for that? I can be of service to my audience, you know, and then you can insert those keywords into the pages of your website, just try and make it as natural as possible so that it makes sense within the content that you’re putting out in your blog posts.

You know, and one other thing that I don’t see a lot of people doing is actually asking for email addresses. You know as soon as somebody lands on that page. Can you tell me how many people have an email strategy within their business type in the number? One is you’ve got an email strategy type in the number two. If twenty eighteen is the year that you’re going to think about it type in the number three, if you need help with an email marketing strategy, you see because I can’t remember the last time I went through and lying in, a retail store or something like that, And the cashier didn’t even ask me for my email address: it’s become so natural now, if that people are coming to your website, maybe people are busy.

Maybe somebody is you know, fixing dinner or they’re trying to wipe their daughter’s bottle or whatever. It is because I’m talking about myself or they’re in public transport get their email address so that you can always send them relevant information. Depending on what landing page, they landed on your on your site because people just coming to your website and you’re not doing anything about them or retargeting them or trying to get them to get back to you.

That’s a waste of advertising money. If you’re advertising to get those leads, you know so yeah. That’s easy. It’s like a check-in checkout ask your customers for their email address and once you have your customers, email address, respect that don’t just spray and pray just because you know they’ve, given you the the email address, you now have to seek permission from them by being relevant By engaging them by actually educating them and inspiring them, while providing value and positioning yourself as a person that can serve them with whatever product you’ve got on them, because if you don’t there’s always online reviews, you know and online reviews, you can’t you can’t change them.

So don’t spam people but make sure you’re being relevant and that’s where it helps you actually own a space within the online space, because if you have people’s email addresses, you have given you permission to sell to them. You know, and then one other thing if you still are adamant that Facebook is the thing for you just give Facebook live and try. You know, try and if you’re doing it maybe twice a week, try and increase your life articles.

You know what, because people really now want to communicate. People really now need to see if you’re, the right kind of person who can sort out their needs, they need you to help them by actually helping them. So it can be a great way to actually add that human element to your small business marketing strategy. In any case, what are you too busy doing chasing shiny objects instead of creating and relating to your audience? You know so all of those people that you know one one thing that I want to advise you to do is when you are at a live event or at a geek, try not to get too excited and go alive, because people are expecting to see you And one thing happens is I’m talking about me personally and then they don’t see you.

They see other people then automatically you’ve. Given that person they’re reading all the credibility and that’s it you’ve lost that person only try and go live when it’s you or it’s something to do with you tonight I mean because that person also has people that can take a live article off of them. So you know it’s just an option that enables you to connect with your customers in a more personal level.

So don’t abuse it do not. I mean just like right now, I’m really being considerate of what people are saying and also engaging them in a certain way. You know – and this is a bonus if you go like on Facebook or maybe on Instagram, your followers would actually start getting notifications that tell them that your life, so don’t take advantage of that. If people notice that your colleague real content is not valuable, then they’re just going to skip and the more your articles don’t get seen the more Facebook puts them down the you know the the the ranking order so yeah, it’s just one of those things.

I really hope this article is going to help you, because a lot of people really are lost right now as to what to do how else to reach out to their audience. And I really want to help you by actually helping you, because all these strategies that I’m talking about this is just top off the cuff type. I’m you know stuff that you know when we sit down. I really want to personalize it, and you know with you.

So that we can actually help you be, do and have a business, that’s profitable and enjoyable type in the number three, if you’ve readed it up until now, and you really have questions that you want me to personally answer pertaining to your business in the meantime. Thank you so much for tuning in and enjoy the ratio that

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Nudges to #1: Google My Business

But there are just little things that you can do that are very simple. That will help get you to number one, and one of those things is: did you know that Google, your address on Google, is kept in an area called Google, my business? So if you just search your own business on Google, you’ll see it and make sure you claim it.

But if you I’m going to assume you’ve already done that because that’s the right thing to do and when you do that when you change your address or change any hours or anything about your business, keep it up to date. And that is one more easy thing. You can do one more nudge to number one.


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4 Steps to Starting a Business

So first thing’s! First I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess:…. I know what you’re going to say: get organized Yes, But before we really jump in, I wan na say huge. Congratulations to you at home, you’re wanting to start a business! That’s why you’re reading this article? It’s a scary first step, but we’ve got your back Now with starting that business.

You wan na get organized and first thing’s, first figuring out what your business name is. We have a super cool article. We’ll have the link right up here for ya. You can check it out Where we go into how to figure out what your name should be and some tips on pickin’ the right name. It’s a good one Yeah. So what was your name from that brainstorming session? What’d? You come up with Coffee and Kickflips.

I love it Dig it So now, once you have that name, you really wan na figure out. And create your business plan, This is just a simple document: that’s going to go over! What your business is, what you do, who your market is, who your customers are everything that you need to Potentially show to investors to give you money right, You wan na get that bread Yeah. You got ta have a clear action plan with all the details, Plus it’ll help you to really flush out what you need and the goals You should keep top of mind in order to succeed And commit to those Right, And it keeps you kinda.

Grounded so you’re not going in a million different places as we all do. I know I do it a lot. I do it a lot. If I don’t have that plan written out, I’m everywhere and nowhere Same After you get organized and you’ve committed to what you wan na do with your business. What comes next I’ve seen my entrepreneurial friends and I went through it myself. With Coffee and Kickflips is determining, do I do an LLC? Do I not, Can you elaborate on that Yeah, so you definitely have To register your business in some shape or fashion right, What most people do is the LLC, but there’s also sole proprietorship, there’s partnership, there’s corporation but again the most common one is LLC.

Why is that? Well, it helps you Really protect yourself from your business, So if your business was ever sued, they can’t come after your Personal stash of pizza, It’s going to keep that separated, Hands off Hands off All right and then once you have that you can go ahead and get your federal tax identification number or known as the employee. Identification number EIN: That’s really going to help You, when it comes time to creating a business bank account All right so next up, you need to get your business license, Which you can contact.

Your Secretary of State to get more info about that. But this does vary by state and also depending on what Type of business you have, this will mix it up as well So check out the description. Below to get more info All right So now, the next thing you need to do with starting your business is figuring out where you wan na work. Now with your Coffee and Kickflips, I know that you can’t Really do that at home you have a brick and mortar store, but maybe you can do it at home or you can do a coworking space, which is super popular.

If you don’t know what A coworking space is you essentially rent Out part of a building or you rent out a desk and there’s tons of other Entrepreneurs, just like you doing the same thing, So it’s cool to get that Same little, brain trust and people, just like you, workin’ and you’re out of the house. I know I love workin’ from home, but I need to kinda mix It up every now and then So it’s that or coffee shops Yeah same.

I get it And also it’s cool about The coworking space think about it you’re in such an exciting time, you’re starting a business. You might meet someone that Could help you network or help you with that next step, because there’s a lot of like Nealey, said like-minded people hanging out there doing productive things like you Absolutely, And I have a really good buddy that works at a coworking Space called Galvanized in downtown Phoenix and they have a shared slack blog of all the entrepreneurs.

In that coworking space And there’s nothing Gold mine, but leads all day so he gets most of his work. He doesn’t have to go to The coworking space most of the time, it’s just in that slack blog and he’s getting business All right. So one thing I thought about: With Coffee and Kickflips you mentioned, I have a Brick and mortar location, yes, but I had to think about okay. Well, do I wan na rent a space? Do I wan na buy property? How does that look? I need money, ( laughing ).

So how do you go about that? We got ta talk about the hard stuff. Yeah money is important right, So first thing’s, first get a business bank account, don’t use your personal account, especially when you’re Paying your employees and everything else it’s going to get real, just jumbled up between all your pizza expenses and your business expenses, And then with that open up a line of credit. Just In case something happens, you have those quick funds And then possibly talk to a tax attorney or an accountant to help you Keep everything organized That’s been very helpful for my other local heroes out there.

My friends recommend that All right, another big topic insurance. This was a huge topic of discussion at Coffee and Kickflips because well, there’s ramps in the back, so you’ve got kiddos on their skateboards Little Billy Tryin’ to turn into A Tony Hawk overnight and let me tell ya, you need to cover your Business with insurance And also your employees, a helmet, isn’t just going to keep you safe Right.

Your insurance Shouldn’t just be a helmet Everyone coming into your shop, Here’s a helmet, you’re, good, You’re, good ( whistling ) Good luck on the half pipe Yeah, So yeah check out just Different insurances and do your research to make Sure you’re fully covered,’cause, you never know what might happen. Someone might hurt. Themselves at your location, or just who knows All right Nealey. Now I wan na talk about Branding your business, The fun stuff, It’s a fun stuff.

Your email address your logo. I know we have a article on that There’s also social media, all the marketing. What are you going to do with your website..? Let’s jump in So branding. We were talking about All the not so fun stuff, but those are pretty Important essential things Branding’s also super important and essential. We have a article on the basics of branding, But let’s kinda jump into a couple of the different sections to give you just an overview.

Of what these look like, So, let’s start with a domain. Name and your email address, So your domain name that’s going to get people to your website. You don’t wan na have some random URL. You want it to be your business, So Coffee and Kickflips… [ Emma ], Coffee and Kickflips coffeeandkickflips.Com right! That’s the address! That’s the URL. People are going to Type to get to your website And with that you’ll have that professional email, so you can have Emma @ coffeeandkickflips.

Com versus coffeeandkickflips @ gmail.Com, If you have the ending Not be your domain name, it doesn’t look as professional. I love Gmail, but as a business have it your domain name, You can still do Gmail for business. There’s Office 365. Lots of email providers that you can use to really make your Business look professional and credible And then jumping into your website. That’s the whole point of Having an online presence, It’s something that you control Is have some type of website, even if it’s just basic Information on what you do, or some articles of your kickflips And coffee in the back, Yeah Yeah Put the merch on there Maybe an option for people to Spend money on your website, Yes Get those helmets’cause That’s your insurance right, (, laughing ) And then social media Tell us about social media.

