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5 Ways to Make Money as a Blogger

I know that I make my money in affiliate marketing and you can see other people that make their money in MLM companies. Digital marketing, there’s all kinds of different things. So what I’m trying to do is just find other avenues in case you’re, not interested in affiliate marketing bloggers can make one to ten thousand dollars per month.

That is awesome. If you love to write, you can make money doing it and that’s what I want to show you today is how you can make money as a blogger or as a writer before you go any further, though don’t forget to subscribe below so that you can continue To get these great tips from me, I actually believe that anybody can earn money online, but you just have to learn how to do it. So that’s why I called my blog learn to earn alright, let’s go ahead and get started.

Really. Blogging is a real online job. It can be for moms, dads students. Anybody can do it if they enjoy writing, but don’t be desperate for money now. This is something that you’re going to build up over time, and sometimes it takes like six to 18 months to really start making good money. So you have to put the work in and I am finding it’s really that way with any online business. You have to put the work in before you’re, going to start making a lot of money.

Everybody starts from the bottom. The neat thing about blogging is that it’s an online job that you can choose any topic that you’re really passionate about so start playing around. I’r going to give you a site later in this article, where you can find 12 different companies that actually hire people to write. If that’s something you would prefer to do, instead of starting your own blog and a lot of them are different niches, where you can go in and write something that you’re passionate about.

There are four main ways to make money when you’re blogging and that’s in advertising you can get paid for putting ads on your blog. Can you believe that so you get to enjoy writing and then you get paid by just putting some ad advertising on there. You can make money with blogging as an affiliate marketer. This is when you get paid a commission for any products that you can sell on your blog. So basically you would talk about blogged about different products.

People want them, they will buy them, and then you get a commission. So that’s basically how fillion marketing works, but your main job could be the blogging. If that’s what you’d love to do, digital products can be sold. These are products like ebooks or courses, and things like that, and actually you can even write ebooks for other people or write courses for other people. If that’s something that you enjoy doing, you can also get paid as a blogger by providing services.

If you’d like to work one-on-one with people you can, a blogging is a great way to generate leads for coaching or consulting, and things like that. The fifth way I’m going to bring up a website right now for you and just show you what I found. This is called twins, mommy and there’s 12 sites on this link. I’r going to provide it for you, underneath in the description where you can get paid $ 100 plus just for writing.

So if you don’t want to take the time to set up your own blog, then go in here and look at these different avenues of income. One is for writing for a family fun magazine, you get paid a dollar 25 a word for your post, so you get to enjoy writing and get paid for it. Another one here, her view from home. They just want you to write things about topics that happen in your home. Just talk about your own life experiences.

How cool is that and get paid for it? A hundred dollars for 4,000 views yummy mummy club, if you like, to talk about food and nutrition for your children. So these are a lot of mom sites, but this just gives you an example of other ways that you can make money with your blogging and again I’ll put that site down there below, for you here are all the five different ways that you can earn an Income, if you want to start a blog, you need to pick a niche that basically that means.

So I want to talk about nutrition. Do I want to talk about children, airplanes, trains whatever it is, you have to pick a niche and then just get start it with an initial setup. You need to set your blog up, find a hosting site and then just start writing your blog’s. Then, after you have maybe written five or six different blogs, you want us to pick a social media network and start promoting your content, which means you might want to start promoting it on Facebook or Pinterest or YouTube wherever you want.

Yes, people promote their blogs on. On YouTube so find a place to promote it, and then you can begin monetizing, your blog and making money for something that you love to do get started and, in the meantime, go ahead and hit. My subscribe button check out that link below. If you saw something that you were interested in writing when I brought up that article

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How to Buy Emails for Your Email List ✉

How do you do that? One way that a lot of articles out there will tell you to do it is to go. Ask your family and your friends to join your list. That’s fine! If that’s the way you want to do it, but most of the time they will be on your list just to make you feel good about numbers.

How would you like to put emails on your list with potential prospects, so I’m going to show you how to do that today? Yes, it is a way of purchasing them, but it’s not just purchasing a list of names. There is these people will opt in to your email list according to what you have to offer and I’ll show you that today, first of all, before we get started, my name is Vanessa D Brule, and on my blog I will help you to earn money.

Save time and find balance in the process today, we’re going to talk about buying email addresses, so you can start building your email list and start making some money first before we start with that, I want to go over the email list just to make sure you Understand what it is and why it’s so important – and I keep on emphasizing this because I heard about email lists when I first started my business and I was one of those people that sat back and said I don’t need that.

I don’t need to do that. I don’t want to send emails to people I just don’t want to, and it wasn’t until I was probably too long before I start at my list and realized. That was a big mistake not to do even though I kept hearing how important it was. So I’m going to tell you again how important this is: it’s probably the most important part of your business. Let’s go over how you build it and then we’ll talk about why it’s so important and then I’ll show you how you can build it by buying some addresses all right.

First of all, you have a free thing that you’re going to offer a lot of times. People will offer a checklist or a PDF or an e-book a course. I think courses are one of the best things that you can offer that I notice I get most of my results from offering free courses, so the bigger that free thing is the better, and this is why it needs to be bigger, because the online marketing industry Is becoming more competitive and I’m not saying don’t do it, but you got ta out, give everybody else so think of it.

That way, what can I give that’s better than what so-and-so is giving so people will click my link instead, when you offer that free thing you’re offering it on your platform, my platform is youtube. That’s my number one platform, so I usually offer my free thing in my links on my YouTube chat: YouTube articles not every time, but probably a good percentage of the time if you’re using Facebook Instagram whatever that other platform is that you’re using that’s how you bring Traffic into the free thing now you’re going to have them land on a landing page, I use clickfunnels for my landing page.

I always have my link below if you ever want to check that out and on that landing page before they get the free thing. They have to give me their email address and their name when they click it. It triggers a little a little trigger on there. That tells them to go to my autoresponder and I send them an email and give them the free thing. Now. What is the autoresponder? An autoresponder is like your mailman and mine is active campaign and I have that trigger that.

It tells it to put it onto my email list, put it into active campaign, and then there is a sequence of emails that I’ve already built. That will go out to that person. This is where sales are made. I don’t know if you’ve already tried to spam. Most people have in the beginning, they’re so excited about their product and their new business that they start telling everybody on Facebook and on Instagram hey.

You know I’ve got this great shake, that’s going to help you lose weight and you’re so excited about it, and you know it works, but just putting it out there and telling people they’re not going to buy it they’re going to go. That’s annoying. Why are you putting this on Facebook? That’s not why I’m here, I’m here to communicate and have relationships with my friends not to be sold things and that’s why that doesn’t work and that’s why that’s called spamming.

I think we all have done that in the beginning, especially because we were so excited not because we were trying to spam, but the right way to do it is to give something for free. So if you have health and fitness, you could give a checklist of some ways to help improve your list. Maybe ways to change your mindset. Maybe you wrote a little ebook that you wanted to give them and get them on through your autoresponder onto that email list, and this is where the money is made.

You are warming them up and getting them to know you and then every once in a while. You’ll offer something and they get to know you they’re opening up your emails and they’ll say you know what I really like this person I’ve connected with them, I’m going to try that shape that she was talking about now. Look, it took a lot longer to get there, but that’s how it works. Now, how am I going to get email addresses on my email list? I’r brand new and it’s so frustrating all right.

Now, I’m going to show you this. Is you and you have your new autoresponder set up and you’ve got your sequence in there and you’ve been giving away the free thing, and maybe you’ve got about five people on it? Maybe a fifty maybe of a hundred, but you know you’re, just starting. It’s new – and here is we’re just going to say Joe over here Joe – can be a girl’s name or a boy’s name right, Joe how’s.

That and Joe has been at this for a very very long time and Joe has a huge list. Joe has been very successful in his or her business. Joe has over two hundred thousand emails, maybe five hundred thousand. Who knows how many but Joe decided I have been selling through my email list, but now my list is so big. I’r going to start sharing my lists so that other people can take advantage of the names that I have on there, but I’m going to charge them a fee.

So joe says I’ll tell you what I will sell you for every click that you get. I will charge you fifty five cents and these prices are usually roughly forty cents to like 80 cents. I’ve seen right now, but Joe’s going to charge you fifty five cents for every person that clicks. You were email now, you’re saying thinking. What do you mean? Okay? So you’re going to tell Joe here I have here’s my website or here’s my product or here’s my funnel page, here’s the free thing, I’m giving away.

Will you please run my ad, I’m going to say ad or my email through your list and I’m going to buy a hundred clicks from you, so that would be fifty five dollars and Joe’s takes your fifty five dollars. Joe runs your ad or your email lit a little email, whatever it is through his list or her list and once there’s a hundred clicks, because you paid four hundred the run will stop and then right away.

I did this the first time I did this. Oh, my gosh, it was back within 20 minutes. It was that fast. It was extremely fast. I thought it was going to take two or three days and boom. It came right back in so out of those hundred clicks. A good average is about thirty percent. If 30 percent of those people now that’s good, I’m just giving you numbers every list is different. If you can get thirty percent of those people to opt-in to your list and then you’ve done well, if you get 20 percent fine, you might say well I’ll.

