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Advice For New Salespeople | Young Female Closers Must Watch

Remember to close that first fight with yourself, have you ever dream about closing your first 5g gazelle in just one single day as the young saleswoman? I know some of the customers within you as someone with less experience, some sales manager may not even treat you seriously. The beautiful ladies closing, your first five figure sale is not a dream because I myself have also been through the South before, but I was fortunate to be guided by my mentor to realize that sales, it’s something that can be trained, especially in a very charming way, And once I master the sales charm now, every time I close is easily at least five to six figures in one single day.

That’s why today, I’m here to share it with my ultimate advice for every young sales, women to close their first fight, give yourself a vice number one dress professionally. In order for your clients to take you seriously, you have to take yourself seriously in the first place and the first thing that you need to work on. It’s your appearance always make sure you’re dressed professionally in front of the clients.

When I say professional, it doesn’t mean that you have to dressed like a lawyer with white flowers, black skirt and a black jacket. I personally don’t really like this kind of style, because I don’t differentiate myself from other sales people out there. Instead, I advise you to dress in a smart casual way and, at the same time bring out your charm and your confidence remember never ever dress in a revealing way.

Unless you don’t mind attracting the wrong type of clients who are more interested in you, sexually than professionally advice, number two always behave in a calm manner. Many a sales women tend to lose their calm when the clients has some difficult questions that they are not prepared. For to hide their nervousness, they can’t giggle feature of mumble. That will immediately decrease your credibility and that’s why you end up losing a sale.

If you don’t have the answer right away, it’s okay, to tell clients, you can say something like. Let me get back to you tomorrow, because I’ve had to choke my team. The whole point is giving yourself and time to think and reflect on how you should answer the question effectively, because with better preparation, you will know how to tackle the client’s objection and then eventually close the sale.

Advice number three truly understand the true value of your product or service a lot of times when you are unable to convince your client survive. They really boils down to one simple reason: the kind don’t understand the true value of what you are offering, because you are not convinced yourself in the first place, but once you understand the true value of what we are offering, you are invincible.

I actually made a article to talk about how you can find out the true value, also of how you can implement it to close a sale check out the article right here. If you also want to become a much charming and an effective closer, I’m intending to conda of three master cars for you, where I’ll be revealing my charm system, step by step, the system has enabled me to become one of the top female closers, as well as Helping me to generate at least five to six figure revenue every single time.

I only have 20 spots left, so all you need to do is to subscribe to my exclusive telegram blog, who help you really willing to you how you can join the master class for free if you find today’s article helpful also give a thumbs up echo as Share with your friends or family members, who can truly benefit from it? With that, I wish you a charming day ahead, see you next article bye, bye,

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Elevating Your Personal Brand on Social Media

It can be really difficult to work on putting content out there and increasing our personal brand, especially when the day-to-day operations of our job kicks in and and it can be really tough for someone who doesn’t even know how to start a blog but wants to elevate.

Your personal brand, well, I’m here to tell you you don’t need a fancy blog and you don’t need fancy article content to increase your visibility and your personal brand. You just have to keep doing what you’re doing, but take it one step further. So we’re going to use LinkedIn as an example, but you can do this with any of the social media platforms. When you see a piece of content that you like. I want you to like the content, because people will see that as your activity that you are actively engaging by liking the content now you’re going to take it one step further and if you really like the content, I want you to comment on it.

So let the author know what you think of the content that again this gives you visibility and it gives you a voice. So now you have something to share and something to say and again it wasn’t original content things that you had to dream up. All on your own you’re, just contributing to a dialogue, that’s been started by someone else. The third thing you can do is you can share that content. So again, if you really like the content by sharing it, it makes you look like a person of value.

So now you’re not only contributing to the dialogue but you’re, sharing the dialogue and you’re getting other people involved. So this is going to increase your visibility. It’s going to elevate your personal brand and it’s likely things that you were thinking about. Doing anyways and you didn’t have to want write one blog post to get it. So that’s my tip for this week’s 2 minute Tuesday and join LinkedIn this week find something that you can like comment and share on have a great week bye for now.

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Joshua was 25, I’m not supposed to be telling Jackie’s age but she’s 29. She is literally kicking josh’s, but I got a story to tell you guys: josh has been in the car business for a while. He got his wife in Jackie is his wife and long story short last month she crushed it. She started training guys we’re talking about a power couple here.

I always say this: women are deadly in the car business. Now look. I got him here together. Number one they’re a power couple. I don’t like talking about how women can be better than minutes selling, but they seem to listen and they seem to learn ten times faster. Now I want to say this: everybody should read this cool interview, I’m going to pass it over to them and in Jack to Josh. You guys take it away.

Tell us about getting into business and tell us about the last day. Tell us about the last 30 days: what’s been going on with you guys, yes, um, hey guys, my name is Joshua and it’s so fun because I actually met Andy a couple years ago had Norman, no big red Kia and I’ll never forget you were, I think, The general salesmen in general men generally position was but one Saturday morning you came in and you just had this.

It was the most inspirational Saturday morning, salesmen have ever part of. After that meeting I was like I’m going to go, sell all the cars I mean because you I’m not kidding when I said this. I’ve been sound cars there’s 2013 – that was by far the best most motivated Saturday morning, meaning that I’ve ever been a part of. So if it’s not that yeah, it’s true, that’s what that’s when I started reading your articles, but then I kind of stopped reading them for a while from danger.

Last year, when Jackie and I got engaged, I had to really get serious because weddings are not cheap right. This time last year, now no more going out partying drinking all that good stuff. So that’s when I really got serious about training and as soon as I got serious about training, my income went up simultaneously and we were able to afford the wedding pay for the wedding and we took our honeymoon trip to London and we were able to.

I was able to finance all that we were able to find some of that within a span of six months, though, pay for the wedding and the trip to London with training and selling cars. So I know who you are: there’s the car. The car business is able to if you really take training seriously, you can there’s no limit to how much money you can make to fund whatever you know season. You are in life right now.

So that’s what I really got started with training and after the wet and everything settled down Jackie and I were like okay, so now we’re married. We need to set a financial foundation, for you know our family, that we’re going to start and that’s when well. Jackie started selling cars about a few months before the wedding, because I need to do a little bit of help. She started some cars as well, and initially she was just kind of hitting her her draw and which was with how much I was making in her drawer.

Thank God it it became God just worked it out financially for us raised that for the last couple of months out of Randy, I was like hey Jackie check this guy out. I would used to work with him. I readed all his sales articles and it really helped me out especially his meet and greet articles those by far the ones that helped me out the most the positive super you know their handshake, making that first impression that really made me probably half of the money That I made last year was from my meeting group.

Just you can just see in the customers reaction towards you. If you have, if you nailed the deadly meet-and-greet yeah, you know it’s just like they’re on your side and you don’t have to try as hard that made me quite a bit of money last year, so moving on to Jack so the whole of last month, literally Jackie wakes up before me, so she felt like I’m waking up and all I hear in the background that started last month in beginning last month and then, let’s say in the last month, because she was reading those articles every morning and it wasn’t just like a Couple of articles a day, yeah of your free content, which I’m your course by the way free content, it literally three extra income like she made three times as much money as soon as she started.

Reading her articles, she made three times as much money last month than she did in the previous eight to eleven months. Actually, so, like a car, I think I sold one car per day. So that’s amazing how’s your confidence. Now, how do you feel it’s a thousand times higher? I? I did not have any confidence. I was scared to talk about price and it was just you know, and it showed obviously, because I would have a lot of like appointments that I just couldn’t close them and then afterwards I was like okay.

I have to at least try. So if I don’t try the bin, I’m not going to know what I can do and yeah it’s I mean after my first month they kind of blew me away, because I don’t feel I mean I feel like a change, but I also feel like I actually Like my work and what I do so yeah really exciting dude. That is so awesome for you guys she learnt the work she was still working outside. She goes to work now and she’s like at work.

I’m like big. You got off an hour ago. The roles reversed isn’t before she used to be like. Where you add hey, maybe he’s I come true. I’m trying to sell another one he’s like winds and mouth honey come home. Well, I’m going to tell you: well I’m going to tell you guys this, just just that story alone right there, there’s tons of people that have had no experience. Obviously at was um sales before this Jack here, no, no, you know, isn’t it crazy? What competence? Just the massive comput like confidence can create, like it, creates more confidence just by understanding you’re, not your job better.

They only say what you don’t understand. Your fear mm-hmm right, yeah! That’s that true. Every time you learn something you know, the consequence of of fear is very bad. Fear makes you back up. It makes you get scared. You don’t feel anything you’re able to play all of your music right, yeah yeah, to actually like extract the real you there’s, no leader, because you understand it and I’m going to tell you.

She is your magic weapon bro, but you have got to make her pay next month. You need to make sure you get your book, I’m going to tell you it’s a win-win for both of you, because you beat her, but well, you know you’re winning, because she isn’t going to let you win and then obviously you know you guys obviously seem like A pretty competitive couple right, so my wife: we used to bring home checks at the end of the month and she was a finance person for Harley Davidson and then I was a general sales manager.

This is when were younger when our 20s right, I’m 40, so we’re 20s and I’m running ACOG, the GM of a company and my wife grande the finance department. Oh Harley Davidson score, and he was wicked man. I was like maybe you’re selling motorcycles and you’re making this much money, because the deal is it’s. It’s this special, it’s a special niche that women carry because they’re so pleasant to deal with and because they’re not confrontational right a lot of the times.

Men get confrontational. With other people, not saying that you don’t ride, but it doesn’t happen actually yeah. He wants to get confrontational with the woman. It is unfair advantage if she trains hard she’ll make 10 times more money than me and you she’s going to happen. You guys need to roleplay every day together, yeah. We need to do that more for sure yeah. So, when we’re done with the call, I’m going to send you a close and what I want you to do is I want you to roleplay against each other right.

Mm-Hmm – and I want you to see, whoever can do it the best and whoever does it the best once you get deadly at it. I want you guys to send it to me on Facebook Messenger and I’m going to throw it up on YouTube of whoever can crush it. The best is that cool, okay, you can, I guess we’re go ahead. Guess what do you think? What’s the one we we have practiced at one price payment right, of course, you’re not ready to buy.

I haven’t, given you enough information, not to think here’s what I want to do. Okay, I need to practice on the second half of it. That’s send us the article. No, it’s good the five minute proposal. Yes yeah. I love it. That’s always a magic trick, man that always takes them inside we’re gold, but no I’m going to throw you guys, a payment clothes something easily. Okay, 90 % of our customers. Now their payment buyers, it’s just the truth, no matter what they say is important to them: they’re going to buy in the end off payment, I’m missing you guys and paying the clothes.

When you record it and you get it deadly, I mean like. I want you guys to come as a student and go home as the teacher. I want you to say it’s so good that you’re going to teach it to the rest of the world, and I want you guys to send me it on facebook messenger. It can take you two weeks to get it down. I want you to lock it up. Okay, then, hey, do you guys have any last things you want to say right now, with everything going on in the world uncertainty guys, this is going to break.

Everything gets corrected every market that Scott has been rough at one point has gotten corrected. What would you guys say to anybody out there right now that just needs a push need some inspiration need some grind. You better. First thing I would say is Jackie. For example, last month was the heat of all this coronavirus thing and coded 19, and that was her best month in the card business. So it has a lot to do with mindset.

Mindset, hmm 100. Yes, one of my mentors I Brian Tracy, always talks about in every market. When most people are going down. There are certain companies and certain sales people that are going up, and this just goes back to that mindset and staying training and atmosphere at the bill. Should they let go some sell a lot of salespeople recently. First of all, I’m so thankful to God that we both have a job, but something I have noticed is other salespeople, see business cope in 19 and they’re kind of like using it as an excuse to relax.

It’s almost like a word like snow is all over. The place and then one’s like yeah, it’s awesome snow that we’re not going to sell cars so, but some other people like Jackie are you know using that taking advantage of every opportunity to Train – and you know, maximizing every opportunity to sell, also yeah. What do you got um? I think that the mindset is huge too. I think also just having just a goal for yourself and not allowing what is you know like the corona thing to really take over.

I have delivered probably four cars this past week, so I made sure that my customers feel safe and I also tell them that it’s a faster kind of a process as well. So that’s helped a lot, and so it’s really just a finding almost kind of like a positive side to everything and just keeping on really yeah. That’s called the power team man you guys are killing it dude. I mean it. I’m really proud of you guys.

You guys are an inspiration to a lot of people, which is what we see smiles like this right now with so many people laid off from work, whether they are or whether they’re not you’re Josh, are going to come back correct what’d, you do what’d, you do Today will be the the future you create for yourself tomorrow. You don’t saying it’s not about who you it’s not about it’s not about how much money you make it’s about who you become in the process, you’re right, becoming stronger people every day to be parents to be husbands and wives.

You know you get out of life, whatever you put into it right yeah. You guys want to make it’s kind of money and change your whole financial future. You have to put into that get out of that. You guys want to have the best marriage in the world. You have to invest in your marriage every day, yeah right reach over to smack in the back of the know, when you guys, when you guys have kids one day, you know to be great dad and mom.

You have to really try hard to be a great dad in mom, because if, if you don’t give extra, you won’t be better and you guys are getting extra, it shows it. Your attitude is beautiful, you guys obviously have tons of Drive and you’re very driven and then, more importantly, on top of everything you guys push each other out at your circle. Put yourself around people that make you better. Am I right? Yes, you guys seem like you push it in that case.

Look at that man! I look forward to a long relationship. Look I’m in Norman Oklahoma. These guys were an admin. You guys are 30 minutes from me. So that’s incorrect because 99 % of our business is all across the country, so I’m sure I’m sure we’ll meet up in the next year. You know I’m saying but listen. You guys have a very blessed day rock and roll. It’s great meeting. You guys you’ve been inspiration to everybody and guys go kill it.

Let’s meet back up here in a couple months and see how things were going. Is that cool? Yes, I’m going to send you that article when I hang up? Okay, okay, all right guys! How many days right? Okay,

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Nudges to #1: Google My Business

But there are just little things that you can do that are very simple. That will help get you to number one, and one of those things is: did you know that Google, your address on Google, is kept in an area called Google, my business? So if you just search your own business on Google, you’ll see it and make sure you claim it.

But if you I’m going to assume you’ve already done that because that’s the right thing to do and when you do that when you change your address or change any hours or anything about your business, keep it up to date. And that is one more easy thing. You can do one more nudge to number one.


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CAR SALES TRAINING: How To Kill Mediocrity And Get Your Head Right

Now, I’m going to tell you this on the other end of this screen, I want you to take a good look at yourself. I’m going to talk to you real quick before I get into this about the end game. I want to tell you well, first of all, my name’s Andy Elliot and if you don’t know who I am I’ve been in the car business for over 22 years, I hold the record for most money made in sells selling cars in the states.