And really the basics of it with branding their business? Yes, that’s where you wan na, go and really take the logo that you have be consistent with it across All of your platforms, so Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and then from there definitely identify the Voice of your brand and be consistent with that As you’re creating content day in and day out, Because you wan na be consistent And make sure those are business pages, not personal pages Very important, Can you elaborate a little bit on what the voice means Totally People throw it around a lot and it’s hard to Understand What does that mean with Having a consistent voice, Okay, Very good topic, One thing that comes to mind right away from being in the coffee: Business for years before I decided hey, I wan na Have Coffee and Kickflips I worked for a variety of coffee business And they did have their own voice Like there was one coffee spot that was just very upscale and very fancy.

I spent a lot of money there as a customer before I worked there, So their voice was a little bit more…. I don’t know just very classy. And true to the art of coffee, Whereas when I worked at a Spot that really inspired me to open my own. It was a little bit more divey. It was in Long Beach, California, we would say things like rad dope, sick. This coffee is awesome, as we were doing captioning and creating our social media content.

It was just a little bit: More loose and chill Different vibe Different voice, So whatever your voice is identify that before Going and creating content across your social media pages And finally policy. What are your policies? I know. I saw this a lot when Speaking to retail businesses, and when I would consult them, it’s like okay. So what are your policies? What are your return policies? I know I personally love when I shop when the return policy Is a little lenient,’cause, I lose receipts all the time, ( laughing ), But the tag’s on it, But the tag — I swear.

But so what are your policies? In place for your business, All right now with almost Any type of business you need a terms of service Now you should probably consult some legal council with this. If you’re, not a lawyer, you Shouldn’t just make up stuff, But you should have something Like what is your return? Policy, like you said: what’s your privacy policy, do you keep customer information? What does all this look like? Have some type of terms of service to help protect you and your business, and it’s absolutely important And then have a copy of that For all of your employees and have that there readily Available for them to review Yeah, most companies will Usually have it on their website, usually down at the bottom, there’s a little link.

To the terms and service and the privacy policy, Speaking of your website, another important thing to bring up make sure you have contact info, Be accessible, Yes And also have some social proof. That is definitely today’s word of mouth So be easily accessible. Easy for me to contact you and definitely make sure I can find you readily easily available on Facebook. Twitter and Instagram All the things And that social proof, that’s basically just testimonials reviews of other customers that they say: hey, Emma’s, pizza’s, awesome or Emma’s.

Coffee shop is awesome, or whatever that looks like it really helps people identify with you and trust you and a pro tip for you all, do not be just a cave. Dweller go out into the open and be social Talk to people on social media. Talk to people in real life and really put your business And yourself out there.’Cause, you can’t expect them. All just to come to you,’cause. That will not happen. I know that it’s a famous quote “.

If you build it, they will come”, they won’t. You have to go to them and show Them what you’re all about Be proactive And add the human element? To your online presence, All right, That’s a wrap! If you liked this article make sure to give this A like at the bottom and while you’re there leave a comment on what You’ve learned today And be sure to subscribe and ring that bell. So You’re the first to know when we come out with another article.

This is The Journey. We’ll see you next time.

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Digital Business Case Study: Haworth Guitars Part 1 – Online Presence

What made us decide to go online was it was the way that the market had started going and it was just a matter of β€œ. If you can ’ t Beat them join them, ”, Basically how the business started was my dad actually was a high school teacher and he was an industrial arts teacher Teaching woodwork teaching, metalwork electronics, And those sorts of things – and he had a kid – come up to him.

A student in his class and said β€œ, Mr Haworth. I want to make a guitar ”. He decided to start his own workshop at home as a side thing to his full time, teaching making guitars. He opened up a shop then in Kiama Downs, where it was mostly a retail store. Then Ever since, probably about 10 or 11 years ago, when we moved into that physical shop, Front in Kiama Downs, we started an online web presence.

Then There wasn, ’ t many shops around who had a website back years ago and it was actually Set up by a student that my dad used to teach At that time it was pretty much my dad who was managing the eBay store and he Doesn, ’ t know anything about computers, but he was managing this eBay store and now eBay is probably about 50/50 With our website in terms of sales, So about 50 per cent comes from the website and 50 per cent come from eBay.

Online sales are about 20 per cent. Of our overall gross sales Buying it through the website is really easy now because it is set up so that it ’ s all Generated through a portal where they enter their credit card details or PayPal and it gets processed automatically The website, we revamped it and had a new One built about six months ago That ’ s a big part of it and then There is our eBay store.

They are the two points, the two e-commerce places where customers can actually buy things, Then, on top of that, a big one for Us is our Facebook Fan Page, then we ’ ve got Twitter and we also use YouTube. And we put out product reviews, we also put up Haworth TV episodes where customers can win prizes and things Like that, through YouTube, We have also got our own blog that we use. If we have a competition, we will Film, the YouTube article, the Haworth TV, and we will put it on Facebook.

We know that that gets the most hits. And everyone is on there and it is so easy so easy for them to reply and to comment, and things like that. So for us, Facebook is probably the biggest It. ’ s like the revolution of the internet. Right, Everyone is getting online. There is only a really small percentage: That don ’ t have a computer that don ’ t have the internet. So if I ’ m going to buy a fish tank, I ’ ll, just Google β€œ fish tanks, ” in my local area.

We make sure that in our local area, specifically that we are up there in the Google searches We have got to be, I think that most people, when they Are looking for a music store? Will just Google it? We have seen the new websites and there all content management systems like the CMS and it ’ s all quick and easy to use It. ’ s set out, like Microsoft word Most webpages out. There are only a year or a couple of years old.

If that We have got to make sure that We are at the cutting edge of that and make sure our website Is quick and easy to use it? ’ s quick and easy to update. It is easy for people to look at photos and to find prices and to search for Items and things like that, The main part was just that we had to Keep up with the times we have got to be at that kind of cutting edge, But the website we are mostly allocating one person three days a week to do that.

Just be wary of fraudulent credit cards and people out there doing the wrong thing as well, because we have been caught before where we have sent a guitar to somewhere in the world. Thinking that the credit card is fine and then we find out that it. ’ s a fake credit card and that we lose the guitar. We actually set up a world record. Day, a few years ago, where I did a world record and Broke a world record for the most guitars restrung in one hour, which was just a cool promo that we did, we thought it would be fun and we actually got a certificate and stuff, so that was really cool as well Other things that we are really proud Here, Are is just our staff and our team and how enthusiastic they are about music and basically helping us to spread the gift of music and helping people to play music.

So we have a fantastic team here that I am really proud of, and we Are very lucky to have [ Music Plays ]

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Connect with local customers on Google, National Veterans Small Business Week Livestream

Your businesses are hiring fellow veterans and military spouses, they’re supporting charities and giving your communities a sense of community sure it hasn’t always been easy, but you’re doing what you’ve always done, putting in the hard work and learning as you go so to help Google has created.

One place for your veteran owned small business can get a step-by-step guide to reaching customers worldwide at a veteran led badge to your Google estate, and let the world know that you all two and a half million of you are open for business visit us online to Get started hi everyone and thank you for joining us today, as we celebrate National Veterans Small Business Week with today’s livestream connect with local customers on Google.

My name is Donald Allen and I’m so excited to be here with you today so running. A small business can be a great second career after serving in the military. We believe that digital skills, training for veteran owned businesses like building a website, preparing a business plan and honing and marketing an audience strategy. Well, we’ve been official as veterans try to grow or start their businesses this year for national veterans Small Business Week.

We want to celebrate businesses who identify as veteran, led and help them grow their businesses through digital tools and training. After the presentation will be hosting a Q & A where we’ll answer, your questions live so throughout the what the livestream submit your questions using the hash tag, hash vet led livestream on Twitter, we’ll also be joined by Northern California. V Bakke advocate Korean economy.

To ask her about free tools and programs that V, Bock and SBA have to offer for veterans all right. So first a bit of background. So in 2017, we launched grow at Google, an initiative to help people across the United States grow their skills, careers and businesses by providing the best of Google’s training and tools. Specifically, we’ve launched products and programs that help the veteran and military spouse community and we’ll be sharing some today, as well as resources to learn more at the end of the sliced ring in today’s session.

We’re going to talk about a free tool that businesses can use right away to get started connecting with customers online. It’s called Google, my business and, if you’re new to Google, my business, don’t worry! That’s why we’re here today and I’ll start by sharing an overview. So, Google, my business, offers businesses a way to manage how their information appears across Google search in maps. So what is called a business profile all right, so try to picture this when we first moved to the Bay Area a few months ago, my family wanted to go out to eat all right.

So here we are we’re. In an air B & B. We have no food in the house new to the area and just like so many of many pcs adventures, we had no idea what was around us and keep in mind. I’ve got a family of six, so we can’t just go anywhere to go eat. So I open Google Maps and typed in restaurants near me and when I came, what popped up was a bunch of business profiles for businesses that were local to our area.

And so we found a quaint French comfort food cafe and had pictures and ours directions and a phone number which is important because I needed to call them to see if they could accommodate my large family I’ll. Just leave it to say that we went they could accommodate us. We had a great time and is now a favorite of ours that we now follow and we get updates from all of that is through these business profiles.

So research shows that over 90 percent of customers looking for business information through search engines are looking for specific information like business hours, promotions or available appointments. This is important because how a business’s information appears in search results can impact when how or why potential customers engage with you in context of our discussion today, of how businesses can use a business profile to connect with local customers.

So all I add that not only our customers are looking for specific, specific information about a business. They are looking for specific information about local businesses. There are billions of local searches made every month and more than 30 % of all mobile searches are related to location. So what does this mean all right? You have customers who are looking for specific information and largely looking for this type of information about a business in their community.

So today we’re going to discuss how to connect those dots using features available through Google, my business, but before we dive in it’s important to note that Google, my business was designed for businesses who have a physical location or do business face-to-face with their customers. Ok, but if you have a business or thinking about starting one that doesn’t meet one of these two categories – you’re fine, there still be opportunities to gain tangible takeaways through today’s topic, all right.

So this is the part where I tell you what I’m about to tell you. In today’s workshop. We are going to discuss how businesses can use Google my business to establish a local online presence, build a loyal customer base, highlight what makes a service or project unique and use insights to help drive more in store or online traffic. Alright, so you have options available to you. This is where having a free business profile on Google can help.