Try! Somebody else maybe joe’s list isn’t working for me. So I’m going to go to somebody else. Maybe you find somebody where you’re getting 40 percent and go hey and now I’m going to buy 500. Will you do it again, so you have to go in I’m going to give you a link below it says, buy email, lists below, there’s a link and you go into that site and you can find different people that are selling ads on their big long list And you can go in there and find the right person for you pay attention.

Some of them might say. I specialize in health and fitness, or I specialize or in online marketing they’re, going to tell you what kind of list they have. Some of them are called tier 1, the, where they’re, basically from European nations and from the United States and Australia, and some so pay attention to the details, there’s a link below, but that how you buy emails for your email list. As far as do I recommend it or do I not it’s really up to you, you will go in and you will see articles that say absolutely do not do that and other people say you know what it’s a great way to build your list.

So you really have to decide for yourself. Yes, I did. I have done it to help build my list when it was small and I got anywhere from 20 % to 40 % opt-ins on my lists. But I will say that when it is more encouraging to send emails out to 200 people than it is to five people – and it just makes you feel like you’re, reaching more people, it honestly is up to you, but I wanted to show you how to do It why people do it and there you go the mechanics if this was helpful, give me a thumbs up and if you have any questions, go ahead and put them in the comments and in the meantime I will see you on the next article thanks for reading.



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How do you start Blogging?

What are you passionate about? Are you into Collecting beetles, are you into knitting? Are you into history? Are you into civil war Are you into cars? Are you in the choir in your church, That is where you Start with social media because see you’re, passionate about it, aren’t you You already have a drive to do it so you’ll learn all the social norms, One of the things That always frustrates me is people say blogging is easy, It’s not it’s! Actually, quite complicated, I mean blogging is easy, is like telling a woman Is easy to understand to a 13 year old boy? That’s not fair! I’ve been married 19 years.

You guys are complicated. Even you guys, don’t know, you’ll go and say. Well, I don’t know It’s very different. There’re all these jokes about men and women. It’s very true! The blogosphere is very much that way. It’s a far more Complicated communication media

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5 Tips To Improve Your Digital Marketing Offers

So when you’re sending traffic to your website or sending traffic from Google or Facebook or anywhere, you want people to opt into the offer that you’re driving you’re driving them to you, and so this is going to be very helpful for creating offers that work better and Hopefully reduce the cost per lead that you’re getting so, let’s get into this article, hey there buddy, my name is brandon brashears.

I make daily marketing articles here. So if you’re looking to grow your business with digital marketing, I talk about everything from pay-per-click ads to email, marketing to conversion rate optimization to SEO to basically anything related to digital marketing. So if you’re looking to grow your brand with business or your business or brand with digital marketing be sure to subscribe here, alright, let’s get into this article.

So when you have traffic that you’re sending to a web page, you should have an end offer in mind. If you don’t have an offer in mind, then you’re, probably wasting a bunch of money, so number one make sure that you have an offer. But once you have an offer, let’s do a few steps that are going to help you to get the most out of it and convert as much as possible. So the first thing that you need to do is the offer needs to be consistent.

So if you say, for example, on your ad hate, we have a free book, come and get the free book and then all of a sudden they get there and then it’s 1995 and shipping and handling it’s not really a free book so make sure that the Offer is consistent from the ad to the landing page throughout the whole process: you’re, not adding things to it or adding a lot of terms and conditions to it. People are going to see through that and they’re going to say this is not true.

It is a scam and they will not buy from you, so it has to be number one very consistent in the entire way through again, if you’re trying to drive traffic to a web page. What’s the point of driving people under false premise, so you’re, basically lying to them, make sure that you’re not lying to them. Make sure that you’re, honest and open about what the offer is, because you’re trying to attract those people, you don’t need to sell something that you’re not selling.

The second thing is, it needs to be really clear: what are they getting? What is the benefit for them? If you haven’t done so already be sure to read this article, I talked about three questions that you need to ask yourself before you run any ads. It helps you get really clear about who you’re serving how you’re helping them and the best way to deliver that. So be very clear in what you’re giving them.

The third thing that you need to do is make sure that it’s congruent it has to be congruent to your brand. It needs to make sense why you’re offering this it has to be relevant to your core offers and really be congruent with your brand. So if you have, for example, a luxury hotel, if you’re offering a free timeshare, stay, it’s not going to be a congruent brand offer for your business right. So you’re going to want to make sure that every piece of you offer every piece of the ad.

Every element within your website is going to match your branding match your positioning and the offer that you have it’s like if you’ve ever been somewhere and you’re like hey, this isn’t adding up, and this seems kind of sketchy. That’s the same thing. If you don’t have congruent offers with your website – and it doesn’t look good so make sure everything is congruent and well branded number four: does it make sense? It has to make sense in order to deliver value to people? I can’t tell you how many times I say: okay, what are the best offers that you want to be driving people to for your business, to the small business owners and they’ll say well.

I have this package in this package and this package – and I can do this and I have this, and can we pull up the website? I have everything listed out there. That is not very simple and easy to understand. It needs to be very simple. The simple more simple, the better: we need to be able to convey what the value is really really quickly. We only have a short amount of time, typically to do that with cold traffic, so it needs to be very, very concise on what it is that you’re offering and how you deliver value to these people.

So for it to make sense, you should make it as simple as possible, and I like to make things as simple as possible in every aspect. So if you’re able to convert them natively right, so we don’t have to send them to a landing page. If we can convert them, natively, that’s even better and so simplicity inside of every aspect of the digital marketing, helps you to increase conversion and attract a lot more customers and clients.

Add a better price so make sure that it is as simple as possible and the last tip is to make sure that it’s described well, so you need to really deliver your value as far as what is the before look like and then what does the? After? Look like and if you’re able to convey what the before and after is it’s a problem that your target market is actually having. Let’s say that you were a dentist right and you were going to help people that had been afraid of the dentist.

So you can talk about all of the fears and the troubles and the worries and talk about what it’s like to be there, what they will go through and and where they will end up where they will finally be able to put this stress aside, because we’re Not scary – and you know they’re like talking about all these emotional things – that’s just an example there, but if you are able to describe the before and the after well, if you’re going to have such a better time converting these people that are visiting your website or Your web pages your landing pages because they’re going to feel and understand, what’s in it for them so many times people talked about offers in their business and they just talked about themselves.

Instead of talking about what’s important to the client, so make sure that you’re framing all of the conversations that you’re having around the customer and around the client, they need to understand. What’s in it for them, because that’s ultimately all that they care about, especially the colors of the traffic, gets right, so the less people know about you, the more important that it is that you’re telling them what’s in it for them.

If you have people that are friends and family that know like and trust you already, you don’t have to work hard to sell them. They’re interested in you. The reality is, when you have a business in your online people, don’t really care about you, I’m sorry. They don’t care about me either. It’s okay um! You just have to understand that they are all about. What’s in it for them, because they don’t owe you anything, they need to understand what is in it for them, so make it very, very clear and, and let them know exactly what’s in it for them alright, so I hope you enjoyed this article if you liked It be sure to hit that thumbs up button and if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything.

Please comment below. Please also subscribe here. If you want to grow your business with digital marketing, if you’re looking to increase sales online, this is a great place for you hangout. So, thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the next article have a great day.


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Email Marketing Tools To Make $100 Per Day + Full Strategy

What is going on everyone, Thomas back here with another article and in today’s article guys we have a lot to go over, but first before we get into that. Thank you guys so much for coming back to the blog. If you are new here, guys head over to my blog page and click that subscribe button or click that subscribe button down below below this article and guys, like always, I make articles how to make money online, showing you guys giving you advice, tips tricks all that Time I self making articles just like this one and if you guys are ever interested in the description of all my YouTube articles, the first link will actually be right here, it’s kind of like a preview, but it’s actually right here guys it’s my top 5 tips For online entrepreneurship, success right now, plus a free bonus guys and then, after that, I go on to explain and show you guys my number one piece of advice.

My number one recommendation. So if you’re ever interested guys after the article went out and check that out at anytime and it’s on the link is anywhere all my articles in the top, the first link in the description guys, so you always check it out alright. So, let’s jump right into the content guys. I actually have a lot to show you today, because this should be pretty pretty helpful and if I had this a while ago would have made a lot more sense.

So when I’m actually on guys right now is a software or tool whatever called funnel lytx I’m using a free version. I kind of made this. I made this process, I just made it before I made this article, so I have it all set to go so it should hopefully be pretty quick to the point and get the point across and show you guys what you need to be doing right now. So let me actually zoom out here or minimize what we’re looking at, because it’s actually super zoomed in, and I want to zoom this guy out.

Alright, so we’re talking email, marketing tools right guys, and so when it comes a mail marketing tools once this finally loads. It’s a little bit laggy here, because I got a lot of things. I guess recording microphone a couple things going on on my computer, so once we get this thing to zoom out which it should do in a second okay, this should be good. Let’s see if we can move here, we go here. We go all right guys.