I made seven hundred fifteen thousand dollars selling cars and I want to share this with you. In one year I have a severe learning: disability, okay and when I say severe, learning disability like I’ll, just lay it out there, because I’m going to tell you this, I felt, like everybody, had one up on me in life. So, as I talk about testing mediocrity, I want you to think about you where you’re at, and I want to tell you where I come from, and I want to share this with you.

This is something that scared the hell out of me is that I figured man like I’m going to live. My whole life right – and this is me at 18 – I’m going to live my whole life and I’m going to go to heaven and I’m going to never going to heaven and I’m going to be like 225 pounds, I’m going to be out of shape. I lived on normal life and that’s okay. You know I did make a bunch of money, you know mom. I never had a mom in my life.

Five brothers and sisters right dad raised us literally made bad grades in school. You don’t like that was my life and, like I was going to go up to heaven and I cat the end of my life, like I’m good right and I get up there and I look at this chart. I’m sitting there with God God’s got this chart he’s and I like look at it and it says: Eddie, Elliott, 195 pounds lean and I’m like man was that the life I supposed to have was that it a B, Elliott, incredible business man, one of the smartest People in the world and I’m looking at this chart – and that’s that’s not me, but that’s who I was supposed to be, but because I let mediocrity and I let things that I’m not great at get in the way.

I never got that so I’m looking at this chart and when God’s going over with me, who I was supposed to be, you were supposed to help tons of people you you were supposed to marry way up and have an amazing wife. You were supposed to have three incredible children, yours forth and as I’m looking at this chart, I’m like. Oh, my god, man, like my god, like it, was that who I was supposed to be and my life’s over and at that point I decided that I can live as a victim, okay in mediocrity or I can decide to elevate up and decide to get in The Paynes own and suffer I let me tell you what pain is pain, is weakness, leaving the body and, on the other end, I want to share with you.

Nothing good happens in a comfortable environment. Nothing and I don’t care who you are. I don’t care where you’re at I want you to join me if you’ve got issues. I want to share this. I wear a bracelet on my hand every single day. It says if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you in anybody and everybody that’s ran into me if you, if you’re struggling or if you’re, hustling and you’re, trying to put together a life for yourself – and I see I’m like man dude, this guy’s got Drive.

Guess what I’ll take my bracelet off my hand, and I give it to him every time I say: hey put this on man. Okay, don’t forget! If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you some of you guys on the other end right. We talk about money, a lot of right, like I always talk about closing negotiations. Overcoming objections word tracks how to become a better salesman, but what matters? If you don’t have your mind right, you can’t even accept that good life and make good money.

You’ve got to understand, you can’t play the victim and you need to test mediocrity in your life. Are you trying to be the average? I mean the sorry. The best of the ten average people you’re hanging out with like is that your goal, or you try to be one of the best sales guys in the country. You know, because you have the ability to do it when I was 18 and I didn’t even have enough money to buy lunch, you think I ever thought about making a million a year.

No I’ve done it eight years straight now. Why? Because I know my weaknesses and I battle them on the daily, you know I want to share with you. You need to identify what your weaknesses are and mine was my biggest deal was. I was a bad bad test taker. I had a severe learning disability, so let me just tell you this like if I was going to take a test and I was going to learn something like I literally had to write down like I would take a page in a book and by the way, How I read a book is like this.

If I go read a book, the first book I ever read my life was Tom Hopkins low profile selling or sell like a line act like a lamb in every page I read, I wrote it down on a spiral. Notebook as I read it, the whole book and then when I was done, I like I was like opium yeah. You know. I heard that I remember this boom and I would pull it out of the book, but if I wouldn’t have wrote it down, I have stacks.

I have 500 spiral notebooks just from writing, because it’s the only way that I can beat the way that I learned, but guess what, when I get it, I’m deadly at it. But it’s hard for me to get it, and I want to share this with you. If I can take that learning, disability and I’m willing to go in and hustle and put in the work to learn it whatever it is that you’re struggling against, you can do it okay.

So I’m going to share this with you. If you’re out there and you’re ready to take on the challenge, shoot me a text message: nine one, eight, two, one: zero, zero, two, five, four, it’s real simple, say: Andy, send me the bracelet. I will send to your house a bracelet that says: if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you and in 2020. I want you to take me to aakhri and I want you to get it the hell out of your life.

I don’t want you to have it in there anymore, and what I want you to understand is this: is that being the best of the average people around you in going to work being a one-timer like making a great month? One time I mean: don’t live off, that you climb them out and you come back down and go climb another one. That’s what life’s about. I feel like, at the end of your life you’re, going to see your chart okay and don’t sit there and look at that chart at the end of your life when your life’s over and realize that you were supposed to be this incredible person.

God saw it. You didn’t see it alright. So, let’s move on here I’m going to talk about testing mediocrity. What I’m going to do number one! I’m going to tell you how you’re going to feel right going to where we’re going to go together from where you’ve been guys. It feels amazing I want to share this with you. I didn’t have any legs when I started when I felt like when I got into the business of selling, I honestly felt like I had no legs.

I felt like there was these guys that had this amazing platform, they were good speakers. They were good at talking. They were better looking, they had nicer clothes, you know I’m saying they had relationships with people that had business experience. Maybe their father was in the car business. You know I’m saying like they always had all these like advantages on me, but you know what I grew some legs.

I didn’t need them. I don’t want anything handed to me so, if you’re on the other end, looking for the easy way out, there isn’t one the easy way is being dead, broke and living in jail. Your whole life when, right now you have the ability to make more money than you’ve ever made in your life. Guys, I’m standing here, I’m the text message away: you’re staring at your phone, nine one, eight two, one: zero, zero! Two five four Andy send me the bracelet, but doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you by the way.

Can you help me shoot yeah I’ll help you, man, dude? I don’t care about your money. I don’t care about anything. You know what I care about. Is you living your best life and pulling you out of your comfort zone? Nothing good happens, being comfortable everything you want in life, everything and ten times. More is right on the other side of you being uncomfortable, live in that zone, all right use negative stuff.

The BS that used to make you weak use it as power now to fuel you, everybody said I wouldn’t make it everybody. Everybody said I wouldn’t make it. I want to tell you, you know how bad and I didn’t give a crap about what they said. It used to kind of eat me up a little bit when I was younger. Now it’s fuel. It’s like gasoline somebody’s, like hey man, you can’t do that yeah. Everybody says it can’t happen until it does right and I’m going to tell you this.

My fate thing to say is somebody to say: hey that can’t happen. I’ve got a salesman and I’ve got many, but I’ve got one specifically that come from nothing literally, nothing but goodwill clothes to get in the car business man. No parents physically abused as a kid right, dads murdered mom doesn’t give a about him family’s gone dude, no one abandon all alone the runt. The underdog I’ve been training him now for six months he was fired from the first two car dealerships within the first two weeks were of where he worked great guy great great guy killed her heart.

Give you the shirt off. His back has nothing, though, and because he’s so pre judged by everybody. Everybody just gives up on him, but leaders can find a way to take a man or woman and see in them that they carry something. Everybody has something special in them. Everybody’s got a unique trait that they could kill it at in the business. You just got to understand you and you got to quit thinking about what other people think about you and you got to know where your edges and what you’re good at my edges, I’m going to outwork the chart.

Remember I told you been in my life. I feel, like God’s going to give me a chart of who I was supposed to be I’m going to outwork that chart okay, I want him to say J, dandy, dang and it’s not about money. It’s about how many people I helped. Okay, I told you I want to make the best salesmen in the frickin country all across the globe in the world. I want to be a part of every salesmen success, and all I want them to do is get what they deserve in life.

You don’t get what you deserve, you get, what you negotiate your negotiate with your head yourself. Am I going to lay on this side of complacency and mediocrity, or am I going to get on this side? Am I going to see how deep the rabbit-hole is? Am I going to get myself and take myself to a level that I’ve never been to and by the way it’s going to be uncomfortable? Okay, because number one right now, you fear stuff.

Okay, you got learn, there’s nothing to fear number, two you’re afraid of stuff. Quit being afraid. I don’t know what you’re afraid of. I see people that reach out to me right and they’re. Like man, you know just when this happens, I’m really going to start pushing. What do you mean? Do it right now when you’re mess right now in your mess, make that your message come out? Strong man write your testimony write your book right as we go.

You don’t need nothing, you know what you need is you. You need to be your own biggest fan and I’ll share this with you. You take what everyone says about you negative and you use it as fuel. You never never take that stuff and back down and fill, maybe like less significant because of what someone else has people that hate on people or people that have already given up on their own dreams right. So they want you to give up on yours or they’re.

Pursuing their dream – and they see you as a threat – I didn’t realize it, but in 19, when I was hustling and everybody hated me, that’s what I was a threat to them, but I’m going to share this with you. I’ve worked hard in the midst of nothing. I made 150000 that year look at 19. You could do the same thing. I don’t care how old you are. You could be 65 and decide today’s the day you draw the line in the sand.

You could be a teen age, doesn’t matter, I’m 40 years old. I feel 18 all right struggling the darkness. Maybe what you need. I needed that dark place for a minute. Okay, I believe in God – and I want to be in the light, but man I was in a dark place. You know I felt like I was the only one that honestly believed in me just about this much and no one else did, but I felt like man I’m going to do this and once I decided that I made that choice, it was over and I made That choice in a dark place and when you make that choice when you’re struggling and you do whatever it takes to make it no matter, what do you know what happens? You freaking kill it all right, so check this out, I’m going to talk about relooking at your situation and I’m going to talk about the way that you used to stuff.

You see it differently now, it’s it’s not changing your lenses! Okay. So if you take a pair of glasses right and you change the lens out on them, you know what happens prospectively, you start seeing things different. That’s what you need to do. You need to see yourself differently. You’re need to see your life differently: okay, you’re, valuable and you’re worth it, and guess what we’re going to get into the grind.

But you have to accept what your issues are and what your problems are before you can fix it. If you don’t accept it, if you’re pushing blame off on someone else, you’re never going to kill it. Look. I want to share this with you. So there’s a book that I read, it was called extreme ownership. It’s a Navy SEAL book, okay and it talks about. Basically, taking ownership for everything, everything is your fault and I took everything in my life and I didn’t play the victim anymore.

I took responsibility for it all right in my mess and I took that and I was walking around. I was like hey, I’m good, I’m good. You know like I wouldn’t good, though, and some of you guys if I have to meet you right now, I’m like hey, what’s up man, how you doing you’re like good man, I’m good, I’m good, you’re, not good! You know what the deal is: you’re, not good. You need to call out what your problems are and you need to fix them.

So we can take your life and elevate it to where you’re supposed to be and take that freaking chart right and make sure that you’re going to get who you’re supposed to be not who you’re settling for. So you got to figure out who you are accepted and a lot of people walk around like I’m good, but guess what people don’t want you to do that they don’t want you to fix it. People don’t want you to change, so you got to audit your circle and get everybody out from around you that doesn’t have the same vision as you, because you can’t do it working around haters or living around haters around you, especially if you’re looking to them for Advice, look if I want to change my life and I look.

I’m dead broke right now. I have not a dollar to my name and I decide I want to get out make $ 100,000 this year. If I walk up to another salesman, be like hey man, you don’t want to. I want to change my life man like I really want to change my life like. I want to make a hundred thousand dollars a year over this. You know what he’s going to say to me: man, man, dude, just try to make 50 grand. You know, I’m saying like that’s what I would do and this business is not what it used to be man.

What are you talking about this business right now? I got kids that are 20 years old, making twenty five thousand a month. They’re texting me non-stop, their pay stubs, showing me where they come from because we’re training together. I got guys 60 years old, sending me messages saying Andy. Nobody would hire me, but now that we’ve done this training together, I literally have taken myself as a mature adult at 60, which someone wants a higher six-year-old and guess what they gave me a job paying me a ten thousand dollar salary because I’m handling their marketing Team in this side now because of the stuff that you taught me listen, everybody could have went to the grave right with like all this still in them, but they decided to play it and that’s my fear, go to a nursing home.

You go to a nursing home, you know what you’re going to find out you’re going to find out. All the old people have to talk about is regret. Nobody talks about how great of a life they have. Oh, my god, listen how you doing going to a nursing home. Oh my god. It was amazing. Like my life, god I just there’s so much. I want to tell you that I did and it was amazing. No no go! You know what they say.

They talk about regret. The regret that I would have is not playing all my music before I die. Okay, that’s my regret. My regret would be that, on the other end that you’re you’re, not even brave enough to send me a text message and just say: hey help me dude, let’s figure it out, I’m telling you I. I am vouching to help any and every person out there with any struggle that wants to kill in a business and my therapist no ways.

I don’t need to know that logistical problems. What I need to tell you that I got your back if no one else has your back. If everyone else says like hey, you know this guy’s, a loser. Don’t do that you need to do this. Listen if you know what you want to do and you want to kill it team up with me, nine one, eight two, one: zero zero. Two five four text me right now, I’m going to talk about this starting the journey.

Most people won’t even start the journey. They talk about the journey lots of talk right, yeah man, 2020 a new decade. This is what I’m going to do. You guys talk about everything you have no action start the journey with me start it man in your mess right now: okay, quit living the fake life that you’re living and quit caring about these people that are judging. You write them off. Okay, because look at this, I’m going to tell you this when you care more about how someone’s judging you, then you wanting to change you’re going to stay in the same spot, you’re at right now and nothing’s going to happen and you’re not going to shift some Of you we’re going to look up in three months and you’re going to be a different person.

Hell you’d be so different. We have to change your name, you won’t even be the same person. Okay, look there’s Andy Elliot right, there’s me and then there’s the way that I see myself when I’m in the zone, I’m not Andy Elliot, I’m a different person. Okay, because Andy Elliot was supposed to be a 225-pound dude that likes to eat like candy and stuff. All the time right I like to read TV, I like to be lazy.

I like to kick back. You know I’m saying I don’t like to go to the gym and grind it and sweat until I want to throw up and get knowledge. I don’t want to do that stuff, but you know what I don’t want to be that person. I don’t want that. Mommy voice in the back of my head said: hey everything’s, okay, no, it isn’t. Okay. What it is is that it’s time for me to get to work – and you guys want to outwork that chart that you’re supposed to live, you guys want to really have your full potential.

Give your kids, what you’re supposed to give have your future family or your family right now get everything that they deserve. Maybe anything and everything you want in life is literally just the choice of you deciding that you don’t care anyone else thinks anymore and guess what team up with somebody that believes in you and I don’t care who you are on the other end, I don’t care What you’ve been through, I believe in you, 100 % all right.