Customers are 38 percent, more likely to visit and 29 percent more likely to consider purchasing from businesses that have complete profile information before diving into the features of which can help your business connect with customers locally. Let’s first take a review of the anatomy of a business profile on Google when a customer discovers your business profile. The initial view they see is your business overview in a business overview.

Consumers can find info about your business like address contact info hours of operation, business logos, photos and more. This overview allows potential customers quick access to the best ways to connect with your business through Google, my business, you have access to a manager dashboard where you can update all the information shown here. So 96 % of customers are more likely to visit a business that has hours of operations on a Google search or match results.

Page 90 % of customers are more likely to visit a business. I had a phone number on a Google search map results, page and 90 % of customers are more likely to be more likely to visit a business that has photos on a Google search or Maps results. Page. Ensuring this information is actively managed can help increase the odds of connecting with new customers. A recent update to business profiles on Google allows for businesses the opportunity to include branded images like logos in their profile.

Through this update verify, businesses can create a short name or custom name for their business profile, to make it easier for customers to find them. When businesses shared this short name, URL customers can enter it into their browser. Search bar using the G page. Slash your custom name to go directly to your business profile. Another great way to stand out to local customers is by using attributes.

Attributes like customers see what your business has to offer, such as whether our restaurant offers Wi-Fi or indoor seating. Some attributes, like women-led or outdoor seating, can be highlighted as badges when customers find your business on mobile for our veteran led businesses. Reading today, we created a specific veteran led business attribute to let your community know that your business is run by a veteran.

So all of these features are great, but what if a business doesn’t have a website for consumers to visit once they found your business profile? It’s okay, Google. My business includes the option to create a free, simple website generated with the information from your business profile. So it’s a great starting point of being online perfect for small businesses who do not yet have a web presence in creating a website with Google.

My business takes about five minutes. There are three steps to creating a website with Google. My business one-click website from your Google, my business dashboard and once you do this, Google, my business, will pull the information from your profile to populate the website. You have the option, then customize some elements of the site, including like the theme, tags and photos and when you’re ready to go live.

You click the publish button. These websites also come with a free, URL and hosting you can customize your website address by entering the first part of the domain name, and it will automatically be followed by dot business site. So if you entered the name statius bakery, your website address would be statius bakery, dot business site. Alternatively, you can register your own domain name. This option is not free and you’ll need to register the domain Google domains, but if you already have a registered domain name even with a registrar other than Google, you can use it for your new Google site as well.

Okay, so let’s discuss a couple of creative ways: businesses could use the website feature in Google, my business. If you wanted to build a website for a hair salon, you would first consider how you would want your customer to engage with this. Some of the questions you might ask yourself include whether the what are the deciding factors that a potential customer would use when choosing a salon, do they want to see before-and-after photos? Do customers like to read reviews? Do customers prefer to make appointments or just walk in what customers prefer to see pricing on individual services? These are all the things that can be solved through the website template.

For example, you could showcase before-and-after photos and include reviews from your business profile on Google, so customers can see proof of the quality work that you do next, you can include a book now call to action button. So it’s important to note one out of two customers that want to schedule an appointment when searching for our business online are looking for way to to schedule that appointment.

So so one of the things that really came out to me was when I first got out of the military. I need to get a haircut. I couldn’t just go on base and go get. My haircut like I had been. I had to go, find a real barber, and so I actually used the Google search and found a profile for a business near me and the one that I chose for me was the one that I could schedule the appointment right there in the in the profile.

It was great and Google works with third party scheduling software providers. Sorry, Google works with third party scheduling software providers to enable online booking through Google search maps and reserve with Google a service that allows people to book appointments and reservations directly within the search engine found at google.Com. Slash map, slash reserve, and the last feature that you could use to utilize would be pricing information to include info about the cost of services.

Another thing that you can do is use photos and bright and vibrant ones are best to showcase products in the gallery. On this slide, you can see how a bakery showcases examples of how the food looks me. Personally, I definitely prefer more pictures of donuts and if I were still thinking of the hair salon I may want to show, before and after pictures to demonstrate my good work. Choosing the right photos can go a long way in helping customers feel confident that the service types and quality of work you provide online with their goals.

Another feature that I want to point out is custom domains. Google, my business, will allow you a free domain, which includes the dot business dot site at the end of the business name. However, you can you may decide it, you want to purchase a custom domain which is shorter and when thinking about which domain is best for your business, a few the best practices include making it easy to type keeping.

It short using keywords that your customers are already using to find you avoid numbers and hyphens and be memorable. Those are just a few ways that you can customize a website for your business through Google. My business, in addition to the features I just mentioned, businesses can also customize their website using a pre-designed templates. These templates come in a variety of layouts and color schemes, allowing you to select one that supports your brand guidelines.

Alright. So in this section we’re going to discuss ways to help you build a loyal customer base using welcomed offers all right. So when people follow your business, they become a follower and they will see your updates and offers and photos across Google and in there, for you feed. When you go into Maps, business owners can check out the customers tab to learn more about their followers into Google.

My business app the benefit here is that this creates an additional blog for business owners to reach their customers, and then you have the Welcome offer. You can attract people to your business with a welcomed offer. Now what this is is when they click follow on apps. Are search they’ll get an offer such as five dollars off your first meal, and then they can redeem it in person. The benefit here is you’re giving users another reason to visit you again going back to the are stat, which said that 90 % of customers are looking for business information through search engines are looking for specific information like business hours, promotions or available appointments promotions serve as A great way to capture our consumer attention and convert them into customers.

Here’s what that process looks like for your customer, so a user follows a business that has a welcomed offer set up. The user is informed of what it means to follow your business via pop-up. The user can choose a dismiss to offer or choose to save it, and then the user can go back to the business profile and view the offer when they are ready to use it. Alright, there’s three ways, so we can create an offer all right.

So the first one is click the Create a welcome offer from the home screen. I find that to be very aptly named. The second way is to set up a welcome offer in the profile editor screen, and the third way is to click create offer during the first time use prompt. Now that we’ve decided to create an offer when we’ve navigated our way to the starting point. There are just four steps in creating the offer.

The first one is to enter information about the offer. Next, you want to add a photo, and then third, you want to add a title and description to what your offer is. The last one is to view the welcome offer and double check the details, and then click publish another useful feature in Google. My business is the posts feature which allows merchants to post live updates directly on their business profile.

We briefly discussed post earlier in this workshop posts serve as a great way to keep loyal customers up-to-date on new products or service launches or other good information for your business. So when customers have more access to your business information and updates, they can make better decisions. As they browse, this allows you to directly communicate with your local customers to improve your customer experience with timely information to promote your sales, specials special events, news and new offers.

This also allows you to engage with your customers through articles and photos. Post can be created from your computer or from your phone on your computer sign into Google my business or open the Google, my business app on your phone or tablet. If you have multiple locations after you sign in you’re, going to need to select the location you’d like to manage and then click posts from the menu at the top of the page choose the type of post you’d like to create from the options.

Given the options to add photos, articles text, events offers and a button to your post appear, there click each field and enter the relevant information to see a preview of your post click preview and, if you’re happy with your preview in the top right click publish and If you’d like to change your post in the top left, click back edit, your draft until you’re, ready to publish and then click publish a few ways to use posts, though, are like a what’s new post.

What’s new post is one that provides general information about your business. You can include a photo article link, a call to action, button or other information. For example, a restaurant could make a post to promote a new menu item or in this example, honest Seoul. Yoga announced a new yoga studio, location, product post or the post that emphasize a specific product that your business sells. Product posts require a title, a photo or article.

You can then also include a call to action, button and other information, and then we have offer pose offer posts are ones that provide promotional sales or offers from your business offer posts require a title and a start and end date. A view offer call to action. Button is automatically added to pose and you can also include a photo a article, a coupon code, a link as well as terms and conditions with that pose.

This is a great seasonal. This is a great method for getting seasonal offers out there. One more idea: you can use poast to highlight important business information. This last post shows on insole yogas hours of operation, and you can create a post like this and include additional information that might help customers. So, for example, last year, specifically my family, on Black Friday, we were out trying to do some shopping.

You know get an early start to the season and trying to figure out the hours of operation for not just stores, but also restaurants, that we were in the vicinity of was really difficult. Unless you went to the store and saw the sign in the window. But the using this post, you can announce to all your followers. What your hours of operation are on those special days posts appear in your business profile and search and maps.

They you can create posts from Google, my business app on your phone or tablet or from the web dashboard using a laptop or desktop. You can also see how posts are influencing potential customers by reviewing their activity from the Google. My business dashboard, which draw it brings us to our last topic today. So our final topic today is how a business can use the insights feature in Google, my business to drive in-store and online traffic.

Many customers find businesses through Google search and maps. Google. My business insights focuses on how customers find your listing on search and maps and what they do after they find it think of this as an understanding the story of your customer, where they’re from and how they come to interact with your business. Ok, so there’s a lot of different types of insights. Some of the insights provides you different ways to understand how customers interact with your listing, so the the first one how customers find your profile.

It shows how many customers found you in a direct search. In other words, they search for your business name or address versus a discovery search, which is where they saw for a category a product or service, and your profile happened to appear. The next one is search queries which is available on the web version, but not available on the app to view search queries show you the queries that were used to find the business on Google, where customers found you on Google, Google search versus Google Maps the next One is customer actions, so this shows you what searchers did once they found your profile in Google.

The actions include that they visit your website. Did their request request directions that they call you? Did they just view your photos? The next one is Direction. Requests you’ll see your location pinned on the map and a heat map that shows the most popular places from which people ask Google Maps for driving directions to your address. The total number of requests, broken down by city or neighborhood are displayed as well.

The next insight is phone calls when and how how often searchers called your business via the Google business profile on Google, you can view trends by day of the week or time of day, and then the last one will talk about today’s photos. This is the number of photos associated with your profile and how often their view compared to your photos of businesses similar to yours, all right, so we’re going to dive in a bit into three of these available insights and so in the insights tab.

You can track common terms and search trends for your business. These queries should help you create better pose with Google and even ads to engage your customers search. Queries focus on the terms that your customers use to find your business on local search and maps. You’ll see the queries used in the last week last month, or even the last quarter, but to protect users. Privacy you’ll only see the queries that meet our privacy threshold all right.