This is actually perfect. So when it comes to email, marketing, right you’re going to need some tools and that’s century the baseline of this article, the tools that are going to help propel you to that $ 100 per day right. So when it comes to email, marketing right, you need a traffic source, okay to get someone to be on email list. That’s the whole name of the game: okay, you’re sending them emails, marketing to them, telling them stories sending them pieces of content.

Helping them – and you know, establishing a connection with them – should and then buy something from you, because, ultimately, when it comes in marketing you’re going to have to have some type of transaction take place in order for you to benefit for you to make commissions for you To make money, whether it’s your own product or somebody else’s product, okay, so traffic, guys your traffic source can be almost anything now.

Email marketing guys can range from doing affiliate marketing, which is something that I’m very familiar with. Maybe you have a Shopify dropshipping store you’re. Having me have like a brand, an e-commerce brand online, where your email, marketing to to customers and potential customers and all people who are already customers. So you can have that aspect of it, but it all stems from a traffic source.

So you have to have some type of traffic source. Now that could be Facebook that could be Google. That could be a website that could be YouTube that could be social media. It doesn’t matter how you get that it could be paid, it could be free, it doesn’t matter, but you need some type of traffic source which all kind of details some more examples in a few minutes here, but you need that and from that traffic source you Want to have someone go down, and this is I it says you know it should be a landing page, but it’s a generic landing pages.

I have first and then eventually, you guys you’re going to need someone to opt in to your email list. So when someone opts in to your email list, then you have that that person you have that lead. You have that email, okay, finally popped up, so let me see if I can edit this guy landing page one that final there. It is look at that Wow. All right, so let me make my way out of here. Okay, so we have a landing page at some point someone’s going to be on this landing page guys could be a sales page.

It could be a page for a product, whatever you’re selling, whatever you’re trying to offer somebody. It doesn’t necessarily matter exactly. I have articles guys on stuff like this on my blog, so if you’re interested there’s more tons, more cons that you can guys go check out after this article, you have a landing page of some sort where someone does an action or whatever back and the day, The ultimate action that you must have happen in order to do any email marketing is, you have to have an opt-in where they enter their email.

They don’t need to enter their name. It just has to be at least their email, okay, and then they have to complete that form and submit it, which will then equal a lead. So now you have a lead. You have somebody that you can now email in the future. Okay, so, as you start moving down the process here, so now you have this. This form that’s make okay to lead guys. Now before that lead, I have an upsell here that doesn’t necessarily matter.

Let’s say you’re selling something online initially and you always can have that option to have someone else buy an additional product. I just put that in there it’s not super critical to this whole process here, but at some point guys you’re going to need a lead and when, when someone buys something on your website, for example, you’re going to get that email and that’s elite right, you have That person they already bought but they’re potentially into a buyer that could come back again and again again.

So that’s your job now email market to them to make sure they come back again and again again: okay, so now you have their email. What you want to do from this email is now you put them into an email autoresponder, which I have listed right here: okay, and so once they are in your email, autoresponder, which I’m going to detail exactly how you can do that in a software, you can Actually use, if you don’t know one right now, you can send them content, you can send them YouTube posts, Instagram post.

Maybe you can send them reports PDFs, whatever kind of content you want to send them to kind of build that connection. You want to give them guys what I recommend and what, if anyone knows Gary Vee, he has the whole strategy of Jab Jab Jab right hook, so you have three value posts or three value emails and then a sales email where you ask for something: okay, so Maybe you send them information, that’s going to help them and for whatever type of email list, they’re on, let’s say you’re in the your into the fishing.

You know niche right or whatever reason, and you have people who you’re sending you know cool articles about fishing or send them informational things about how to you know cast properly. I don’t know and you’re giving them reports or whatever doesn’t matter and then on the fourth email you send them. Maybe you send them something like I don’t know a sales? Hey guys. You know by this or check this out.

It’s going to really help you. I recommend you buy this and you can be an affiliate for that. It could be your own product, but that’s why I put affiliate. Oh Graham, that’s the money guys, that’s where the money is really made with email, marketing and the great thing about this guys. As you set this up, once you have an email autoresponder where you all you have to do, guys is create emails once and it’s automatically sent as you get more leads right, so someone joins or someone becomes a lead for you right and what happens? Is you start sending them the emails automatically and you don’t have to do anything so once you have this and set up on the backend week, I like to call it the back end once this is set up on the back end, this whole email autoresponder.

All you need to then focus on is getting people in on the front end and driving traffic to your pages, and then one people convert you’re going to always have them to email in the future. Okay and that’s the whole process, if that makes sense, guys any questions, please link them down below in the comments. I will be happy to answer them so now we’re going to jump into the tools needed for the process.

If you don’t already have some at the moment, so what I recommend guys when it comes to traffic because that’s the first thing we’re going to talk about. Okay is traffic. Okay, so I recommend free traffic first, if you’re just getting started, but if you can’t afford paid traffic or if you can at least maybe test with paid traffic. Initially, if you want there’s a couple methods you can use, you can use Google AdWords, which I think now is called Google Ads.

You can use Facebook Ads, Instagram ads YouTube ads or guys. You can even use any of these things for free. If you can rank a website on google, if you have following on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, you can post content and tell and send people to your landing page where they can then opt in to your email list. Okay, now it’s up to you guys to now offer them something of value, so when they opt-in, they get something of value or something that they need.

Now, for example, you can sell a product or you can give something away for free. For example, I give away guys my top five tips plus a free bonus, and then I give you my number one recommendation. When you opt in to my email list down below that’s what I give away it’s completely for free there’s. No one you’ll have to pay for it, so it’s ace enticing way to get people to opt-in to my email list, okay and then guys this udemy solo ads.

I highly recommend this because it’s actually a great way where you can use people and get people on other people’s email lists, because someone has already opted in to someone’s email list and a site like yuna mean these people have these massive email lists, then you can Go on there and actually have like a guest post or like a guest email on their email list and promote your page or promote your offer.

So you can actually have someone email, their entire email list, your offer with your link and they click that link and they can go to your landing page and potentially opt-in for your email list and it’s a great way because there’s people who already opted in to An email list they are much higher likely they have a higher potential to opt-in to your email list, because they’ve already opted into one before so they’re kind of used to that they’re, not kind of fresh traffic that hasn’t been.

You know it hasn’t seen this stuff. Now is that a good thing or a bad thing, maybe they’re numb to the whole thing, that’s up to you to decide, but it’s actually not a bad way. You can get a decent amount of people about amount of leads right. I mean guys what I have here is I’m actually going to link this whole funnel down below it’s it you’re going to need to create an account with funnel lytx, which I’ll link it down below guys, it’ll, be like the second link or something in the description Check it out, it should say funnel it exfol process or whatever something like that down below, and I will actually you guys can get access to this actual funnel yourselves, and what you can do here is in the settings tab that I have on some of these Things, for example, udemy solo ads.

I have a link here and, if you actually click move myself over to the side here, if you click this in notes, section which is going to be right here below the parameters, let’s see if it’ll go to, if it’ll open up here, if you click that Note section: it’s actually going to detail you guys exactly what oh yeah here: okay, oh! No! It’s going to go away, but for guys for you to meet when you use my link, for example, you’ll actually get a five dollar coupon on your first solo ad.

So it’s it’s kind of like an affiliate marketing way for me, but at the same time that’s also helping you. So if you guys have any questions, if you want to go to these actual sites to actually sign up or check them out, you can do that. You got a five-hour code or a coupon code with you to me and the same time guys now we’re going to now move down on into the landing page features, because you’re going to have to have a landing page, because someone can’t join your email list if They don’t have a place to opt-in right.

So that’s the whole point. So as there are two things I recommend at the moment, I recommend click. Funnels click. Funnels is the more expensive option when it comes to landing pages, but guys like that, like I just showed you for you right. You can also click on the notes section and now it’ll take you guys to a 14-day free trial. If you are interested and that’s at the same time, get response also, I think get response is a 28 or 30 day free trial, with the link that I have posted there.

If you are interested in these sites, I recommend checking them out at least trying out the trials and then seeing which one you like better or seeing, which one you want to go forward with. Okay, so click funnels is probably the easiest most effective way to create landing pages that are actually going to convert they’re like drag and drop. They have a ton of templates up on there and you can just simply modify it to fit whatever you’re trying to your offer is, and then you can then implement an email autoresponder which I’ll get to in a second, and you know integrate that with her click.

Funnel so when someone puts her email in and the click submit’ it’ll automatically get sent to your email autoresponder, even though it’s not through click funnels, it’s you know to me that makes sense. Okay, get response, you guys can also do the same thing. You can actually create landing pages with get response. I think it’s extra $ 15 per month on top of what you’re paying for your email autoresponder, but that leads us into the email autoresponder.

So when it comes to your email autoresponder, I recommend get response. This is what I actually use, I’m not going to recommend something I don’t use. There are other things out there guys, especially for landing pages too. There are other things out there. You can do your research to figure out which one you want to actually use. This is what I recommend, because this is what I actually use myself.

The links to these things guys will be down below in the description if you want, or if you actually go onto the link of this actual funnel the links will be in the notes section. I believe of these little these little pictures or whatever you want to call them. Okay, so with get response, you can create landing pages now, they’re, not super super easy to drag-and-drop. You can easily make them guys.