The third thing, what it’s wrong with you has to be a focal point. Okay, so what I did, I thought told you. I had a severe learning disability and what I did is that literally I went to the store, I bought a stack and a spiral notebook and I took – and I started writing and writing and writing and writing and writing so I have word tracks that I use All the time and do you know what those word tracks were only learned by writing it down 25 times now, guess what I’m done? It’s in me for the rest of my life.

That’s the way that I learn, but because it takes me so long to learn something. Do you think I’ll? Let that stop me no and for people that want to say man that guy’s not smart. Listen, I’m going to tell you this you’re right. I wasn’t born smart, but I’ve gotten really smart, because I study non-stop and guess what, when you talk about family and you guys live in four different goals and stuff, guess what a lot of people they just have financial goals.

They don’t have marriage goals or father goals. I’m going to tell you. This live in the fulfilled life has nothing to do with money, but I think people underestimate the amount of money that it takes to live. So that’s why we have to get our crap together and start getting that money, so we’re not working 15 years from now still trying to make it. My goal is next year you guys team up with me. Recession hits in the next year or two: you kill it and make more money than you’ve ever made in your life, while everyone else is crying and screaming like little babies – okay, we’ll capitalize on it.

So I want to get to this last part strategize on one problem at a time. Okay, this is how you become unbelievable one problem at a time, just one pick it reach out to me so, hey Andy. I got three things. That’s the big issue right now: number one! I’m lazy just call it out, I’m lazy and I’m not saying that you but number two listen man. I play the victim right. You know I’m saying, like my wife divorced me, my kids don’t want to see me and maybe that’s you or maybe I’m 18 years old.

You know I’m 19, I’m 20. I want to get in cells. My parents say I’m stupid for getting in cells. They don’t want me in it. I don’t want to go to college, listen dude! I got you, I got you, it doesn’t matter, I’m a mom. I’ve been staying at home for the years with the kids I’m getting in the business guys. Women are killing it in this business. Whatever it is, I don’t care, let’s focus on one problem and let’s smash it out and then let’s move on and then before too long.

When you look up all your problems are handled, you’re a whole different person, you’re getting the life that you deserve right because you’ve put the hustle in right. You have to be willing to suffer for this new life you’re going to suffer being comfortable. Why not suffer in the pain zone and get what you want? It’s addicting it’s fun now with that being said before you know it all. Your problems are fixed and look stop trying to be the best of the average people around you and, lastly, don’t be a one-timer.

Let me explain what a one-timer is. A one-timer is somebody that does something one time and that’s their identity that they carry with them. For the rest of their life, one time you made one good month, you paid $ 20,000 I’ll, walk up to the salesman. I’m like hey! What’s going on man, hey how’s your month, I’m pretty good, hey! So roughly what? What kind of money are you earning? You know not about 20,000, no, no, no! No! Your year-to-date is seventy-five thousand.

You made a $ 20,000 a month and you’re owning that in your head. Why don’t you tell yourself you’re worth 20,000 a month right, but you work like a $ 6,000 hand. That’s why that’s what you’re consistently really making look at me? I want to tell you this. I can take you if your goal right now is to make twenty thousand a month. I can take you to have a goal of making twenty thousand a week and hitting it but you’re the one that has to put the work in just like.

I do just like I’ve done and just like I’m going to continue to do. But if you want to take this journey I’ll, take it with you guys, send me a text. Nine one, eight two, one: zero, zero, two, five! Four, let’s test mediocrity text me. Let me get you this bracelet. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you and, let’s not be afraid of anything, have a great day.

Websites help sell stuff! Do you have one?


Online Marketing

Sales Funnel Success: Basics Of Sales Funnels Explained By Jeff Walkner (Business & Marketing Books)

What you know has the ability to change. Somebody’s life right now, it’s being tied from the Google thousands of times Per second, it’s being liked on Facebook, the hashtag goals on Instagram and People are sitting in a classroom paying $ 50,000 per year or more to learn just a Fraction of what you already know now: what if that thing that he loves so much Didn’t have to be just a hobby.

What, if it was your career, your business? What if People actually pay you for your advice, you might be the one that could save a Marriage repair, a family change the course of someone’s health inspire an Idea, expert seekers to help you to find your voice, build a movement and become Your career new, your FREE copy of expert secrets now, because your message matters you’re listening to Jeff, Walker’s sales, Funnel success by Jeff Wagner narrated by the author chapter, one the nature of The beast, no matter what you’re trying to sell on the web, a sales funnel is the Number one way to do it: this is the most systematic way to build trust, to build a Relationship and to encourage people to want your brand before making a sale and It’s incredibly powerful when done we’ll, take a look around the web and chances Are you’ll come across a large number of sales funnels without even realizing it So what exactly is a sales funnel? How does it work and, more importantly, how Can you tap into its power for yourself once you understand the science behind The sales funnel you’ll see why it’s the most effective way to build profits and You’ll be able to turn any product or service into a massive success before we Go any further, it would be useful to explain exactly what a sales funnel is.

For those of you who are not entrepreneurs in essence, as sales funnel Can be imagined like a funnel for customers, you start out with a broad Opening to capture as many leads as possible and then you gradually narrow Those leads down to only the most engaged and interested ones, so you can Sell to them all the time you’ll be building trust, building, engagement and Priming them to make them ready for the sale.

You could also think about it as a Ladder with each rung taking your customers closer to the top, where you’ll Eventually, try to sell to them in practice. What this means is a series of Different marketing strategies each arranged in such a way as to build more And more targeted leads for your business, so you might start with a Simple advert or a blog post and then move on to an email list. Then a free Report then a seminar then a small product sale and then a big sale.

Each of These marketing stages is it wrong on a ladder, it’s a little further down the Funnel each time a customer clicks on the next link or follows you, through the Next, step, they’re becoming more and more likely to buy You, as I mentioned earlier, there’s a good chance. You’ve encountered different Funnels in your travels around the web, you might even have bought some products. For others, through this method, you might have come across a blog and signed up to The mailing list, for instance, and then be told to click on the link in order to See a free seminar and quite probably, that free seminar asked you to sign up For the next seminar, which would cost a little money, there are numerous great Examples on YouTube one and the gentleman will remain nameless is an Inscrutable businessman who’s willing to use everything at his disposal to Capture new leads and sales, even posting, a article with a fancy car and saying it’s His, but he still employs the sales funnel very well.

If you go to youtube You’ll find those ads showing up all the time. The guy then goes on to talk about His cars or his massive house – and this makes you want to read even if the only Reason is because it annoys you at the end of the article he offers to show you How to get his three most important tips for making money and because it’s free Why, wouldn’t you click it? Only at this point, you’re becoming more and more Involved with his brand and more and more likely to become a paying customer, When you read his free article on the blog you’ll, then be told you can get Even more information by signing up for a free report, in fact, this report is key.

To understanding the article, if you do this, then that entrepreneur now has your Details and the confirmation that you’re interested in what he has to sell so You’ve gone from a cold lead someone on YouTube, targeted based on your article Reading choices to a warm lead, someone who has demonstrated an interest and to Eventually, a qualified lead, the way that entrepreneur does. This is a little Transparent and more than a little cynical, but it’s how all the big names Operate and that’s exactly what you should be doing if you want to make Sales, no, this doesn’t mean you have to calm people.

Like the example I gave you Just that you need to think about your marketing strategy and steps and stages. And understand the psychology of the way you’re dealing with people, I’m going to Break down the techniques you need to know and all the different tools Resources and tips: you need to execute a perfect sales, funnel success. You’ll Learn how to sell anything, how to write persuasive copy that people simply can’t Ignore and how to build a massive following, so you don’t have just Visitors and customers – you have loyal fans you’re, going to discover why sales Falls are the most effective tool, you’re going to discover all the tools and Resources, you need to construct the ultimate sales funnel you’ll, learn how To target your audience and bring the right people to the first stage of the Funnel you’ll learn how to use persuasive writing to convince people to Buy anything you’ll learn how to maximize conversion rates to make people Buy from you more and more to utilize, an understanding of psychology to skyrocket, Your sales and you’ll learn the different options for your sales: funnels That will allow you to stand out and be different chapter 2 understanding the five touches Imagine someone coming up to you in the street and asking you if you’d like to Buy a $ 5,000 read, I would say that 99 % of the time you would say no to that.

Offer right well, apart from the fact you might not want to read, there’s also the Small issue of trust, recognition and authority, you don’t know who this person Is you’ve been given no reason to trust them and you’re, probably not going to Want to hand over any cash. That’s why companies don’t do this. Instead, they Give you Flyers fliers are things you can choose to accept or throw away, but Either way they don’t cost you anything and you don’t feel you’re being Pressured other stores do something different: they give away freebies walk Past the Starbucks and you’ll often find them giving away free samples of latest Drinks again, you can easily walk away if you’re not interested, and you won’t feel You’re being strong-armed, but if you like the free sample you can come in and Try, whatever else they’re offering so if you try and sell people right away, On your website, then you’re the equivalent to someone trying to sell Thousand-Dollar reades in the street and if that’s the only thing, you’re Offering and the only way that your visitors can engage with you, then They’re just going to say no thanks and leave, giving you no way to contact them.

Again and no way to get them back, a very poor strategy try to put yourself in Their shoes, they’ve typed fitness tips into Google, found your page essentially By accident and now you’re trying to sell them, your training program for five Hundred dollars, people don’t make decisions on that basis unless they’re Loaded with cash they’ll see you’re trying to sell them. Write you off as Spam and leave now imagine the alternative.

The sales funnel technique, They do the same thing: they type in fitness tips and they land on your site. Where they get some great information right away, that information is unique. Interesting and useful, but at the bottom it tells the audience that if they want More great tips, for example your five most powerful tips – then all they have to Do is enter the details to receive your free report.

There’s very little reason. For them not to do this, because you’ve demonstrated you’re able to provide Value and you’re offering something for free. The only price they pay is to allow You to contact them in future but, as you point out, they can always just Unsubscribe, if they don’t want to hear from you, they get their free report and Once again, they find it’s really good content. At the same time now, they’re Getting emails from you with highly engaging and interesting subject lines: The people who click those emails are now showing very good engagement and you Can see that they’re the kind of people that might be willing to buy these People will receive an email on an automated basis that invites them to an Exciting free conference, where they can hear you talk online about fitness, this Is a great rare opportunity and if they like what you’ve done so far, why Shouldn’t they get involved, so they do that and because they’ve gone so far, Another way to hear you and they’ve listened to the whole thing.

They’ve now made the full transition to fan. They are now engaging with you in a Big way and going out of their way to hear more from you, this makes a massive Difference because in their own mind, it will inform that that you’re, someone They’re interested in hearing more from this relates to an interesting aspect of Psychology called cognitive dissonance did you know the best way to make Someone like you is to get them to do things for you.

Why? Well? Because this Creates a state of cognitive dissonance in their minds, otherwise the brain likes. Congruence it likes to see that your actions are consistent with your beliefs. If you do something for someone that takes a lot of effort, then the brain Assumes that you must really like them to have been willing to do that. The same Thing works here: if someone engages with your brand, if they rush to your seminar, And wait for you to come online they’re telling themselves.

They must be big fans. Of your work, at the same time when someone has put in a lot of effort into Something, and that creates a strong motivation to get something your Audience will want closure, and the best way to do that is by buying from you After your free seminar, the next stage is to sell to them. This is them taking The next step and transitioning from a visitor or a fan into a paying customer This is the point where they become willing to buy from you and where you Start making money, but it’s not going to be the big-ticket item yet instead You’re going to sell something small to start with this, something small could be Along the lines of an e-book or a short course, and it should cost anywhere from Five to fifty dollars, what it’s doing is demonstrating that they can buy from you.

And trust you that’s why your small sale is so important. It’s an important point. To include in a sales funnel, the basic idea behind this is that you’re giving Your audience the chance to buy from you without too much risk because, as you saw From my read salesman example, one of the biggest barriers to a sale is risk. People are naturally risk adverse and they hate the idea they might hand. Over cash, only for you to go running off into the sunset laughing at them.

They Need to see they can buy from you and trust you, and if they don’t know that Then getting them to spend five thousand dollars is going to be very hard, but now Sell them something for five dollars, and can you get them to say why not they’ve Seen you can offer value from the other steps in your funnel and the risk of Losing five dollars is not too serious, so they take their chance only now they Know they can trust you.

They know that you’re able to deliver value and their Details will already be saved to your payment system. That means to make the Big purchase, you only have to persuade them that your product is worth it and Get them to take the plunge, as Amazon would say, with one click. This is much Easier than trying to get them to take the plunge when they’ve never dealt with You before, in fact, it’s pretty much impossible.

And finally, it’s off the back of that sale, you’re going to sell them your Big-Ticket item they’ve heard all your free content. They’ve read your eBook and Now they want to get the very most from you and if they want to see the very Best the most powerful tips, then they need to upgrade to your most expensive Offer, alternatively, you might make multiple sales of products that increase In value gradually over time and that way, each increase in cost will seem very Small, this way you’re making incremental increases in price, and thus people will Gradually increase the value that they’re spending with you and become Increasingly likely to make the transition to the truly big-ticket item.

Bottom line, that is how you sell a five thousand dollar product, one more Important point is to understand and utilize the power of social influence. And membership: this is one more tool: you’re going to use to get people to Really want to take that next step down your sales, funnel the idea of belonging To something and being part of something and the idea of being left out unless They take that step so you’re going to your audience that buying her big-ticket Item means being part of your movement means getting the full experience and Means seeing the VIP content that your regular customers don’t get to see.

They’ll be part of an elite community and they’ll get access to top-secret Information now you’re beginning to see how a sales funnel works. Aren’t you and Why it’s such an important tool for maximizing your sales? At the same time? It’s worth noting that the steps themselves don’t need to look exactly Like this, you might not have a mailing list, you might not have a seminar but You can still create a funnel.

What’s important is simply that you have a Series of escalating steps with each one increasing engagement and building your Fan base further, so the question now becomes how many steps constitutes a Funnel well, this varies from case to case The best answer, as you might have guessed from the chapter title – is 5 That’s because research has told us it takes 5 touches to sell to someone this Means they should interact with your business at least 5 times before you try And shift your big-ticket item: this is enough to take someone from being Completely unaware of your brand to being familiar enough with you that They’re willing to put their money and their trust in your products.

Chapter 3 diving deeper into the sales Funnel so now, knowing you should utilize five unique steps. What are those five Unique steps: what kinds of touches can you employ to get the maximum amount of Buying power, well, I’m going to run them down for you now. The first touch is a Blog, this is the most obvious first touch used by a lot of sites and Businesses, it’s a great place to provide some free value to demonstrate your Knowledge and authority, and to provide tips and advice.