So the next section here shows how customers behave after they found your listing on Google. The graph shows you how many customers completed the following types of actions when viewing your listing that they visit the website. A customer views your website, and this is displayed as website actions on the bulk report. Did they request your directions? This is where a customer requested directions to your business, and this is displayed as directions.

Actions on the bulk report did they call you. This is clearly where a customer called your business and displays as phone call actions on the bulk report and then there’s a total actions. The total customer actions for website directions and phone to view how many customers completed an action on a specific day. You simply need to select the data you’re interested in and so on. The desktop you just place the cursor over the day and on mobile you just tap the day and to the right of the graph click, the checkboxes to turn on or off the various filters.

Now the graph displays a total number of times anyone clicked one of the actions so whether they just clicked request, directions or place a call. This is going to show you any one that clicked it. So this means that single user can request directions to a business 100 times in a single day, and we would show you that a hundred requests were made in that one day. The next section here shows where customers are when they request directions to your business.

So on the map displayed you’ll, see your location pinned and the popular places your customers are when are are when they ask Google Maps for directions to your address. The total number of requests, broken down by city or neighborhood are displayed as well. You can zoom in and out on the map using the controls in the bottom right corner. Now the graph displays a number of unique users in each source, location, so by postcode or city or even country.

So this means that a single user can request directions to business 100 times in a time period, but we would only show one request for that person. Okay, in today’s workshop, we discussed how businesses can use Google my business to establish a local online presence, build a loyal customer base, highlight what makes a service or product unique and help drive more in-store and online traffic for hands-on support.

With any of the topics we discussed today visit the small business pros, comm and a schedule of one-on-one with a small business pro today, small business pros offers a quick and easy way for you to optimize. Your online services use your existing data to make more strategic decisions and resolve your issues in real time. You can find more free online business tools that grow. Google, / veteran lead as a reminder.

If you have questions you can get those questions answered using the hashtag hash vet LED livestream for a chance. I have your questions. Answered live next up, we’ll chat with karina conley from the veteran business outreach center, which is partially funded by the Small Business Administration, about the importance of National Veterans, Small Business Week and additional tools and resources available to the veteran and small business community.

But first, let’s take a look at a veteran, led, small business story featuring Chris Nolte Army veteran and founder of electric bike company propel bikes. My name is Chris Nolte, I’m the founder of propel bites throughout school. I didn’t really have all that much direction. I thought the idea of going into the military when I returned from overseas, I returned with the back injury. I really spent most of my time at home, just kind of feeling broken.

A friend of mine got an electric bike that built went up for myself and then suddenly, I’m mobile again. So I ended up starting this electric bike business and I knew that if I was to grow this business, so it’s going to do it all on the web. Recently, we added the bet led attribute: you’ve actually seen an increase of business specifically for people that want to support veteran owned businesses.

The first year we sold about 25 bikes, and last year we sold about a thousand everybody that found us. They found us on Google. What I do today, it’s very fulfilling it’s kind of a new mission for me and welcome back and wow. That was an awesome story Congrats to Chris and all of his success would propel bikes. Now we want to welcome our special guest Karina Connelly, who serves as a chief executive officer for the veterans business Outreach Center serving California and Nevada, so welcome Karina yeah.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, the Small Business Administration, your work with V Bock and the importance of National Veterans Small Business Week? Absolutely, and thank you so much for having me on today to celebrate the National Veterans Small Business Week. You know it’s just just a little fun fact that there’s over 2.9 million veteran businesses out there in our great nation that contributors over 1 trillion dollars over 1 trillion dollars with a revenue to our local economy.

So imagine that as a whole. So again, I am really humbled and honored to serve as a CEO for the veterans business Outreach Center. We are a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization were partially funded to the US Small Business Administration and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. Our program is really designed to be able to assist veterans in their initiatives to either start sustain or expand a small businesses initiative.

So the services that we offer are complementary because they’re paid by your public tax dollars and there’s three forms of services that we offer. The first one is: we offer complimentary one-to-one small business, consulting services, so let’s say, for example, you’re a veteran and you’re coming to our organization and you’re looking to either start a business. So what our process is is that we are designed to take a look at you as a person as a whole and identify what your learning style is, and then our counselors are trained to adapt to what your learning style is.

The reason why we do that is because of the fact that we want to alleviate starting a business can be really stressful and, with stress, is fear right. So we want to be able to alleviate that emotion called we call it the false evidence that appears real mentality, so we can adapt to whatever your learning style is to assist you in your endeavor to to do the evaluation, a reality therapy of starting a business Or if you’re an existing business and you’re looking to grow, or it is to seyn or to put together as a session plan, we will also adapt to whatever your business needs are, and our consulting services are done in a couple of different capacities.

The first one is, it can be telephonically done or we can do. We use our WebEx where we can actually FaceTime with you right. So then, you can face up the information that you’re reviewing with the counselor and also through that consultation review clash, flow projections, creating a strategic plan building a website whatever. That initiative is that we are doing with you and then the other one is obviously in person.

So we have an office which is our law offices located in Sacramento California. So that’s why we offer the different platforms, because everybody has most. Everybody has a smartphone, a computer where they can go ahead and log on, and it’s more effective for them to do that. The other service that we offer is over 200 trainings on an annualized basis. One of the signature programs is created by SBA.

It’s called the boots to business program. You went through that during your transition. Yes, so, as you know, then that program has eight modules and it really walks you through the conceptual idea of starting a business right to the fiscal financial management piece of it to the operational piece of it, to creating that that strategic plan or that business plan. Depending on what generation you are right and it gives you a snapshot view, so it allows you to be able to identify if entrepreneurship is something that is right for you, so it really just opens your eyes up to say.

Ok, this is something that I think that I might want to be able to do, but when a person goes through that program, where ever they were ever their home bases after their they come out of the military, then they can contact one of the 22v blocks That are nationwide, which can be easily accessible on the sba.Gov website, and so each one of those programs are those V box. Centers will tailor their services to whatever your specific needs are, and then the last service that we offer is we host conferences, which are one to three day conferences and they have a community-based focus.

So, for example, we just had a small business and dvbe summit dvbe in the government. You know we use lots of acronyms, which means disabled veteran business enterprise, and so it was a small business one day summit and it was part of the National Veterans Small Business Week celebration, and so with that we had our best practices, businesses that have come through The veterans Business Outreach Center program, some of them are still small businesses and some of them are actually medium-sized businesses, so we helped them grow and foster their business through either that neophyte level all the way through succession planning.

So that’s what the V buck programs do. So with that best practices, the audience had an opportunity to engage based upon their industry sector. What were best practices, what they would have done differently and what worked well for them, then the other component that we had is we had an economic future forecasting which talked about what are the economic trends which are so viable to a small business owner when you’re Creating your strategic plan or direction is if this is what my business initiative is going to be, then how is it going to fit within the marketplace in the demographic area that I serve or if its global, then, how does that fit globally as a whole yeah? So it’s interesting and and one of the things that came up so I’m a veteran you know, thank you, and so I know we’ve got a lot of veterans who are reading today, Wow.

So one of the things that comes up a lot especially doing a transition is the idea that we’re not quite ready yet and so at what stage from ideation creation. You know like that. I have an idea when I start a business, I’m actually operating a what stage should I come see you and your your team? That’s an excellent question. So, to be quite frank, it doesn’t matter what stage in the game you are because the veterans business outreach centers are designed to assist you on wherever you are specifically and whatever that cycle of starting a business or growing a business.

So, at any point time you can connect with your local vibha office. They’ll do a needs assessment to figure out where you are specifically. So if you’re a startup right, we want to vet the concept that the idea we want to determine whether or not the idea. By doing some market research is going to fit within the demographic area that you’re looking to to host your business. So let’s say you’re going to be starting.

I don’t know pick something underwater, basket-weaving, okay, right and you want to have a retail site that is in so you’re going to build a tank, this whole retail facility. So what we want to do is we want to take a look at what businesses and what can economically and trends is going to impact your business number one. So that’s the first thing so with your local municipality. What is the five-year plan for that? For that infrastructure, for that municipality, that’s going to support your business or is there another business? That’s similar! That’s a box chain! That’s going to come in! That’s going to have the same business initiative that you’re going to do, and it’s not going to be your direct competition and, what’s the with the mile radius of that the other part of it is that taking a look at the economic research, we have access to A phenomenal program that SBA provides to ssv bucks is called IBISWorld and I was word world allows us to pull economic trends, so we can assist you and give you the information that you need to be able to value your business concept, and/or idea.

So that might be an initiative marketplace of what you’re doing, but we want to make certain where your sales going to come from. Are you going to? Are you going to foster your relationships and do contracts with corporations? Are you looking for the general population sector or is it a combination of how are you going to generate that revenue and what does that strategic plan look like operationally financially to your marketing to your branding, to your succession planning as well, so one of the things That comes up is going back to my underwater basket-weaving, so in my head, I’m going to do five billion dollars of revenue in the first week.

Yes, if I bring that plan to you, are they going to help me gauge some of that, so we’re going to give you reality. Therapy is what I’m going to call it reality, they’re right, so we’re going to take a look at your industry sector right and what is reasonable cash flow that you’re going to generate. So if you come in a new, unless you have a contract with maybe a major health care or a for-profit organization, that’s going to say we’re going to give you a contract for that dollar amount and that’s going to solidify your revenue right.

But it also depends on the terms and the conditions of that contract. So we we sit down with you and we take a look at what your owners infusion is right, because you have to have working capital, you have to have sustainability, and so that’s why your cash flow projection is really important because it talks about your different revenue Streams right and you can’t start out a business with five million.

No, I mean we’re. Could you have something that supports that in evidence that, because more than likely, if you’re going to start out a business, that’s going to have five million dollars. You said within the first year first week first week: that’s you know what that’s very believing it’s coming at you, so you must be using Google right and you know it it’s to help you with that. So what we will do is we need to make certain that you have enough money to cash flow, your business, okay right, so you have a five million dollar contract you’re going to perform it in the one week.