That’s what I currently use at the moment to make some of my landing pages, because it’s only $ 15 per month extra charge and at the current moment I don’t need something: that’s more expensive, but the great thing about get responses. That’s all in one. It’s a great place to kind of house everything you need in one place so guys when it comes to this type of stuff. That’s what I recommend everything like I said before it’ll linked down below you have any questions on how to do this stuff.

Please please ask them in the comments I’ll be happy to explain them I’ll, even happy to even happier to make another article showing you guys exactly how to do this, but once this is all set, and once you can cue an email us to your email, autoresponder, Which is super super easy to do all you need to do guys then focus like I said before on the traffic may be paying for traffic, or you know narrowing in narrowing, in your free traffic and getting more and more traffic, because the more and more traffic Guys is going to be ultimately how you can now establish that connection and then start to sell items and products to these people on your email us and that’s how you’re going to start making over 100 dollars per day and to be completely honest guys.

That’s not that hard to do. It may sound like it right now. It may take it’s going to take an investment now when it when I say investment, it’s going to take either a monetary investment or it’s going to take. You know time commitment and you know committed to a certain strategy, because if you want to do this, all for free, which you’re not going to be able to do because you’re going to need to pay for the autoresponder rollout, which is not that much money guys And you can utilize these free trials.

But if you want to do this, all for free you’re going to have to put in the work to create a ton of content to have people discover you and to have. People actually want to learn more and to go. In more depth, with whatever you’re offering now, if you’re selling things on you know, Facebook, ads or you’re running ads to your to your products doesn’t necessarily matter because now you want to implement email marketing to make more money on the back end, and you guys can Easily start generating over $ 100 per day, once you’ve let the strategy, and once you start getting enough traffic into your funnel, hopefully that guys that helps you out, like I said before anything any questions down in the comments below.

If this article did help you, I can out guys, I appreciate a thumbs up, smash that thumbs up and subscribe the blog for more articles. Just like this and guys. Like always, my top 5 tips are linked as the first link down below free bonus and guys might have more a recommendation after that. So hopefully that helps you guys. Out with that being said, I will see in the next article peace


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5 tips for digital marketing success in 2019.

Today, every business can Use influencer marketing, it doesn’t matter what you sell and what you offer Everyone can be an influencer today we all publish something on social media. You don’t need to be a celebrity to become an influencer and today brands Prefer to work with smaller niche influencers, rather than with people who Have million followers this way they make sure that they target authentic Audience who is really interested in their product and services, the tip Number two: is: you need to win attention of your audience with live? Article today, human attention is a very valuable resource.

There is so much Information around us that it’s so difficult to stand out, so you need to Start incorporating live articles into your marketing campaigns, but you need to Understand that if you have nothing special to show better, don’t do a live! Article, the article should be at least 10 minutes long. You need to engage with Your comments that people ask with consumers reply to their questions and You need to pay attention to live audience and the replay audience and Advertise article to both of them start using purpose-driven marketing, don’t Create content that just sells, you need to talk about some greater purpose.

So choose your position show who you are use; emotions to build relationship; With your audience, start movement of your community and continue building it There are some special techniques that big brands like Apple and Google use, so If you want to go bigger, you need to start using them as well. The first one Is go horizontal when you acquire a paid customer offer them a variety of Products and services then retain your customers by using a subscription model.

Create interesting campaigns and leverage your ceo or founder as a brand and Optimize your marketing strategy for four big tech companies – Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook and the tip number five: if you don’t have sufficient funds, For content creation, don’t worry because today you can create great content on a Budget, first of all, you need to know your customers’ needs and goals. One of The best strategies to create content on a budget is to run a user-generated Campaign because you will get free, authentic and really engaging content.

Today, you can shoot great articles and photos just using your mobile phone, so I Advise you to identify trends via influencers on buzzsumo platform and Create relevant content so guys these are five digital marketing tips on how Your brand can succeed in 2019. If you have any questions, please let me know or If you want me to cover something special in my next articles, write down in The comments below – and I will see you in the next article bye, bye,


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2013-06-27 – Webinar – Google Analytics understanding and using the data correctly

The session will include a Q & A section of the presentation, so please put your questions during the session and they’ll all be answered upwards and for those who have joined our online event for the first time, I’ll make a quick overview of who promote home PR And one thing we are entitled to speak on the topic. First of all, promoter is headquartered in Ukraine, but we’ve been operating online since 2004.

Providing complex internet marketing services worldwide, namely SEO search engine, optimization conversion rate, optimization, pay-per-click, advertising and social media mark. For more than nine years now, wood beams google adwords partnership and seminars, leaders, budgets best in church edges for SEO and PPC, as well as a couple of nominations by promotion. Vogue magazine out of our 100 in health experts 30 to hold Google Analytics qualified individual duplicate and round 21 in article advert.

We are also very proud to be working now add more than seventy percent of all most dominant ecommerce sites in our country and we’re also very proud, have been successfully operating, but grants found worldwide touch it inkster the laundry being linked to it works and up so It all gives us enough experience and expertise would share with you today and now I would like to introduce today’s speaker, town before um, and she is a very enthusiastic market here and to really share with you or help best practices and deal analytics.

Okay. Thank you. An are so I’m very glad to see you all today, thanks for being here, and so let’s get started it so the topic of today’s been is Google Analytics how to understand the data correctly. So today we are going to give you an introduction to Google Analytics. We are going to show you how to support the set up goals in Google Analytics, how to understand the principle metrics of Google Analytics and how to integrate webmaster tools and Google Analytics account.

Also, we are going to give you another view of top eight Google Analytics custom reports. These are powerful reports that will be able to give your more insight in short time and will help you on this better understand what is going on with your online business. So, first of all, why should businesses use google analytics, because Google Analytics has such a great amount of data, which shows are virtually every bit of your online marketing campaign? So, by looking at Google Analytics data data, you can find out the big place find out about week places of your online project.

Are you can improve your strategy? You can see what is working on your website and what is not, and, of course, based on this. You can make more well-grounded decisions about the future strategy, so in order to get the most of Google Analytics data, we would advise you to customize the account to your business needs. How can it be done? First of all, you may set up goals in Google Analytics. So what how does Google Analytics consider goals? A goal could be defined is a critical event for your business, which occurs during the user visit on the website, and such critical event should somehow contribute to your generate to your overall income.

Somehow it should help to generate it should help. You generate this income, so in Google Analytics all goals would be divided in four groups: its URL destination, gold diamond side, go pages per visit goal and an event go. So let’s look to them way in detail. The first type of goal is URL destination goal. So let’s take the case are, for example, we are showing you the example from promoter are, so we think that when the visitor, when the user visits the about Us page, it is critical for us, because it shows some kind of user intention to interact with our Company, so how what should we do that we copy this URL and unset and put it into the set in the goal into the goal settings? We want Google Analytics to report in conversion every time when the user visits this page.

So how should we do this? We navigate judging panel in Google Analytics account choose the profile for which you would like to create the goal, and then we in the gold tab. We click, create a goal. Here. We paste this URL. Please stay the attention that we paste. Only this part, which goes up to the delay name and then we may sit up also a value for this goal. A value is set up for non e-commerce goals and if you have any way, if you know any way how you can indirectly to calculate the value of this goal, you can set up it here.

Also, please note that you can set up one URL, exact URL and that will be option equals to you or you can choose to other options. For example, it could be begins with. It means that, after the of up to this about us URL, any other characters could be appended so more variations of URL and the most flexible variant is regular expressions with the regular expressions you can build some patterns of URLs, which could be defined as gold trigger Regular expression is the most flexible, but a little bit tricky part.

So we advise you to read google’s regular expression guide to find out hi to how to make the use of them are so so a little bit more examples of URL destination goals. You can set up as this goal any page in the URL which indicates the process completion. For example, it could be confirmation page when the user has sign up for your email newsletter, or it could be check out page indicating that the user has made has made a purchase and so on.

Now we are moving to the next type offer a goal. Is time on site goal? So let’s take the case or that you have a large content website and you are interested that the visitors stays on your website as much time as possible. Then you can tell Google Analytics to show the conversion when the user stays on the website more, where more than a definite period of time are so you set up more than in the goal, our settings, and then you can track this type of conversions.

There is another situation when this type of goal can be used. For example, it is support customer support web sites in this case website owner is interested that the user gets the answer as quickly as possible, and then he interested that the user spends the list of the top of the time on this side. In this case, he might are set up less than time period of time and track this kind of goal, the next kind of goal, the third one we just brew visit goal.

It slightly reminds us the previous one, because it also can be used to measure user engagement with your website. So, for example, you are interested that the user visits as much pages per visit as possible because in these case he might see as many banner ads boot on your website as possible and you will get more income. So our in this case you set up it. A definite number of pages viewed per visit should trigger a conversion for your website, and now we have come to the last type of goal.

It’s an event goal an event. Called different kinds of event may occur on your website. For example, ebook download it free trial account created software downloaded. In all these cases, you may ask Google Analytics to show the conversion when such event takes place, how to do that. You need to sit up or an event. You need previously to set up what you consider to be in event on your website and then feeling this fills in the goals that are sitting up and event a little bit more challenging than sitting up and other types of Google’s.