Your blog should include Free information and articles related to your business or nation, and you should Work to make sure these are well-thought-out, well-written and above All providing tons value the more unique, useful and Insightful information you offer here, the more people are going to trust you And believe you can offer the value they’re looking for and that it’s going To be worth paying for another first touch variation is the squeeze page.

This Is a page that is all about trying to get people to subscribe to your mailing List, you can drive people here using PPC and other forms of ads and then simply Set out an excellent case for them to subscribe to you, it can work alongside a Blog or it can work on its own, you can use YouTube as an excellent place to Have your first touch here, you can create a article. You know people will Search for and attempt to offer some real value, the great thing about a article Is that it’s so engaging and will be so effective in grabbing attention holding That attention and allowing you to convey your points to an audience.

That’s Listening, there’s no reason that your first touch needs to be on your own site. If you write a guest post for another big blog, then you get their fans and Followers to find your content, and you can then bring those viewers and readers Over to your own blogs, here are some of the variations you can use for your Second, touch: first up a mailing list: this is a great one, because the vast Majority of brands will use it.

Email still has a great level of conversion. And open rate due to the fact that it’s so personal and direct, it also means You’re not relying on a third party like Google or Facebook, and it allows you Most importantly, to address your audience directly, the next best thing to A mailing list is social media. If you can get someone to like you on facebook, Or follow you on twitter, then you’re, giving yourself the opportunity to Contact them in the future and like subscribers, people who follow you on Social media are taking that psychological step that makes them fans You can also try alternative options for your social media snapchat.

For example, Has surprisingly, high engagement inviting people to take part in a Community is a brilliant way to get them excited about your brand Committed once people start having conversations in a group with your name, In it, they’ll feel they belong, and it will be very hard for them to turn off. From your brand and to break their engagement, the YouTube equivalent of This is to get someone to subscribe to your blog when they do this they’ll Then see new articles as you post them.

This is an excellent way to get them to See your new content and to reach them with new promotions and offers now, let’s Take a look at some of the variations on the 3rd touch. This should be something That requires them to take another action, and it should be something a bit Lengthier that forces them to engage with your content. A free report is a Great example of this, and it’s a good chance for you to demonstrate the value That you’re, capable of delivering article seminars are great because they’re live Events, this means people will need to prepare to listen to them and hopefully Will be looking forward to the event making people wait for something is a Perfect way to get them to want it more, what’s more, a live.

Article seminar is Something that people will feel very engaged with and we’ll give them a Direct interaction with you. Similarly, you could offer some kind of free chat. Or consultation, going back to my example of selling a training program, you could Offer a free fitness consultant and recommend some exercises: diet, plans, etc. This can be one-to-one if you’re willing to put in the time and really it’s a Fantastic way to build fans.

Another option, though, is to have a group chat. Such as one on Google Hangouts – and you can make this more exciting by making it An invite-only event: your fourth touch, is going to be the small sale that will Help you engage your audience. Ideally, this will be something that you will Offer a similar service or value to the main product that you’re trying to shift And that way it should be able to demonstrate that the thing you are Infact selling for more is really going to be worth more money or, if your only Interest is getting people to buy from you and demonstrating your Trustworthiness then, you can always just sell something incredibly cheaply.

This Could be as simple as a phone case or a t-shirt. Anything that just costs a couple of dollars, many a sales funnel – will be Built around just sales, the sales funnel I’ve described so far is one with a low Free line, in other words, the more you give away for free The better, but it’s also possible to put multiple purchases below the free line. Rather than selling one item, then your big-ticket item you can instead go Through gradually more expensive products and build this up to the point, Where your customer eventually pays for something very expensive, this is the Best way to get people to buy the very highest ticket items this way, they’ll be Making multiple purchases that increasing value and each step will seem Slightly smaller, it won’t seem like such a big deal to eventually spend that much Money, the steps are incremental and thus they Seem smaller and more palatable if you’re selling software as a Service Saas, but another good option is to offer a free trial.

This is much easier to Convince someone to try than actually selling to them, but if you handle this Correctly, they’ll still be handing over the details and they might even input Their card details, so you can charge them if they fail to cancel the Membership after the first month, another alternative to actually selling is to Give something away for free one of the best examples of doing this is to give Away a free promotional gift: these are things that have your branding on them.

And might include the likes of t-shirts or coffee mugs very cheap to produce Which makes them ideal loss leaders what’s more, is you can include your Branding and get free marketing and exposure every time your fans use those Items at the same time, by wearing a t-shirt with your brand on it, your Visitors will feel much more engaged and committed to your brand to the point. Where they might want to demonstrate their allegiance in other ways, obviously Your final touch is going to be your actual sale.

This is what everything up To this point has been leading to and when your visitors arrive on your site, Hopefully they should be in-game aged committed and ready to buy all that Remains is for you to make that final push to convert them into a customer and You might do that with a series of emails, or you might do it with an Effective sales page chapter for advanced sales, funnel techniques there Are a number of more advanced techniques and strategies? You can add, however, many Of which will help you engage your audience even more or in an entirely Different way, for example, one step that people often won’t use is to offer a Free app download this works well, because people will often get excited by The prospect of getting an app they can see that this is an exciting free, Product, rather than something dull like a mailing list, this then gives you a Very slick and polished way to reach your audience or for them to check in With you, it also means you can use push notifications to sell products.

Another Example of a more advanced touch is to try live article streaming effectively. This means using a tool like periscope or Facebook, or even YouTube in order to Stream, a recording of yourself, live to your visitors when done correctly. This Will allow you to engage a large audience of followers and they’ll in Turn be able to respond to what you’re saying Live-Streaming is taking off in a big way and it’s a great way to find new Potential customers, because the various blogs are currently so quiet that any Article here will be quickly and easily found by people who are searching for New things to read: what’s more live streaming allows you to interact.

Directly with your audience, people will be able to read you as though they were In the room with you and can ask questions, you’ll be able to respond to Directly, this builds much more trust and makes them feel as though they know you Already – and this can help a great deal when it comes to sales – that it sure Doesn’t hurt that live-streaming makes you look very modern and on the ball at The same time, this is a cool and interesting alternative to having a Seminar on line one of the most important Considerations when you’re building a sales funnel is how you’re going to get People to the start of that funnel in the first place, what’s more is asking How you’re going to get the right people to the start? That’s where something Called targeting comes in going back to my example of the Shady read salesman: One of the biggest problems was that that salesman didn’t know who we were We’ve shown no interest in reades and for all he knows we might hate wearing Things on our wrist or perhaps we’ve just been given a beautiful new read: And we don’t need a new one for this reason alone, our read guy is not likely.

To have much luck, but now imagine that he’s using targeting to sell only to People with a high chance of being interested one way he could do this is To stand outside the read lovers convention, there are read lovers: Conventions right, another option would be to visit people’s homes who’ve Answered a survey saying they’re in the market for a read: Bottom line, shady read, guy is still doing a lot of stuff wrong, but simply by Approaching the right audience he’s going to see a big improvement in his Conversion rates and that’s what we need to do to bring the right people to our Site to begin with, and to do that, we first need to identify who our virus This means working out who our buyer persona or ideal customer is a buyer Persona is a fictional biography of our ideal customer.

That means they’re the Exact person who is liable to buy from you in profiling, this person you’re not Just looking at the demographics like buyers, age, sex location and marital Status, this is important, but you want to go deeper by thinking about their Philosophies their politics, their other interests, once you’ve created your Imaginary biography, this will allow you to market your product in the very Places where this person is likely to be that might mean finding forums that Discuss the other subjects they’re interested in or finding blogs with Similar central concepts to write guest posts for this will essentially allow You to find a good to market which is anywhere your ideal Buyer is likely to spend time a brilliant example might be a magazine on A particular subject, if you can find your route to market and you can match That market with the right product and sales funnel then you’ll, be almost Guaranteed to see success for your products, chapter 5 What the heck is a I da, and why should I care, no matter how good your sales Funnel is it will only be as strong as your weakest link and in many cases that Weakest link is the fifth and final touch, the point where you actually come: To sell your product a lot of people just don’t know how to make their items.

L and they don’t know how to make something, seem really exciting and more Importantly necessary: this is where great copywriting and AI DEA comes in AI Dea is a concept that will make it a little bit easier for you to sell your Products and make money online. The general idea is that you need to take Your visitors from the point they’ve never heard of you to the point where They’re ready to buy only this time were focusing more on the specific product.

Rather than on the brand, more generally so to break it down, for you a ID a Stands for awareness, interest desire and action. You can’t make someone interested In your product, until they’re, aware of it – and you can’t make them want it until They’ve learned about it and you can’t encourage them to click, buy until you’ve. Made them really want what you’re offering this AI da structure is a Highly useful guide – and it has five steps long the same as your 5 touches You can even build AI da into each touch, then start by teasing your product and Then, building on that by providing more and more information and generally Making it sound more desirable either that or you can place awareness in your Second stage and then provide the interest and desire in the next You can even place all five steps in the final touch through your sales page Depending on what it is you’re trying to sell and, of course, your broader strategy, Regardless of how you approach it in order to sell your idea, you’re going to Have to be able to use persuasive writing.

The bottom line is you’re going To need to build interest and desire for your product, it starts with attention. And engagement, which are increasingly difficult things to accomplish these Days, everyone is in a rush and it’s increasingly rare to get a chance to Just sit down and read a long piece of text. Studies even suggest that the Internet and technology in general is causing symptoms very similar to a DD in A lot of people, so your first objective is to get people to stop and pay.

Attention that means you need to write in a manner that’s efficient and to the Point avoiding long-winded sentences or Flamboyant language get to the point in as few words as possible. Another tip is To try writing with a narrative structure, in other words, make your sales Pitches Story, one of the most common and popular ways to do this is write the Story of how your product helped you, this works wonders because people find It hard to turn off from stories.

We always want to know how they end and we Want to learn as much as we can about them. That’s why we’ll often stay up all night reading, trashy TV isn’t it. You can also Grab attention right away by using a controversial or shocking opening Sentence that will increase interest and engagement and make it hard for people To turn off another tip to make sure people don’t just leave without reading Everything is to try and write in a way that makes it easy to skim through Quickly, if you take a look at most sales pages, you’ll notice, they’re very long, And narrow utilizing lots of long detailed headers and they have lots of Bold underlined or red text.

The idea here is that most people will skim Through your content, so you need to ensure they can do so and still get the Whole story, even just the headlines alone, should give enough information. That someone might be interested to buy while the bold and underlined words will Also jump out and grab attention this way, even if people are in a hurry and There always are they’re still going to be engaged and hopefully buy your Product so now they’re reading.

What are you doing with that? Hard-Won attention? The answer is, you need to sell the dream and sell your value proposition. You need To get people dreaming about your product and truly wishing they owned it Ultimately, the objective here is to make sure people think of your product in Emotional terms, they need to understand how your product can make their lives. Better and why they really need it.

What is a value proposition? Essentially it Means understanding how your product really makes lives better? What’s the Real value in your product, why will people buy it? People don’t buy a fitness. Ebook for a good read: they don’t even buy a fitness book to get fitter. They Buy Fitness books to feel good about themselves, to impress women or men and To have confidence in good health, that’s the dream and that’s the emotion you Need to tap into if your product is about making money, then the dream is Power influence and the resources to avoid the stress of debt to go on big Holidays and to own a big beautiful house, of course, you also need to Describe the product itself and precisely what it entails, it can’t all Be just sunshine and blue skies.

The next thing you need to do is build trust and Authority you’re selling this dream and showing exactly how you’re going to help People get there, but that’s not enough on its own, because people need to trust You this is partly what your sales funnel has been all leading up to, but You can also further enhance this effort during your sales pitch. You can help People to trust you and remove your risk by using social proof, like reviews and Testimonials using money-back guarantees and other safety measures that make the Buyer feel safe using stats and statistics such as studies that back Your claims appealing to figures of authority and the thought leaders in Your niche providing your own credentials if you do All this you’ll find people are more likely to take that risk and by finally You need to remove those barriers to sale.

One way to do this is by combating The dreaded buyer’s remorse this is the sense of guilt that people can feel After they bought something, you need to remove this by demonstrating that what You’re selling is a good deal or by convincing them they might even be Making some kind of investment this strategy works, particularly well, when You’re selling, something like a make money online course. What’s key to Understand when selling is that people buy based on their emotions and not Logic: this is the reason that the whole value proposition concept is so Important, if you try and sell based on logic alone, then people will often Realize they don’t really need what you’re offering and talk themselves out.

Of it, but if you convince them based on emotion, then they’ll feel strongly Compelled to buy and will find it hard to resist that temptation. The difference. Is huge and ultimately leads to a lot more sales. This is often why it’s a good Idea to try and get people to imagine owning your product and to make it seem. Desirable in its own right, in particular, using the right language words like feel And looks really help to paint a picture and are often used by thought leaders.

And entrepreneurs who are very successful when they sell their products The bottom line is you need to get people to act on that emotion, while it’s There, rather than going away and coming back and to do this, you can introduce Scarcity and urgency that means pointing out that your audience needs to buy Right now or risk missing out entirely, you can do this by making up that you Have only a very limited number of products left for sale or by introducing A limited time discount, then your readers will understand if they’re Interested at all in what you’re offering they need to buy right away or Risk missing out that way: they’ll act on their emotional impulse, rather than Leaving and deciding against it chapter six polishing, a diamond if you Take all the boxes we’ve just discussed, you’ll have a sales funnel that will be Effective in capturing visitors and converting them into customers, you’re Grabbing their details, every time they interact with your brand and then you’re Building trust and growing your authority, but is this by itself enough? To guarantee your success, unfortunately, there’s just one big thing: that’s Missing here and that’s making sure all of the materials you’ve created are Excellent, take a look around Facebook and you’ll see plenty of adverts for Make money online schemes and fitness programs, if you click them, you’ll, be Taken straight to a sales funnel that will work just like the ones I’ve just Discussed but very often you’ll find they don’t really work on you.

The reason Is because they look like spam, we’ve all seen a thousand make money online sales Funnels and we’ve all been to sales pages with people on yachts or beaches. Telling us how we can earn money from home and live the dream. The problem is We just don’t believe it anymore, and why should we often these sites, look like They were made by a fifteen year old, the promises are over the top and it’s Something we’ve seen a hundred times before and then there’s the question we Always ask ourselves in these situation: if this person is so rich, why does their Website look so cheap and the bottom line.

Why are they doing this at all and The way you’re going to do that is by giving your funnel polish and by doing What you can to stand out, this means building a proper brand and investing in Your funnel hiring people to help you with your design and with your article Creation imagine how much different the exact same strategy would be, but we’re The first age of your funnel was a professionally edited article with premium Production values, high quality, camera quality, editing a good script, terrific Music, obviously, this inspires so much more trust in your brand and makes you Stand out from all the second-rate spammers on the web, The same goes for offering something a bit different and for thinking of new And unique ways to engage with your audience: Never forget to actually build value, don’t just appear to be offering it chapter, seven: what’s it going to cost the next important thing you need to Think about is how you’re going to price your funnel.