So how are you going to afford to have money in the bank? That’s either your own owners infusion or a line, a credit established or some kind of funding to support that contract, because more than likely contracts don’t get paid until 90 to 180 days out, depending on the where it where it starts. So what we’re going to do is take a look again at your industry sector. What is reasonable in that industry sector? What are some past performance who’s, your competition, so a mini MBA program.

We call it the SWOT analysis right. What are their strengths? What are the, what are the weaknesses, what we’re going to call it areas of improvement right? What are the opportunities for your business and what are the threats to your business? So SWOT analysis? Okay, yes, yes, and so we’re going to take a look at that and determine what is a reasonable cost for the services that you’re offering or the products that you’re offering.

So for your basket-weaving business? Is it just going to be isolated to a certain demographic area, or is it going to be or national? Well, I just presumed that I would put it online and make my 5 million dollars a week so again we’ll take it back to reality therapy. So what will happen is all of our consultants in our program have an MBA. We have some that are CPAs as well, so we have you sit down with the consultant, take a look at your industry sector and put together a cash flow projection.

That’s reasonable! Okay! Right we’re going to give you that’s what I call it the reality therapy and though the services are complimentary, you’re not going to do the work for you we’re going to mentor you and guide you through that process. So the energy and effort that you put into it is the rate of return that you’re going to get out of it. Oh perfect, we have a lot of people that come in and they want us to do the work.

But if we do the work for you, then how are you going to successfully own and operate your business fair point? What? But that brings me to an interesting question. So I know a lot of veterans are thinking about starting their own business as they get out. Yes, what are the value that you see that a veteran brings to starting up their own business? That’s a really an excellent question, so you being a military member.

You know the Department of Defense spends billions of dollars of training, military members right with their standard operating procedures and also how to be able to handle situations that are stressful situations right. You have a ready action plan. So that’s what makes a veteran owner business owners so successful. I think you’re at the top 90 percentile a success ratio of them succeeding and it’s also predicated on the industry sector as well, but because they’ve been trained and it’s how they take so, let’s say: you’re a veteran you’ve recently transitioned out and you’re.

Looking to start a business or you’re already in a partnership in a business right, so what we want to do is take a look at what they needs. Assessment are with your business, where you’re going to grow it or how you’re going to start it and we’re going to take that experience, maybe you’re starting a business in whatever experience you have in the military. You want to transition that experience into corporate America and to start your business and we’ve helped many many many clients through that threshold from they come in.

They have a conceptual idea. This is what I did in the military. I was in charge of supply did supply chain, and I know that I could get supplies from point A to point B, so we actually have a client that that came through this program about four years ago. They started out with a conceptual idea and now they’re running over 22 million dollars in contracts, but we were, but they allowed us to do our job by guiding them and mentoring them through that whole process.

So so any business can be successful right if you, if you plan and you strategize, but that plan is just used as a barometer and because of the fact that things happen in business when you’re when you’re an entrepreneur – and you start out – you wear many – many Hats, you might be the CEO but you’re, also the janitor right, which every job is equally important. You can be Accounts Payable, customer service, you can be the sales department as well and you can be your human human resources department as well.

So what we take? A look that really is what your bandwidth and what your skillset level is, and to help you to take to those areas that you don’t have that bandwidth to fill those areas either with collaborative partners or resources. That will give you what you need to have a solid foundation, but it’s up to you to take the advice and to implement the advice. We can only give you the advice and we don’t make decisions for you.

Sorry, that’s good. No, it sounds really great about especially about guiding us through in a non-judgmental way, like that’s, really important. What, if my idea is super brand new mmm-hmm secret? I don’t want anyone to know about it. There’s a confidentiality absolutely so, just like I mentioned earlier, so the consulting services that we offer are confidential, just like a bank fiduciary relationship.

So when you register for services with our organization, we have a confidentiality statement and also in there it describes to that. What that level of confidentiality is all of our consultants and all of our staff members also have to sign a confidentiality statement on an annualized basis and we train what that confidentiality means. So let’s say you start your starting a business and you have a friend who’s starting the same business and that friend calls in because they want to find out about your business initiative.

So what we’re going to do just like what a bank does or just like, if you have a medical care provider, they’re, going to verify that it’s you, so we will ask them a series of questions like the last four years. Your social security number will branch and military. So there’s certain cue questions that we ask them, because we have access to that information to verify that when we’re doing a telephonic consultation or we’re doing or someone’s just calling in that.

We know that we’re connecting with you and speaking with you, okay, so yeah. So all right, this one is on behalf of my wife. Yes, what options are there available for military spouses so so they’re the same opportunities for military spouses for entrepreneurial training services through the Vblock programs, as if you, the veteran that came through as simple as that, so we support veterans of all eras, transitional military members.

Reservists Guard members and spouses, and so if your spouse is going to be in business with you, we will have you sign an authorization of release form because we serve the veteran right and then your wife would register for service as well, and we would onboard her The same way that we onboard you and so the same thing, if you are a veteran business owner and you have a key management team right, your key management team would register for services.

You would sign an authorization form for each one of them and then we would work with you as a team that doesn’t mean that they can receive the services in lieu of you as the veteran it’s in collaboration. So we could build capacity for you and your business or with you. I should say right so, okay. So what if my business isn’t five million dollars a week? What, if it’s really only about twenty thirty thousand a year? Do you guys still help with that? So yes, so again, we it doesn’t matter the size of your business, whether you’re, a micro, business or you’re, a small business or you’ve generated no revenue whatsoever.

We’re here to guide you to mentor you and to support you if you’re starting, growing, sustaining and all the way through an exit strategy and even through the exit strategy. If you’re looking to bring in another veteran to take over your business, we mentor both of you in that transition period. Right because we want to make certain that it’s fluid and that it’s successful for both of you and we also help with the evaluation of an acquisition of a business.

So our services are really broad. So it’s just not business planning, right and strategic planning. It’s all about acquisition with acquisitions and mergers. Access to capital is a big one. So well actually my next question so access to capital is one of the greatest hurdles that small businesses have right so because it’s all predicated upon the business itself. What is the owners infusion? What cash do you bring to the table? Not you going down and getting a credit card taking a cash advance.

That’s not cash! That doesn’t count right. Well, it counts, but it’s not true owners in fusion. What collateralization so there’s different types of financing that’s available, but financing for a small business is unique to the business. It’s not like you’re going to go, buy a house and you’re going to give them your your w-2s and your last year’s w-2s. Your 30 days bank statements and your last 30 days pay stubs it’s different.

It’s uniquely designed and underwritten based upon the industry sector, your business, what you say in your strategic direction or your plan, what your business is going to do and with those cash flow projections. Again, I’m going to go back to the fiscal wheelhouse, whatever those projections say, are they reasonable with the industry sector and do they make sense based upon? What’s your marketing plan in is your branding analysis and whatever those different revenue streams are going to be.

So we take a look at not only you as a person as a whole. We take a look at your business as a whole as well, and then that’s how we guide you. So it doesn’t matter if you’re starting sustaining growing since we’ve had people their survival mode right. We’ve had veterans that are deployed and we’re helping them work with their business owner back in the States and we’re doing it telephonically or emailing, so their business is sustainable when they return ok.

So this is my last question for you before we move on. So I know you’re with the BOC. Yes, not all of our viewers are here in California. Yes, how do they go about getting the access it? Can they get that excessive? Absolutely absolutely so SBA is, is a federal agency. It’s called the small US Small Business Administration and SBA has numerous programs for four small people or individuals that are looking to start sustain or expand a small business initiative, because small businesses are the economic engine of our great economy at the at the end of the Day it all boils down to that and with that being said, if you go to the website at WWF, be a govt, that’s wws be a gov and then the Office of Veterans, Business Development is the program that funds and is responsible for the VBox centers nationwide.

Alice Tammy yeah. Ok! Well, great! So thank you so much Corinna, if you don’t mind, staying with me, we’ll go through soon a so now we’re going to take a few questions live from Twitter. As a reminder, if you have questions you can get those questions answered using the hashtag hash, vet LED livestream on Twitter all right, let’s hop into our first question so, and we’re excited what’s the first one ooh okay, this one is from the borough of Manhattan Community College, what would you recommend if founders do not have a physical location and want to use grow with Google all right? So, unfortunately, you cannot use Google my business as an online, only business, but you can market your business using SEO and Google Ads we’ve covered.

Both these topics in depth in our previous live streams, which you can access at G dot, Co, slash livestreams all right. That’s an excellent question. All right, let’s see here what else we got! Question number two question number two: oh okay, here’s one for Ukrainian! So this one is what’s the difference between V, bak and SBA, so the veterans business outreach centers are partially funded from the US Small Business Administration due to public law.

106. 5-0. All of the 22 V box centers nationwide are some are nonprofit organizations. 501 C 3 s – some of them are also connected with local community colleges or and/or state universities on their economic development wing, so their own. The each one of them are independently operated, but we are grantees from the US Small Business Administration through the office of veterans, business development through the public law 106 5-0, which started in 2004 so working together.

Yes, so basically SBA is the federal agency that allows us to be able to be the boots on the ground to provide those direct service deliverables, the confidential, consulting services, the over 200 training platforms on an annualized basis and then the conference’s that we host okay, cool. All right question number three: yes, this one coming from Clayton library: how can vets get involved with bunker labs in Atlanta all right? Well, actually, there’s actually no in Atlanta tomorrow, which is still accepting RSVPs for a launch event between Google for startups and bunker labs.

You can get involved by going to bunker labs website at Bunker. Labs, org and bunker labs is one of our collaborative partners Connor, who is the executive director? Yes, so the V pop programs collaborate with a lot of the nonprofit organizations and for-profit Avett agencies that provide those direct service deliverables. So that’s great that you can access a lot of different resources without owning all of them.

That’s correct, so it takes so they take. They say it takes a village right to raise a child, so it takes a village or a multitude of different agencies. Nonprofit organizations, both federal state, local municipalities, institutions of higher education to be able to serve our constituency base. So we all work together and collaborate. Okay. Next question here is from Avery from Madison Wisconsin.