So we would advise you to go to the Google Analytics event tracking guide to find out how to do this more in detail. So now we are finished with goals and der how to wait to look for gold completion information actually goal. Completion information is shown in Lenny Lenny reports in Google Analytics, but there is also a separate section which shows specifically this information, so you’re, just on the Left panel of book of your Google Analytics account you navigate to the conversion section select over you a suit and Seal this kind of information, so you can see how many goals on which are for which pages had been completed.

You can see the source, the medial are also information for these metrics and if you click view full report, you can access this kind of information. What is great that you can see the gold value if you, if you set up a value for your goal, for example, as I shown as I showed a gold value for URL destination, and also you can choose secondary dimension, for example, which goal has been visited, Which page has been visited before this? Our goal has been completed.

Why why it is possible? Because in one goal you can set up, you can set up a set of goals, and this said one set of goal may contain several and other goals a little bit more, a little bit smaller goals. So now, when we have set up our goals for our Google Analytics, there is another way how we can customize our account. We can also set up ecommerce tracking, so white. Setting up ecommerce dragon is helpful because it allows you to allows you to track your business outcome.

Of course, you may say that you have special software accounting software, which allows you to do the same thing, but what is great about Google Analytics is that you can associate the revenue you receive with the traffic sources which contributed to this revenue. So with this information, you can answer the question: who gets the credit which sources are worth to invest more and which are not so how does the top ecommerce straighten the first step? You should enable a chemist raking in your profile settings again.

Navigate to admin panel. Choose the profile and then choose profile statuses here you just simply need to state yes and e-commerce website. The step this step number two is to embed Google Analytics tracking code to some page, which contains transaction details. For example, it could be receipt page. The code in this case will look like this. This is a model, a pattern. There are required fields and enough, and some optional fills.

If you take a real life example with real day day about transaction, are the Google Analytics code will be looking something like this? Ah, so after you have set up the e-commerce tracking, you also see the data about about these processes in your Google Analytics account navigate to the conversion section and select ecommerce there. You will be able to see sources of the traffic and revenue which they generate.

It very convenient and very useful. Also you will be able to see. For example, if you look at the products section, you will be able to see quantity sold, unique purchases, product revenue as well as average price. All of these can be again associated with the traffic sources, which is like very, very helpful for your case. Good news that if your website is non ecommerce, you still can track the seal with the help of e-commerce tricking you in this case, you will just need to make a little some little tweaks in Google Analytics code.

You can set up constant value for some required fields, which you do not have in your case and track only the purchase amount. So in this case you will be able to make the use of this fabulous future as well. So after we have customized our google analytics account, we may start to look into the reports. What are the principal metrics and how to understand them. So the first one, the first one is visits visits I used to measure traffic volume, so it is varied.

So that’s why it is a very important metric. Usually, businesses are interested in receiving as high number of target visits to the website as possible. So by measuring visits number visas. Are you can understand how successful your online marketing campaign is? You can compare traffic volume of different periods of time, and you can see which days at the most popular days, are among your site visitors and find out whether your business is seasonal.

All this information could be used for your future marketing strategy and your future marketing steps. So this is how the traffic volume is displayed in Google Analytics by number of daily wheezes pageviews. It’s another Google Analytics metric and it could be defined as an instance of a page being lauded by a browser. It is also the case when a Google Analytics tracking code is executed on your page page.

Yours are helpful. Of course. Are they help to understand how the user is engaged with your website content and how this content is relevant to the user needs very frequently when you will be looking at page views metric, you may also see a unique a geometric. The difference is that just the page geometric, it contains repeated use of a single page, while the unique page view at rukh doesn’t contain this information, only our unique pageviews, so the pitch to use information you can see, for example, in the content section on the left Panel, you navigate to site content all pages and you can see which features of your website receives the most based years, so it it may mean that these pagers give the most relevant information to the users, for example, and you may enhance them more to receive more Resist and also you can find out, which pages receive the list of page views, and probably there is some user, some usability issues on these pages and and you need to improve them more and now.

The last magic which we would like to talk about is traffic sources. Traffic sources is a very, very powerful metric because it’s what you should be looking at if you are running your online marketing campaign, for example, traffic sources is helpful to analyze, oh by comparing different traffic sources, for example um. If you compare a different traffic sources, you can see what I, what is the best performing traffic source, where you can invest more and which traffic source probably is underrated, and also you can see what is working in your marketing campaign and what is not.

So all traffic sources in Google Analytics is divided in three sections. It is direct traffic referrals and search. Are you can see the whole traffic overview in Google Analytics under the indy traffic sources section under overview here? You can see all these sources and which sources has driven the biggest number of visits, for example, and then you may proceed to. I consider the each traffic source separately because it’s very very helpful, so a direct check if it represents visitors who arrived at your website by clicking on the bookmark or by typing the URL directly into their browser.

So this is how the direct traffic report looks like in Google Analytics. It shows landing pages at which users arrived. It shows how many visits there they received as well as number of pages viewed per visit, average visit duration, new visits and bounce rate about bounce rate. Bounce rate is very poor, powerful metric, but we will cover it a little bit more in detail later. So how to type this information with the goals? Conversion simply navigate to advert panel above the chart above the graph and select any of the goals set so, for example, goals at one.

Then you will be able to see that this particular kind of for traffic source contributed to this percent of gold conversion. Then we proceed to the next type of the traffic. It is referral. Traffic referral traffic is very a large part. It may be a very large part of your website traffic, so it’s important to consider it in detail. It includes any of that sources that link to your website. It could be websites with your banner ads.

It could be links from blocks, it could be affiliate program. Links and many many other example, so why it’s useful to measure referral traffic because you can figure out what websites sent you the most traffic? Oh and what landing pages users at what landing pages users arrive when they are sent by this referral by these referrals and also you can find out how users interact with the page content that you show them.

So referrals report could be obtained also in the traffic sources. Section are under referrals, so here you can see. As in our example, you can see different sources of traffic which refer to our website, how many visits they generated and whether these visits were relevant or not. Whether the content, which we show to the user relevant or not to them, we can see with the help of bounce rate, of course, sometimes it might be not to not to see just the domain which referred to your website.

You may also want to see which beach is referred to. Your are to your website. For example, you posted a link or on some 40, and you would like to know not the domain name but exact, the exact URL, which is right to your website, which, which post worked. So it has worked. So in this case, you click on any domain name in the previous chart in the previous table, and you will be taken to so-called referral that they will be seeing on URLs, which directly refer to your website and again, all other metrics.

Witches are relevant to this information search engine traffic. So, if you are, if you are running an ACO campaign or if you are running and paid search campaign, you should be looking exactly at this. Our traffic source search engine traffic is divided in two parts: organic and paid. So if you run, both type of campaigns are be careful to distinguish them to stand, consider them separately so search engine traffic analysis helps to find what our search engines broke.

The best for your case, what keywords send you the most of traffic and also you can compare SEO campaign and ads advertisement campaign. They are effectiveness and see whether it’s what which kind of campaign it’s worth to continue in future, serve search engine traffic overview. You can see it again in the traffic sources section, and here, if you choose traffic type, you can see organic search and paid search and number of visits they generated for your case, which is helpful.

What is great is that you can also view this data by source of by traffic source, for example, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and so on. You can also see keywords. You can also see the information by the keywords and also by campaign and other metrics just choose any one. You need and see the corresponding information. So now we navigated, we have come to organic traffic overview. Here we can see the traffic report / the keywords by the keywords and how many visits each keyword has driven in our case then pay traffic utter you.

If you would like to see these kind of to analyze this kind of traffic, you simply click on the pay traffic, and here you choose where they campaign medium source or keyword interest. And you can see that how much wizards, how many and weather and weather these visits relevant or not how many visits any of this campaign has driven for your website. So when we are done with this metric, we would like to a brought your attention to the fact that it is important, probably it’s more useful, to integrate webmaster tools account with your Google Analytics account.

So how to do that generally, if you have not set up this kind of integration, are you just you see just this kind of information if you navigate to this section search engine optimization? But if your setup integration, you will be able to see, choir is landing pages, Georgia, field summary and other information another way or another thing why it’s helpful is because you can see google analytics information from webmaster tools account as well, so it’s like very, very convenient.

So how to set up this kind of integration you, for example, you can. Actually, you can do this in two ways you can set up it being through on google in Google Analytics account or you can set up it from your dead master tools, account so i’ll show you i’m going to show you this second way you choose besides name Here your website, none here you click, manage site and select Google Analytics property.

Then you will be taken to this kind of page and you select a web property which you would like to associate with the account. And then you are a dot. Then, if you navigate your search engine, optimization section you see, choir is landing page and geographical summary and other or relevant and useful information about your online project. So now we have come to very interesting part of our presentation.

It’s set up. Eight powerful Google Analytics custom reports, so why do we need custom reports because custom reports? It is our short card which helps you get more actual inside in last time, custom reports. They are more adjusted to your business needs, so it gives you more exact information and help you answer questions which you have specifically. So the report number one is not provided report.