You already know that your First, few touches are going to be free and we’ve discussed in detail the value Of charging for something smaller before you try and sell the big-ticket. This Also has the advantage of meaning that even people who will never be willing to Pay for the big ticket will still be able to spend some money with you and Become paying customers now we’re going to look at pricing in a little more Detail because it’s an important consideration once again, there are steps And rungs and you’re going to be increasing the cost of what you offer.

Very slowly as you go up, the first step, of course, is completely free. This is Your youtube article or your blog, something that people can consume. Completely for free and then just leave without any kind of commitment. The free Line is often the term used to describe the cutoff point where your content and Your value stops being free, and often this is shown in diagrams to be the Entry point of the funnel as they enter the funnel they commit to start paying.

Some items that go above the free line might include blogging guest blogging. Easons ebooks press releases, free reports, Camtasia articles seminars and Presentations having a free line and knowing where precisely your free line, Sits can help you a great deal to manage your business and to test what’s working. What’s interesting is that more and more marketers are talking about moving the Free line specifically they’re discussing moving the free line down and Making more of the things they used to charge for free? This is a great way to Get more people to commit to the funnel and to get ahead of the competition Many people even recommend you give away your very best stuff, the company that Provides the most value above the free line is often the company that wins While it’s possible to think about your business like this, what you should also Recognize is that there is another line, the details line.

This is an important Thing to understand, because while a visitor isn’t paying you when they sign Up there is still a cost to them that being their details. This is still a Transaction and you still need to be able to offer something worthwhile to Them in exchange for those details, what’s more is that this moves them Inexorably toward buying from you once they’ve made the step of handing over Their details, they’ve already made kind of a payment.

In one sense. Now it’s going To seem like a smaller step for them to move forward, making a small purchase Especially once they made that commitment so now you know where your Free line is – and you recognize that it’s movable the next thing to consider is The precise price you’re going to set for the items that are below with a free Line this is important because this is still part of your puzzle.

We’ve talked About selling on smaller item, to get people ready to pay for the more Expensive ones, but often your sales funnel will go further than this and it Could involve multiple purchases, each getting more and more expensive, but at Each step you need to ensure that everything you’re providing is offering Value and something in exchange for what you’re charging is worth that amount. Here are a few options? Number one: do your market research look At what other brands and companies are charging for equivalent products and Offer the same number to look at the ways products similar to yours are Calculated, for instance, if you’re selling items you purchased wholesale Then you might well use the typical keystone pricing approach.

This means You’re going to charge your end, customers twice the amount that you paid For the product, thereby making a 100 % profit number three you’ll also need to Calculate your cogs, cogs is cost of woods souls. This tells you how much each Item you’re selling costs you to manufacture working this out; Tells you how much you need to charge in order to make a profit. You can then Think about the amount you’re going to need to grow and scale your business While also maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Number four keep in mind.

This doesn’t work with ebooks because you don’t have Any overheads the cost of manufacturing an e-book is nil. So how can you be sure You’re offering the right value for money, simple, you test the market and see What your ebook will sell for look at similar products, then try tweaking your Price to see if it overall increases your profits or decreases them number Five read your metrics as you get more Advanced, the only real option is to closely read your metrics and see What’s working, this means, for example, identifying how much a customer is worth You once they reach the fifth rung, because you might find it’s actually Worth selling the first item in your funnel at a loss, if it means that you Can subsequently increase the chances of selling your last item but the only way To know this certainly is to carefully monitor your sales and see who’s buying.

What and how much it’s earning you at each point in the funnel and finally, Remember you need to add a little wiggle room in your price if you’re going to Make a big sale quickly, we’ve already discussed, you want to increase urgency. And scarcity, one way to do this is we’ve touched on is by offering a limited time. Discount, but that means you need to make the product expensive enough. You can Offer the discount and still be making a profit and if you’re, selling, multiple Products then there are various different ways that the cost can Interact that you also need to take on board, for instance, if you’re selling More than one item you might use a strategy called contrast.

This means that You’re placing a cheaper item next to a more expensive item. This makes the more Expensive item appear more premium and it again introduces the idea of Increasing the price in small intervals, a customer might convince themselves to Ten dollars more because it’s a small price to pay to get the very best. Conversely, if the customer wants to be frugal, then they might buy the cheaper Item because it will appear to be a better deal, one next to the more Expensive one they can must overcome buyer’s remorse by saying to themselves.

Okay, well I’ll just get the cheaper one. Chapter 8 long-term success strategy: the Coarser thing to remember, regardless of the tips and techniques we’ve discussed, And are going to use is that you’re, building trust and playing for the long Game remember we’re aiming to do the precise Opposite of the shady guy in the street selling reades, we know that we need to Woo, our customers and get them on our side before we try and sell them.

Something worth thousands of dollars, but the next question is precisely how You’re going to build that trust, how do you generate true fans and how do you Make sure that the experience and each stage of your funnel is a worthwhile one. The first tip, of course, is just to make your products excellent, and that goes For the freeline ones, too, I’ve worked with clients that create sales, funnels Where the first product is a folder filled with six silent articles of people, Setting up WordPress, they call this the ultimate guide to generating income.

Online or something similar, what chance do you think that person has of selling Something for $ 1000, a sales concept that relates to moving the free line is a Concept known as over-delivering, instead of creating something that falls sadly, Short, you need to make sure that your products and experiences are over Delivering each time that means you’re, exceeding expectations going above and Beyond, for example, if you promise an amazing ebook, then throw an extra articles, Extra mind, maps and beautiful big images surpass expectations and you’ll create Goodwill that will spur extra sales.

That’s why the best sellers on Amazon Never promise next date. They promised delivery in two to four Days and then make sure it arrives the next day, customers are almost always Blown away by this, which means positive reviews and more Sales, another way to make people want to be fans is that they actually get behind. Your brand, you need to have a brand. For example, easy cash online is not a brand It’s a keyword or over a good brand goes beyond just a name and a logo.

A brand Should begin with a promise, a call to action and with a mission statement, the Best companies, the ones that really inspire people and create big movements; Are the ones that have some kind of vision for themselves and the world Apple was so successful in its heyday, because it was all about disrupting the Establishment and making computers fun and friendly to use it was about taking That power out of the hands of the elite and giving it to the masses.

This was a Vision and a passion and as you well know, it took over the business world and You see this with all the most successful brands in the world. They have An identity, a unifying cause, morals and a vision try to work out what it was. That inspired you to get in business, try to work out where you want to go with. Your business and what you want to give back now put all of that into a mission Statement and make sure you refer to that with every decision you make with Every piece of branding and with every piece of marketing, when you do you’ll Create something that people can get behind and that will excite them.

This is The kind of thing that people become true fans of and it’s what will Encourage people to want to become more and more committed to your brand. You Also need to consider content, marketing content, marketing simply means you’re. Relying on the free content, you, post on your blog in order to reach your Audience you’ll use this content to build up your SEO and to share on social Media, but at the same time, it’s also going to provide that vital.

First touch. And provide value to the user while building trust. There are plenty of Differ options when it comes to digital Marketing but the one that will always work best with a sales funnel is content. Marketing chapter 9, time-saving tools and resources, as I’ve mentioned earlier, One of the most important things that can help you increase your sales and Your conversions is a great sales page with great persuasive language, but your Persuasive language is only one piece of that puzzle.

What’s equally important is That you have a well-designed page that will encourage people who want to buy From you, and that will keep them engaged a great way to do. This is with the right WordPress theme or plugin, and one of the very best to this end is optimize. Press For WordPress optimized press will instantly turn any site into a sales Page using the standard, long, narrow design and lack of buttons leading away From your sales page, the design has been built with a lot of testing and has been Shown to maximize conversions – and this way you aren’t relying on your own Design skills or trial and error, so let the pros take care of the design and you Just focus on the write-up another tool is click.

Funnels click funnels make it Quick and easy to set up landing pages, as well as back and sales pages like Upsells and downloads, an essential service to use, as you might be aware, is Paypal, this is the most popular way to accept transactions and can be used in Multiple ways, the simplest being just to embed the Pay Now button on your site, And then send out the digital products manually. Paypal is well recognized and Lots of people already have an account which reduces the barrier to sale by Ensuring people don’t need to enter their details into an unknown form.

A Staple of good sales funnels is to host webinars and online presentations. There. Are a number of different things you can use to do this and a number of different Tools for creating great online webinars, some of the best include, go to Eating you conference, google, hangouts webinar jam and easy webinar plugin, but As we mentioned before, why not try live-streaming for metrics the most Important thing to set up is Google Analytics and goal tracking goal.

Tracking allows you to look at precisely who is making it to your checkout page And your thank you for buying page. You can then see how these visitors behave. Prior to buying and you can see which searches led to that action, this is Invaluable data to use for fine-tuning your funnel another thing to consider is How you’ll manage your leads? This is going to mean creating a mailing list. For most people and then using an autoresponder in order to manage those Mails, your autoresponder, as you may know, is the tool you use to collect your Emails as well as to send them out, you can log into the autoresponder to create Your mails before clicking to deliver them to Everyone on that list, autoresponders also perform a range of other jobs for Example, they’ll, let you manage unsubscribes and create a double opt-in.

Process, meaning that users need to confirm their email addresses, thereby Avoiding people signing up with fake emails and helping to ensure that all Your subscribers are really going to read your messages, but perhaps one of The most powerful features of many autoresponders is the option to see how Engaged your readers are you’ll, be able to see how many people are opening each Mail and which of your users, really aren’t engaging at all more usefully.

You’ll be able to identify the people who always open your mails and always Click the links – these are your more engaged users and your more qualified Leads, in other words, they’re the ones who are ready to move on to the next Stage in your funnel and you can set up your autoresponder to email them only Once they reach this point, I’ve mentioned leaves a few times so far of Course elite is anyone you can potentially sell to, but they’ll vary in Terms of how useful they are and how likely they are to be willing to buy A cold lead is someone who’s, never heard of you before.

This is someone who’s landed on your site. Seeing an ad a warm lead is someone Who has shown some kind of interest by subscribing liking? You on social media Etc, you’re qualified lead is someone who’s shown interest in a product by Getting a quote or by spending time in your store, this is the person who’s, the Easiest to now convert into a customer. Of course, your job is to take your Visitors from cold leads all the way to qualified and one way to make this Easier is by lead scoring that is calculating just how warm each lead is.

And how far away they are from being qualified the best autoresponder Software will do this for you and make it much easier to message the right. People at the right time, because timing is everything when it comes to sales. Some of the best autoresponders on the market are Aweber, GetResponse and Mailchimp, ultimately, all three of these tools are very similar in terms of Features and services so what’s left, is to consider the pricing and which one Best suits your targets: chapter 10, increasing conversion rates once your Sales funnel is set up and live.

All that’s left to do is read as the sales Come in and then tweak it to try and generate more revenue, the best way to do This is to increase your conversion rates at each stage of the funnel. How do You make sure that more and more people go from visiting your site to signing up. To your list and how do you encourage them to go from buying the cheapest item? To buying your most expensive one, one simple answer is to invest as money.

Starts to come in from your sales! Invest that back into your funnel by improving Each step of the process, this means making your products better, adding more Sheen and more freebies and making your articles better, it means investing in more Marketing and it means building a better brand with the right logo and the right Web design hire writers hire web developers and Really keep growing and improving your business.

Your job is not done once it Goes live one of the easiest ways to increase. Your conversion rate is to Improve your targeting and one of the best ways to get more targeted visitors. To your sites, other than using your established routes to market is to use Ppc to create targeted adverts, the other way to target your audience is through Ppc PPC is pay-per-click advertising and is most commonly associated with either Google Adwords or Facebook ads both types of ads, allow very precise Targeting for your campaigns, so you can ensure your ads are being seen by the Right people, for example, on Facebook, you can choose adverts that are only seen by People with certain hobbies listed people in certain locations or people With certain jobs, likewise, on Google AdWords, you can Target people based on the searches they perform, Google AdWords ads appear on the Serps the search engine results pages.

This means that you can place your ads. For reades on the search by reades online, it’s safe to assume that people Searching that term have an interest in buying reades. The other great thing. About PPC is that you can set your cost per click. This means you can choose a Maximum amount you’re willing to pay for each visitor who clicks your ad and Visit your site, the more you pay, the more your ad will be seen, but if you Choose the right keywords, then: you can get visitors for a surprisingly small Amount of money now, if you can work out how many of your visitors eventually Become paying customers and you can work out how much each of those sales means To you in profits, then you can calculate the amount that you can pay for.

Each Visitor and still be guaranteed a profit. This is the step before your sales. Funnel and it’s equally as important – it’s also very important to look at your Reports and metrics track, which adverts are bringing customers to your site? Look At which products are selling best, and at what times of day. Most importantly, Look at where your best customers are coming from This is important because you can invest more time and money into what’s working.

And move away from what isn’t this is where Google Analytics and goal tracking Is particularly useful. Another way to do this is split testing. This means Creating two versions of a webpage and then introducing subtle differences to Each version you then see which of your two versions, performs best and decide. Whether or not to keep or abandon those changes, there are tools that can let you Do this finally try to think of your objectives in terms of building true Fans, one of the most important things you can do is to really get people Behind your business and feel as though they know you and you’re a friend when You have a true fan, they will not only be most likely to buy from you, but they Will share your content, spread the word and help you grow your business.

This is Why it is worthwhile spending time in one-on-one, chats in answering emails and Comments and in generally, engaging with your audience, meanwhile, don’t think of Them in terms of how you can sell to them just think of how you can provide Value and provide a good free service. Some of these people will never buy from You, but that’s not the point, the ones that will will make all that hard work.

Worthwhile and if you create something really good and deliver a really great Service, then you will be rewarded: chapter 11 Choosing your products now you need to make sure you’ve chosen the right Products to begin with this might seem obvious, but the product you choose will Not only make an impact on your sales, but also on the type of customer you get The type of marketing you use and even the subject you’re right about so how do You go about choosing the right products.

Well, a good place to start is by Thinking about what you want to write about and what resources you already Have available, if you happen to run the world’s most popular fitness site, then You should probably develop or buy a fitness product if you don’t own a Website you might still design that this is a subject. You’d be happy to Write about – and this is important if you’re going to stay committed to the Process of writing every day.

Likewise, you need to know about your niche if You’re really going to offer good value when your blog posts and your reports Another pointer is to consider any routes to market. You might already have So, do you just happen to know the editor of a magazine with a huge circulation? Do You happen to know a big youtuber, then you need to think about how easy the Product will be to sell. What’s the competition like? Is the market saturated Does the product have a value proposition that people won’t be able to Ignore selling people great abs or a better love life is always going to lead.