All right are there more veteran specific workshops or lessons that you can recommend so I’ll. Take the first part if you want to connect partner, okay, so, as mentioned before grow with Google just launched a resource hub. Where veterans like, like War veterans, can find products tools and lessons to start or grow their businesses. One resource is the primer app primer, offers quick and easy to understand business and marketing lessons you can find topics like creating a business plan, increasing sales, managing finances and more primer also offers customers mini courses tailored to veterans and military spouses that you can find by Searching veteran led or mill spouse biz with a Z in the app the URL is grow.

Google, slash veteran ledge, very nice. So I’m going to add to that. If I may please, so, there are a lot of different resources out there for individuals for their small businesses. So if you there’s a small business development center, which is also also funded by the Small Business Administration. So if you’re looking to do government contracting as well procurement, technical assistance, centers as well, they provide specifically contracting opportunities if you’re looking to grow and expand your business.

I’m International Trade, Centers of International Trade Organization, the Service Corps of retired executives as well, and the one business centers I know score scores. I was okay, so that’s an excellent question, though yeah thank you uh. Why do we have here Sasha from Des Moines, alright Sasha? What do you have this? Alright? What’s the difference between Google, my business and things like Google Places for business, Google business profile, Google listings Google+ business pages? Okay, I can get that one: okay, Google, my business lets you take advantage of your business pro or businesses presence on Google.

So with your Google, my business account you can manage and update your business profile and build a website to attract, engage more customers. Google, my business business profile, encompasses what was once known as Google Places for business the Google listings and replaces a Google+ business page, so it consolidates and replaces it oh here we go. This one is from from Scott. It says: is there a search feature to make the veteran badge searchable and how do we shop and do business with that led businesses locally, all right I’ll, take this one.

The the attribute is not currently searchable. The attribute will show up in two places, so in search when you’re searching for a place using an android mobile device, users will see the attributes like veteran lead on the profile and when searching for our place using the iOS mobile device, users will would need to Use the chrome app in order to find a place, and then they will see the attribute in the highlight section on maps on maps, all users will need to open a business listing and tap the two two line: description of the business, to see the attributes associated With that business, so it’s more than abbreviate version on the maps versus when you go and do a search and see here, mmm, okay, so this one’s for you, okay, all right! This one is from Sylvia in Albuquerque.

I only have a business idea right now. What are some things I need to consider before start veteran-owned business? Well, that’s an excellent question. So the my first and foremost recommendation for you is to get in to sign up for services with a local Small Business Development Center, a veteran’s business outreach center. So they can actually help you and/or score to vet, that process of what your concept or what your idea is and how and how that concept or whatever the idea is that you have how it fits within the marketplace.

So the most important thing is get to the local resource partner: either a veteran’s business outreach center. You can find them on the SBA gov website and let those professionals assist you to help. You mentor you to walk you through and evaluate that concept, or that idea right as you want to find out whether or not is going to be feasible or not, feasible, absolutely and also plug score here from the SBA.

So when I was a mentor over there a lot of the times we would take at businesses that were still in the idea phase and didn’t really have anything fleshed out and we would help walk them to the flushing. But in the same town we weren’t going to do the work for you. We would give you the tools and you need to go. Do the legwork and that’s where we, when I go back to the needs assessment. Just like you go to a health provider they’re going to do a needs assessment based upon your health needs, so we do a needs assessment based upon your business needs.

What is your experience in the industry sector? What do you bring to the table of your knowledge because it’s one thing to have a conceptual idea, but not had that subject matter expertise to be able to perform the deliverables? So then we have to identify. Can we find someone who has that subject-matter expertise that you can hire or be your partner in that business? So it’s just basic evaluation.

So then that way, the reason when we offer the services is, we don’t want you to start a business and we’ve had people. Do this they come in, they go. We don’t to create a plan right, we’re just going to start a business, so they’ll come in. They’ll say this is an excellent service, we’ll start them in the direction, but they don’t want to create a strategic plan. What they want to do is they go out.

They sign a lease agreement, they’re in a retail storefront, and then they come back six or nine months later saying: hey. We don’t have enough money to cash flow. So then, what we do is we take a look at either a sustainability plan or a survival plan or an exit strategy, whatever their particular situation is. So that’s why these resources are so important, they’re, complementary, they’re paid by your public tax dollars.

These are people who are, they are certified the professionals they know their industry sector in and out and they’re there to guide you and mentor you. So the first thing that I would do is to go to sba.Gov, find your local resource partner, whether it’s a V Bach and SBDC, a woman’s business center or score whatever it might be and then get services from them. Let them guide you and mentor you through that process, so you can make good valid business decisions outstanding yeah.

So it’s a great question. So the next one is a Clinton library. Can you briefly briefly discuss the Patriot boot camp partnership or okay yeah? I can. I can do this one, so our our Google, for starters partnership will pair startups, founded by veterans and military spouses in the Patriot Mentor Program, with advisors from Google to provide product expertise. We’re especially excited to support the Patriot boot camp as they inspire and equip additional military spouse and veteran founders to succeed.

Wow. We got a lot of questions all of a sudden. It’s because you’re doing a fabulous job. Alright, so this one is from Justine from New York. She is Google Reserve the same as the appointment booking feature. Okay, no, but they do work together, so Reserve at Google connects to a wide variety of online services that let you book reserve and get things done like mind. Body Trip Advisor book, see him anymore.

So if you choose those services, it automatically connects you to your Google, my business business profile very nice all right. This uh got another one here from Justine nope, that’s a copy there. This one’s from Lily from New York, okay, New York is live. I know they’re. Definitely here in force is there a one-stop place where I can learn more about Google’s resources for veterans? Yes, there is actually so please visit grow.

Google, slash veteran lead where you can find grow at Google’s free tools and resources for veteran, led businesses and again that’s Gro. Google, slash veteran lead, that’s an excellent question. I know they’re coming in, like that. They’re definitely woken up so this one. Next, one is a Julia from Ann Arbor. Yes, all right, so I own a business, and one of my employees is in charge of responding to text messages that come in from Google.

My business is there any way that I can monitor the messages? Okay, so no, but you can see the average response time if you have any have an Android device reports in messaging insights will display the average wait time for a message response using the last 28 days of data to see the reports just go on your Android Phone or tablet open the Google, my business app and tap customers and then messages, and you should better get a report all right.

Well, I think that’s about all the time we have for today, and I hope that you found this information valuable. Thank you Karina. Thank you. Thank you for your service and inviting me out today. No thank you and thank you for joining us and thank you all for attending the live stream from all of us here at Google. I want to say a happy National Veterans Small Business Week. Thank you.

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EP 008 – Why Business Development is MORE Important than Sales with Timothy R. Johnson

It might be a little cookie. I’m just going to set this right here, all right there we go good morning, everyone. This is a Kelly O’Neil and I want to welcome you to the proper door live show. This is the show dedicated to entrepreneurs around the world who want to know the no BS tactics and strategies of what is working right now to create a highly profitable business without the hustle and grind.

So we are going to be teaching you all about things to work, smarter, not harder, and we are not going to sugarcoat anything. So we are going to go there hey good morning, so yeah we are going to go there, we’re going to bring you these topics that you want to hear most so the song I am so thrilled to have my dear friend Tim Johnson, here Tim I’ve worked With for years and Tim is the king of connections, he is a connector, Proctor or profile type, and he is all about utilizing his vast network in order to create millions and millions and millions of dollars in sales for his own companies, as well as for his As well as for his clients, so welcome to how are you doing I’m doing fantastic? I’m we’re going to call this officially the move edition where I couldn’t find half my makeup.

My lighting is all messed up and I had to tear down my office, I’m sitting in a random room, so something it’s the move edition. I got it fantastic. Alright, as you join. What I would love for you to do is just go ahead and drop. A note in here so that we could see who is joining the call say hello say where you’re from and if you’ve got any questions about business development sales, but drop them in there as well.

Alright, mr. Tanner, the difference was to start here most people. You know online that they’re talking all about like you need to do sales leave. Do sales need to sales which sales is important. Don’t get me wrong if you don’t have sales, you’ve got no cash flow. If you have cash flow you’re on the company, but there’s a big difference between business development and sales, what’s the difference well, in my experience with business, development is really nurturing a client to not just be a sale, but to be a lifetime.

Member of your movement that you know they not just also buy or use your product, but they promote it to the world right because they’re so happy, and we develop that. That’s where you know this is where they get to know you. That’s where you get to like you, that’s where they get to love you and, as I call it this, you know it’s just that client practice the dating process in which you literally get them stoked and you’re serving their mission as to why they want to achieve Things and when you handhold them through the process, I call business development because you’re developing that relationship with them to achieve their goals, not your own.

I love it. I love it. So what you’re saying is really like. The differences between business development and sales is business. Development is an ongoing, is an ongoing relationship, building tool where sales often can be looked at very transactional yeah. Exactly that’s a thing. If you, you know it’s the customer lifetime value right. If you go in and they’re so stoked with what you refer to them, the first time they’re going to come back to you multiple different times, to tell you that there’s stuff going on in their business and you can make more money, call mailbox money.

What does mailbox money define is what do you do with the eighty percent of people you’re? Not four! So listen when you refer somebody and that person’s really really stoked, and they come back to you. Let’s just say that product isn’t for you or you don’t require that service. But what, if you have a board of directors that you can refer that business to and they send you a check? How do you make money with no right there? Not for you, you should surround yourself like this profit ology group.

Each people in this group has very specific interest in very specific skills that could multiply other clients that you already have and make money. Without that I love it. This is by the way that is your next book title. No one steal that that’s Tim Johnson’s, if you steal it, how to make money with no that’s to be what I already have. You are ok, our summit is the summit that Emerson, I are doing, is sell less make more summit, because one of the guys from Northwestern Mutual used to tell a story.

He was the number one sales guy in in the world and the history of that company and what he said that was very profound is that they asked him on stage. He says how did you become so good at sales? You said I stopped selling. I just looked for a business for 11, other friends, nice yeah. So now here’s the thing you know: there’s most people will do referrals, but don’t ask for the check the difference is I just learned how to literally do referrals and I’ll be showing something by the end of summer that literally on your phone, you can take the Phone hit the hit the partner hit, the lead and connect them, and it literally does it in 30 seconds sending a vCard and why it is so literally all you do is carry your phone around a networking event.