So what is it in a nutshell? There is such an issue with their not provided segment when the user is used when the user is cited with any of Google services and performs a search in Google, the keyword the user is has been using to perform. This church is not showed in Google Analytics. In fact, Google Analytics doesn’t show any kind of information about these users it just aggregates it’s in one segment, not provided, but since are more and more people are using google using google services, and this segment is growing.

It’s vital to understand somehow the behavior of these users, so what sir? So? What online marketers advice to do? In this case, they advise to 2-under to understand this, not provided segments with the help of landing pages. So when what if we understand at which landing pages users arrived from non provided segment, we can see our? What is the user intention when they’d satisfied with the page at which they arrived and also we can? We can suggest the keywords which could have been used by the user are to arrive at this certain page, it’s much more clearer than just have non provided segments.

So how to do this? How to hack this kind of information navigate to admin panel select the profile for which you would like to create. This are kind of filter, select filters and click new filter. Here you need to write the information, something like this. Actually, you can write it exactly how it’s written here, but if it seems to you a little bit overwhelming, we would advise you to read this econsultancy post, which talks more in detail about this kind of report.

So basically, what we are are telling here what we are asking to do here. We are asking Google Analytics to take the URLs at which the user from North provided segments arise every time he is here or he is arriving at our website. So if we are set up this kind of filter, the all the new information about not provided segment will be will be presented like this, for example, in this case, you can see at which landing at what landing pages user arrived.

What was the bounce rate average visit? Duration averaged, I’m on page and other metrics. You can also select secondary dimension and sort this information. The way you want so definitely you in this case you will be able to give mark to get much more insight. Now we are moving on to the second report report number two: it’s branded vs non branded traffic, so it is helpful when we want to receive the effectiveness of our of our promotion for non branded trip for non-branded keywords.

In this case, we want to filter somehow to exclude branded keywords, so how does to do that or just make the use of custom segments? So in this case you need to navigate to advanced segments, click, new custom segments and write the next information. So we hear us can google to include all the data or the data from organic search. We select medium, exactly mention organic, then you want to exclude the information could be not provided segment.

Let’s take this case. We write exclude keyword, exactly matching, not provided, and the last enter we we might want to do is we want to. We want to specify which keywords we are considered as a branded key as branded keywords. So in this case, we select exclude keyword and mention regular expression when we select mention regular expression, because we are using this kind of 5 / which allows us to write all the branded keywords in one rule and simplest state that if any of these keywords occurs, It should be excluded from the organic traffic.

After that we click Save segment and then, in any case or from any count within one google analytics account. You can access this kind of report and apply it. So this is the difference with which we receive when we apply this kind of segment. So, for example, we are looking we’re looking at the traffic’s at the traffic performance number of visits and think like okay, everything goes well our as SEO campaign.

Doing is doing very well okay, but after we have excluded branded keywords from the traffic, we see that, as it appears, traffic is little bit lower that we expected, because our about 30 reasons / days it was they were accounted. They accounted for branded keywords now. Well, let’s consider another report report number three: it’s is it with transactions visit with transactions report is very helpful because you can get a picture of your visitor who are triggers the conversion who buys are on your website or makes or does any a step action, which Is relevant which is critical for your business success? So how can you get this picture of the client? You can see the region from which user has come.

You can see the language which has been used by the visitor browser screen resolution and are the information also with this. With the help of this, with the with this information, you can get an idea of users behavior so, for example, where they proceed further, whether they are satisfied and engaged with your content and so on, so for how to apply this kind of report. In this case, you just need to make the use of standard default.

Google Analytics segments you navigate to advanced segments and choose visits with transactions and click apply, and that’s what you obtain. You see the pie graph, which shows the percentage of you visitors and of returning visitors. You can also see a number of visits correspond its corresponding to each type of language. You can also choose another metric to you. This kind of day data you can see.

You can choose browser operating systems of service provider screen resolution and if you want to get more figures, more data, you just click view full report and you are taken to this kind of table here. You can choose secondary dimension, for example, we we have chosen for our case country and territory, and also you can specify the way you would like to use this data. You may specify that you would like to use it as a chart as a pie graph or as a bar chart.

A report number 4, which might come handy, is most profitable sources of traffic. Most profitable sources of traffic report allows you to see which sources has driven the biggest revenue for your business and where, where is where is the highest return on investment and on which traffic sources? You should focus more in the future? So this kind of report could be set up in the following way: navigate to the traffic sources, section, select all traffic and then click ecommerce.

In this case, you will be able to see this kind of table which shows, in the show source and medium traffic source and medium and e-commerce conversion rate. You can also see the average value which has been generated by each of these traffic sources and the number of transactions select. It’s very helpful if you want to see to rate these kind of sources by any of these metrics, just simply click on the column heading and the information will be put in order, starting from the best reformed sources.

Then – and this is how you can see that if your rate by, for example, ecommerce conversion rate, the best reform source comes first in the Indus in this day, people report number 5 funnel visualization and drops off. Why is this report very useful? Because I? Firstly, let’s: let’s talk a little bit more, what final is final could be divided. Is 0 of steps is a sequence of steps which you expect your user to take on the way to the conversion.

So it’s good. It’s could be compared to little goals. We choose the tab for Google Analytics in Google Analytics and you expect the user to reach all these goals and finally, he may he should reach the final. The biggest goal are for your website. So if you set up our final result, visualization, you may not only see the data, but you can also see be a visual picture of these sir conversion process, and you can see, are these stages on on which users abandoned the conversion conversion path.

The course are, naturally, not all the users they start to convert, they start the purchase and they finish it. Probably there is a button which is not working on your website or some some another kind of usability issue and that’s why they can’t finish complete the purchase. So, with the help of this funnel visualization feature, you will be able to identify this week places so firstly to to get this picture.

You need to set up the fat to set up the funnel you navigate to admin, select the profile and click goals. Then you are set up the funnel, for example. In our case, for example, let’s take the case of promoter users. We perceive that our potential customers contact us via email, but we think that the users might visit this page contact us page before they do before they request called the contact.

So we set up that for this goal. Url destination goal email contact. There might be a step there might be a step when the user visit, then the user visits contact us page. So we write these kind of information. Please note that you can add another steps, and actually there could be a lot of lot more steps which you perceive users should take before they make the conversion before they trigger the conversion and after you have set up the funnel.

You can see these kind of information, this kind of image it could be obtained in the conversion. Section final visualization, as you can see in this example more over 900 people started the conversion, but only for hundred and fifty finished it successfully. So here you can see it and read stitches. They left this conversion process. Then you can check these pages and see whether something is going wrong with its pages report number six bounce rate.

So I have already mentioned several times this powerful metric, and now we are going to give a better overview of this important metric so bounce rate. It is the percent percentage of visits that go only one page and after visit, only one page and on after this page they just exit the site and do not proceed to any other pictures. Bounce rate is used to measure user engagement. How much the extent to which your website content is relevant to the user needs and generally and that’s why? Generally, a high bounce rate is considered as a negative sign, because the visitor is not doesn’t find your website very informative and relevant to their needs, and he just leaves after you in 11 pitch so this kind of metric.

You can see many many reports. For example, you can navigate to the content, section select all peaches, and here you can see bounce rate when you analyze bounce rate, it’s very good to make the use of this a bar chart. For example, we have selected landing pages and then we selected bar chart and what now we see the bounce rate of different pages is compared to this site average. So here we can see that this page performs really bad, and this page is not working as well.

So probably there is some usability issues on this website of these pages and we need to pay more attention to them and of them, and probably there will be the result. So bounce rate is very important metric for usability specialist and is considered very very very often so there is the case when high bounce rate R is not considered as a negative sign. For example, there are, there is a certain group of websites or for which even one hundred percent bounce rate is okay, simply because are the when the user visit decides.

He lands on the first on the page. He used this page here since information, the information they need and then he’ll. He lives completely satisfied. For example, it could be blocks, user have has read the article event lives, so in this case, or you should pay attention so before jumping into a bounce rate analysis. You should think of your website what kind of websites you have and whether high bounce rate is is indeed a negative sign are for, for your online project report number 7 mobile traffic.

Ah, today’s turn, these days when mobile usage is growing with their huger at the huge rate, it’s important to know what is going on with our mobile users, because, as a rule, they are access accessing our website, film, from devices with smaller screens with lower internet speed. So we should, we should definitely analyze this kind of traffic weather weather disk, whether these users have any kind of problems.

So, if your applied mobile traffic report, you can get a clear picture of users who are visiting your website. You can see a screen resolution operating system, browser and other metrics attributed to this source, and also you can increase mobile traffic conversion rate simply by eliminating some problems which which you might are identified during this kind of analysis, so how to set up mobile traffic report Again, navigate to advanced segments and select mobile traffic report, then click apply it’s a default segment which is provided by Google Analytics after you have applied this a report.

We advise you to navigate to the audience and overview here. You can see, for example, the data breakdown by language by country and territory, by operating system by service provider and are the metrics. In other case. We have chosen screen resolution. You want to see where the users experience any kind, any kind of problems when existing from different mobile devices. So, in order to get this kind of information, we click view full report and again we select bar chart so that to computer bounce rate with the site average.