To more profit than a book on sewing, finally, it’s a good idea to test out Your idea before you invest too much in it. This is called validating the product. And you can do that by checking that other businesses have been able to sell It or better yet building up some interest and some pre-orders before you Actually start building it once you know what you want to sell, there’s just one More small issue making it well: here’s how you can go about making or acquiring A product to sell easily the easiest ones to make yourself are digital.

Products of course, you can easily make an e-book an online course or a article Series yourself or hire someone to do it for you through sites like upwork, you Could also create your own physical products, much harder of course, though. And might mean trying to find a manufacturer and coming up with plans. Whether you sell digital products or physical ones, you might decide it’s Easier to sell products created by other people, this way, you’re acting as a Salesperson and keeping commission it’s harder to find truly big-ticket items.

And you do lose some of the profit, but it can save you a lot of time and Completely remove any risk and it might be a good way to validate your sales. Funnel before investing in your own product creation, you can find digital Products on sites like jvzoo, Commission, Junction or Physical ones, on Amazon, the next option is drop shipping. This means selling Someone else’s product, but with your name on it and with no need to mention The manufacturer, this is a white label service and you can find companies Offering this on sites like Alibaba, so now you should have all the information You need to start building your own sales.

Funnel we’ve looked at a lot of High concept, ideas here and discuss the psychology of your buyers and how you Can work that to your advantage, but remember at the end of the day you still Need a great brand, a great purpose and excellent products. If you’re going to Inspire your audience and make some big sales, so try not to be cynical about This start with the real vision, but then just realize that you need to build a Relationship and thrust before you can sell your most expensive items.

To recap: The best ways to do this are come up with a strong brand and a value Proposition create a blog and use content marketing to build a following. Or use a YouTube, blog drive, cold leads with targeted PPC and other Methods encourage people to sign up to your mailing list, run a free, webinar or Conference to engage with your audience and create fans start moving people past Your free line by charging for smaller products build trust and engagement and Increase the price until you’re able to ship your big-ticket item, use a sales Page with well-written persuasive writing to increase conversions, don’t Forget to employ the five touches method we talked about and also employ the a ID A technique to build interest and awareness, monitor and manage your funnel And gradually increase your sales further and you will see your conversion Rates through the same structure, all this around a well-thought-out product, And spend time really building trust with your visitors.

If you do this well, You’ll have a perfect strategy for attracting visitors and turning them. Into the kinds of loyal customers that will Want to buy the big-ticket items from you. The bottom line is that’s how you Can do it now it’s up to you to get out there and do it. I wish you the very best Of sales funnel success: chapter 12: the importance of influencer marketing in The sales funnel when you picture the sales funnel awareness taking up the Widest part, narrowing through interest and decision finally ending in action.

Where do you think influencer marketing fits in many markers? Would categorize Influencer marketing, as an awareness tactic, which is a reasonable assumption. We tend to measure influencer campaigns based on reach, impressions and Engagement rather than the end sale and influencer shared content is often used. As an introduction to a product or service, however, there’s no single best Time to use influencer marketing because the path from awareness to point of sale, Includes many important touch points along the way.

Today’s sales funnel Process is highly consumer, driven where educated consumers are actively seeking Information that’s relevant to their needs. The bottom line is that influencer Marketing can be used effectively at every stage of this modern purchase. Journey influencers have incredible sway when it comes to familiarizing their Audience with your brand identity, their storytelling and presentation skills are The perfect vehicles for everything from initial product introduction to in-depth Tutorials that help consumers understand complicated features and benefits.

Awareness tactics are far more subtle and effective than they used to be the Outdated model of brands, relying on heavy-handed sales, pitches and Promotional messages is changing to more nuanced approach, with influencers who Can seamlessly weave brand messaging into their own tonal language? Broad-Based awareness campaigns now have a personal touch. Influencers often share Photos or stories that involve their own authentic experience, With a product or service, according to a recent research, when done right, Influencer marketing can work wonders for businesses looking to launch new Products or raise brand awareness by tapping into an influencers already Established audience and reach, but don’t stop at this stage.

There are still Plenty of chances to motivate and connect with potential buyers throughout The sales process, influencer campaigns – can drive engagement in all kinds of Ways whether it’s garnering article views sparking a brand conversation across Multiple social blogs, encouraging participation in a giveaway or driving Traffic to brand websites and social accounts engagement is where awareness Can ultimately turn into action? Likes shares comments.

All of these activities. Help spread the word and influence buying decisions. One recent study, Revealed that a whopping 74 % of people will choose companies or brands based on Other’s experiences that are shared online, it’s clear that third-party Endorsement is critical for today’s socially engaged consumers in the middle Of the funnel consumers are becoming interested in a product or service and Taking steps toward a buying decision influencers can help move people from One stage to the next: by offering the kind of compelling content that leads People to learn more and ultimately share their own experiences and Recommendations, while it’s a common belief that influencers don’t drive Direct sales straight from a blog or a social post.

There are plenty of Strategies for influencers to cut through the noise and ask for the sale On the brand’s behalf, it’s true that influencer campaign sales are more Organic and thus can be more difficult to track, but a campaign can include Creative calls to actions like sharing a coupon or a discount to wavering Consumers, in some cases, influencers can boost in store sales with demonstration. Campaigns such as sharing the benefits of a personalized, fitting and styling For a fashion, retail brand influencers are also starting to take Advantage of the new direct sales features offered by certain social Platforms, any post can include a link to buy, of course, but now Instagram stories.

Has a swipe up feature that can send the follower directly to a purchase page and Buyable pins on Pinterest, let users click to buy products, they’re interested In just remember, sales can and do happen by indirect means. An influencer might Publish a delicious looking recipe sponsored by a spiced brand, the recipe Could include a printable that gets picked up and shared on Pinterest making Its way to a cooking enthusiast, who waits until the holidays, to give the Recipe a try she buys the ingredients makes the recipe then shares the results.

And the shopping list on her Instagram page and on it goes The sale is just one component of developing a valuable long-term Relationship with a consumer combine elements from all of those strategies to Stay on top of mind continue partnering with influencers to share loyalty; Rewards offers re-engage influencers during key seasonal pushes and utilize The existing content via social sharing, digital advertising or even on the Brand’s own site, according to marketing’s Rule of 7 prospects need to consume an advertising message, a minimum of seven Times before, they’ll take steps to buy the product or service a well-planned Influencer campaign will help your brand be seen on different platforms by Cross-Sections of consumers and when you engage multiple influencers, consumers Are likely to be exposed to your brand multiple times and over the course of a Campaign or even a year-long program that can be extremely beneficial.

The Bottom line is that influencer marketing is so much more than an introductory Tactic, well-planned campaigns will help you not only connect with potential Customers, but also motivate them to engage with and contribute to your brand As you guide them toward your ultimate objective, In the end, you want more than a sail. You want the kind of relationship that Fosters brand advocacy chapter 13, the sales funnel on steroids.

What, if I told You there was a way to grow revenue, reduced churn and increase the lifetime. Value of your customers. Well, there is, and let me introduce you now to the Sales hourglass take your enterprise sales organization to the next level and All you have to do is flip the traditional sales funnel on its head, the Sales hourglass is the ideal model for tech organizations that are hyper Focused on customer success, while the sales funnel typically ends with the Customer signing a contract, the hourglass continues the process engaging Your new customer with deeper, more strategic relationships with integral Members of your team: here’s how it works in step 1 prospect engagement, just as With the sales funnel will first need to acquire your qualified marketing leads Once you’ve done, that begin learning as much as you can about your prospects.

Pain points and challenges at this stage, you’re listening more than talking and Taking note of how to help your potential customers meet their goals, This year and beyond, step, two is solutions: alignment, as you Move toward the center of the hourglass previously the bottom of the funnel now Is the perfect time to bring in domain experts and customer success managers to Engage directly with potential customers, they should ensure that the proposed Solutions are aligned with your prospective customers, budget needs and Timeline which, of course, are instrumental in closing the deal Including domain experts at this step of the qualified to closed process will Increase your conversion rate as much as 70 percent step number three Implementation and launch the implementation stage is critical for Long-Term customer success, yet traditional sales funnels risk letting You accom fall into the void since your customer Success managers have already developed relationships with your customers in the Solutions: alignment stage, there’s a seamless transition to implementation; Your customers are set up for successful implementation from day one with experts.

They trust this is where the magic happens. Step four is the continuous value. Add the bottom of the hourglass is the Perfect place to create a strong feedback loop with your product team to Ensure that you’re continuously adding value for your partners being hyper. Focused on customer success creates cross-sell opportunities as your Customers turn to you for help with solving problems in their organization.

Organically increasing customer lifetime value and creating the elusive negative Revenue churn at the bottom of the hourglass Youl simultaneously increase annual recurring revenue and mitigate churn by Solving problems for your customers with precision, turning your sales funnel into An hourglass is as easy as one two three four the hourglass puts customer success. And solutions: alignment at the crux of organizational growth and scale Developing and maintaining a meaningful relationship with your customers beyond The point-of-sale creates a true partnership.

Your customer enjoys Integrated solutions from a trusted partner and your firm benefits from Sustainable revenue, growth Sales Funnel Success, Basics Of Sales, Funnels Explained By Jeff Walkner (, Business & Marketing Books, )


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Why You Should STOP Following Sales Experts’ Advice | Salesman/Entrepreneur/Biz Owner Must Watch

All of me, it was a huge amount of money for me because at that time I was still a university student, but listen to this carefully. I’m not here to praise her sales tactic. In fact, I hate her sales. That means so much because I felt that sure the whole process I was pressured to buy the package and, as a result, even after I bought the package, I wasn’t a happy customer.

So, even though this lady closed me for $ 2,000, she lose all her future sales as I refused to buy anymore upsell packages and guess what I never go back to the same saloon ever again and forever. She lose me as a customer. I know many of you are eager to improve your sales boost. After all, sales is part and parcel of business via insurance, agent property agent on my interpreter or a business owner.

Sales is a lifeline and is integral to your survival and in order to improve sales, where do we usually go? We often go to sales experts for advice. They can be your sales manager, your team leader or famous salespeople, such as 10 law or grant cardone, but the truth is their advice, may not work for you, because we all have given character and even have different gender. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that their advice is not good, but the problem is majority of the sales experts out there and guys, and they are usually dominating aggressive and right in the face.

If you’re a guy – and you are masculine in nature – the style may suit you. But if you are lady and you follow the advice blindly, you will end up forcing yourself into a style that you have not comfortable with and selling in a way that turn people off, because the last thing a customer one is a lady being very pushy and Very aggressive in sales, and that’s the exact same mistake that the sales manager made that turned me off as well as turned so many other customers off.

If she still continued to new this time for old and outdated selling method, I’m pretty sure she’s having a hard time right now, because we as customer have also evolved to be much smarter nowadays. So don’t follow the sales experts advice blindly without thinking, especially if you are lady. The last thing that you want is to appear aggressive dominating and pushy. I’m never pushy in myself, I’m approachable at the same time, I’m charming, and on top of that, I’m the top salesman in a company.

In fact, I help my company close more than six figures in terms of US dollar in one single day and the best part is my customers love me, and they are very happy with the solution that I offer them. So, in order to help, ladies, like you to improve yourselves as well as to generate more income, I’ve decided to share my charm system, a system that not only helped me to generate more than six figures a day, but also helped many of the clients that I Thought, if you want me to share with you my system, to increase your sales charm, give me a thumbs up on this article and comment I won below.

For those who comment, I will be inviting you to an exclusive telegram group, where I will be sharing with you my charm system step-by-step. So I can’t wait to see you inside my telegram group bye,

Websites help sell stuff! Do you have one?


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How To Digitally Market A Small Business On A Tight Budget

My name is Francois Taylor Inga and you about read a 30-minute segment off the lunch-and-learn. So if this is the first time you’re tuning in grab and not paper and a pen, because this one is going to be a really really good one – we’re talking about how to actually market your business, you know on a tight budget.

So a lot of us really want to be known, really want to put our messages out there, but we don’t quite have the budget or we don’t quite know how to actually do it, and the reason why I do that is because my mission is to help Entrepreneurs such as yourself to not hear this, but to actually set up, you know reliable and lucrative businesses that are actually profitable and enjoyable all right. So you we do this by sitting around every single day for 30 minutes at 2 p.

M. A est. Take note of that and we talk about how you can capture the right people. You know create the right content, so you can engage those people, educate them, inspire them and provide them with value and then most of all, convert those people into paying clients and then pretty much after that, utilize that for branding your own authority and creating relationships so That, like I, keep saying your business can be profitable and enjoyable.

So, if you’re reading the replay right now, I want you to type in the number 2. It just gives us that confirmation that there’s people that are reading this and there’s also people that actually care and value. You know our content and also just gauges. You know how far we’re reaching with you know. There’s life articles because, like I say all you can do, is all that you can do. I see Scott Boudreau has just turned in what’s going on brother, I hope you’re having a fantastic hump day.

Yes, it is Wednesday. Thank you so much for tuning in Duncan Misaka, and I could also see Richard. Sadly, thank you all for tuning in all right, so, like I mentioned earlier on, basically we’re talking about for you to actually market your business on a budget. Now, how many of you guys are actually finding it difficult to reach your audience right now? You know to get any sort of attention, maybe for your message or for your websites or for your social media.

If you are finding it difficult to get attention, I want you to type in the number one. If you are someone getting by, can you type in the number two if it’s totally difficult for you to get by, can you type in the number three? I just really want to have an understanding of who is online right now I see Sheridan has just tuned in. Thank you so much, I’m hoping you’re feeling better right now and also doing well with your work right then – and this is your first time tuning in welcome aboard like I said this will be a 30-minute segment when we’re really talking about how you can bust a Notch or two and actually you know, really reach out to your audience and get their attention and actually you know, sell to the audience so that your business can be profitable and can be enjoyable now, wouldn’t that be nice? Alright, now you know here’s a situation that I’m sure everybody who’s reading right now can resonate with you know you probably have a small budget and you’ve got really really big dreams.

You know when the Facebook ad that sold you on to the dream that you have you know can buy. It came with. You know pina coladas on the beach and you working by the beach, or you know four hour work weeks like what Tim Ferriss has written, etc, etc. But all of that just exists in misleading facebook ads when you start, you know really working on your business when you start creating for and relating to your audience, it’s not the same way as the Facebook ads.