Ok, Kelly O’Neil here is the lead connect and then literally puts it on a Trello board for you to let you know that I refer to leave, that’s awesome. So let’s talk a little bit more about this. You know I ran something called the collaborate to accelerate intensive a while ago, and I talked with all of our students in the profit preneur circle, about the importance of collaborating and doing this type of business, and what you’ve really done is you take this a step Farther and you assemble a board of directors.

So let’s talk about what your board of directors looks like well like for branding. I use you for funding. I use Leo canal for merchant services, I use Ryan Fritsche for sales. I use Tom Chef and it just goes on coppy I use for a Mersenne and what I’ve done is there’s a tool called fix. Your funnel so literally, all I have to do is if I you just have somebody text the word branding or I can use the app that I have, that literally connects them.

Now, when I get back from a networking event, let’s just say I talk to 30 40 50 people right, okay, I literally know when I get back what I connected into so literally nobody’s falling off so literally instead of the 20 percent Plato’s principle so like in Baseball 3: a 2 out of 10. You know: you’re an average player 3 out of 10 and you’re you’re, a rock star right, you’re, a multi-million dollar stuff.

Well that works. That way. Why not monetize the connections you’re with? If you start to talk to them, and you explain to them what’s going on here’s, what most of us do, have you ever been to an event and someone all they do is talk about how badass their yes, then, why do we sell? Why do we tell people what we do? That would mean we like to tell people what we do oh yeah and says: well, if our minority shuts off, if someone talks about how badass they are, then why, specifically, we start sharing with people what we do sure.

Ok, so going through the process, all I’m listening for is key phrases unless, before the problem is the challenges the issue is, I would have deep dive down to that see to me a lot of former sales is dead features and benefits, and all this other stuff That goes out bigger the consequence, bigger the check. So what I’m listening for? Well, you don’t understand the problem. Is I’m like right? Well, most, you don’t realize the minute.

Someone says the problem is that’s what they crave for themselves. The challenge the issue. Well, if you start to listen to those, if that challenge or that problem or that issue, you can solve it, what you’re able to do is then connect them to a referral partner if they’re not for you, so you’re only monetizing it out with them. Here’s the thing: imagine if you start referring your friends business the next time something comes up in their business, that your referral they’re going to want to get back.

So you create this whole board of directors, which is really just brothers and sisters that I have that are really badass specifically in that area. But what I learned to do is just monetize it, because there’s no way the human mind can listens to 30 or 40 conversations in a weekend and monetize. Well literally, all I did was take a lot of the tools that tradition I learned from you and a lot of other people and literally just created a work like I could just say, branding hey.

Let me introduce you to a sister of mine, Kelly, O’Neil, she’s, badass, here’s, what she’s accomplished, here’s what you’re going to receive and literally the system automates it automatically. So I really don’t have to do anything so it creates this process. So now I’m making money with no, because if they’re not for me, I might as well sell to a friend and make a check and add him come into their business right.

I love that. I love that. I love that sorry, I’m trying to figure out. What’s going on with my split screen here, primeira another I didn’t update on, he can’t live and now all of a sudden we have, we have all. Now. I think, there’s three there’s two of you. I didn’t know if I could add a morph. I sizing as what you’re saying yeah yeah I mean like you’re. Duplicating try to get out on face like branding.

Does yeah it’s the be everywhere effect. That’s what we like to that’s what we like to. We like to say here, fantastic all right. So in assembling your board of directors, because I think this is really important – it’s the turning the no because you’re right, you’re, not you’re, not right for everyone. So where do you look for in your business development partners execution? Does the execution of the product solve the specific problem that they’re going through right? Okay, for example, you know like and like when you are working on my stuff, you and Emerson.

I thought work very well together because you’re both very much strategists yeah, I’m not a strategist. A lot of people tell me, oh my accessorize strategy. What I do is I’m accessorizing verticals that they’re not looking at they’re, not making money on merchant services they’re not making money on reputation, but it actually aligns with their core values of their company, but they’re not looking at it like.

How do you write off on line, but I’ve set B reviews? You know, here’s the thing, because I understood reviews and reputation do some of the branding. At least curry happens to be one of my reputation and I also use another company call so tell us. So I used two different verticals: yes, love myself, some Ron Howard. I do, but I like the checks. He sends me: yeah, yeah. Okay, that’s mailbox! Money, month after month after month, like ryan Phrygia merchant, he sends me pay taxes.

So I set it up once and I continually paid like rental properties, okay and then, when I’m out and about. If I see someone’s you know, if their reputation is not good or their branding sauce, your enemy writer says they took the sole process and literally create into a formula that we go into companies, cuz strategies, everything right, facebooking ads, and all that is tactics. If you don’t have a strong strategy in the front, here’s they most people want to come to me and they’re like blow up my business.

So I’m like great. What’s the strategy? Okay, I know how you know once the offer and the strategies in place. I got the ways. That’s super simple right. Cuz, listen! I you know, I teach my students to literally crate mailbox plenty for themselves. Cuz. You know you might as well. If they’re, not for you, if you’re paying for the lead, you already paying for the travel, if you’re sitting down eating dinner, start to think about other verticals or people that are in your circle, that you can refer business to in this asking for exact.

If you prefer that’s free marketing for them, okay, they’re going to pay for marketing in some kind of way. The difference is now we go out. We monetize right so now, you’re monetizing, six out of ten eight out of ten begin. This make sure the product or services they provide is really good. Okay. So this is this. I will tell you is key the end. You know what a stickler I am like. I I literally just put the kibosh on a good friend of Mines, business Hugh who came to me because her product is – and I love her and I think she’s brilliant and her products, not market ready – and I was like I won’t rep this yet like you Need to get all these ducks in a row before you wrap it, and I think this is such a key thing in this market.

You know: what’s what’s that saying? What’s the saying about you know, if you don’t want to get fleas or what is it like? Don’t don’t don’t lie down with a dog that has fleas know if you don’t want, please don’t lay it out with the dogs, it has it yeah exactly it’s like you have to be so careful in this market about who you are referring to, because that is A representation extension of your brand and if you refer to someone that is, you know, doing less like subpar work or, if you’re referring to someone that is, you know not not not up to snuff er.

You know that that comes back on you. It does us. You know and that’s why you know one of the things we created to sell, let’s make more summit was after a buddy might got Chilean. I got burned by promoter and we’re literally putting on an event for the sponsors of that show to serve them back, as it was worried for lem me, yeah, they’re, buddies or sponsors back to let them get on stage, because it was my reputation and and here’s The thing what what easier way is to do that than to start my first one everybody’s asked me recently why I don’t teach what I do and then somebody in October last year asked me how many kids am I not helping, because I’m not on stage.

You know my dad stopped. That’s how you get stim go for the kids every time, yeah! That’s why it’s almost my customers or my clients that I don’t work for them. I work for their kids because you see there’s three investments in your life. There’s time, money and change: what’s the most important change change, but most people when they’re struggling always talk about time, but we all wake up with the same 1440 minutes a day.

There’s a reason why some people make 30 grand is reason why some people may go hundred million it’s based on the habit you wake up with in the morning. Okay, we just don’t. We don’t look at as our businesses, the math we look at it. It’s hard. The minute you say it’s hard, we tell the universe. No, so there’s only two things in the universe. There’s no one know if the challenge is the issue is the problem is you’re creating the know in your business instead of who do you know what you need to know or where do I need to know to get me past this problem? Yes, who has that literally, if your mind would just go to that hey, okay, I need this person and it comes.

It makes it so much easier when these issues come up. There’s a book called Black Swan. What are the what ifs in our business? This is his favorite book, so we either say I’m just going to totally Adam. We do this thing. I call it Timmy time where I call him yeah now we’re going to put it live on Facebook, so I call it. I call it Timmy time like if I need some Timmy time. I called Terry for whether it be personal advice, litmus checks about something from sales off on him.

We have Timmy time and many of our TV times this book. The black slide has come up right and Black Swan is just the layers of your business right. If you know, if you’re marking, with your sales guys something happened, I’ll give an example I was at. I was actually just coming out of an event with you. If you remember, you told me, and one of my contractors acted flipped his car and passed away so had I not been layered with other contractors and other things in the business? Had I not layered my business, this year’s was pretty wild.

I buried my grandma very regretful. My wife had surgery, my friends, it’s not rough, it’s here’s a thing. You know everybody says even with my story that if I, if I didn’t have the stuff in place, my business would have never thrived. It would never keep going. You know we’re put through things its perspective right. A lot of people say I’ve had a rough childhood, so a lot of people say you know this last six months been rough, but if I didn’t have my friends, I didn’t have my board of directors.

I didn’t have my business setup in the way that I did it wouldn’t be here right and that’s why this book is so important because you know it’s preparing, you know, listen cash crunches, don’t come in one day. If you start to look at the stuff in your business, it shows you months in advance on your balance sheet, but we don’t look at that. We don’t wake up Sunday morning or Monday morning and say hey.

This is the sales I need for the week. Here’s the verticals are they sales that you need specifically for you or, if you’re, already buying, if you’re buying the marketing? Why not monetize it with your friends as well, because you know you can send them business and vice versa. I think a lot of people really operate from that scarcity. Mindset where you know I see this office like this is part of the reason I created.

As you know, the profit ology process because, as I was creating that Tim was behind the scenes done. This is brilliant, and this is part of the reason I created this is because not everyone is in the right stage for what you need right now in your business, and a lot of people are stuck skipping, like you said it’s like they’re tiptoeing, through clarity and Leapfrogging over strategy into action and they’re burning they’re burning their businesses out right in their burn their lists because it’s just the same stuff over and over and over.

So I give you a perfect sample. I’d was uh when I started doing a lot of the stuff. I was burning people out with people. There was no way they had the amount of time so I’ll give kudos to Troy, Bechard him, and I did a trade out. We were doing a mastermind together and I’m just I just started like I normally do. I get on a white board, which is my war room and I’m just like right now, maids for him, neither whoa dude, there’s no way.

Possibly you know I did like 50 or 60 leads like in one day and he just started building this thing is I throw there’s no way so we actually reached out to fix your funnel and he actually heated and literally on the backside of an app literally Created so I can connect people on a Trello board at five at a time, so I didn’t have to slow me down. I can still do dumps right on people that I had met, but yet it was being triggered in the sense that it was only five at a time so having five for a week to follow up with this and bad.