So we see that users with these screen resolutions experience some problems, probably because the bounce rate is is high and that’s why our after we have done this analyst analysis, we might go to our website and test it all on the devices with these resolutions. In order to see whether whether they have any kind of problems – okay and now we have come to the last report for today, this is report number 8, 40.

All errors why we should why we should apply and make the use of these kind of report, because um 404 arrows are bad for your website for two for two main reasons. Firstly, because our users, when they run into the error pages, they they might be, are unsettling, might experience negative, they might receive negative experience and they might leave the site if you don’t, if you don’t present any navigation and hints on how what on what to do Further they they might just leave the website and not come there anymore, and the second reason why it’s bad, because, if you’re, if the number of error pages steadily grows on your website, it is, it is a sign for google and it may decrease the Rankine’s of Your website, because of this technical problem, so to apply this kind of report we are, we advise to make a short card and just make the use of advanced filter.

We are going to apply this filter with the help of the page title, so we need to apply this filter. We need to know the page title we go to the page, arrow page gold find the title copy it and then proceed to the content section here, which is all pagers, and here we select page title so there we receive the breakdown of pages with different page Titles – and this is the die when we are apply the advanced filter.

Here we write that we would like to include information about the pages with the beach title, which contains this this information, and after that we click apply. What do we receive? We receive a report showing us the number of of error pages. We see the dynamic of this. The trend of these pages, as well as we can see the bounce rate, and if we are select secondary dimension, we can see whether the user proceeds to any other pages, for example.

Also, you can see which pictures generated which URLs generated this arrow page in this case, you just need to click on this and you will be able to see all the pictures which the user, typed or clicked on and to received error notice. So this kind of information you can see here with this with the help of this report so now or we have finished with the custom reports, and actually this is all which we would like to tell you today.

One point more, which I would like to notice is that to note is that there is a very powerful tool provided by google these days. It’s reporting solutions from google solution gallery. So, if you click on this again, you can find inside about. You can find insights very quickly about your online project, your online marketing or, with the help of different different options which Google provides. It could be custom reports.

It would be dashboards. You can select the business objective, you can see, you can select. A water would like to see this report and you will be provided with the custom pre-made reports. It’s very easy quickly and you will be able to access this kind of reports anytime. You want so for today. That’s all, and now I think that and we’ll add more of on my part. I would like to thank you for being here and thank you for your time, I’m in your March Helen and before we move to a clearing section.

I would like to offer a special bonus to a loyal audience. This is a three accion conversion rates of contagion. Oliver model, it will look like a quick campus in 10 minutes personalized webinar by one of our legal credit card expert, and this audit will help you find possible ways to increase practically Bob project and group conversion rate. The main points covered during the session will be quick usability audit of your system side.

We can see all you can drag your analytics or little PPC campaign staff, Moodle audit and best practices, our conversion rate optimization to schedule such a personalized webinar. Please a bull. This link I’m sending it to chat, that’s it I’ll, fill in the form and the schedule, deception or you can also simply reply to any of the emails you are receiving. Compra model also do stay tuned with oil content and special offers.

Please subscribe to our blog cooper and paper. Thank you very much again, and so do we have any questions? No, I guess not. Okay, then. Thank you very much. Please don’t hesitate to contact our speaker directly in case you just think of any questions. After finish, reception and thanks again we’re looking forward to meeting you on one again goodbye


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3 Critical Metrics to Follow With Google Analytics

With the analytics In a week, I check our analytics On our site all the time, but I feel like I’m just sort of Poking around and sometimes I ’ ll – find a nugget Or things like that, but I do feel intimidated. Because it’s such a you know versus something: Like a Facebook, where you’re just guided Through creating an ad In analytics, it’s like you’re in A fighter cockpit in a way right, There’s a lot more stuff.

Going on there, So I think what people Are really interested in are sort of systems That you know “ Here’s how you do A 10-point check on your analytics.” or something like that. Can you talk a little bit? About your framework, when it comes to actually Setting up analytics and what are Some of the key metrics that people need to be focusing on If there are any Yeah sure So, first of all, what we got to do, Is make sure that Google Analytics is tracking correctly When we do install the code? We do some initial testing, we go ahead.

We visit from mobile phones from the desktop To see, does it get the country? Does it get the divide? Does it get all that kind of stuff After we enable The eCommerce tracking, which is not enabled – and I don’t really know why But you have to do that manually. There are a few things: Really really simple things that no one has to be Really intimidated by these First of all, Conversion Rate, Super important We have to know How many people, out of a hundred and because some of the people? That might read the interview, are not really tech savvy or don’t really know.

What a Conversion Rate is Conversion rate is what the amount The percentage of the people that they get to convert, What does convert mean They get to do a sale, They get to buy something From our websites and we’re talking, About the eCommerce, So is it 1 % Like 1 out of 100 people, Two out of 100, One of the simple things that you can do, If you have 1 % Conversion Rate, which is an okay Conversion Rate, It’s sort of like the industry baseline In a way right, -It’s an industry baseline, let’s say -Yeah, I know those sort of things You get.

One person Out of a hundred people, but you paid for those A hundred people to come into your store and you get 1 % Conversion Rate. What, if you look At your numbers – and you figured your website – In that way, you get a 2 %, I won’t go into 5 % or 10 % Literally with just that move the amount of money That you are getting into your revenue simply by one thing, So Conversion Rate Is super important? The other super important thing is Average Order Value or AOV So AOV.

Why? Because, if I get an average On a customer, let’s say he buys something: Which is $ 20 every customer, and even if I can give That $ 25 or $ 30 literally, I don’t have to change anything else. In my whole other strategy, I’m spending the exact same money, but I’m getting more From every customer Conversion rate, Super important Average Order Value Super important, Then there are more technical stuff that they don’t have to be.

Super intimidating, so one of them Is Bounce Rate I will stick To those three, obviously, there are way more But I don’t want to over complicate it So Conversion Rate Average Order Value and Bound Rate. So what is Bounce Rate How quickly people bounce They get off your website? As soon as they see it, The Bounce Rate is measured. By a percentage, The biggest the percentage The worse, our stores are performing An average in the industry.

Let’s say it’s 65 % to 70 %, but still it means that 70 % of the people Were just paid with Facebook Ads with Google Ads Or whatever that is, They just came to our website. And they didn’t even spend more than one second In our store, So even if you get an average Of let’s say, of 80 %, which means 80 % of Google Didn’t even see your landing page, You get it down to 75 % Even 70 % even lower, it means that you start making More more and more money for every visitor and potential customer That visits your store, It doesn’t really have to be intimidating.

If you translate everything to money. Then it becomes way easier Way: sexier And those three metrics are the key ones. That people need to be looking at. I think that’s a really valid point. I don’t know that You’re the biggest Marvel movie fan. But if you have to be an Avenger Which one might you choose? Probably I would be Doctor Strange, I like to think of myself, like The geek I am, and the nerd I am When people go out, And have fun and they party I go work.

Or read webinars or look at things: I could change in the store, somehow we can make More things, I think, I’m living Like Doctor Strange People call me The Mr. Google Analytics -Doctor Analytics -Doctor Analytics Doctor analytics, So that’s one of the things That I really really enjoy because I said Google Analytics Is not sexy but making money is, and I like making money 100 %. Very nice, thank you for coming Awesome.

Thank you, Yeah. I really look forward. I should announce also, I think it is clear. But Doctor Analytics will be a part of the upcoming Ecommerce All Stars Secrets course our free-mini course That we’ll be putting out for the world to learn the core skills that they need. To grow an extra-ordinary business They’ll learn how to get by That’s the beauty of this course You’re going to learn. How to get started? What mindset you need to have And some of the core skills, but we’re also going to be providing A lot of things that will allow you to truly take it to the next level.

And really have an untapped mindset. That’s the thing I’m noticing From all of these interviews And frankly, all of the people Of the world who are making headlines for good and for bad Is that they have this unbridled will They are not small thinkers right? They are people That are able to look an opportunity and really think big about it. I think that’s what runs Through this whole course, and I’m really excited To be putting it on, I’m excited to be a part of it Guys I’ll make analytics sexy.

I promise Okay I’ll try my best Nice, very good. Well, thanks again, -Awesome -Alright -Thanks -Cheers


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How To Make $200+ Each Day Email Marketing | Email Marketing Done Right

Yes, guys in 2018, going to 2019, you can still make money with email marketing. The thing is, most people, don’t do it right, they’ll send out a mailer list all randomly this day that day no order, no order whatsoever and they’ll ask for sales, so so hated by this by that right.

That is absolutely the wrong way to do. Email marketing, when you want an email market, I recommend highly recommend an email autoresponder, for example. For me, I use get response. Get response centrally, but you can do is create emails in a sequence, whatever you want. So when someone signs up for your list, you can send them emails on specific days specific times, even if you want and they go through that cycle, so that you can send me most every other day every day, five times day, whatever you wanted, you every Saturday, Whatever you want to do is up to you completely, but I recommend having a schedule and send those emails consistently.