You know, have predicted or put it out there. So you might, you know, really have really really big dreams you want to have. You know grow your own business, you want to become your own boss, but money and cashflow are tight, and that means you know you’re going to of that cash flow for things that are really really important and you’re going to skimp on your marketing. Now. Does this sort of sound like you, does this sound like like you’re the person who’s got a small budget and maybe big dreams? I want to know the people that are actually reading here, because you know if you’re doing well, then maybe this one with the article for you, but if, if you’ve got really small budgets and and really big dreams, then I want you to continue reading this article You’re not I mean because I run a digital agency leave along digital and I get a lot of requests.

You know for people that wanted strategy session from me, because we do a lot of marketing in and around you know the websites on and off online, etc, etc. So, there’s people that want – maybe you know a strategy created for them. There’s people that want implementation of. Maybe they’ve heard me speak about the blueprint or they they want me to help them with their SEO or but they’re on a minimum budget.

You know and and then this happens on a daily basis. You’re not I mean not. A lot of businesses are actually making money out there, like I said in the other article, ninety seven percent of the article of the you know: small businesses in Australia run by people like you and me all right and then pretty much from that. Ninety seven percent. Maybe thirty to forty percent, I’m not going to make it past year, one year two year, three, all right! So that’s why you know people like me come in because we help you to actually have a business, that’s profitable and enjoyable.

I see Anna or sure them. It’s just children. Thank you so much for joining us today, alright, so luckily we as entrepreneurs, we love that challenge and I also love a challenge. When somebody comes to me and says, I don’t have that much of a budget, but let’s see how we can work together. You’re not I mean because now we’ve become experts in achieving a very lot. You know a lot of results for people with very little.

All right, and how do we manage to do this? I’m going to be sharing some of my secrets in this particular article right now. So if you know somebody who’s struggling with their marketing, if you know somebody who’s struggling with their business, somebody who’s struggling with their cash flow tag them in this article right now, because I’m giving out the secrets that we’re using and we’re also giving out to people That have a very low budget so that their businesses can be profitable and enjoyable.

And if you may, you can actually share this article from this point on, because I’m going to be giving you the effective digital marketing strategies for bootstrapping. In especially if your startup or if you’re a small business all right and I’m going to just give it away right from the get-go first of all, you got ta, make sure you’re doing good work. You got ta, make sure you’re doing good art, because that’s the only thing that gets remarkable.

That’s the only thing that people alright! No, I want you to maybe remember a time old or the last time you went and readed a movie alright and have you ever walked out of a movie or have you ever heard? Somebody who’s read the same movie that you’ve readed, repeating maybe a couple of lines from that movie. You know that that readed and you guys instantly connect now. What I’m trying to say is if you make good art, people will talk about it.

It will be remarkable. You know just like how you know good movies end up as people start talking about those lines in that movie. If I say I’ll be back, you remember, you would know that I’m talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie. If I talk about, I can’t really think of movie lines right now, but you you get what I’m trying to say all right, so make good art do good work. So if you are ever going to get anything from this article today get those three little words make good art cuz, I’m the only thing that people will talk about.

If you make people happy, if you make people laugh, if you make people get results from the work that you’re putting out there, they will talk about you at a barbecue. That’s the first thing that you can absolutely do even if you’ve got a low budget or even if you’ve got a high budget. If your work is good enough for people to talk about, they definitely will talk about it. Alright and I see – and what’s going on.

Rather, thank you so much for in the next thing that you really want to grasp and and those that are really enjoying this article right now tag somebody who might really want to hear about this, so that it can actually help them by actually helping them. The next thing that you really want to make sure within your business is once you’re doing good work, that good work becomes your message all right and then, when you’ve got that good work, make sure that message goes to a market be specific on who has to Actually hear that message, because not everyone is your customer, because if you’re going to be spraying and praying with your marketing, then you’re wasting advertising money.

You’re wasting. You know advertising budgets you’re wasting your time, you’re wasting the listeners time. Alright. Whenever people don’t understand, who is this meant for me and whenever people don’t understand, is this book written for me whenever people don’t understand? Was this book meant? For me, it’s going to be difficult for them to actually listen to the message, so you have to have really good work like I said, and then it creates what is called a permission asset once you’ve got permission to sell to me.

I will then start listening. All right, you can’t sell to somebody who hasn’t, given you permission to sell to them so once you’re doing good work, you’ve got a message now that goes to a specific market. You now need to choose the blogs of how you’re reaching out to that audience wisely. I see Luke has just turned in Nicole my love. What’s going on, haven’t seen you in a minute chuckle Bradley. Thank you so much brother for walking, I’m your last name is walkouts got ta say.

Thank you so much for walking by you know this article. So, like I said your message, your market, you got ta now be specific about the media, as you can tell and as you will notice, you know what’s actually happening right now. Facebook is under scrutiny for having leaked people’s data, etc, etc, and guess, what’s going to happen, people are going to shrug away from you know using Facebook as a platform.

Now, if you have big noticing as well that Facebook, even the reach has been dwindling in the reach, has been getting smaller and smaller and if you have just been, you know basing or standing on one media blog. As you know, the way you’re reaching out to your audience, it’s going to be grand opening and grand closing for you. Alright. So, like I said your media, your market, and when you actually now choose your blog, which is the you know, which is how you deliver your message.

You know it makes it a whole lot easier, whether you move from one platform to another people will still remember what you said. Why? Because you’re doing good work, because you’re making good art I see Nicole, has just children. Thank you so much for your time today. I hope you having a fantastic meat week session wherever you at right now, all right, so all of these are effective digital markets.

If you notice, we haven’t even gotten into the whole trickery of you know, tools and and tactics and everything else. It’s just what your message is: what that market really needs to be in the media and I’ll be playing around those three M’s, and if it’s the only thing that you really get from this show today, Nick good arts, that’s the only thing that people care about These days, not about how funny your articles are not about how your content comes into the newsfeed, not about how your blog is situated or what trickery you got them into signing up to your news list, if you’re not making good art if you’re not putting on Good work, nobody will care all right, whatever you’re going to say, he’s going to mean Jack diddly if you are not specific about your market and what blogs you’re going to be using in order for you to reach out to them message, market medium, all right.

So this is for those people that have a you know a really tight budget and really want to make sure they get a proper return of their investment as soon as they put money in and then they get some sort of cash outline. So, by choosing your blogs wisely, we all caught up in in the angst. You know that is caused by the lack of money, because guess what we we are forced or we are shown. How are the big companies? Are? You know advertising you not.

I mean we forget one thing: everyone has a limited marketing budget, you know, I mean not even the tires like Apple or coca-cola, I just spreading money out there. They are working within their budget, so I mean obviously their bodies are huge. You not I mean, but they still work hard and choosing the right blogs that give them the right return on their only investment and why? Why would they do that? Because nobody wants to waste money, and especially if you don’t have that money, why would you want to waste something you don’t have so make sure that whatever you’re going to be doing you’re not going to have to do it twice? Do it once and for all or what them what them carpenters say, measure twice and cut once Genaro mean so if you’re, a small business and you’re with small budget, this is actually really really important figure out.

What are you good at? Who means you know, what are you good at? What are you selling who needs it and where can you find them and then just specifically go to that blog instead of you being spreading yourself too thin, and then you know becoming a high-sounding nothing. You know cuz, you can’t afford to waste money, so you want to start by choosing the right digital marketing blogs and mind you. This is not an easy task right now.

Can you tell me where you think your audience is actually situated within the whole online space? Can you just type in where you think is the best place to to find you or your audience right now? Where are they congregated? Where would they be if you would go out and find 10 customers off your own right now? Where would you specifically go especially in your business? Please type it in the comments, then you know this is hundreds of blogs, there’s hundreds and each of them offer a rabbit hole in and of itself.

You know, I mean, there’s social media is email. There’s PPC ads. This SEO, you know this display ads this content, marketing. All of that and guess what every new thing that comes on the market mocking us find a way to ruin it. So if you’re hearing about something from a Facebook ad guess what people are already raped, it and they’ve already ruined it and as much as you are a late arrival all right.

So you need to know specifically where your audience, where you congregates, then I see Mike as just children, what’s going on brother tonight, I mean this is just a few of the things that we are exposed to, because if you don’t know where your client is right Now and a quarter past two, then you have lost everything. You know you wouldn’t know what to do it for beer, because then, if you know where your client is, are they in the office or are they taking their kids from school? Because if you post a blog at that particular time, are they going to see it or are they going to wait until they finish making dinner for their family? So that’s how much you need to know your market and each of them each of these platforms.

I’m talking about it comes with its own limitations, so you now have choice. Paralysis. Is that what they call it, paralysis of choice and it’s real? The struggle is real right there you know. So do you know exactly what your customer is doing right now at a corner bus to please, if you know, can you type it down right now? You know because you’d like to to to to to I mean you would want to use platforms that are already where your customers are.

If you don’t have money you know, because if you go off the beaten track, how are you going to reach to new people? People need to hear your stuff six to eight times in order for you to catch fire and that costs money. It’s not going to be easy for somebody to pay attention to you if you haven’t gotten their attention in the first place. So, in order to make the right choice, you really need to start with your buyer persona, who is going to buy my products? What frustrations am I actually fixing who needs me in the market? What would happen if I’m not there? All of those questions? Are you asking yourself, those questions am I needed in market? Is this product? If I don’t exist that somebody suffer cuz, if you’re not asking yourself all those deep questions, my friend, that’s the reason why it’s crickets and your funnels.

That’s the reason why it’s crickets in your bank account right now find out who your ideal customer is: where do they hang out online? What publications, what are they buying on Amazon here? What do they like? Who are they listening to and what tone of voice actually appears appeals to them? Some people like to be told what to do some people like to make their own decisions find out. Is your customer that person what how am I reaching out to them and how are you going to know you’re getting the right person? What is the feedback that you should be getting from that buyer persona to actually solidify that you are doing good work, that they absolutely need Mack, good art? If that’s the only thing you get from this article today make good art mike says.

These are great questions. Does my existence solve somebody’s suffering? Absolutely, you know they’re not giving our participation trophies our day. My man, all right you’ve got ta really reach out to people, because you know what we are now. Oh, it’s called info Bay City. There’s a lot of obesity caused by food. Now there is info best city right. Let me coin that term info best city, everybody’s bloated, with information right now.

You’ve got ta, be that person and that actually you know what what do we call it. This be succinct with that information. Make sure you make it succeed enough that it fills them up. Everybody is bloated with information, so make sure whatever work you’re putting out. There is good at linked good art and your budgeting and your your your marketing budget won’t be strained a whole great deal. You know, and if you answer these questions like what Mike is saying, your choice is half made.

If you know where to find you next ten customers right now, can you type in the number one all right and I see Christine Stowe – has this chin then thank you so much Nicole says he is good, oh good. I will read it again absolutely and share this if you can, with your with your other mates that really have you know, I’m running on a low budget, but really want to reach out to their audience there, and if you can actually answer the questions that I Asked earlier on, as in who needs what you’re selling and who, whose existence is not going to be an enjoyable existence, if you don’t exist, or if your message doesn’t exist in the in the market right, then you know and then the rest would be covered by Whatever budget you have so there’s no point in you spreading yourself too thin without a message that resonates to a market.

You know start with maybe one or two blogs and then that you can actually afford to be present, because if you can show your customers, you can help them by actually helping them. Then I’ll tell you something. They would actually anticipate that you warn. You have a solution for them now Mike says he always gives me so much to think about going to re-read. Thank you so much Mike and Christian says everybody wants me to find them money in grunts absolutely.

But you need to answer the question. What would the grunts you know fulfill for these people? What is it that they actually want? It’s not grunts, they want. What do they want? Is it a better lifestyle, a better business, a business, that’s profitable and enjoyable, because right now, you’re pushing a product? What is the feeling, what is the thing that people absolutely want so that they come to you and then say and knock on your door Christine and say because of you, I did not give up what is it that they absolutely want from you? You need to find that and if you can specify what that particular thing is, I assure you people would be tripping stumbling and falling to come and get more of what you’re selling right there all right.

So you, you really have to be really succeed and show people you can help them by actually helping them and half of the time is Kristin says I’m wondering why they want money, I’m not getting that one, but that’s alright, and also if, even though the Internet Has spread open and you can become a global business. Sometimes you probably don’t need that. You know we’ve actually had excellent results with clients and that we have steered towards their own local audiences.

You know I mean we’ve actually started getting a lot of results and you know by just remaining local, because people want to do business with. Does they know like and trust? Yes, you could be, you know, um, you know international or global, but are you able to service that person, especially in different time zones? The people want their surance, that will you pick up their phone just in case. Something good goes wrong in the service that you’re providing.

You know and remember what I said about dreaming big, it’s okay, everybody wants to be known as the maybe so provider of a certain product or service globally, which is like. Maybe you want to be the uber or whatever you know, service you’re serving or you want to be the McDonald’s um. You know of your industry, because whenever you talk McDonald’s synonymous with fast food, you not I mean but site’s reputation.

It takes money, time and effort and buy money. I’m talking billions to build. So just because you’ve got a website, it doesn’t mean you, you, you become global you’re, not I mean you’re, not big shock, who you know who is international broth? You need to check these statistics all right, plus it’s not really profitable for a small business, whether you’re, local or not just find out. Do you really need to extend or stretch yourself so much because you comes with customer care, it comes with understanding the different cultures of the people, you’re reaching out to etc, etc.

You know so is it profitable for you to actually really go global or I ought to be better off with the people that actually understand who you are and can know like and trust you within your local periphery? You know cuz I’ve always given this example. You know if you really want to rank your website, because my main job is search engine optimization you’re, not I mean, and and maybe you are a crafter or a creator of wedding dresses.

If you just write in wedding dresses, it’s much more easier for you to rank number one for hand, med wedding, dresses in Melbourne or handmade wedding dresses in in Sydney. Oh handmade wedding dresses in Perth because whatever, if somebody’s going to search for something they’re going to look at, who will give me the the service cheaper, better faster, so you want to be found in your local area as well.

You know better, yet it’s actually more profitable. You know why these people that actually use long tail keywords you people that say you know dentist near me, know exactly what they’re looking for you’re, not I mean and they’re likely ready to buy. They probably have a bleeding neck, so if you just rank for the word dentist they’re not going to know, are you the dentist round the corner that they can actually just reach out to I’m a semantic? You would see my in henna, you know half the time if I go out and there’s people smoking around me or these dust and fumes from the cars I just typed in pharmacy near me, so that I know just in case I start wheezing.

I can how much longer would it take me to get to a pharmacy? You know how much longer would it take me to get to a pharmacy, I’m not just going to type in pharmacy. No, I want to to cure my pain as soon as possible. So that’s exactly what your clients are doing as well, try being local because it makes you you know people reach, you faster, cheaper and you you you will be. You offer better preference, because you know what people can pick up the phone and call you or just drive around the corner and get whatever service you’re.