But if I do a dump and my what do you mean get done, I would just think like, for example, the easiest way for me to figure out who somebody’s for is to do a dump. I can write notes so literally I’ll just go into Trello and I’m like you know it is, but you need to know this person. You know this person, you know this person, you know this person well, but that was doing it all manually. So literally now I can just do this: Trello dump a people they need to know and really in the business, because you know we’re only one person away from knowing anybody.

People don’t believe that, but literally with social media and all that kind of stuff, you’re literally only part one person away from knowing the customer knowing that Rockstar. You want to know right, but we don’t looking like that, because the thing is, you know when you start referring people with events and people at home to some other process. People don’t forget you they don’t so now, which makes it easier.

It’s now like I’m just going Trello and do a dump like I’d, like you know what I mean, so I’m starting doing this now, it’s just what I do a dump on who they need to know. If any stages it could be, it could be whatever specifically, it could be sponsorships. It could be whatever that vertical is to literally just do a brain dump. Well, I’m not overwhelming them, because it’s just in a dump stage, I’m just dumping.

You know when I do my miracle morning: I’m doing that. Dump that literally, they need to know these people, but then, as I make phone calls, I can just move it over in Trello and then it makes the introduction, through a b card, by the way for all of you that are reading they’re in our profit. Ology business incubator – you will see why Tim as our business development expert in the profit ology business incubator – he is now mentioned.

He and I are so aligned in philosophy about the you know the clarity about the strategy of literally in our 30-day profit transformation program. This week we talked about the miracle morning. We talked all about collaboration. We talked about building relationships. It is absolutely what James talking about is absolutely central in today’s marketplace. It’s absolutely essential, in fact we’re we’re leading a training in our profit preneur circle on Thursday, where I’m talking about the five strategic ways that we are helping our clients herefore the recession, that’s imminent right.

All of the analysts are telling us it’s coming, and this the smart ones of us are not we’re not freaking out we’re like got it good to know. How do I then recession-proof, my business? How do I then add these these? You know different components in and much of what Tim is talking about is part of what how I have my clients recession-proof their business right, if you are being transactional in your business, if you were just talking about sales, if you are not in this business development Game if you’re not referring people you’re, not collaborating with other people, you’re going to be it’s going to be so much harder for you, if not impossible.

Once you get into a transitioning economy and that’s exactly right, we just don’t. We don’t plan ahead right when we call cash crunches, that’s months in advance, but most people won’t look at their P & L. They won’t work with them. They won’t look at what we call the MSP partnership. Every time we keep hearing the same objections over and over and over that should be wrote into our copies so that the salespeople spend less time with people they’re not for write better the strategy.

You become more hoarder takers because people are picking up the phone. I need you right now. Yeah say what is is to marketing and sales partnership. Oh my got it all. Those people do not connect their marketing and sales. They don’t thank you when they follow the profit, ology processor. So and that’s where it comes down to being really important, your marketing shouldn’t be who you’re for it should be, who you’re not for 1000 % okay, and when you get really specific on who you are for okay, and because I have people like Emerson.

I people like you that are really good at this kind of strategy of what the business should go. Look like see now I can take the other 80 %, then you’re, not four, and we can put verticals in place that you can start to solve to your friends so that you can make money because here’s the thing if you’re trying to get to 100 grand And you work in 2080 hours per year, you’re ninety six bucks an hour.

Well, if I want to go to 200 grand that just means I need our 48 hours now I need to go to 96. Then all I need to do that. Hundred grand doesn’t necessarily have to be you, it could be other verticals. So it’s about working less and make anymore, because if you can monetize being on the phone with every client and send them business where you need to go so one of the things. I start a lot of my conversations off with by the way any time during this conversation, if I’m not a good fit, do you mind if I refer you to someone that is if, by chance, I am a good fit? Do you mind if we take the last five minutes, so this phone corner straight how we can work together yeah, so it becomes very simplistic.

I’m just listening for the major problems in their life and just kind of connecting them in to where I think or believe is going to be the strongest impact to their. Why? Because never about the sales er, the stuff that we have is more about the product. The product is just a tool right, I can give you a hammer, doesn’t mean you’ll use it. Difference is you’re the tool to get them to their. Why most people might why you on this phone call to make more money you mind.

If I tell you my greatest fear, you’re concentrating on money, what, if you had the money, tell me what life would be like? What would it go on vacation, my kids great? How much is that? Oh, it’s 2,000! What if you had a $ 10,000 vacation with your kids? Okay, when do you want to do it? Because I did I’d be dreams without I ideas without dates or dreams? Okay, so let’s just say that you’re literally going to take if it’s 10 grand and it’s going to be next July – it comes to like 27 bucks per day if it’s two years, it’s $ 13 per day.

But if you focused on that $ 13 is putting it back in your business and you put that into a savings account, you would have that vacation yep, but see they look at the big number. What they don’t look at. What do I need to wake up Monday morning and how many, whose sales do I need? Is that sales in your company or is it other verticals to financially? You know, for example, I have some people pay me ten percent.

I have some people pay me. 50 percent – it depends to this business. They don’t have the difference. Is you know my staff? My office still doesn’t know what I do. There’s like well how you get these checks? Well, I pick up the phone ball or I’m at an event, and when you can do that, that’s all of you that are listening notice that he doesn’t say that he is, you know, banging out social media posts.

In fact, this morning I was like anyone answer. He’s like no any sec wait. I think that might be right. I mean like that, he’s direct con. I say this all the time you guys direct contact is the fastest path to cast. You pick up the phone. You meet people at events. Where do we meet? Where did you and I meet? Actually, I think was on the cruise. It was definitely before the cruise hey, there’s a bit a man might have been man.

I’ve been circling for a while yeah my approach. It your approach is extremely effective. So I can also tell you that Tim has run business development at my events very, very, very effectively. So so if people want to find out more about you, they want to find out about this event, which tell us a little bit more about this event. So the event will be it’ll actually be posted on Monday they’re, just uh the designers are actually putting the page up.

It’s called to sell less make more Sun net. Hey going to do is we’re going to start to teach people what to do, how to make money with no really deep dive into you know. Is it sales? Is it so literally at our vet? If you want to learn to make more money, we’re actually going to have a lot of our affiliates actually at the event, these are people that we refer businesses of merchants. As if funding is this, whatever vertical, you need.

Oh I’d like to accessorize with your business. We’re going to start to either they could use ours or will start to teach them to farm their own right. So there’s some it’s going to be a lot of roundoff. I think people forgot even like Napoleon Hill and all that that mastermind group he was around was really created to refer business and the more you refer business back-and-forth, the deeper the bond gets cuz you’re, serving their kids you’re, making that money right they really didn’t – have To go out and spend for right, so we’re going to start these people, this marketing and sales partnership, because the more that you meet with your marketing, your sale seems every week the last time the salespeople have to spend on the phone defending okay, because objection should Be handled in the front, not the back right, the more you understand the pain they’re in the frustrated they’re overwhelmed with this stuff, the easier it is to identify it they’re, not for you.

What referral partner are they for right, yeah and it’s it’s amazing that the world of referrals? People don’t understand that you can get paid, but you can refer movies, you don’t get paid, but in the real business world we do yep, but we like to do free. Consulting because it makes us feel good, I don’t operated. I’ve listened, but I’m a lot of people that come to me. I’m like great, so you just refer that how much money you make well! No, I’m just because I like them, that’s awesome! So how about your kids, though, so, is that referral partner, adding text to your kids is the counter taking it away and they go that’s not funny.

I didn’t say it was funny. I just asking you you’re referring business. I again you may want to do it for free. I’m just going to disagree with people is listen. Listen! I’ve been able to change my dynamic of my business because of my referral partners, yep and because I like to send them business. It’s okay, but I actually took the last four or five months because I was literally destroying people, because I would give them that Mary referrals, okay and when my brother might pointed that out, is I typically let’s do this so now it lessened in less than two Weeks, my systems is completely 100 % automated between a text delete.

I need one phone number in one word for every referral partner and I can refer business. I love it. I love it alright, guys so we’ve put Tim’s and Doreen says she loves the the pre-agreement is communication. Saving tim is in the profit preneur circle. So if you want to connect with Tim he’s in the proper preneur circle, if you are in the profit, ology business incubator, you have Timmy time because he’s in there as well – oh, I know he loves that when I say that also really quickly before we go.

I want to let you know we just announced yesterday our marketing to millionaires live one-day intensive. That is going to be on July 10th. Highly recommend that you guys register my team will drop the link below it is going to be one day where I’m going to teach you my best stuff to help you get your offer done help you find your ideal millionaire clients to help. You learn how to find them, sell them and in and also serve them properly, so that they turn into raving fans who build your business for you.

So if you would like to learn how to stop marketing to broke people, I highly recommend to show up to that. That is going to be held in our profit preneur circle, which I, if you like this, and you like. What we are up to here make sure that you join the circle. It is at profit, winner’s circle, calm. Not only do we do like we share resources, we provide info, we network, we collaborate, you could find your board of directors in there, but also every single Thursday.

We do a live training inside the circle that is exclusively for our members. So if you would like to join the circle, we highly recommend that it is an awesome group of people and Tim. Thank you for joining us here to day. We I appreciate you view being here and for anybody that joined your inner circle yeah if they can pitch me in 30, second or less as to what it does for my customers. But they have to be in your inner circle, in the incubator or or in the property north circle, which one the proper preneur circle is our complimentary group profit ology business incubator is paid right, so it would be in the profit.

I think you bait, or anybody that gets in there, that you train them on their strategy and their messaging. Okay, I’ll do once that’s done you and I will get together and we’ll teach them how to get the ways, try to get the way how to get the referral partners and how to get the ways I’ll do a free training for just those people, and I’m Going to take you up on that, I will book here we’ll be in contact.

Thank you for joining the pop-up rinoa show we will be back live on the Thursday, despite the fact that I’m moving, because I’m just going to roll with it. So we will be back on the Thursday. Thank you for joining us. Thank you, Tim for joining us and until next time you guys have an amazing day.

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