So your customers or your people on your list have a set schedule that they can expect to get an email from you. That’s number one number two them, which is the most important part guys is when your email marketing, when you do these consistent email marketing technique right. What you want to do is it’s got something that garyvee you guys are familiar, has been preaching and had. What he teaches is that Jab Jab Jab right hook so essentially three jabs and their right hook.

The jabs are value you’re, giving people value value value so you’re, giving them emails that are valuable. They can actually take the information, go implement it. It’s something for free, right, you’re, not asking for anything from that right, you’re, saying: here’s what I have to show you! Here’s what you can do, here’s how you can make money bubble, wah, whatever your area Nisha, is right and give it to them, and that’s it then, on that fourth day, for example, of whatever sequence, whatever you’re doing right for email marketing, then you can ask for A sell in a sense where you know this product is going to help you or this service you consider buying it.

Here’s my affiliate link that appreciate, if you do buy for me, if you do buy the product of love whatever it right, those people right, you’re, giving them value each day and then that, third day, fourth day, you have more of a connection with them. So they feel more confident to then now go buy from you because they know you’re, providing the value right you’re, showing them how to do something, or you know, you’re, giving them insight right and then now when they want to go, buy something you’re recommending something they’re Going to think that is, got ta be good, because you’re recommending it you’re a legitimate person, you’ve been helping them.

Okay, that’s kind of they can return the favor in a sense right now. We’re I’ve recommend guys as long as you give them valuable products that are not. You know yes and are not like a scam. This is great like this is a great technique, and what you do now is, however, you’re generating leads right. How are your entering leads for your email, marketing business? What you want to do is send them through this autoresponder, and you can have this go on for days months.

Whatever you want to do even years right, you could have this, as continuously did a cycle right. Jab Jab Jab right hook, so your value value value and then hey check this product out sale right, you can, you can even do two values and then a sale. You can even do five and then what you can mess around with that yourself. But the idea is provide the value first, get the trust, gain the trust of the person on your list, potential buyer and then, when you do ask for a sale, when you do say, check this out, they’re more willing to go.

Buy that because they trust you right, so that’s pretty much it guys. I don’t want to waste your time that is essentially email marketing in a nutshell, and if you master that and you’re mastering the connection and the trust that you can build with your potential buyers, you guys will skyrocket your sales earnings. I affiliate marketing local nuts so guys if you found this article helpful at all, please consider subscribing to the blog for more articles.

Just like this in the future, I teach you guys about how to make money online, affiliate, marketing, dropshipping, Facebook, Ads all-out type of great stuff guys. I cover all those articles and if you want a specific article, please don’t feel please feel free to leave me a comment below I’m willing to accept pretty much anything, and I will you know, take those into consideration when making my next articles guys.

So if you guys thought this was helpful, give it a like to and I will catch you in the next article peace


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How to Use YouTube for Successful Digital Marketing

What’s that, On average YouTube has over 1 billion mobile views a day and on top of that 300 hours worth of article Uploaded in a minute That is incredible, sounds Like a ton of competition, but you can break through, But let’s talk about why Youtube is so important, starting with why we should use YouTube.

Video content is effective, I mean I’m sure you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter Whatever you use you’re scrolling along You’re on YouTube right now On YouTube and you’ve caught a article and you get lost in it right. You spend two three 15. 20 Hours, whatever you’re doing The rabbit hole And you’re reading that content, So you already know article is effective, So what’s also cool about YouTube, it helps you build a community And think about it when it Comes to marketing your brand! If you get a large group behind you, that’s sustainable for more success.

Growing, more word-of-mouth! Growing, your business And another thing to keep In mind about YouTube, they are really all about the Subscribe that is key to growing your community, so, while you’re at it go ahead and subscribe to our blog By publishing quality articles really interacting with your followers, it’s really going to foster that community that you were Talking about and make them eager to Wan na share your articles with people that they know And having a loyal audience provides unlimited opportunities to grow and market your products And Emma you talked about mobile in the very beginning.

With that incredible stat YouTube is mobile-friendly. So all those articles look great on mobile And, if you’re not producing Content for that platform, you’re alienating a large population, So I know you’re Asking yourself at home: how do you make money on YouTube? Have you ever heard of the Youtube Partner Program Back in January of 2018 They changed their policy and the policy was all about how you actually can Earn revenue on YouTube Yeah and it’s important to note that you actually have to apply to be a part of this Program and be accepted, So not only is there An application for this, but there’s also a minimum with who is eligible for this as well.

So let’s go through that, Starting with ensuring that you follow the program’s guidelines that you live in a certain country and your blog has over 4,000 public read hours in the last 12 months Also have more than 1,000 subscribers and make sure your account Is linked to Google AdSense, So let’s talk about AdSense and how you can actually Earn money with it So YouTube is a subsidiary of Google and AdSense is a product of Google? That’s how it allows you To make money on YouTube, So these are the ads That pop up on your article, It’s estimated that creators can make anywhere from $ 3 to $ 10 per 1,000 viewer engagements So with some simple math.

If you have 10,000 views on your articles, you can make at least $ 300, Okay, so Nealey. What About YouTube Premium, Because they’re not being shown ads, so if they’re not being shown ads, how is anyone making money Yeah that makes sense? So YouTube actually gives a percentage to those creators based on things like read: Time and viewer engagement, So I would add the Channel Membership feature – and this is a great way to Offer incentives and rewards for people who are tuning In to your blog or becoming a monthly Viewer or subscriber Yeah, it’s just like Patreon.

Basically, So you can also sell products. From your Merchandise Shelf, So if you live in one of The approved countries and have over 10,000 subscribers you can show up to 12 products from your Teespring merch page. Also, I’d recommend enabling The Super Chat function,’cause. What it allows users to do is have their actual Comments pinned to the top, which is pretty cool, Yeah, it’s just like Twitch.

You can also produce sponsored articles Now. What this is is Another brand or company paying you to promote Them on your own article, much like a micro-celebrity Yeah totally and be sure To follow the FTC guidelines and think about your Audience keep them in mind. You don’t wan na just go promotion, crazy,,’cause! Then, if you’re just constantly promoting your content, you’re going to maybe lose That engagement with them So keep them in mind.

They’re Following you for a reason, stick with that, what is it? That they would wan na see What a lot of other Youtubers are doing now on top of all this or, if they don’t even Meet those requirements to join the program, for example, is they’ll, sell their own stuff, They may link off to their own, say, Etsy store or WordPress site or whatever they’re selling Their eCommerce items on and then just promote those So Emma.

If you had your Own YouTube, blog and you were going to sell Something what would that be Jokes, You’re, not getting any money, ( laughs, )! Well, I’m thinking about when you sell on YouTube. I have, for example, a lot of cool vintage pieces, but do you do that on YouTube? Would I showcase the Vintage pieces that I have in a YouTube article and sell it Well for a lot of people, you’re directing them.

Off to another source, Now some people will do That for affiliate marketing – maybe they have affiliates with Amazon and they say “ Cool. Here’s All the equipment I used to create this article,” and link off. Oh, that makes sense. Okay, Or here’s some cool swag of my shirt with my face on it, whatever that looks like For sale, You can use those other revenue, Streams to get that money, So speaking of making money on YouTube, I know I like to think about.

How to make more money so we’re going to talk about Branding marketing and SEO to help you make more money on YouTube Yeah, so getting into Those programs are nice, but you really wan na create a sustainable income and Revenue streams right So let’s talk through a Couple ways to do that: Let’s do it So first off you wan na think about how can you build an engaged following build your audience right And a lot of times I think of first, what’s going to make them unsubscribe just to keep in mind, don’t do That, but also how frequent you should post, I give the same advice with social media.

If you’re only posting Once every three months I’m going to unfollow you There’s nothing there. You got ta, give me something of value. You got ta, keep me tuned in And so think about the frequency and what you’re putting out there when it comes to building your audience, You will also wan na optimize. Your article and your blog, So this is everything From the logo you use that header, you use that trailer, that 30 60 basically ad spot to promote you and your business.

When someone comes to your blog, the titles, you use It’s going to take a lot of research, but it’s definitely worth it because these first impressions last Yeah and it’s so meticulous right. I mean think about how Much time we’ve spent just on the thumbnails, with our articles Too long, Too long I’d also encourage you to think about how to market your brand and your article off of YouTube so cross-promote.

One thing we do is we Take the YouTube articles and we cross-promote them Over to Facebook or Instagram Yeah, we’ll maybe get A condensed version since Instagram takes a minute and says link in the bio Right change the link Links off back to YouTube where they can see the entire article and, if they’re, not a Subscriber they can subscribe, But we would recommend not to put all your eggs in one basket.

So don’t make YouTube your only thing. Remember: MySpace and Vine They’re gone. What happens if YouTube is gone? It’s not likely, but it’s really good to Diversify your attention on all these different Platforms just in case So while these tips Have definitely taught you how to be successful on YouTube. I got ta be honest with you. We have only scratched the surface so be sure to subscribe. To take a deeper dive on YouTube and other platforms, That’s a wrap Like this article.

Add your comments below This. Is The Journey We’ll see you next time,