Getting you know and Nicole says I was thinking I was thinking you become more profitable, based on the weight and value you hold right. Sorry, if it doesn’t make sense, I mean well, you value is good. That’s the reason why I took off cuz. I had over four thousand five hundred people from all of us. You know all over the the in the world, but I cut it all into half. You know what I really want to reach to people that you know.

I can help them immediately and I can help them there and there tonight I mean so, like I say I help people with search engine optimization those people that put generic inquiries, they probably just window-shopping, which means it’s not a good return of investment for you. So you want to leverage the power of location, maybe within your social media. You know your content marketing your SEO, your PPC, you know ads wherever you can on Janee and set your name, and you know in within your city within your neighborhood, because let me tell you something: people would support to build a woman.

People would support a wall that they helped to build. You now create instant rapport. If you say I’m an SEO engines in Melbourne instead of saying to somebody in Phoenix Arizona, who’s, never heard of Melbourne Australia. You know I mean so. Is your business, a local business or a global one? Nonetheless, why pass some clients that are in your backyard? People are more likely to do business with local companies.

So why not use that to your advantage. So, like I’m saying, if you haven’t really caught up to what we’re talking about in this article, I’m just giving you all the ideas that you can actually stop: marketing your business for free, throwing in five hundred dollars three hundred dollars every single day on Facebook and You’re targeting people that don’t even care about your work, my man, why would you be doing that? Why would you be stealing from yourself and one other thing that a lot of people who would not do is, if you’re not doing good arts? Nobody would remark your work, so if you do good art, if you do good work, you get reviews all right and Scott says prosper.

I can listen in because I’m in a cafe, but I love your work. Mate keep going. Thank you so much Scott. Thank you. So much try and get testimonials and case studies, maybe on your websites, because you know what people do business with those they know like and trust, and these days you know people who trust other people that have gone through the experience be instead of you saying, look, Look at me, you can actually have other people as being your ambassadors.

You know, like those people are talking about Elia on that. If you read the movie, you you, you go out of the movie and you’re repeating words that have been said in that movie and guess, where that comes in it creates your branding. It creates a community around the work you’re doing and you build loyalty and ambassadors around the word and it makes it cheaper for your marketing. You know, so you can encourage people to leave reviews on Facebook on Google on Google on Yelp.

I think there’s another one called Trustpilot a mom and don’t sing any of those, but user-generated content is also really good for SEO and it makes it a whole lot easier for Google to rank you. You know why, because you’re a trusted source, so we encourage people to leave. Reviews by you know, maybe offering little incentives and maybe a discount for her loan, bringing new referrals, etc, etc. Anything you can think of that is useful for you and your customers, because satisfied customers are usually the best brand ambassadors all right.

I really hope that this article has been useful for you and if you have tagged anyone that would have you know really really gotten. You know insights as to how to actually market a business on a cheap you’re. Not I mean I’m just going to wrap things up here. You know it’s cash flow is really important, especially in your business and the biggest thing that people scheme born is marketing when it comes to lit less funds.

So it’s not fun to start counting pennies and think how am I going to spend them best? You not, I mean, and I know that it’s not easy all right, but I also know that, with a bit of creativity, you not I mean and an entire at around research, you can actually achieve grand results. You can actually have a business, that’s profitable and enjoyable. It’s always a better way to get things done, stop trying to bite things that you cannot chew or you cannot swallow and not, and not.

A lot of marketing involves a lot of wads of cash. Just put out good work right there put out good content, engage your audio do remarkable stuff so that people can talk about you. You don’t really need to spend that much on your marketing, but if you think maybe it could be helpful in your marketing and how I can actually amplify your business. Let’s get in touch, let’s have a chat. Let’s see how far we can take your business so that it can actually be profitable and enjoyable, because I believe your business can be one day in the meantime.

If he’s got any questions, let’s continue the conversations down below now. That was like a good segue. Isn’t it don’t blue haha, fantastic, you hope, you’re having a fantastic week. I will see you guys tomorrow and yeah if you’ve got any questions. Let’s keep this going in the meantime. Thank you so much for paying attention. I mean you could be anywhere else in the world right now or in Australia.

Doing whatever makes your business profitable and enjoyable, but you chose to stay with me bye for now guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Sales Psychology| How to Get Clients to Buy Repeatedly Even When You Are Not Selling!

That’s why you can see top insurance agent. They will always make an effort to visit you to send you birthday cards, even though they don’t really have the obligations to do that. Some of the insurance agent even go all the way to find some gift during festive season and send it to their clients and when they are there to visit their clients, they are not there to sell anything. Only one is to continue to foster relationship so that in a future, when you want to buy some other insurance for that again, you will think of the step number to continue to provide value in order for your clients to continue to have trust in you.

Even after the sale, it’s done, you have to continue to provide more value. For example, if you’re a property agent, you can actually share some information or articles that you make to teach your clients when it’s the best time to sell their houses. You can also give them some updates about the recent property market so that the clients can feel that you still care about them even after the sale is done in this way.

When they are about to sell their house, they will definitely contact you for your help. Step number three: I will be revealing it inside my exclusive telegram blog. The last step is so so crucial, and this step has enabled me to sell to my existing clients over and over again. So if you want to know the secret behind that remember to join my telegram blog right now and learn more about advanced sales inside every single day, all you need to do is to click the link below to join the blog.

If you liked today’s article remember to give it a thumbs up as well as share with people who can truly benefit from it, and with that, I wish you a charming day ahead. See you in the next article bye, bye,

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If everybody just wants to meet Luke real quick, let me tell you about Luke real fast Luke is how old are you Luke, 22 Lucas, 22 years old he’s been selling cars, since you were what 18 is that right Luke since I was 18 yeah since he’s 18 Luke’s dad owns a car dealership. I talked to Luke’s dad before you know. Luke’s dad is obviously really successful.

Guy made a lot of money in his life and he says: hey take my young buck son Luke here under your wing, teach him and let’s, let’s go in some wings and let’s go to make some big money. So I would like for Luke to tell his side of the story here. Unless let me just share this, let me tell you why I’m talking about Luke number, one Luke just finished his month of March. Am I right Luke right how many cars do you sell? Luke, how much money two and a half I made almost $ 14,000 thirteen and some change.

Okay, have you ever made fourteen grand before in your life, never how’s? It feel it’s a feeling that I can’t even describe it’s. It’s awesome man, it’s what I’ve wanted ever since I got the car business and you’re just getting started, hi guys, I’m going to hand this over to Luke, and I’m going to tell you this in the midst of hard times in the midst of everybody. Right now wondering you know: what’s the next step, let me tell you what steps let Luke tell you what steps he took, and I want you guys to listen to this and I would love for you to be encouraged because I know Luke.

Okay and Luke has been through some really hard times. Luke has been really discouraged before Luke has got his butt kicked before, but Luke is coming up and coming up fast, just within the last couple months, right, Luke, that’s right! All right! Luke, I’m going to hand it over to you. Why don’t you tell them a little bit about how we met and go from there? I want you to tell them leading into last month.

How did you have such a great month? What did you do, and I would love for you to share some of these gold nuggets that sales people can take with them to crush it to the next level, and so so, first off kind of how I met Andy was I the the store that I First started working at, I had a salesman there who I went to high school with, and he told me he said man, the sandy Elliott that I used to work, for he was my GM.

He he knows his stuff man, so I started talking to him about about Andy and about another year went on. I I met Andy going through. The seminar went to the seminar changed my world dramatically, not only just with the closes and the different things he’s taught me how to maximize my car deals and how to sell more, and he really taught me how to stay motivated, how to keep motivated. When you got that five o’clock day, how does to stay too late how to be happy about it not to be to be dragging around and coming to work, to work, not to hang out with your buddies not to to whine and moan about? What’s going on outside who’s doing what and it was doing this – he really has taught me to come to work to work and constantly stay productive.

I mean, if you find yourself not being productive like man, I try to just what. What can I do to be productive right now, so what you’re saying is you’re, definitely a loner right now. Am I right for sure for sure yeah. I don’t hang out with anyone at the store right now. Okay, one of my best buddies that I went to high school with we. We don’t even talk in the dealership because he he’s kind of doing the same as me.

You know Eve. He led the board this last four or five months and man. He he taught me that as well and Andy taught him that the you got to be a loner, you don’t come to work to socialize and hang out with your friends. I mean at home we talk and stuff, but at work we just we don’t even talk at all. Are you talking about Bryson? Yes, okay, let me ask you: this is Brea’s Bryson been the top salesman every month, the past four or five months yeah.

You got him, didn’t you, I did yeah yeah. How does that feel baby man? It feels good. It feels good. That’s cause run competitive man in it. Yes, it’s really fun. When you have someone in the building that is kind of your style and your chase and it’s it’s really fun. You know we went head-to-head and actually, at one point in the middle of the month, Bryson was four or five six units up on me and then four days later, I was ahead of him.

You know that was cool because there was at one point in the month that I was, I noticed my head getting down like man, Bryson is going to beat me and I just kind of had to slap myself across the face and go man. What are you? What are you talking about? You got this and I just I powered through it and made it happen. I love it man, so, basically in all, if you had anything to say to somebody my bad, can you hear me now? Okay, yeah, if you had anything to say to somebody whether they’re, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years old, I don’t care for everybody in automotive cells right now, with everything going on.

If you had to give some advice, what would your advice be Luke, then my advice would be to lift your head up and be a one-percenter right now, and by that I mean, I would say, 90 plus percent of sales. People right now are getting down about this coronavirus and man. We can’t make money right now, there’s this going on and this going on. Now is your time to shine, because so many people have just laid down and not knowing what’s going to happen and being scared, I mean you have to push through that and you got to keep selling cars.

The economy goes on, the world goes on, so you got to be that one guy in the dealership right now who’s pushing hard and you’re going to make it you’re going to do well, coronavirus or not. It doesn’t matter and if their dealerships shut down and they can’t sell what would you recommend them to do man, I that were me, I would go through if you’ve been in the car business for a little bit, I would go through all the people that I’ve Sold and I’d be writing them thank-you cards.

I would really reach out to my past customers and just see what I can do to help them write them thank-you cards, send them birthday cards that that sort of thing yeah. You know it’s so funny when times are great who’s there for you, but when times are tough the people that are there for you when times are tough, is what really matters? Would you agree? Yes, absolutely you could go to the customer base and even people you don’t know you could send them an email and not even offer to purchase as to sell them a car and just say I wanted to reach out and check on you and your family Ryan.

Would that will recreate so much response? It would be insane. They always say people don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you can. The fact that right now is the time to show people we care. Would you agree absolutely yeah and if your dealership is closed down for a month, even for two months, when they open back up, you can recoup all of that money as long as you’re preparing right now, staying mentally strong, focusing on being come 10 times more skilled Than you were before is right now, the time to train harder than ever.

Absolutely I would be reading auntie articles as much as I could. I would be trying to get as much training in as I possibly can that way, when the store does open back up. You’re ready, you’re, rocking and rolling you’re, not like the other 10 15 20 salesmen. However, many people, you guys, got right story. Oh yes, trying to start over and maybe feeling a little rusty. You’ll come back in the first day, feeling confident who’s.

Who am I going to sell car to today? Hey, let me ask you a question and then we’re going to we’re going to finish up here number one. I’m really proud of you guys, like I said, Luke top salesman in the month. Fourteen grand twenty-two and a half car his best month of his life twenty-two years old guys, everybody has their best month ahead of him and Luke is just getting started, guys it’s March Luke! You came to the master closer seminar in December right, yes, so you’ve only been training hard for what about three months? Am I right yeah, that’s right it and look at the win that you have on your hands and let me ask this: okay: when you came to the master closer seminar, how much did it cost you well? In all honesty, it really didn’t cost me anything.

It made me money, it cost me a grand, but I I made that back easily within the first week. So what I would tell us have you ever had before that day had you ever had spent a grand on yourself before no kind of nerve-wracking a little bit. Wasn’t it. It was when you first reached out to me and tell me it was in Grand. I was like oh gosh, I don’t think I can do that and man, if you don’t have, if you don’t have the money you got to find it because it takes money to make money and that’s exactly what I did is got your seminar training and I Went from having management closed, probably eight out of ten of my deals to they closed, I think I know of three, maybe possibly four out of the 22 that I sold last month.

That’s amazing man, that’s amazing dude. So how does it feel, though? The confidence that you carry now, as you know, that you can handle and close your own customers and the confidence, the bulletproof confidence you have man, you just walk around feeling different. When you talk to customers, you feel different. You. You know that they’re going to buy from you just feel confident about it, you’re, not afraid anymore.

No, you just assume the car deal, no matter what objections I throw at you, do you fear them anymore. Even if you can’t get it right, do you fear it? No, isn’t that a beautiful feeling when you role play, live role, play we’ve, we’ve replayed plenty of times live role, play together right and every time you do it with on the spot in front of everybody. How does it feel it sucks right yeah? How does it feel when you walk away, though? Oh, it feels great yeah.

In the matter of fact, there was to never ever role play and I’d been dodging it and dodging it, and here about a month back Andy kind of made me do it really, and that was the best thing that he could have done for me, because I Just I felt so much more confident after that day yeah what brought you out of your shell. You know he’s a him. It did yeah. I love it. Dude listen number one, I’m extremely proud of you and I’m just going to tell you this.

This is a article. I want you to look back on in a year from now and say my gosh man, I’m sitting here making $ 28,000. I remember that first 14, grand milestone – this is beautiful. Your 22 years old man, you’re hot, your life’s, going to be amazing. It doesn’t matter what age you are. Everybody has a giant win waiting in front of them. Just like Luke. You have to see yourself as an investment. You have to know that you’re capable you can’t stay around people that think small right, Luke Luke anytime, I’m around you do, I think, big you, you think really big! Yes, do I let you think small, no right and guess what you’re? Finally, realizing that you’re, starting to max out your full potential, your potential was huge.

I saw it way before you did, but guess what you had to take action on it and bet on you and you became your own biggest fan and now you’re rooting for yourself. You’re, pushing your training and guess what you’re, at the top of the cells board, now they’re going to be chasing you bro, so you got to stay on top yep got ta stay on top yeah along for the ride man, it’s Luke city from now on baby. Yes, that’s what it is, listen, dude! I appreciate you Luke you’re, amazing, guys, everybody in the comments below.

If you love the article, if you liked it put up a like sign and like I said, if you want to reach out to Luke you’re welcome to reach out to him in the comments he’s an awesome guy, he’s 22 he’s just like all of us he’s Nothing special I’m nothing special, but we train hard. We work hard. We realize that there’s a bigger life for us. We know how our future looks. It’s the way that we create it today.

Am I right? Yes, I cannot wait to see what is in hold from both of us in a year from now, man so have a blessed day Luke. Thank you so much for doing this man and crush it and I’ll talk to you soon. Okay, brother appreciate you

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